Innovators: Definition, Characteristics, Figures of Innovators

Definition of Innovators and Figures of Innovators in Indonesia and the World – Life that goes hand in hand with the development of technology and science makes people required to be able to invent various new innovations. With a variety of new ideas and innovations, it can be said that a person shows his will and ability in certain fields. Someone with brilliant innovation spread across various scientific fields. This has led to exciting new breakthroughs and the opening of new jobs.

In finding innovation, of course there are many obstacles and obstacles. Therefore, one still has to work diligently. We can also learn a variety of good new things from researchers or inventors of innovation who have previously had outstanding discoveries. The following is an explanation of various things about innovators and well-known innovators.

Definition of Innovator

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary, an innovator is defined as a person who introduces new ideas, methods, etc. Innovators can also be interpreted as people who have various innovations, meanwhile innovation according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary is the introduction or introduction of new things. Innovation is something that is attached and inseparable from an innovator, therefore, before discussing various things about innovators, here are some definitions of innovation according to experts.

  1. Stephen Robbins argues that innovation is a new idea that is applied to initiate or update a product or process and service.
  2. Everett M. Rogers argues that innovation is an idea, ideas, objects and practices that are based on and accepted as something new by a person or certain group to be applied or adopted.
  3. Kuniyoshi Urabe argues that innovation is not a one-time phenomenon, but a long and cumulative process that includes many decision-making processes in and by organizations starting from the discovery of ideas to their implementation in the market.
  4. Van de Ven, Andrew H argues that innovation is the development and implementation of new ideas by people within a certain period of time which is carried out with various transaction activities within a certain organizational setting.
  5. Sa’ud argues that innovation is a creative choice, arrangement and set of new human and material resources or using a unique method that will result in increased achievement of the expected goals.
  6. Nurdin argues that innovation is something new, namely by introducing and carrying out new practices or processes (goods or services) or by adopting new patterns from other organizations.

It can be concluded that innovation is an idea, opinion, idea, to a creative idea from someone that is used to create something new and useful, while an innovator can also be interpreted as a person who has the capacity to transform knowledge, problems, and skills into a solution in the form of successful product or service.

An innovator produces many big things and is recognized by many people. The results or output of an innovator are also very useful and bring positive changes to society.

Although there are still many people who do not know the figures behind the sparking of ideas for the products and services they use. However, the public knows that these companies have a high innovative side.

Innovator Type

An innovator usually has ideas or ideas that are driven by stimulants and inspiration that come suddenly at a certain time, only then emerge to become a new innovation. These innovators certainly have their own way of finding innovation. Therefore an innovator has their own creativity model which can be divided into two types, namely as follows.

a. Conceptual Innovator

According to Weinberg and co-researcher David Galenson of the University of Chocago, people who tend to do their best work in their 20s are more likely conceptual investors.

The younger conceptual innovator is usually seen as a creative thinker who has ideas that challenge current conditions. The art and science practice that they do is usually carried out practically and adapted to the paradigm

b. Experimental Innovator

Experimental innovator is someone who performs various productivity activities or in his work in his 50s. Those experimental innovators who are seen as older build their innovations on the great thinkers of the past, and use their own methods.

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Experimental innovators usually change their ideas from time to time based on experience, so they reinvent their own skills throughout their lives.

Characteristics of a Good Innovator

A good innovator, of course, has several characteristics that can be taken advantage of. These good characteristics make an innovator successful. Some of these characteristics include the following.

1. Appreciate the Smallest Innovation

A good innovator, will appreciate all forms of innovation, no matter how small. That’s because an investor also realizes that innovation is the only right way to be truly competitive.

2. Dynamic and Open Minded

Being able to commit to building a dynamic company is one of the characteristics of a good innovator. An innovator will give his workers the opportunity to grow, that is what will make him valued and respected.

3. Dare to Take Risks

Dare to take risks is very important for an innovator. With this courageous attitude, one means pushing new ideas and learning from failure. A good innovator will see it as a great opportunity to continue to develop in a better direction

4. Persistent in Learning

Good innovators realize that creating innovation is not something that is done only once. Therefore, an innovator will continue to try and be persistent in learning because they are aware that they still have to move forward and continue to innovate.

5. Open to New Ideas

Some people might think about moving forward if they are sure of an idea that they think is the best. However, a good innovator will realize that he will never know the idea is feasible or not without trying to execute it first. They will be open to new ideas coming in and not afraid to try them.

6. Confident

A good innovator must have high self-confidence. They will believe as much as possible that all problems must have their own solution. A good innovator will have high confidence in the opportunities that will come. This self-confidence is important, because an innovator must have a positive attitude even in less than ideal circumstances.

Various Types of Innovators Personality

An innovator certainly has personality types that we can feel the difference. This personality type is a manifestation of attitudes, priorities, behavior, and external factors that support their personality. The Forbes Insight has conducted a survey of more than 1,200 executives in Europe, the results are then described by the five types of personality that play a role in the innovation cycle. As reported by Forbes, here are the five personality types of innovators.

1. Movers and Shakers

Movers and Shakers can be interpreted as a strong personality and has the power to motivate and influence others. People with this personality usually like to be in front, they can give encouragement to others. However, this type has a downside, they can be a bit arrogant and impatient when working with a team.

2. Experimenters

Innovators with this personality type are usually persistent and open to trying new things. They will be good at processing new ideas from the stages of development to execution. Innovators with this personality usually tend to be perfectionists and have high enthusiasm when working which demands extraordinary dedication and time.

