How to determine the appropriate course major

sinaumedia Literacy – Many college majors are so tempting to take. Many famous campuses are interesting to enter. Or do you even feel you don’t want anything because you don’t know where it fits? Choosing a college major is one of the most important decisions in life. Because it will help you be more motivated in going through the lecture process such as doing assignments, completing thesis, as well as having fun in learning which will lead you to various achievements leading to the best career prospects in the future. Besides that, it is very important to think about the majors and universities you are going to in advance because it will make it easier for you to know what grades are needed to achieve them.

How to determine the appropriate course major

Consider carefully before deciding, don’t make the wrong choice. What’s more, you know, most 2nd semester students just realized this mistake. This is evidenced in a scientific publication from Educational Psychologist by Integrity Development Flexibility (IDF) Irene Guntur, M.Psi., Psi., CGA, that around 87% of Indonesian students have the wrong major. In order not to be one of them, here are some tips you can do to determine the most appropriate college major for you Sinaumed’s, Check these out!



Check your grades again at school. What subjects always get the best grades? From here, you can search for study programs related to that value. Another alternative is that you can see the achievements you have achieved in other fields besides school studies. For example, if you have a talent for drawing, then you can choose majors related to drawing, such as Visual Communication Design (DKV), Fine Arts, and others.

Choosing a college major that suits your interests will make you go through your college life happily. Piling up college assignments won’t feel like a burden if you’re really interested in doing Sinaumed’s.

In choosing the right major, you must first find as much information as possible about a major. Like if you are interested in the world of broadcasting, the book What Courses? Broadcasting majors can be the right choice to get to know more about this major.


Besides passion, it turns out that personality has an important role in determining your college major. In fact, it is also one of the factors that make someone successful in their field. Here are some personalities that will help you determine your major in college, including:

  • Be Realistic
  • Thinker
  • Artistic and creative
  • Helper Spirit
  • Like to communicate and easily make friends
  • Always Organized
  • Love teaching
  • Good understanding of Political Science
  • Follow Business Development
  • Interested in Languages
  • Interested in Fashion
  • Interested in History
  • Interested in Psychology

For example, if you have an artistic and creative spirit, you can enter your two personalities into the Visual Communication Design major, this also applies to other traits. Match personality and majors that would suit your personality. In this case, also understand your abilities, if you want to become a doctor but do not have qualified skills in science subjects, it will certainly complicate your steps going forward. Look at your own potential better before choosing the right Graduation major in Sinaumed’s.



Psychological tests can be one of the references in determining a suitable college major. Even though it’s not 100% effective at reading potential and character, it can be used as a reference for how to determine the right college major. This test will help you analyze your interests, values, character, strengths, weaknesses, to the scale of your abilities in the arts or social fields, as well as in terms of investigating and interpreting things. Not only that, several personality tests will also show interest, suitable career fields, to the work style that suits you.

There are many free online personality tests on the internet such as: “What should I major in quiz” by Loyola, “College major personality quiz” from ThoughtCo, and even personality tests like the Myers & Briggs MBTI Personality Type Test.. From there, it can help you. provides an overview of personality and what majors are right for you, Sinaumed’s.

Before taking the psychological test, Sinaumed’s can also study and train themselves first through various sample questions that can be obtained through the Smart Guide to Passing Psychotest.



The essence of education is no longer to prepare oneself for the world of work so that one can get established quickly. Maybe this view is still relevant in the days of our parents who had minimal opportunities. But now, you can be whatever you want as long as you want to fight for it. Therefore do not make money as a reference. Education exists to develop all intellectual potential and capacity so that you can develop according to what you really want. Education allows you to see the problems around you in a more precise way, and allows you to solve them in the most efficient way. When you enjoy the learning process, luck will follow Sinaumed’s.

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Give Yourself Time and Ask for Help, reading various references makes you more dizzy and stressed? Relax for a moment. Inhale, exhale, relax. Get rid of the laptop and cellphone that you use for surfing first to find the right direction. It’s a good idea to go out and talk to lots of people. Because when you find it difficult to decide or want to know more about the major that is considered right for you, there’s nothing wrong with asking for advice from people who are more experienced in that field. Apart from having experienced this field, they will also have a better understanding of career prospects in the department concerned. Ask this question to students in semester 6, people who work according to that department, lecturers or your Sinaumed’s teacher. The opinions of other people are also important considerations to see different points of view. Who knows, they may have other directions that can add references to choosing the right major for you, Sinaumed’s.



Who says we have to look at the positive side all the time? Sometimes we also have to see a problem to know how to solve it. For example, when you have chosen a major and a university. After digging up all the things about the department and campus, you have to know the other effects that will be caused, so you can be prepared to deal with them. For example, you understand that in that area the cost of living is expensive and maybe your parents will find it difficult to support you. That way you have to accept the consequences, namely working part-time to make a living while studying at Sinaumed’s.



One way to determine the right major is to consider future job prospects. What are your career goals? Who do you want to be like? Become a software engineer, digital marketer, or designer? You must explore your inner motivation first before deciding which major to choose. Because, motivation will really help you get through all the obstacles that might make you lazy to go to college, lazy to do assignments, and finally leave campus. Ask these 3 things before choosing a Sinaumed’s major!


