Sincere Understanding and Quotes About Sincere Feelings

Meaning of Sincere – Who does not know the word sincere? The word sincere is often associated with sincere feelings for someone, sincere apologies and so on. Usually, sincere attitudes or feelings are expressed to loved ones.

To express sincere feelings, You needs to know sincere understanding first. Check out the explanation of sincere understanding and some of the following quotes about sincere feelings.

Meaning of Sincere

The definition of sincere according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary or KBBI is really and clean heart or really comes out of an honest heart. Sincerity is also interpreted as an honest attitude, not pretending, not sarong, sincere.

The word sincere has synonyms or synonyms with other words such as clean, straight, willing, willing, voluntary, honest, sadic and sincere. In English, the word sincere means honest, sincere, heartfelt, candid and devout.

What is an example of using the word sincere in a sentence? Check out the following examples:

  • A sincere person cannot manipulate various words to be full of charm, but he will strive for every word he utters to be a word that is truly liked by Allah. (Abdullah Gymnastiar)
  • When we smile sincerely at our siblings, then that’s when we are making them happy, which means we are making ourselves happy. (Abdullah Gymnastiar)
  • An important lesson that is often overlooked is learning to thank with sincere feelings for the slightest kindness from others. (Abdullah Gymnastiar)
  • Listening to kindness will make the heart comfortable, especially if we do it sincerely, the heart will definitely feel more comfortable. (Abdullah Gymnastiar)
  • Today, choose to be happy, prioritize gratitude and be a friendly and sincere person when hanging out. (Mario Teguh)

An attitude or even a sincere feeling will certainly make other people feel happy, especially the loved ones and people closest to You. Therefore, You needs to know some quotes about sincere feelings to express sincere feelings.

Quote of Sincere Feelings of Loving Someone

If you want to get love from someone sincerely, then You must also approach and give sincere feelings to that person. One way is to express these sincere feelings to those whom You loves by using words. Here are some quotes of sincere feelings of loving someone.

  1. Only with sincerity will we be able to learn to interpret sincerity in life.
  2. Doing good things without being noticed by others is a very noble thing. That is the meaning of sincerity.
  3. Don’t look at someone just from their physical appearance, but look at someone from their sincerity.
  4. People who say they’re sincere over and over when helping you, are actually someone who isn’t sincere because sincere feelings don’t need to be spoken.
  5. People who live with sincerity and humility will become successful individuals.
  6. Sincere feelings that originate from the heart are a jewel that shines brightly from within your heart.
  7. Being the best is a must, but not by forcing it. Do any work with sincerity to get the best results.
  8. Words that feel so sincere in the heart, it will provoke a smile.
  9. Be sincere from within your thoughts, pure from within your feelings. You don’t have to chase happiness, because happiness will chase you. (Sri Chinmoy)
  10. Maintain loyalty and sincerity as the main principle. (Confucius)
  11. Friends can make you laugh, best friends can make you feel happy, but only sincere love can make you live. (Nazril Ilham)
  12. Sincerity is an expensive gift. So don’t expect it from bad people.
  13. I just want you to know that you are a special person and the only reason I’m telling you is because I don’t feel sure anyone has ever told you before. (Stephen Chbosky)
  14. Doing good things without being noticed by others is a very noble deed. That is the meaning of sincerity.
  15. Dreams will make everything possible. While hope makes things work. Love and sincerity make anything possible.
  16. Father teaches you about what sacrifice is, while mother teaches me about the meaning of sincerity.
  17. True love always comes at the right time, at the right time and at the right place. He will never get lost.
  18. True love always comes to those who look forward to meeting it and never feel hopeless.
  19. True love is like an eternal fire. It will always burn, never get sick, never get old and never die. True love will also never turn away.
  20. True love knows no heartbreak, even though you can’t have one. However, true love is always tested for its resilience and is not eaten by time, heat, rain or even strong winds.
  21. Don’t feel sad if sincerity is answered with lies, be grateful because you have a sincere heart.
  22. One’s sincerity will shine through his eyes. His kindness will be seen from all his actions and his wisdom will be heard from his words.
  23. Happiness is a simple thing. It only takes sincerity and sincerity in living life.
  24. The feeling of love never discriminates between eels, body, body or possessions owned by a person. Because love is only sincerity and sincerity of our hearts for someone.
  25. Love is full of giving, not asking to be given. Love is full of sincerity and not full of coercion.
  26. The love of a mother teaches many lessons. Lessons about sincerity, sincerity, sacrifice and the meaning of a person.
  27. The feeling of love never looks at someone’s wealth or position, if we base that feeling of love with sincerity and sincerity.
  28. Don’t hurt the people who love you. Love can turn into hate when sincerity is hurt.
  29. Sincerity is needed to be able to start love, as well as sincerity, it is needed to be able to end love.
  30. The happiest couple in the world will never have the same traits. Both of them will only understand each other well about the differences that are owned by each other.
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Sincere Quotes Loving Someone with a Willing Heart

Conveying feelings with sentences or quotes that can show You’ sincerity can certainly melt someone’s heart or convey You’ true feelings.

The following quotes about sincerity can also be an expression of gratitude and as a feeling of gratitude that the person has sincere feelings for You.

