Get to know the Baby Boomers Generation, X, Y, Z and Alpha

Getting to know the Baby Boomers Generation, X, Y, Z and Alpha – Sinaumed’s, the older the age, the more cross-generations are created. Have you ever heard the term baby boomers, generations X, Y, Z to alpha? What exactly is the thing that distinguishes these generations so that they are grouped so much? Before discussing the differences, we need to first look at what is meant by the generations above.

As time goes by, with the birth rate increasing rapidly, new generations are being born rapidly as well. If you used to feel like you were the youngest generation when you were little, maybe now you are not.

We realize that this rapid development will form a new generation that lives with new environmental conditions, in the sense of a more advanced environment. This clearly affects the pattern of life, the process of growth and even the character of each generation.

Differences in Baby Boomers, X, Y, Z and Alpha Generations

These generation terms are used to group people born in close years and in the same environmental conditions. So that it will be much easier for us to understand what human development was like from the past until now.

1. Baby Boomers Generation (1946-1964)

This generation is also called baby boomers not without reason, most people born during this period were born after World War II. At that time the increase in the birth rate was so great that it was like a birth explosion. This term began to be used in America and beyond to designate cultural demographics.

Born after the war and during the reformation era of various countries, these baby boomers experienced many experiences as well as adaptation to unstable environmental conditions. Not infrequently these baby boomers also experience so many changes in education and politics.

Baby boomers who were raised by disciplined and strict parents generally have high discipline, are mentally strong as steel, have strong principles and hold on to great loyalty and dedication. In contrast, baby boomers, who are now getting older when technology begins to develop, often experience difficulties adapting to technological sophistication. They need to learn how to use technology.

You may often see grandparents who are diligent and always pursue one thing for a long time. They are also disciplined in getting through the day starting from getting up in the morning on time, and doing simple activities at home which are always the same. That’s because baby boomers are used to instilling discipline since they were small.

So don’t be surprised to see people who until their old age serve a job for decades in the same field. Because people from that generation also hold fast to a high level of loyalty and dedication.

At this time, people from this generation are still needed to maintain a stable and disciplined environment, both at home and at work. Ever seen a movie called The Intern? Then you will understand why this baby boomer generation can help stabilize a company, even when they are old.

2. Generation X (1965-1980)

In contrast to baby boomers who can have up to a dozen children, in Gen X the tradition of having not too many children has mushroomed. So that the birth rate in any country has also decreased drastically.

Educated by disciplined parents, generation X generally has the characteristics of being independent, disciplined, logical hard worker and also prioritizing career. This is because baby boomer parents who have experienced an environment with unstable conditions emphasize their children to gain as much knowledge as possible and achieve a career.

Especially when around the 80s, the world experienced various economic crises which greatly affected the lives of its people. So that the people at that time became more independent and were required to be smart in finding opportunities in order to survive well. These environmental conditions have made most of Generation X grow up with a mindset that is creative, tough, and also smart in finding solutions to every problem.

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Generation X, who grew up in the 70s and 80s, also began to recognize various types of new technology, such as the telephone or TV, which did not exist before their parents. The children of that generation also began to develop various technologies that would later be used by the next generation, such as pagers .

People from this generation are already the parents of Generation Y, or some even have grandchildren. If you are currently around 25 years old and above, then most likely your parents are from generation X.

3. Generation Y (1981-1995)

Millennials can also be said to be the generation that has experienced so many significant changes in technology and the economy. Growing up during the transition from analog to digital technology, the advent of the internet and social media has made these millennial children so sophisticated, creative, free and willing to take risks.

Millennials are also known to be very expressive and open-minded compared to their predecessors, who were still stiff and firm. People in this generation tend to be braver in terms of expressing opinions, high self-confidence and out of the box .

So, it’s no wonder that people from baby boomers or generation X often feel that their children tend to break the rules more often, because millennials are so expressive and put themselves first. Compared to previous generations, millennials are much lazier and often change interests and jobs.

4. Generation Z (1996-2010)

Technology is increasingly advanced and the internet is so fast, making this generation Z already feel a lot of convenience in terms of facilities, access and also family financial stability. So do not be surprised if this generation is now growing up to be much smarter, more accomplished and healthier children.