  • Will this major lead you to a job that is currently in great demand in the industrial world? In addition to choosing based on interests, talents, and abilities. Seeing job opportunities from the major you choose is also important. If the job opportunities from your major feel narrow, try to determine another major as a backup and compare.
  • Is the number of competitors in the college major not enough?
  • What is the salary for this type of work in the major?
  • Look at job prospects for the next 5 years. In the current era of globalization, you also have to be smart in following and understanding the direction of change in the world. This includes choosing a major in college. What is trending in the world and Indonesia is currently one of the benchmarks when continuing education. But also pay attention to whether this trend will last in the next 5-10 years? So that when you finish college, there are many jobs ready to accommodate you, Sinaumed’s.



Indeed, adaptation to campus will feel awkward without friends from previous high school. But think again, it’s you who will live your college life, your parents also spend money on your college. Don’t be afraid to choose a major that suits your interests and abilities even if you don’t know anyone, because of course you will make new friends later. So there’s no need to feel afraid and lonely, let alone let this fear lead you in the wrong direction.


Not everyone is given the opportunity to enter a prestigious campus. Even though getting into a famous campus will give you many advantages. Sometimes there are companies that open job vacancies with certain college requirements. Even though it’s not even written down, usually when selecting, alumni of major colleges will be made a priority. The number of predecessors who have entered the world of work can also help careers. For example, a new graduate who is looking for work accidentally meets a former senior who is already working. There is a possibility that he will be assisted or found a connection. Therefore it is very important to choose the right campus, because of course it is very proud if we graduate from the best university, but of course this is not something that is easy to get. It takes hard work as well as good academic skills to get into the best universities, so prepare yourself as early as possible. Because if you are going to major from your favorite university, then you must be prepared to have hundreds or even thousands of rivals in fighting over college seats there, Sinaumed’s!

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Diploma and bachelor graduates will certainly have different job opportunities, where these opportunities will really depend on the workplace you are going to go to later. If you want to work as a teacher, it is impossible to take a diploma level. On the other hand, if you intend to become a financial staff member in a company, it would be best if you choose an accounting diploma. Nothing is better than one another, either a diploma or a bachelor’s degree both have their advantages and disadvantages. There is no need to force yourself to become a scholar, if indeed the intended career can be achieved with a diploma, this also applies vice versa.



College will be different from school, most likely you will be out of town or even abroad and going to college far from your parents. You have to be prepared for risks like this. Campus location is a very important thing to consider, but this won’t be a problem if you are prepared from the start to study away from your parents. Don’t choose a university just because it is close to where you live, choose the best university with majors that suit your interests. Also consider tuition fees. When choosing a major, cost is often an obstacle that cannot be ignored. Moreover, if you choose to study outside your current city of residence. Of course you will need more money, both for boarding houses and other daily needs. However, don’t let the cost be an obstacle for you to study at the department or university of your dreams. You can go to college while working part-time or look for scholarships to offset your tuition fees.



Optimism is a feeling that must be owned by every individual. However, in choosing a major everyone must be realistic about the failures that might be faced. Therefore, it is highly recommended to prepare at least 2 college majors and campuses to be chosen. The goal is to prevent yourself from becoming unemployed because you don’t pass the selection at your main campus, Sinaumed’s. To further finalize your intention, for those of you who have several choices of majors, do a little research by comparing the pluses and minuses when choosing that major. Try asking yourself again, and settle your heart after going through various comparisons and excuses.


13. FIGHT 100%

If you have determined the major you want, the last step is to make maximum preparations and fight in SBMPTN, manage your study time as well as possible (There’s nothing wrong with trying to find questions for the SBMPTN exam beforehand and study them carefully. The SBMPTN exam questions have a different pattern. not much different from year to year so if you are familiar with the questions then you will have no trouble doing it). If your results are not accepted, don’t immediately get discouraged and pessimistic. There are still other paths you can try. You can try the independent route or enroll in a private university. Private universities also have quality that is no less good than PTN, you know.



Not infrequently there are those who are accepted at PTN but don’t get the chosen major. Returning to the first point, going to college that is not in accordance with your calling will have a negative psychological impact which will then impact your GPA and decrease your enthusiasm for studying every day. Indeed, the Selection for State Universities goes through a very strict process, with a limited quota. But studying at a public university is not a guarantee of success or failure in one’s career. Whether studying in private or public schools, if you are serious about it and want to try, you can definitely get Sinaumed’s.

Be happy with the major you choose. If you are still confused about choosing a major that suits your interests and talents, try to list some of the closest majors. After that, you can cross out the most inappropriate majors one by one until you are left with the majors that you might choose. The key to finding is not rushing.

Various tips to help you in dealing with these difficult times can be found in the Anti-stress Book: How to Stay Relaxed When Everything Is Chaotic.

Also pay attention to the credibility of the information you get. Then, follow the right choice according to your calling. That way, whatever the outcome will be is part of your decision. The challenges that confront you will be lived as a form of responsibility to yourself and your parents. Excited search! Good luck finding Sinaumed’s soon!