Science and Technology Is: Definition, Characteristics, Benefits, Positive and Negative Impacts

Science and Technology is – Science and Technology as an acronym for science and technology. In addition, science and technology also accompany the history of human civilization. In fact, in a number of studies it is also stated that science and technology have existed since millions of years ago, with different terms.

Science and technology is also an important part of world progress, which accompanies interaction with society. As time goes by, science and technology then becomes more developed and has a big impact. Then, what exactly is meant by science and technology? You can read more about IPTEk in this article. So, read this article to the end, Sinaumed’s.

Definition of science and technology


The definition of science and technology as an abbreviation of science and technology. Science and technology is also a science that studies technological developments based on knowledge. Science and technology also go hand in hand to build progress in global development. In other words, the development of science and technology will always keep up with the times.

Science is also the study of nature and the behavior of the physical world with nature through various scientific methods. Science itself is defined as the process of observing, identifying, experimenting, describing, investigating, and theoretically explaining these natural phenomena.

Meanwhile, technology is a collection of techniques and processes used in the production of goods or services, as well as the achievement of goals such as those in scientific investigations. This technology also refers to methods, devices and systems derived from scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

So, science and technology or commonly abbreviated as IPTEK is a science about technology that can make it easier for someone to carry out their activities.

Understanding Science and Technology According to Experts

After knowing the meaning of science and technology in general, at this point, we will discuss the meaning of science and technology according to experts. Here below is the understanding of science and technology according to experts.

According to Read Bain (1937)

According to Read Bain, science and technology basically then includes all machines, tools, equipment, equipment, weapons, housing, clothing, means of transportation and communication devices, as well as skills, which will enable us as humans to produce them.

Jaques Ellul (1967: 1967 xxv)

Jaques Ellul said that science and technology as a whole method that leads rationally and has characteristics of efficiency in every field of human activity. This includes processes that increase added value. The products used are then produced to facilitate and improve performance The structures and systems in which these processes and products are then developed and used

Kast & Rosenweig

Science and Technology according to Kast, technology as an art utilizes scientific knowledge. “Technology is the art of utilizing scientific knowledge.”

Science and Technology characteristics


After learning about the meaning of science and technology, maybe some of you are still confused about the difference? The following below are some of the characteristics of science and technology that you need to know:

1. Empirical

These characteristics of science and technology are then obtained through a process of observation, research and experimentation first. It is from this long process that knowledge will be born.

2. Radical

The point of radical itself is not about freedom without rules, but rather focuses on efforts to explain to the root of the problem and emphasizes its essence.

3. Systematic

It is said to be systematic because knowledge that has found the truth needs to be disseminated. Because not all ordinary people then understand the intent of the researchers or inventors of this science. So, in terms of delivery as well as dissemination of knowledge then it must be systematically arranged. The goal is that people can catch and more easily understand. When it is easy to understand, at least people will then be able to practice this knowledge in everyday life.

4. Objective

The nature of science must be objective. This objective intent is impartial. As for the benefits of objective nature, it eliminates the prejudices and negative judgments of others.

5. Analytical

This knowledge is then created analytically. Where delivered in detail, critical and thorough. So no one then discriminates the problem or the role.

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6. Verification

The meaning of verification is that science and science and technology must have been tested many times. This test itself is then used as a form of accountability and looking for perfect answers to questions that may have been questioned so far. In other words, knowledge must be communicated.

7. Logical

This rolling knowledge is obtained through research methodology and arranged logically. The goal is to achieve the overall solution as well as the message

8. Scientific

Science is scientific in nature and the process of acquiring knowledge is carried out seriously and earnestly.

9. Critical

It is said to be critical if the theory is no longer found a definitive theory. Apart from being critical of science, it is also a connectedness theory regarding cases that are currently happening. Those are the nine characteristics of understanding science.

Science and technology benefits


It cannot be denied that the existence of increasingly advanced science and technology has brought many changes in the world. There are many benefits that we can get from the development of science and technology. Here are some of the benefits of science and technology.

1. Make it easier for someone to get things

We can easily get various things. Items that are difficult for us to get in one area can easily be obtained through online shopping . This is a clear evidence of the development of science and technology. Communication media can also be cheap and easy to get. Compare that to the ancient times where science and technology were not as good as they are now.

2. Helping a Human Problem Solving

Generally, every human then has the same problem, namely regarding how to fulfill their needs. The progress of science and technology also answers everything. The need for one’s own life is also healthier and can be obtained from the rapid advances in medical technology. This technological advancement can easily meet food needs due to the presence of various increasingly sophisticated agricultural technologies.

3. Life Becomes More Advanced

Compared to primitive times, modern times are then very much different. In terms of clothing, how to meet food needs, about how a person communicates, how medical treatment is carried out, how food can be fulfilled, how a person also organizes people, so far everything is heading in a more advanced direction. Of course this is then inseparable from the current development of science and technology

4. Simplify and optimize business

With the presence of science and technology, we can start a business without capital and at home. We only need an internet connection and a device that supports the connection. Then, just by using a cellphone, and you can also use a laptop or computer, you can sell various kinds of merchandise. So, never hesitate to start an online business .

