Steps to Take When You Feel In the Wrong Major Choosing a major is one of the big decisions in life. In a way, the major will affect your future career. Because of that, how nice it would be if we could enter a major that we like and work in a field of work that we love. However, that’s how it would be if we were in a difficult position. Like because you didn’t pass the selection and then you were “forced” to take other majors that weren’t your passion. Or for other reasons you have to choose a major that you don’t really like Sinaumed’s?


Some people may be able to accept this fact and get through it well. However, there are not a few who really feel uncomfortable being in a major that doesn’t seem to match their passion. An indication when you start to have doubts about what you are currently doing is that you constantly experience too much boredom in class, so that your mind wanders somewhere and nothing your lecturer says doesn’t enter your head. Your eyes are also busy looking at the clock hoping that lecture hours will finish quickly, another feature is that your grades are continuously decreasing because the more you learn, the more you feel disconnected from lectures, another sign is that you have found a job goal that turns out to have nothing to do with college majors,

Actually there are several factors that cause you to choose the wrong major, including the major you choose not of your own volition, you choose a major based on other people’s opinions, another cause is choosing a major just to join in with friends or for the sake of prestige, finally because you haven’t know yourself well enough. This lack of understanding of interests makes you finally choose a major at random which results in you taking the wrong major. However, if you are already experiencing this problem, here are some solutions that you can do in Sinaumed’s. Check these out!



Ideally, every person has the right to get knowledge that he is really interested in, so that he can make the most of his knowledge in the future. If you want to be a writer, you have the right to get knowledge and theory related to your goals. If you want to become an economist? You should have entered the economics faculty. Want to become a political expert? Study political science in college. When you feel that you have chosen the wrong major, make sure to check again whether you are just panicking or have not been able to adapt to the courses given, not being able to adapt to the campus environment can also be a factor, or indeed the wrong major. If now you are bored because the lessons you receive are not in accordance with the shadow, try to be patient. Who knows, Next semester there will be lessons and practicum which are 180% far more fun than the theory class. Try asking your upperclassmen, if necessary, discuss it with your supervising lecturer or guardian lecturer. In this way, your insights about majors and lessons will be more open in Sinaumed’s.

Also fix your mind scheme, ask again what are your goals, career and dream of work in the future. If you still feel clueless or even have interests that are very different from the major you are currently choosing, chances are you are indeed in the wrong major.

In choosing the right major, you must first find as much information as possible about a major. Like if you are interested in the world of broadcasting, the book What Courses? Broadcasting majors can be the right choice to get to know more about this major.


There are also other factors that make a person feel in the wrong direction besides the problem of the teaching and learning system. These problems include not having the right friends, not having the support of loved ones or even the annoying way of teaching the lecturers. If that’s the case, think again about whether you actually like the material. It’s just that, maybe it’s the external factors that make you feel disgusted with the major. Don’t be in a rush to change majors. Try removing these external factors from your stream of thoughts and focus on your goals and dreams. Remember, not everything in this world goes according to our wishes.

Another cause could be that the feeling of boredom that you experience is the fruit of fatigue due to continuous learning without stopping. For that, try to take a day or two off when you’re not taking exams. Go where you want. Weigh decisions more clearly in a more relaxed environment. Sinaumed’s.

Various tips to help you deal with these difficult times can be found in the Anti-stress Book: How to Stay Relaxed When Everything Is Chaotic.

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Thinking twice before making a decision is a wise move. Convince yourself as well as possible if switching majors is indeed what you want to do. Because moving majors is a choice in life that contains risks. It’s not certain that you will feel more comfortable in your new major, be prepared for the risks that will be incurred, firstly there will be additional costs in terms of finances, secondly you will have to start everything again from scratch as well as graduate delays compared to your previous Sinaumed’s friends. After making up your mind, have a good talk with your parents. Explain why you want to start over, and convince them of your choice. After getting permission, here are some ways for those of you who want to change majors at the same University, Sinaumed’s:

  • Decide carefully what new major you will choose
  • Meet with the student advisor and ask them to help you with all your major transfer needs
  • Check the requirements for your new major. On average, universities have regulations that at least have studied 2-6 semesters before being able to change majors. Also make sure that the GPA requirements, letter of recommendation from the head of the department, and administration have been completed



Taking a different double degree by continuing S2. You can take another course with a major that suits Sinaumed’s’ interests. This program can award multiple degrees in one term. Simply put, with only 3-4 years of study you can get two degrees at once. Double Degree can be done on a different campus or on the same campus. One example of the possibility of a double degree is usually carried out by students from the Education and Pure Sciences program. For example, if you study in the Department of Mathematics Education, then in the final semesters add courses in the Mathematics Department – or vice versa. Several universities offer open double degrees with conditions specifically regulated by the university. The following are 6 universities in Indonesia that provide the Sinaumed’s double degree:

  • University of Indonesia (UI) International Class
  • Gadjah Mada University (UGM)
  • Brawijaya University (UB)
  • Airlangga University (UNAIR)
  • Indonesian Islamic University (UII)
  • Brawijaya University
  • Pelita Harapan University

It should be noted, studying in two majors simultaneously is not an easy thing. In addition to calculating funds, you also have to be able to manage time and everything well, including how to avoid clashing class schedules. Do not let any tasks be neglected, as well as your social life that is chaotic.