  1. When sincerity is questioned, it is at that moment that sincerity must be proven, not with words but with actions.
  2. A strong attitude starts with patience. While patience begins with acceptance and acceptance comes from sincere feelings.
  3. Sincerity is the face of the soul, while pretense is a mask. (Joseph Sanial)
  4. If I’m not the best figure for you, then allow myself to try to be what you want.
  5. Love is a form of sincerity, not a reason. Pure love will come from the heart and not to be hurt.
  6. Love someone who loves you so that you will understand the beauty of sincerity in life and affection.
  7. If this is a wait, then the rain is tears of sadness. The sky wails because a sincerity that has been wasted.
  8. Don’t wait to be loved anymore, but learn to love sincerely so that your heart is not eroded by feelings of love.
  9. In fact, the feeling of love does not require wealth, love only requires sincerity from the soul.
  10. Every thing in your body is as precious as what I have. In torment or pain, it is still a precious thing. (Charlotte Bronte)
  11. One of the most important things in love, don’t give space in your heart to someone who doesn’t even try to stay in your heart.
  12. Honesty and love can help you get through most situations. (Naval Ravicant)
  13. When sincerity rests in the soul, then love will surely be much more perfect.
  14. Sincerity of love and compassion cannot be seen or heard, but can only be felt with the heart.
  15. If the heart is a palace, then love is its throne. Sincerity is the most beautiful trophy.
  16. When you feel your care is never appreciated again, then know that you are learning about sincerity at that time.
  17. Letting go of something we really want will not always mean we are weak. (Tere Liye)
  18. When you are dumped, there will be a more sincere heartbreaker to invite yourself back on your feet. (Boy Chandra)
  19. You make me happy in a way that no one else can.
  20. When someone loves you, they don’t have to say it and you will know it by the way they treat you.
  21. I love you, not just because of who you are. But also for what I become when I’m with you. (Roy Croft)
  22. Don’t feel sad when sincerity is rewarded with a lie, be grateful that you have a sincere heart.
  23. The sincerity of feelings of love and the sincerity of love will never fade, only with selfishness.
  24. Maybe now I’m not successful, but I believe that with my sincerity, someday I will definitely be able to make the people I care about happy.
  25. The heart is the strongest part of a human being, because there are always sincere feelings. But sometimes when we are very weak, we become so easily broken.
  26. If I already have you, then I don’t need anything else. (Wonder Girl)
  27. You make me want to be a better person. (Melvin Udall)
  28. True love is love that does not increase because of goodness and will not decrease because of a mistake.
  29. True love will always accept you as you are. Including your anger, your jealousy, your ego and of course your affection and acknowledgment. True love will always be like that.
  30. They feel happy because people who love themselves will conquer the world and are not afraid of losing. True love is complete surrender.
  31. True happiness is found in unselfish love.
  32. Believe me, if he is your true love, then no matter how painful it is, no matter how difficult the twists and turns you have to go through, he will still be with you, someday, someday.
  33. True love will look at weakness, then make it an advantage to always love.
  34. Loyalty always starts from togetherness, then develops because of understanding and survives because of mutual trust.
  35. Simple when loving, sincere when accepting shortcomings and loyal when in a relationship.
  36. Trust is like a mirror. When it breaks, then you can fix it. But you can still see the traces of the glass cracks.
  37. If you have trust from someone, don’t let that trust go away. If you have someone’s heart, don’t take advantage of it.
  38. The best is not he who comes with all his strengths, but he who does not leave with all his shortcomings but always learns and tries.
  39. Life is not only about those who are able to do good in front of you, but also about those who are always loyal behind your back.
  40. Never let go of the pearl in your hand, if you are only tempted by the sparkling diamonds that are in the distance.
  41. Distance is not a barrier for two souls to love each other. As long as they are loyal and trust each other.
  42. True love is always in a beautiful place and couples who trust each other will never be separated even though the storms are facing.
  43. Perfect love only needs two hearts that trust and understand each other.
  44. True love does not require an explanation because true love is love without reason.
  45. The most important thing in life is learning how to give love and let it in.
  46. Someone is loved because he is loved, so no other reason is needed to love someone.
  47. Be a reason for someone to smile. Be the reason why someone feels loved and believes in someone’s goodness.
  48. Love can’t go wrong, relationships can go wrong. You don’t need a reason to love, but you need more than a reason to be in a relationship.
  49. Love is always present at the first sight, at the last sight and at all views that have been experienced by the two couples who are in love.
  50. Love is timeless, unlimited and will never die.
  51. When someone talks about love, then at that time he is talking about love and the nature of love and everything.
  52. For reasons of love, people can give everything with sincere feelings without expecting anything in return.
  53. If you find someone you love in life, then live for that love.
  54. Love is like the wind. You can’t touch it, but can only feel its presence in your heart.
  55. If you want someone to believe in you, then the first thing to do is convince them that you trust them.
  56. You can’t give without love, you can’t love without giving.
  57. True love will always hear the contents of the heart, even though it is never said at all, it always understands even without being explained.
  58. Love is not a reason to part with someone, but make it a reason to always be together forever.
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That’s an explanation of sincere understanding and some quotes about sincere feelings. If You is interested in quotes or aphorisms or wants to know the meaning of certain words, then You can find information by reading books.