Example of Preface to Thesis and How to Make It

Usually, what obstacles make you the most dizzy and confused when completing your thesis? Could it be the thesis preface? If so, then you don’t need to worry anymore, even though it seems difficult, we must finish the preface to this thesis so that the thesis can also be finished properly and correctly. If we interpret it, then the preface is a page of thanks written by the author regarding gratitude because writing the thesis has been completed. Broadly speaking, the introductory words of the thesis can also contain expressions of gratitude and also include the purpose of writing the thesis that you are working on. In addition, writers are also allowed to write down the benefits of writing constructive criticism and suggestions from readers to writers.

As the name suggests, the existence of the preamble itself is technically written in firm and clear language. Writing this preface is not written too long and wide. So, we have to make sure that we write short, concise, and simple forewords. So that it is clearer and also right on target according to the theme you are working on. Even though writing the thesis preface looks simple and easy, it turns out to be quite complicated and confusing. Therefore, on this occasion we will discuss more deeply about the thesis introduction and some examples that can be used as references.

Preface Elements

The writing of the thesis introductory words that we must know is one of them understanding the elements of the introductory words themselves as explained in the previous paragraph. At the beginning, writing this preface can also be addressed for the first time to express gratitude to God Almighty and the like. In addition, writing the preface also contains an explanation of the thesis writing, explaining the implementation of thesis writing, explaining the existence of assistance, directions from the parties involved in it and guidance from the lecturer.

If you want to write thank you to someone or an institution that has helped you, that is also allowed. It’s not always necessary to say thank you and the like, in the preface, you can also express your hopes for the thesis you are writing. Don’t forget to also write down the benefits for readers who read your thesis.

Structure and How to Make a Preface to Thesis

The writing of the thesis introductory words that is often overlooked is the writing of the introductory structure. There are at least three structures that we need to pay attention to before writing the thesis introduction, including:

1. Create an Opening Word

The first thing to pay attention to is the preamble. Of course, every time we write a thesis introduction, we need an introduction. The opening generally contains thanksgiving for God’s grace for the completion of the thesis work. In this first paragraph, you can also include the intent and main purpose of why you have to complete the thesis. Notice the example below:

By offering praise and gratitude to the presence of God Almighty, who has given abundant blessings and health, so the writer can finish this thesis with the title “Analysis of Month Books”, as one of the requirements to complete the Undergraduate Program (S1) Indonesian Language Department.

2. Explain Thesis Contents and Say Thank You

Then in the second paragraph the opening contains an expression of gratitude for the completion of the thesis that you are working on. This is where the elements are set out in the opening paragraph. After the opening paragraph is finished, after that it enters into the structure of the second introductory thesis, namely the contents of the thesis. Writing the content section contains a brief description of the theme you are carrying and you explain it inside. But keep in mind that in the content chapter you only need to convey words using short and concise language. Because, writing a bibliography is not written clearly. It is enough to mention only the important ones.

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You may write a little discussion of the content you wrote in the main part of your research. But keep in mind, that there is only a little discussion. If you feel confused about conveying it, you can also do this by making only important points from the core of your writing. Then write in the preface. For example:

The author realizes that this thesis would not have been possible to complete without the support, assistance, guidance and advice from various parties during the preparation of this thesis. On this occasion the author expresses his sincere thanks to:

1. Ladies and gentlemen at home who always give love, prayer, support, advice and everything.
2. Mr. NAMA as Chancellor
3. Mr. NAMA as Dean of the Faculty.
3. Mrs. “NAME” as a supervisor who is kind and sincere in guiding.
3. Brother and sister.
4. Friends in arms.
5. All parties

3. Make closing sentences

The last structure is the cover. Writing the thesis introductory words in the closing section usually contains an apology. It is at this opportunity that you can write an apology for the lack or excess in making the thesis. Usually, the apology is for the readers. Certainly, in writing thesis, the writer will often experience errors such as typo errors, or maybe imperfect arguments, and so on.

Apart from that, don’t forget, if in the closing section you also need to write down the expectations you want. For example, hopefully in the future the research that you write can produce corrections and also solutions from other readers’ ideas, to perfect research results where there may still be something missing than what you have found.

For example:

The author realizes that in this thesis there are still many shortcomings, therefore, the author really hopes for constructive criticism and suggestions for a better work in the future. It is hoped that this thesis will provide benefits to readers.

Example of Preface to Thesis

The following are some examples of thesis introductory words that you should understand, including:

1. Example of a Complete Thesis Preface

Alhamdulillah, Praise and Gratitude we pray to Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala. One who only asks for help. Alhamdulillah for all His help, mercy, and compassion so that the writer can complete the thesis entitled “The Influence of Prophetic Parenting on the Tendency of Juvenile Delinquency”. Shalawat and greetings to Rasulullah Shallallahu Alaihi Wasallam who is always the best source of inspiration and role model for mankind.