Even though not many do it, mainly for reasons of time, try going to college again after the current one is finished. If you think it’s worth it, why not? For example, if you just found your passion in the medical field while studying Accounting. After having an SE degree, take another course at the Department of Nutrition. You have all options available: starting from studying at PTN or PTS, to crossing majors or not at Sinaumed’s.



It’s fine to study at the Medical Education Department at the bachelor’s level, then continue studying Accounting at the master’s level. In fact, you have the opportunity to learn many things in both fields of knowledge. Imagine the vast knowledge you’ll have! However, studying in majors that are not linear with fields of knowledge will present its own challenges. Education and knowledge about Medicine that has been studied for many years before will not have much to do with Accounting Science. As a result, you have to be able to catch up a lot so you don’t just hang around in the Sinaumed’s class.


Well, the damage is done, if you’re already in the middle of the semester, even working on your thesis. Changing majors doesn’t feel like the right solution. Whatever it is, if it’s already the responsibility of having to continue studying, take this situation as a challenge to train yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Rest assured, no knowledge is in vain learned. Learn to be sincere and accept Sinaumed’s. Undergoing lectures to completion is also a form of your responsibility and commitment to education. Not only to parents, but also to yourself.


While continuing your study, regardless of how you feel about it, why don’t you unfold your passion in student organizations? There’s nothing wrong with joining several Student Activity Units at once. In fact, being actively involved in the off-campus community can hone and improve your hard skills and soft skills. Perhaps from all these activities, you can develop your talents and interests until you find a new passion. Or vice versa, then you realize that you have studied in the right direction, Sinaumed’s. Besides that, joining the community will also meet you with many people from various professional backgrounds, learn from their success stories, and start applying them in your life.


Adding knowledge to support future careers is not only from college. If you really feel like you chose the wrong major, you can take courses or workshops. Nowadays it’s not difficult to find courses to improve the soft skills you have. Do courses or workshops either online or offline with a short course duration, which is around 3-6 months. However, if you feel that taking courses or workshops will cost more, try to take part in internships or volunteer activities that suit your interests. In addition to the soft skills and hard skills that will definitely increase, taking part in an internship experience at a company or agency will give you experience in the world of work and of course get additional pocket money from the internship.

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Having a dream list is very important. How your future steps are all determined by your dreams and goals. After all, who says students who are in the wrong major can’t do much? It turns out that you can also build a lot of assets that you can turn into opportunities in the future as a productive job for you. For example, building assets in the internet world, such as YouTube. If the YouTube that you build then has a lot of subscribers, then this can be your best asset in the future. Even if you are actually in the wrong college major, it is possible for you to succeed in other opportunities.



Do not panic! Because it turns out you’re not alone. According to Career Advice, in America there are around 60 to 70 percent of students who are in the wrong major. And you don’t need to worry because there are many successful people out there whose educational background is not in accordance with the field they are engaged in. For example, Mr. Chairul Tanjung, with an educational background in dentistry, could become a successful entrepreneur in the entertainment and television industry. Or you can look at Ms. Susi Pudjiastuti, who, even though she didn’t graduate from high school, was able to become an entrepreneur as an exporter of fresh fish and its processed products. Even believed to serve as minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Sinaumed’s. The first step is not to blame other people or look for scapegoats for what happened.




There are still many people out there who want to continue on to university, you are one of the lucky ones because you were given the opportunity to experience the excitement of college. Being grateful is the right attitude to move on and finish something you have chosen, also try to look at your life from a different angle.

Start loving whatever you do, even if it’s not something you love. Surely you will know that no struggles and sacrifices are wasted, everything will be beautiful in its time, as discussed in the book Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Gratitude.


There’s nothing wrong with stopping and then changing majors or continuing in that direction. Everything is legal, and everything is true as long as you are ready with all the consequences. If you really feel that your current major is really far from your goals, interests, and abilities, you may change majors, change faculties, or even drop out of college to start entrepreneurship right away. But remember, it must be soon, and don’t let time be wasted again.

Remember, time is at stake here. It could be that other people with the same time have done great things, but we, with the time we have, are still confused. So hurry up! And if you feel that your current major still allows you to move forward, then go ahead. There have been many examples of cases of successful people even though they previously thought they were in the wrong direction. Remember, God knows what is best for us. Maybe that’s the way it should be.

One major is not the end of everything for Sinaumed’s. Trials will always come and go in your life. If you are able to pass one small pebble that is blocking your path at this time, your mentality will be more forged to face the big rock that will later hinder your next steps. So, don’t ever get discouraged when you feel like you chose the wrong major. Be grateful because not everyone has the opportunity to continue higher education to graduate. Use the time and opportunities that are in your hands to reach even higher jumps. Trust me, you can do it because nothing is impossible. Hopefully this article is useful and can inspire you, cheers Sinaumed’s!



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