Inspiration for the Contemporary Outdoor Cafe Design Concept

Along with the times, the design concept of a coffee shop or cafe continues to develop and change. One of the most popular designs today is the open and outdoor concept.

Cafes with this concept are sought after because they offer an atmosphere and feel that blends with nature.

Things to consider when opening an outdoor cafe 

Cafes and restaurants with an outdoor concept are now the target of many people. Apart from being safer and more comfortable during a pandemic like today, cafes with an outdoor concept will offer a different vibe or feel from cafes in general. This could be a business opportunity! Those of you who are interested and want to open an outdoor cafe can see the following tips before starting.

1. Pay attention to the Outdoor Cafe Layout

One of the main keys to the comfort of a cafe with an outdoor concept is the wide distance between tables. This is why the table layout is the main thing that needs to be considered.

In addition to adjusting the distance between tables, make sure the outdoor roomy area has enough space to serve as a waiter and deliver orders. Also take into account the distance and flow from the outdoor area to the kitchen, so that orders can reach the hands of customers.

2. Choose Special Outdoor Furniture

Among the many things that can be explored, customer convenience must remain the main thing. In addition to installing chairs and tables with materials that are more durable outdoors, we can also add umbrella accents or canopy shapes as anticipation when the weather is hot or sunny.

We can also customize equipment and furniture with the concept and theme of the cafe that we have. Never be afraid to experiment.

3. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the outdoor cafe

For this one thing it is mandatory to pay attention, to be able to maintain the safety and comfort of customers. Carry out this cleaning process regularly, and provide equipment such as hand sanitizers and hand washing sinks that are easily accessible in the outdoor area.

4. Use the Digital Menu

In order to make the flow of purchases and transactions more practical, you can alternatively use an online cashier application that has a digital menu feature. Apart from being more practical, the use of a digital menu with minimal contact will be a solution as a safe order during a pandemic.


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5 Advantages of Outdoor Furniture for Cafes

Furniture is an important aspect when planning to build a cafe or restaurant. Furniture that can be used, of course, is adjusted to the theme of the cafe that we are planning, as well as the budget or financial situation that we have. But did you know that to beautify the interior design of a cafe, you don’t have to always use furniture in the room. We can also use furniture both outdoors and outdoors. With the right form of selection, the advantages of outdoor furniture can help produce a unique and beautiful layout.

As we already know, outdoor furniture is designed to be placed outdoors without any protection, so it will be resistant to extreme weather changes such as rain and heat. For indoor furniture itself, it is generally not designed to withstand changes in the weather, so it is damaged more quickly when exposed to excessive sunlight or heavy rain.

Here are 5 advantages of outdoor furniture for cafes:

1. More durable

As has been said, outdoor furniture has been specially designed with quality materials that are resistant to extreme weather changes, so that the furniture will last longer. Especially in cafes and restaurants where the furniture is used continuously by many people, the use of outdoor furniture is very appropriate even for indoor use. So that the quality of outdoor furniture, will minimize the occurrence of damage and will last longer.

2. Design of All Time

This outdoor furniture may be considered old-fashioned for some people, the design tends to look similar over the years. But instead we can take advantage of this simple model to become a hallmark of cafes and restaurants. If you look at it from the other side, we will actually benefit from a design that is timeless as well as sturdy materials, no need to worry about furniture that will look old even though it has been used for a long time.

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3. Easy to clean

Because it has been used by many people, it is not surprising that furniture in cafes and restaurants will get dirty faster. While cleanliness is the reason visitors will feel at home and will return to visit the cafe. So, the use of waterproof outdoor furniture will be easy to clean. Just use clean water, soap and a brush to clean outdoor furniture.

4. Natural color

Outdoor furniture comes with natural color choices such as white, green, brown, orange, and even other colors. Because of the advantages of outdoor furniture, namely that this furniture is made specifically to be placed in garden areas, patios or on terraces, the choice of colors will blend more with nature. With natural color choices, it’s easier to combine with cafe themes. In addition, outdoor furniture can give a natural touch to the cafe which can help reduce boredom.

5. More efficient

Prices for furniture vary, both for indoor furniture and outdoor furniture. However, with the advantages of outdoor furniture that lasts longer, we can unknowingly save on furniture spending for the foreseeable future. For outdoor furniture itself, we can use materials made of strong and sturdy plastic, aluminum or wood. The wood that will be suggested is a type of teak wood that is sturdy and resistant to rain and heat.

Outdoor furniture will indeed have many types of choices. According to needs, also choose furniture that has high quality so that apart from beauty, comfort and even security will also be maintained.

Tips for Designing a Contemporary Outdoor Cafe, Suitable During a Pandemic

In the current cafe business, it is increasingly proliferating in various regions because most Indonesian people like to gather and chat with relatives and those closest to them, usually young people dominate cafe visitors in order to carry out socialite activities.

Most of the cafes located in urban areas are usually made indoors, the reason is to avoid the scorching heat of the sun, rain and air pollution. On the other hand, cafes that are located in highlands or on the outskirts of cities are generally designed with an outdoor concept so that visitors can enjoy the cool air and even be supported by beautiful views.

If any of you want to decide to build a cafe business, and choose to use the outdoor cafe design concept, it would be highly recommended, because it is not only instagramable but also has a contemporary feel. Even more so at this time if we are experiencing a covid-19 pandemic, because cafes that carry the outdoor concept will be very supportive of this because it will be safer as a place to greet.