3. Star Pupils

Star pupils means star pupils. If interpreted, this star pupil is a term for people who are ambitious and will try in every way to develop themselves. The interesting thing about this personality type is that these people will be more able to grow and develop anywhere.

4.Controllers _

This controller personality type is the type that does not like risk and likes to be in control. They will desire to get things on track to where they belong. They will know exactly where they stand and control the things they can control. Usually innovators with the controller personality type are people who work in sales, marketing, and finance.

5. Hangers-On

This hangers-on personality type is almost the same as the controller. Innovators with this personality will be in a structured environment. They will tend to choose a further step and decide with conventional policies. They will like to take on challenges, one of which is trying something new and untested. They also tend to choose the middle ground when deciding something.

Indonesian Innovators

Many innovators from Indonesia are also widely known to the world for their extraordinary creations. This makes the assumption that local creations are not of better quality than imports to be incorrect. The following are Indonesian innovators from different fields.

1. Prof. Dr. Khoirul Anwar: Broadband technology inventor

Prof. Dr. Khoirul Anwar is one of the innovators from Indonesia who created broadband technology which is the first step in creating mobile 4G LTE which can be used in various cellphones today. He is an Indonesian citizen who works at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan.

2. Yogi Ahmad Erlangga: inventor of the mathematical formula in petroleum problems

Yogi Ahmad Erlangga is an Indonesian citizen who is studying at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. He is listed as the youngest doctor of mathematics. The formula he found was used to solve various problems in the petroleum sector. In fact, his discovery attracted the attention of one of the world’s oil companies of the caliber of Shell.

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3. Ir. RM Sedyatmo: inventor of the chicken claw foundation system

Prof. Ir. RM Sedyatmo is an innovator from Indonesia who invented an infrastructure architectural system known as the chicken claw foundation in 1962. This system is so stable on unstable land, that it allows it to be used by many buildings around the world.

4. Muhammad Nurhuda: Inventor of eco-friendly household stoves

Muhammad Nurhuda is one of the innovators from Indonesia who is a lecturer at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Brawijaya University, Malang. He managed to find an environmentally friendly household stove. He has succeeded in creating an environmentally friendly stove that has ‘waste’ that is below the minimum limit set by the WHO. His creation attracted the attention of Asia Pacific countries and America.

5. Randall Hartolaksono: inventor of anti-heat and anti-fire ingredients from cassava

Randall Hartolaksono is an innovator from Indonesia who graduated from the University of London and succeeded in creating heat-resistant and fire-resistant materials from cassava peels. His invention was also appreciated by the world’s automotive companies such as Petronas, Ford, and others.

6. Tjokarda Raka Sukawati: inventor of the flyover support system

Tjokarda Raka Sukawati is one of the innovators from Indonesia who created an overpass support system. The system is made parallel to the street below and can be rotated easily to adjust it. The system he created was later recognized by the world because it is able to save space and is very efficient for transportation.

7. Warsito P. Taruno: the inventor of the cancer killing machine

Warsito P. Taruno is an innovator from Indonesia who is the creator of a tool capable of killing cancer cells. His device has passed Lab in Vitri trials and is then declared to be truly capable of fighting cancer cells in the infectious body. In fact, the tool he created has been recognized and used by the Japanese state because it is considered effective as a cancer fighter.

World Innovators

Many of the world’s inventions were created by innovators so that they can change the world. Of course, without these innovations, the world would be very different. Here are some of the world’s innovators who created great inventions.

1. Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was a world innovator who developed many devices in the fields of electric power generation, mass communication, sound recorders, and films. Some of his inventions include the phonograph, the moving picture camera, and an early version of the electric light bulb. Thanks to such miraculous innovations, Edison largely shaped the modern world.

2.Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was a world painter, sculptor, architect, artist and innovator. Apart from creating the most influential paintings in world art, such as his Magnum opus and Mona Lisa , he conceptualized a flying machine, a type of armored fighting vehicle, to concentrated solar power. In addition, Leonardo da Vinci also made substantial discoveries in anatomy, civil engineering, hydrodynamics, geology, optics, and tribology, but did not publish them.

3. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is the creator of Apple’s world innovator. In 1985, he was fired from Apple but returned with even greater success, launching the iMac, iPod, and iPad. His uncompromising vision and talent has proven to have radically changed the world of technology.

4.Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei was a world innovator who was also an Italian astronomer, philosopher and physicist who played a major role in the scientific revolution. He is also called the “Father of the scientific method”. His role as a world innovator in the scientific field is the refinement of the telescope, as well as the first and second laws of motion (dynamics). His ideas and innovations are still alive today.

5. The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers were two American brothers who built and flew the world’s first effective airplane and made the first controlled flight using a heavier-than-air powered aircraft. Their design revolutionized aviation, especially the invention of the three-axis control. Due to the persistence of the two, they succeeded in achieving the world’s first powered flight which made modern flight possible.


Based on the explanation above, we can find out more about innovators and their various miraculous innovations that are able to provide benefits to people’s lives at this time. These innovators are able to create a change just like that, but with real effort. They are able to realize their brilliant ideas and ideas for something that is beneficial to many people.

Through an innovator, we can learn how they come up with these ideas so they can realize them so as to create something new and useful for many people. We can learn good things from an innovator when paying attention to his various characteristics.

So, that’s a complete explanation of the meaning of innovators, characteristics, and figures of Indonesian and world innovators that are expected to help Sinaumed’s get more in-depth information and new ideas.

If Sinaumed’s has an interest in learning about innovators, you can learn about it by reading references on the internet and available books that you can get on the official website with various choices.