60+ words of BJ Habibie about romantic and meaningful love

BJ Habibie’s words about love – BJ Habibie is the 3rd President of Indonesia who is very much loved by the Indonesian people. Because BJ Habibie is not only a President, but also an idol thanks to his inspiring life story. Moreover, his love story with his beloved wife Ainun.

That is why BJ Habibie’s words about love are very popular, especially among the younger generation. As beautiful and romantic as the love story of Habibie and Ainun, Habibie has a very popular book about his love story with his wife. In fact, the book has also been made into a feature film and remains very popular today.

In the film ” Habibie Ainun “, Sinaumed’s can feel how the love story of Habibie and Ainun is romantic, touching and full of tears. For those who want to show affection for loved ones, BJ Habibie’s words about love can express your feelings. You will also get meaning and meaningful lessons from the wise words of the father of this nation which are very inspiring.



BJ Habibie’s words about love

The following are BJ Habibie’s words about love taken from various sources that will touch you:

  1. Sometimes what you need is not someone who is good at advising, but someone who sincerely listens and understands you
  2. True love looks at weakness and then turns it into an advantage to continue loving
  3. Friendship can end up being love, but love sometimes ends not being friendship
  4. You don’t need to be afraid of losing me, because we are one
  5. Love is a positive energy that can move life to be more beautiful
  6. Whether you want to be handsome or not, if your heart is not on the same frequency, then what should you do?
  7. Loyalty is sincerity to keep one heart in the heart and will promise not to betray it
  8. Indonesia’s future will be determined by the superiority of its human resources who have cultural values, understand and master the mechanisms for the development and application of good science and technology
  9. If you import glasses, tables and mics, then you pay for the working hours of the people there so that all the people can be independent
  10. The meaning of true love is to look at weakness and then turn it into an advantage to always love
  11. Love can be seen through a telescope, while jealousy can only be seen through a microscope
  12. Love can be interpreted as a feeling that arises in partners, parents, neighbors, the environment to the nation and state
  13. I never promise for a feeling, but I try to promise for loyalty
  14. If you love someone, then always pray for him even though he is not by our side now
  15. Achieving a bright future will not be obtained easily, so you must be willing to make sacrifices to achieve it
  16. Love is not finding someone who is perfect, but seeing someone who is not perfect in a perfect way
  17. My past is mine, your past is yours, but the future is ours
  18. Behind someone’s smile there is something you will never understand
  19. If you trust each other then an agreement of two things will suffice. While not trusting each other, even a written agreement as thick as a book will not help him
  20. If someone insults you, take it as a compliment because they have been thinking about you for hours and you don’t have to think about them even a second.
  21. Farewell dear, who is the light of my eyes, the conditioning of my soul, farewell to my heavenly angel candidate
  22. The peak of longing for someone is when you no longer see each other, you no longer greet each other, but instead pray for each other in your heart
  23. One of the keys to being happy is using your money for experiences, not just desires
  24. Perfection does not come by itself but must be strived for. Perfection must be assessed and work processes and results must be monitored
  25. Be a productive young person until you become a professional person by not forgetting two things, namely faith and piety
  26. The quality of human resources is the key to the success of the nation’s future and superior and competitive human resources will lead Indonesia to be equal to other respected nations
  27. Determine to be a useful person for the environment by using what you have to help others
  28. Experience cannot be learned, but must be passed
  29. Without love, that intelligence, is dangerous and without intelligence, love is not enough
  30. You don’t need someone who is perfect and just find someone who always makes you happy and makes you mean more than anyone
  31. A man will not be a big man without a great woman by his side who will always give support and hope in every step and decision he takes.
  32. I used to be very afraid of death, but now I’m not afraid anymore because the first person to meet me was Ainun
  33. Love is sincerity, there is no coercion or feeling of release
  34. My past is mine, yours is yours, but the future could be ours
  35. Ainun, I love you very much, but Allah loves you more, so I will let you go
  36. I can’t promise much. But I will be the best husband for Ainun
  37. Ainun, I love you very much. But Allah loves you more, then I will let you go
  38. Love does not take the form of gazing at each other, but looking outward together in the same direction
  39. Continue to be consistent in pursuing a discipline that you study because consistently, you can be like me
  40. Weaknesses in a partner are something that makes a relationship supposed to complement each other
  41. Even though this body has been separated by death, true love will still be stored eternally in the recesses of the heart
  42. Democracy is basically related to the quality of human resources. The better the quality of human resources, the more open they will be to disseminate and practice the idea of ​​democracy
  43. If not the children of this nation who build the nation, then who else? Don’t you just expect someone else to come to build our nation
  44. The development of the Indonesian nation should be like two wings on an airplane. The right wing represents faith and piety to God. While the left wing is the development of technology and science
  45. We must not be tired and lose because the future of Indonesia is in the hands of young people. Young people should be led to positive things
  46. There is no point in having a high IQ but being lazy and lacking in discipline. The important thing is that you are healthy and willing to sacrifice for a bright future
  47. If you have decided to pursue a field, be consistent. That is the real key to success
  48. I believe that a person does not have the right as a human being to end one’s life because that is the prerogative of God Almighty
  49. Wherever you are, always be the best and give as much as possible from what we can give
  50. Live like you will really die tomorrow and be happy like you will live forever
  51. The success of a man and a woman is largely determined by the positive synergy of the man and woman
  52. Whatever is served before you, then that is your reality
  53. If there is no shoulder to lean on, then there is still a floor to prostrate
  54. Why are we in the world? Because God gives us the opportunity to enjoy this short life
  55. I may not be able to promise many things to Ainun. But one thing is clear, I will be the best husband for Ainun
  56. Between me and Ainun, we are two bodies but in one soul
  57. I’m not going to complain, but it feels like you’ve been here too long. They think I’m a good lover to you, baby. Without them realizing that you are the one who makes me a good lover
  58. You are the most stubborn and most incomprehensible person I have ever known. But if I had to redo my life, I would still choose you
  59. How can I be loyal if my tendency is to be ambiguous. But you taught me the meaning of love, so that I can love you like this
  60. If the wife likes to grumble a lot, is fussy and chatty, then the husband will not be sociable. Finally he could not get ahead in the job
  61. It is better for the husband to be free from household complications so that he can think freely about work
  62. We both are husband and wife can live each other’s thoughts and feelings without speaking
  63. Lust brings momentary happiness, but love gives forever
  64. Happiness and sadness depend on how we react to it
  65. In this life I learn to have a mentality like a person who rides a bicycle, if I don’t ride a bicycle, I will fall, if I stop working, I will die.
  66. Experience cannot be learned, but must be passed
  67. Learn to give thanks for the good things in your life. Learn to be strong from bad things in your life
  68. Actually failure only happens when we give up
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The Love Story of Habibie and Ainun