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5 Instagramable Outdoor Cafe Concepts

This time, there are 5 examples of outdoor cafe design concepts that can support visitors in capturing their moments with friends and family. This happens because a cafe is visited more by millennials. Carrying out an outdoor theme in a cafe that is highly recommended, especially cafes located in suburban or highland environments, this is a form of instagramable outdoor cafe design.

1. Outdoor cafe design with a natural touch

One of these concepts is quite suitable to be held at a cafe that wants an outdoor concept. Because outdoor cafes are usually located in highland areas where the air is cool, and they look good when creating a natural cafe concept. Natural elements can be used, such as natural stones, or green plants.

For the floor area, we can use wooden decking to minimize slippage when walking on the surface, because it is equipped with slip resistance, or use pebbles which can stagnate when it rains. So, in addition to covering the ground floor, it will benefit and add a natural impression.

As for the table and chairs, you can use wood elements so that a natural and natural feel will really be felt, besides being suitable as a natural design but also has significant artistic value.

2. Modern minimalist outdoor cafe design

For an outdoor cafe design with a modern style and a bit of a simple or minimalist impression, it is perfect for us to be able to present a cheerful atmosphere without any decorations in it. The use of color and pattern will be one of the keys to being able to produce this outdoor cafe concept.

We can get all of them in the form of long chairs, modern tables, unique and attractive patterns on the exterior, and coupled with a special color combination. In order for outdoor cafes to really look modern with a minimalist concept, we can add plug terminals to charge cellphones at the bottom of the table or present beautiful wall themes.

3. Industrial outdoor cafe design

In addition to cafe designs that are in great demand by millennials, there is one outdoor cafe design concept that is no less popular, namely the cafe concept with an industrial style, because of its shape and style that looks simple and looks as it is. The elements of decoration needed will not be complicated and many, enough with long tables and chairs or those made of concrete.

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For the ground floor, you can use a concrete floor to match the feel of a chair or table, also add green plants to the pots and lights to support additional decorative accents.

So that this industrial-style outdoor cafe doesn’t seem cold, we need to use wooden accents from the shape of the tables and seats. And also present a green garden that adorns the walls of the cafe.

4. Semi-indoor cafe design

The design concept of this cafe will be quite unique because it can present indoor and outdoor concepts in one coherent with a minimalist concept, the use of material elements can use wood elements, starting from chairs, tables, floors, even wooden ceilings.

This semi-indoor cafe design invites visitors to be able to enjoy the cool air without feeling the cramped atmosphere in the cafe area all the time. Even though the sun is hot and even when it’s raining, they will still be able to feel comfortable in the cafe.

5. Simple outdoor cafe design

As a beginner businessman who is already engaged in the cafe business, of course he will build a minimalist cafe with land use that is not too large and the theme is quite simple. Of course, this is very necessary, so we can use vintage and shabby chic styles.

The decoration elements needed don’t take up much, as long as they are simple and can match the concept and style that we present in a cafe. Choose a table that has the dimensions of a small box or circle as well as the seat.

As a sweetener, you can also add small ornamental plants in the corners of the room or place them in the middle of the table, and don’t forget to decorate the walls with unique and attractive display parts and decorative plants, you can also write slang or poetic. .


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7 Outdoor Cafe Design Inspirations at Home


1. Exposed Brick Outdoor Cafe Design

If you want to make a small cafe behind the house, or design the rest of the land in a cafe-style house, this simple design concept can be your inspiration.

The way to make it is quite easy by ignoring brick walls without being plastered or coated with cement. Then you can add cafe tables and chairs and some with ornamental plants. In addition to saving expenses, this design will also look unique.


2. Home Cafe Design from Bamboo

The next outdoor cafe design can look natural with the help of using bamboo and booths as a kitchen as well as a minimalist and simple bar table.

The appearance will look simple, this can also be applied to an open kitchen in the house. Don’t forget to also add a canopy roof so that cooking activities will be more comfortable and not exposed to the hot sun.


3. Simple Outdoor Cafe Design

If you have a room or land that is not used at home, you can use it to become something useful, such as creating a simple cafe.

As seen in the picture, you can see a small building in the form of a place to mix drink orders. On the outside you can add chairs or tables for visiting guests.

To make it feel shady and comfortable, you can also add plants and trees around the area.


4. Outdoor Cafe Design in a Wide Yard

If you have a large yard, of course, it will provide a lot of advantages for the owner. Which, we can use to become a comfortable outdoor cafe.

It is enough to add some furniture such as a number of neatly arranged chairs and cafe tables. In making the evening atmosphere warmer, we can also provide warm yellow string lights.


5. Industrial Cafe Design

Industrial is a design concept that is very suitable to be applied to cafes and coffee shops. If you like this concept, don’t hesitate to use it for a home cafe.

In addition to the unique feel, this design concept is also fairly easy to implement. One that can be an inspiration is this one picture.

For example, a small, industrial-style shop with glass doors and walls and exposed hebel brick walls painted white for the top of the cafe.


  1. Scandinavian Cafe Design

Apart from the industrial design concept, Scandinavian design will also be a unique choice for an outdoor cafe.

The way to design it is also quite easy and simple, just by presenting the predominance of white on the walls and roof.

If you want to beautify the atmosphere, we can add wooden elements to the floor or table.


  1. Semi Outdoor Cafe

If you want to make an outdoor cafe but still protected from the heat of the sun or rain, then designing a cafe with a semi-outdoor concept can be an attractive choice.

We can provide a canopy with a wooden frame or alderon canopy so that sunlight will still penetrate into the cafe. The atmosphere will feel more comfortable and shady.