At this time, the internet is so widespread and easily accessible that this makes children in generation Z more proficient and active in interacting in cyberspace. So sometimes this generation is also called igeneration, which is the internet generation. How to use social media? Unlike baby boomers and generation X, Gen Z is already adept at using social media and browsing without anyone teaching them.

The positive thing is, this generation Z grows to be children who are open-minded, like diversity, like new things, think critically and want to be different or bring about change. Having an environment that has been permeated with technology all the time, they tend to enjoy using technology and the internet.

In this generation, children have been facilitated with technology such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and others. they are also educated by parents who have an open mind, so it is not uncommon for Gen Z to be able to make decisions and make their choices since childhood.

On the other hand, there is also a negative side to this easy-going generation. Gen Z tends to be more consumptive and wasteful, this is also supported by the financial ability of their parents so that large facilities make some people so wasteful and like shopping for imported brands.

Some children in this generation are also more ‘eager’ than the previous generation, because they feel that they don’t need a big effort anymore to get the things they want because anything can be accessed through gadgets . Sometimes, all the conveniences they feel right now are also the mental reason why this generation is not as strong as baby boomers and generation X.

From the millennial generation to generation X, problems often arise around people’s mental health , because advanced environmental conditions sometimes cause a lot of pressure. For parents who have children in this generation, of course, they need to learn a lot and think broadly so they can monitor their children.

5. Generation Alpha (2011-present)

So it’s not a stranger if we see young children who are good at using cellphones or accessing the internet nowadays. The reason is that they were born side by side with technology that continues to advance and develop.

Today’s children are used to television, gadgets, and are even familiar with various electronic devices at home. They also tend to be more intelligent, quickly understand situations and can recognize things well.

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The positive thing is that many children today are able to read and memorize the alphabet from an early age because they recognize the writing and icons on cellphones or tablets. Today’s children are also much more critical and understand the situation well, so that parents can no longer use lies as an excuse to get their children to eat or study.

However, today’s parents also need extra abilities to care for the children of this alpha generation, because these children can no longer be educated using the same methods as children of the previous generation. Parents must be more creative and also need to take many approaches to children.

Gadgets are also a big part of the problem when raising children of this alpha generation. This is because the alpha generation who depend on gadgets makes it difficult for them to let go and tend to be more reluctant to socialize with their friends. This also causes a high risk of mental illness in this generation in the future, because of the great pressure from the environment and also academic demands.

Today’s parents can overcome this by learning a lot from other people’s experiences and books.

Educating Generations Z and A

For young parents, who are having small children or teenagers, it may be difficult to understand children. This is because the large differences across generations do indeed form different traits. So this book will help parents understand their children who are in the Z and Alpha generations.

Baby boomers are those who grew up in a post-war environment so that they form people who are disciplined, highly dedicated and have a strong leadership spirit. They give birth to Gen X children who are independent, creative, focused on careers, because they did not have economic stability when they were young.

Gen X who are starting to pursue a career will devote all their efforts to the millennial generation in order to get a much more decent life. On the other hand, millennials also grow with technological changes that are starting to progress, thus forming free, courageous and creative souls. So it is most likely that most millennials have children between generations Z and alpha, which are far more critical and modern.

Which Generation Are You?

Are you part of the cross-generation of baby boomers, X, Y, or Z?

Whatever the generation, it is important for us to respect each other. The magnitude of the character differences across generations sometimes makes people in different generations have a bad view of other generations.

This often happens and cannot be denied, because everyone from each generation has different characteristics and experiences that are different too.

Just like in a big family where there are grandparents, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, of course, you often feel the difference in character, mindset and experience. But these differences can actually be a beautiful thing.

The diversity of this generation is always interesting to discuss, if you are one of those who like this review then you can read other books about cross-generations here. Let’s see the recommendations!

Generations X, Y & Zoomers At Work

What is the working pattern of generations X, Y, and Z like? are there differences across generations in the world of work? If you are interested in discussing generations, then this book seems to be an interesting read to find out what are the differences between people from generation to generation when working.

Children nowadays are lazy, they only work on their cellphones! Often hear this saying from parents? Maybe it seems that Generation Z is always playing with cellphones, but from there they are actually all the creativity that is trending in society. In this book you can get to know more about the positive impact that generation Z is able to have when they work.