Juvenile delinquency which continues to increase is a problem that must receive special attention. The role of the family is important to prevent juvenile delinquency. This type of parenting can lead to juvenile delinquency. Prophetic parenting is a parenting model to form good behavior in children and avoid juvenile delinquency. Based on this, researchers are interested in knowing the effect of prophetic parenting on the tendency of juvenile delinquency.

The author realizes that many parties have provided support and assistance during the completion of this study and thesis. Therefore, it is appropriate for the author to respectfully thank and pray that Allah will give the best reward to:

  • Mr Prof. Dr. Muh. Jufri, S. Psi., M. Si., as Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Makassar State University.
  • Mr. Ahmad Yasser Mansyur, S. Ag., S. Psi., M. Si., Ph. D., and Mrs. Kurniati Zainuddin, S. Psi., MA, as the writer’s supervisor in completing the thesis.
  • UNM Faculty of Psychology Lecturers
  • Mr. Dr. H. Ahmad, S. Ag., S. Psi., M. Si., as the expert validator of the measuring instrument that the author uses in this study.
  • Mrs. Nur Afni Indahhari, S. Psi., M. Si., Psi., who has been an examiner in research proposal seminars and the author’s thesis sessions.

The author also thanks to all parties who have helped researchers in completing this thesis that researchers cannot mention one by one.
Finally, the writer realizes that nothing is perfect, the writer still makes mistakes in preparing the thesis. Therefore, the author apologizes profusely for the mistakes made by the author.

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Researchers hope that this thesis can be useful for readers and can be used as a reference for development in a better direction. Truth comes from God and error comes from the author. May Allah SWT always bestow His Grace and Ridho on all of us.

Bekasi, January 29, 2021

2. Example of a short thesis introduction

By saying Alhamdulillah, all praise and gratitude, the authors pray for the presence of Allah SWT, because of His grace and guidance the preparation of this thesis entitled “The Relationship Between Smoking Behavior and Confidence in Students of UIN Raden Intan Lampung” can be completed in order to fulfill one of the requirements in completing education in the Department of Islamic Psychology, Faculty of Ushuluddin and Religious Studies, Raden Intan State Islamic University, Lampung.

The writer has gone through a long journey in order to finish writing this thesis. Many obstacles were encountered in the preparation, but thanks to His will, the writer managed to finish writing this thesis. Therefore, with humility, on this occasion the author would like to thank:

  • Prof. Dr. H. Moh Mukri, M.Ag. As Chancellor of UIN Raden Intan Lampung.
  • Drs. M. Nursalim Malay, M.Si As Head of Islamic Psychology Study Program, Faculty of Ushuluddin and Religious Studies UIN Raden Intan Lampung.
  • To Mr. Drs. Syaiful Hamali, M. Kom. as supervisor I and Mrs. Iin Yulianti, MA as supervisor II who have guided the writer in the preparation of this thesis to completion.
  • All parties who have helped a lot in the preparation of this thesis that the writer cannot mention all of them.

Finally, the writer hopes that this thesis can provide benefits for writers in particular and for readers in general.

Cikarang, January 28, 2021

3. Examples of Good and Correct Thesis Preface

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings.

Praise and gratitude the author goes to the presence of Allah SWT, because of His grace and guidance I was able to complete the thesis entitled “Decision Support System in Mapping National Road and Bridge Improvement Priorities in Bengkulu Province using the TOPSIS and Fuzzy C-Means Methods”.

This thesis is made to fulfill the final assignment of lectures and as one of the requirements to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in the Informatics Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, University of Bengkulu. In addition, this thesis is also made as a form of implementation of the knowledge gained during lectures at the Informatics Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, University of Bengkulu.

The writer realizes that the thesis is still far from being perfect. Therefore, the authors hope to learn more in implementing the knowledge gained. This thesis certainly cannot be separated from the guidance, input, and directions from various parties. Therefore, on this occasion I would like to express my deepest gratitude to:

  • Drs. Boko Susilo, M.Kom. as Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Bengkulu.
  • Mrs. Desi Andreswari, ST, M.Cs. as the main supervisor and Mr. Yudi Setiawan, ST, M.Eng. as a companion lecturer who has taken the time to provide support, guidance and motivation in completing this thesis.
  • Mrs. Ernawati, ST, M.Cs as Chair of the Informatics Engineering Study Program who has provided support during her lectures at Informatics Engineering, University of Bengkulu.
  • My beloved parents, Hermansyah and Sefti Karlisa and my sister Aqilah Dwi Putri Ananda who have prayed for, provided support and motivated me in completing this thesis.

All parties who have helped and cannot be mentioned one by one.

I hope that God Almighty bestows His grace and guidance on all of them. Hopefully this thesis can be useful for all of us, Aamiin.
Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Cirebon, January 20, 2021

This is an explanation of the thesis introduction and some examples that can be used as a reference in writing the thesis introduction. Hopefully useful.