Informatics Management Department: Definition, Courses to Job Prospects

Informatics Management – ​​Entering the final years of senior high school (SMA) education, students will be faced with the process of selecting universities and majors where they will continue their education. This activity should be carried out seriously so that students do not regret having chosen the wrong major.

Some of the Sinaumed’s who are currently in class XII of high school may have started to feel this. Some of your friends or even yourself may have taken tutoring lessons or consulted with other people regarding the university and major that will be your choice later.

Selection of majors and universities can be based on various factors. Starting from interests and talents, future study locations, to applicants from the desired university or major. This must be considered carefully in order to increase your chances of getting into the department or university.

In this article, we will discuss a major that many Sinaumed’s may not know about, but which has interesting activities and job prospects for your future. The major that will be discussed in this article is the Department of Informatics Management.

The hope is that this article can help Sinaumed’s to add to your references in choosing a major when entering college. Who knows, it might turn out that you are interested in studying Information Management because of the explanation in this article. Let’s look together at the discussion below.

Definition of Informatics Management

From the name of the department alone, there could be some from Sinaumed’s who think that the Informatics Management Department is a branch of the Management Department. However, this major also contains the word “informatics”, which is also a separate department.

So, is the Informatics Management Department a part of the Management Department or the Informatics Department? In this session, together we will try to understand what is the Information Management Department, and what is the big picture of what will be studied in this department.

Even though there is the word “management” in it, the Information Management Department is in fact part of the Faculty of Computer Science Technology or the Faculty of Information Science. So, basically what Sinaumed’s learns in this department is not much different from other Informatics Departments.

The difference here is that Sinaumed’s will be focused on learning how to create programs or software that can later be useful for businesses. Here, programs that can address a variety of things for related businesses.

The purpose of this program and software is so that the business of the company concerned will be more effective and efficient. This causes the company to get more profit because of the program or software that has been made before.

For this reason, besides learning about programming languages, Sinaumed’s who are interested in entering the Informatics Management Department will also be equipped with business knowledge and management knowledge so that you can understand what a business needs and translate it into programming.

It can be said that the Informatics Management Department is a 2 in 1 package, because you will get 2 knowledge at the same time in the same major. This can make you a very flexible person in the future when looking for work.

With this, Sinaumed’s who are interested in informatics or management can try to enter this department. Of course, you don’t need to worry if you can’t program yet, because you will definitely be taught the basics of programming at the beginning of the lecture.

Or Sinaumed’s can also learn programming on their own with various sources such as the internet or books. One of the books that Sinaumed’s can read to understand the basics of programming is the book “SMK/MAK Class X Basic Programming Computer & Informatics Technology Expertise Program” .

Courses in the Department of Informatics Management

It was discussed earlier that in the Informatics Management Department, Sinaumed’s will study several subjects or courses related to both informatics and management science. Both are equally important so that you can become Informatics Management graduates that suit the needs of the current job market.

If Sinaumed’s is too focused on the management aspect, you may have difficulty in making programs or software. However, if you are only interested in the informatics aspect, you may not know what the business really needs.

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In order for Sinaumed’s to get a broader picture of what will be studied in the Informatics Management Department, here are some required courses that you should find if you decide to enter this department.
Of course, each university will have different compulsory courses in the Informatics Management Department. So, what you find here will only be a big picture regarding courses in the Department of Informatics Management. Here’s the information.

1. Software Development

Sinaumed’s, who will later enter not only the Department of Informatics Management, but other departments in Informatics Science will certainly study software development . In the Informatics Management Department, this lesson will also narrow down from software as a whole to software that focuses on the business sector.

2. Information System Design

Information system design is also definitely something that any Informatics major student will learn. Here, they will later learn about how to design information systems, from finding problems with old systems to creating new systems as solutions to old system problems.

3. Computer Network

In addition to information systems, someone who deals with information technology, of course, also needs to understand things related to computers. For this reason, students from the Department of Informatics Management will later study computer network courses to find out the intricacies between one computer and another.

4. Business Management

It’s not the Department of Informatics Management if students don’t study things related to management. Although not much, this is essential so that someone can understand the business world in general. One of the courses that study this is the business management course, which will study the basics of business activities in general, starting from planning, monitoring and execution.

5. Technopreneurship

The last subject that will be discussed in this article is technopreneurship. This course will teach students to take advantage of information technology so that they can be self-employed without having to rely on other people to work.

Informatics Management Job Prospects

Based on several courses that will be studied by students of the Informatics Management Department, Sinaumed’s can conclude that the job prospects of this department will be quite broad because students will get provisions in the world of informatics and the world of management at the same time.