5. Communication Becomes Easier

In the past, to communicate with other people, it must have been done by visiting someone’s residence and communicating directly. However, nowadays it’s different, we can communicate with someone from a different place very easily. We can even see each other face to face even though we are not in the same place. This is the amazing power of science and technology. That way, the relationship between one individual and another can be maintained.

The Positive and Negative Impacts of Science and Technology

Currently, science and technology has developed very rapidly / quickly. It can be seen from the emergence of various advanced technologies that help activities in human life. With the development of science and technology itself, then it has negative and positive effects.

The following is a review of the negative and positive impacts of the development of science and technology.

The Negative Impact of Science and Technology

  1. It can damage morale, where the Internet can become a science and technology medium that also influences a person’s morale. Like for example in content that smells negative and so on.
  2. The development of science and technology is increasingly rapid and widely used. But besides that, there is a lot of pollution resulting from the development of science and technology itself.
  3. It can make people even lazier, because science and technology also has the goal of making it easier and pampering humans. So humans will be increasingly lazy because there is already technology that can replace their work. In fact, it can make it easier for someone to get sick.

The Positive Impact of Science and Technology

  1. The positive impacts of science and technology include alleviating various problems that are being faced by humans.
  2. Can make things easier and faster.
  3. Can reduce the use of natural ingredients which are increasingly rare here.
  4. Science and technology will also bring humans to a more advanced and modern direction.

Science and Technology example

Television broadcast

Originally, television broadcasts used analog signals which could then be caught with an ordinary TV antenna, but now DI TV technology or digital television has appeared which will capture digital signals in the form of bits of information data, the same is true for streaming YouTube, so that the picture becomes clearer when compared to television signals. analog.

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If in the past the internet could only be used for browsing or sending email, now the internet can be used to develop a business, for example selling products on the marketplace, promoting products, and so on.

Industrial Sector

Examples of the development of science and technology in the industrial world include if in ancient times to produce products then required a lot of manpower but now many industries have used machines or robots, this of course can save costs and reduce the risk of work errors, with the negative impact of reducing many labor due to being replaced by robots or machines.


Along with the times, a faster 4G network emerged, the impact of this network development was that startup-based companies began to appear, such as grab, gojek, uber, and various other marketplaces. Until now, the newest 5G has reappeared and is predicted to grow even more. So, use technology according to your needs and you have to be wise in using it, especially for children, where it becomes an important role for parents to supervise so that it doesn’t cause negative negative impacts.

From the discussion above, it can be said that science and technology is a science and technology that can facilitate humans in carrying out various kinds of activities. Thus the discussion of science and technology to examples. Hopefully all the discussion above can add to your insight.

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Recommended Books Related to Science and Technology that You Must Read

Mechanical Physics

This book is designed so that those who read it can be self-taught. This book is also intended for physics teachers so they can use it as a teaching material. Consisting of seventeen chapters, each chapter in this book begins with the basic theory and basic physics terms, then is followed by some example problems. The examples of questions are made very detailed because it is at that stage that students should get confirmation of the understanding of the theory given. In each chapter there are also several exercises.

The pictures are also made clear, and arranged with numbering related to the chapter, for example Figure 11.3 is the third picture in Chapter 11. Each exercise topic is given two correct answers. The purpose of giving the two answers is so. The purpose of giving two answers is so that students feel challenged to solve them, and on the other hand they cannot just guess the answers to the questions given. The chapter closes with ten questions, which are generally more difficult than practice questions, and the answers are not provided in this book.


CYBER SOCIETY Technology, New Media, and Information Disruption

Globalization, which according to McLuhan will produce a Global Village, received objections from Manuel Castells. For Castells what is happening is a network society. For this reason, globalization is not capable of revolutionizing culture, as stated by McLuhan. Network society is a new phenomenon that emerged in the 20th century, which is a society in which organizational structures and elements work with network logic.

Network society is where individuals are connected to other individuals who exist somewhere else. The invention of the internet has resulted in new spaces and media, with different societal characteristics, as well as the emergence of new cultures. Cyberspace or virtual space has given birth to a new type of society that is so interactive in communicating. Not only being consumers of various kinds of information and new media content, but the general public can also act as producers and distributors of information and new media content.


Chinese Tech Giants

“This critically important book explores and explains how China is moving rapidly to define the future of commerce technology.” James McGregor, Author of One Billion Customers: Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China “People who don’t want to learn from competitors are doomed. We need this book.” Ken Wilcox, Chairman of the Board of Asia Society Northern California, and Chair Emeritus of Silicon Valley Bank “This is an interesting read, and will soon become a reliable resource for getting to know the major players and how China’s tech sector is opening the door for the US to invest its money in. ”

Dorinda Elliott, SVP China Institute, former Beijing bureau chief of Newsweek “Few people know more about China’s rise as a competitor to the US than Rebecca Fannin. This book clearly outlines the battle for world supremacy.” Harry Edelson, Chair of China Investment Group “Rebecca Fannin has been of great help to us by providing clear and easy-to-understand explanations of China’s technology scene.”

Craig Allen, President of the US-China Business Council “This energetic book guides us through the jungle of Chinese technology. As the US and China face off as technology competitors, this book is essential reading to understand what is at stake.” John L. Holden, Senior Director at McLarty Associates; former president of the National Committee on US-China Relations