Based on BJ Habibie’s words about love above, it shows that his love story is also very touching. If Sinaumed’s idolizes BJ Habibie, surely his love story with his wife is also very inspiring. During his lifetime Habibie was known as a smart, charismatic and loyal person.

As is well known, Mr. RI Technology was a romantic and loved his late wife Hasri Ainun Besari. In fact, their love story was released on the big screen in 2012. What about the love story of BJ Habibie and Ainun? Check out his inspiring story below:

1. Have Known Since Childhood

Habibie and Ainun seem to have known each other since childhood. They both attended the same high school, but Habibie was one level better than Ainun. Habibie and Ainuns were known to be equally intelligent, so they were often matched by their friends.
Although he often met Ainun, young Habibie apparently did not find the Semarang-born woman attractive. In fact, Habibie once mocked Ainun by calling him ” ugly and fat like Javanese sugar “.

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2. Meet again after eight years

After high school, Habibie studied at the Bandung Institute of Technology. Habibie then continued his education in Germany for less than a year. For nearly eight years he did not return to his country and certainly did not see Ainun. Returning to Indonesia, Habibie was surprised to see Ainun grow to be very beautiful.

Habibi immediately melted when he saw it. He also joked that if Ainun was called brown sugar because of her dark skin, then Ainun was like granulated sugar. Javi Bie chases after Ainun who has returned to Jakarta. Both live in Jakarta and make their love bloom even more. The two often meet and miss each other.



3. Beautiful Period Until Marriage

Despite her beauty, Habibie finally proposed to Ainun and married her on May 12 1962. After marriage, Ainun went with Habibie who had to finish his doctorate in Germany. Their early life there was marked by extraordinary struggles.

They both have to bear a little income from the Habibie scholarship. However, the battle was sweetly rewarded. From this marriage, Habibie and Ainun were blessed with two sons, Ilham Akbar and Thareq Kemal.

4. Habibie faithfully accompanies Ainun, who is sick to death

Ainun was able to balance and be a responsible mother of two children while building a house with Habibie, who remained loyal to Ainun until her death. Ainun teaches children to live frugally and familiarizes them with discussing and expressing opinions.

However, Habibie and Ainun’s luck faced a big test in March 2010 when Ainun was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Habibie did everything to heal his wife. In fact, Ainun was immediately flown to Germany for intensive care. Since then, he never left Ainun until his wife died in May 2010.

5. Habibie’s last letter to the late Ainun

Ainun’s death was a heavy blow to Habibie. His heart was broken when he let go of his wife of 48 years. Habibie also wrote a last letter full of love and emotion to the late Ainun.



6. Depression after Ainun left

Immediately after Ainun died, Habibie acted like a child. He was crying, screaming looking for his wife barefoot and wearing only nightgowns. His condition at that time could be said to be depressed because he was abandoned by his soulmate. Habibie accepted the opinion of his doctor, one of whom made a personal note.

Habibie also started writing a book about his love for Ainun and finished it in just two months. After writing his story, the condition of the third President of the Republic of Indonesia improved and he finally accepted his wife’s departure. The book was then adapted to the big screen in 2012.

7. Routine Pilgrimage to Ainun’s Tomb

Habibie was a true lover who remained loyal even though death left him. Over the years, Habibie has always been at the Heroes Cemetery in Kalibata. He visits Ainun’s grave every Friday. Habibie and his helpers brought fresh flowers to Ainun’s grave.

There are many lessons to be learned from the love story of Habibie and Ainun. One of them is a loyal and loving person to his partner. To this day, Habibie has left many achievements and beautiful memories in the eyes of the Indonesian people. Let’s pray that the deceased rest in heaven.

So, that’s a collection of BJ Habibie’s words about love that are full of meaning and very inspiring. There are many things that you can emulate from the figure of BJ Habibie. If you want to know more about BJ Habibie, you can read books at sinaumedia via sinaumedia.com. To support Sinaumed’s in adding insight, sinaumedia always provides quality and original books so that Sinaumed’s has #MoreWithReading information.