Sinaumed’s who are interested in entering the Department of Informatics Management will usually be more focused on getting involved in the world of informatics. This is because what the majority of students learn is informatics.

Even so, because they get provision related to a number of things regarding management knowledge, it is not impossible for them to work in the field of management itself. Moreover, if the person seriously studies the elements of management in the Information Management Department.

Below, there will be an explanation of several job prospects for graduates of the Informatics Management Department. Of course, this, again, this job prospect is only an overview in accordance with what students learn when they are in college.

1. Programmers

Becoming a programmer is something that many Informatics students have been after after they graduate from campus. This is because they get provisions when they learn about various things related to programming systems.

Of course, Information Management majors can also become programmers after they graduate from campus. What they learn is not much different from students from several other Informatics Departments, so this work is still within their reach.

2. Web Designer

As the name implies, a web designer is in charge of managing the appearance of a website or website for a company or agency. This one job might be said to be one of the most suitable jobs for Informatics Management graduates.
This is because students should have been educated to know what a company or agency needs on their site so that visitors get a wearing and satisfying experience when they open the site.

3. Software Engineer

Software engineer is also a job that is quite common for graduates of the Informatics Management Department. In this job, someone is required to develop a software from scratch and test whether the software is feasible or not to be launched.

Especially for graduates of the Informatics Management Department, your chances of being accepted at a business-based company are quite large, because again here they already have the basic knowledge to understand what is needed in a business.

4. IT Consultants

New graduates or fresh graduates may not be able to get this job right away, given their relatively large role in the company. However, with sufficient experience, graduates from the Department of Informatics including the Department of Informatics Management can work as IT Consultants.

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People who work as IT Consultants are tasked with helping develop technology within a company by providing advice and advice as well as monitoring and supervising technological developments. Naturally, someone who will work in this field must have quite a lot of experience first.

5. Entrepreneurs

Finally, Informatics Management students can start developing their careers as entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs because, as discussed several times above, they gain a number of knowledge related to management.

Knowledge of this management can be useful for those who are already planning to become an entrepreneur after graduation. What’s more, this Informatics Management graduate has something that not many other entrepreneurs have, namely an understanding of programming that can help them later in entrepreneurship.

That is why students studying in the Department of Informatics Management do not underestimate learning about management, because they do not know how much benefit they can get from knowledge related to this field. The book “Fundamentals of Management ” can be a reference in learning related to basic things about management.

Other Informatics Majors

From earlier, we have focused on discussing various things about the Information Management Department. However, there may be some from Sinaumed’s who are less interested in entering the Informatics Management Department for certain reasons.

If that’s the case, don’t worry. In this last session, we will discuss other majors that are still related to informatics. Because even though they are the same, in fact each department has its own main focus so that their proficiency in informatics is not completely the same.

Hopefully, this information can help Sinaumed’s who are interested in informatics so that they can choose the right major that suits your interests and talents. Or at least, if Sinaumed’s hasn’t found the above, you can get additional references for the future.

Informatics Engineering

Basically, informatics engineering is a science that studies various kinds of things regarding technology so that humans can use the existence of technology, especially computers, optimally in order to be able to help the advancement of human civilization.

This goal seems quite heavy. However, in reality, for Sinaumed’s who are interested in the world of computer technology, you will learn various interesting things about computers later. Informatics Engineering will usually be very liked by people who like to think logically and solve a problem.

Information Technology Department

In fact, what the Information Technology Department learns from the Informatics Engineering Department is not much different. It’s just that the Information Technology Department will focus more on the application of technology, especially computers, to the wider community.

So, students who enter this department will later use their technology-related knowledge to apply and apply it to various fields in the wider community, such as the health sector, the economics sector and also the education sector.

Information Systems Major

Finally, the Informatics Department that we will discuss at the end of this article is the Information Systems Department. Among the 2 other majors that we have discussed in this article, the Information Systems Department can be said to be the most similar to the

Informatics Management

This is because students of the Information Systems Department will later be required to do business-related programming. This allows students to learn a number of things in the field of business and management in order to make their work easier in the future.

What is clear, what all these majors have in common is programming. If any of the Sinaumed’s are interested in getting into one of these majors, it would be wise for you to learn the basics of programming. One of the books that can help you achieve this is the book “Basic Computer Programming Logic (Update Version)” .

With this, the articles that have discussed the Department of Informatics Management have ended. Hopefully some of the Sinaumed’s will find this article useful and can be of use to you both now and in the future.

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Author: M. Adrianto S.

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