The Most Popular English Dictionary for Learning English

Most Popular English Dictionaries – The need for English today is almost a priority for some people. In order to improve self-quality, learning English is something that must be done. Mainly for professionals who want to expand their business abroad and also students who want to seek knowledge in developed countries.

Therefore, do not be surprised if starting from toddlers, children have started to be introduced to this language. In fact, this higher need is also accompanied by more and more English learning facilities. You can learn from anywhere, either through books or the internet.

But when you want to start learning a language, a dictionary is an important thing to have. Today’s most popular English dictionary can be the most appropriate recommendation for you to develop your language skills. To find out what these dictionaries are, see the following reviews.

5 Most Popular English Dictionary Recommendations

1. Updated Edition Indonesian English Dictionary – John Echols & Hasan Shadily

The first most popular English dictionary is the English Dictionary by John Echols and Hassan Shadily. This dictionary was first published in 1975, and is one of the best-selling dictionaries on the market and is widely used in public schools. Apart from the completeness of its contents which is mentioned number one, this dictionary has also gone through several revisions. So the quality of the filling can not be doubted.

For beginners who want to master a lot of vocabulary, this updated edition dictionary is the right choice. The contents are not only word translations, but also derivatives of verbs, adjectives, nouns, and so on.

Previously, Hasan Shadily was a news reporter, while John Echols was a former United States soldier. Both of them have very good English skills, so they collaborated to create a dictionary. This popular Indonesian English dictionary has been published three times, namely in 1975, 2014, and 2015.

2. Indonesian English Dictionary Third Edition Updated – John M. Echols, Hasan Shadily

For beginners who want to learn English, a dictionary is an important resource. If you want to really study, not only the English – Indonesian dictionary that can be used, you can also using Indonesian – English dictionary.

One of the recommended dictionaries for you to use is the Indonesian English Dictionary by John Echols and Hassan Shadily. Everyone’s comfort in learning a language is different. Some prefer an English Indonesian dictionary, some use an Indonesian English dictionary. You can just choose one of them.

The Indonesian English dictionary, which was published in 2014 and 2015, is equipped with a large number of vocabularies. Not only that, you will also find the meaning of words and their derivatives, such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, and so on. So, for those of you who are still beginners, this dictionary will be very helpful in learning every word.

Especially at the beginning of learning, of course you will more often make essays in Indonesian which are then translated into English as a learning method.

3. Paperback Oxford English Dictionary – Oxford University Press

The Paperback Oxford English Dictionary is the next most popular English dictionary that you must have. This Oxford paperback is also published directly by Oxford University Press. This dictionary is one of the best English dictionaries ever. The contents in it contain a very complete and in-depth discussion.

However, the level of discussion is indeed quite difficult, especially for those of you who have not mastered basic English. So this dictionary is more intended for those who have mastered basic English and want to improve their language skills. By studying this dictionary, your skills are guaranteed to develop properly.

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In this Oxford paperback, there are around 120 thousand English words, along with long definitions. Through this dictionary, not only words can be learned, but also the meaning and definition of these words. Including the use of the word or the right time to use the word. Wow, that’s perfect, isn’t it? Therefore, you must have this book with 1056 pages if you want to learn more about English.

4. English Pocket Dictionary – Kirizki Setiana

The next dictionary that can also improve your English speaking skills is the pocket English dictionary by Kirizki Setiana. Don’t get me wrong, Indonesians also have extraordinary talent. This pocket dictionary was created by Kirizki who is an Indonesian.

The dictionary published by Quantum Science contains word meanings, pronunciation, spelling, and so on. With its slim shape, it will be easier for you to learn English anywhere. In addition, the quality of the content in it is also not in doubt.

This pocket dictionary, published in 2018, has a clear and simple explanation. So it’s very easy to understand, even for those of you who are just about to start learning a language. Kirizki’s discussion is not long-winded, so it’s easier to digest.

In addition, this blue cover book will also improve your ability to learn everyday conversations. This small dictionary is not as complete as the Oxford Dictionary, but the words in it are the words that are used most often. So it is highly recommended for beginners who want to learn English.

5. Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary – Daniel Jones, Peter Roach, Jane Setter, John Esling

The next Most Popular English Dictionary is the Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary. This one book is published directly by Cambridge University Press. This book, published in 2011, is about word pronunciation. For those of you who already feel that you have good English skills, this dictionary is highly recommended to have.

This dictionary is more specifically for those of you who want to develop your English speaking skills. Especially for learning the pronunciation accent of each word, be it American English or British English accents. This book by Daniel Jones and his team will really help you in learning vocabulary and pronunciation.

Overall there are about 230 thousand English words, including names and phrases that are equipped with how to pronounce. If you are practicing to improve your speaking skills, it is of course very important to learn accent and pronunciation. So, with this book, you can increase your confidence when you speak. Especially for those who want to use English in the professional realm.

Tips for Choosing the Right English Dictionary According to Needs

So that you can maximize your mastery of English according to the stage. Because each dictionary has its own criteria, such as the number of vocabularies, types of entries, completeness, price, and practicality. For those of you who want to buy an English dictionary, here are tips for choosing it.

1. Select the size of the dictionary based on your needs

There are two dictionaries that can be selected, one pocket dictionary, and two book dictionaries. Both of these dictionaries can improve language skills. Let’s discuss them one by one. Starting from the Pocket Dictionary, where this dictionary is perfect for those of you who like traveling.

Once the two islands have passed, besides being able to go on vacation, bringing a pocket dictionary, you can also learn vocabulary while at the same time. The pocket dictionary is small, so you can put it in your pants, jacket or shirt pocket.

Besides being easy to carry everywhere, you don’t need to doubt the completeness of its contents. The current pocket or pocket dictionary is also very complete. The form is small because the contents are actually more concise, to the point, and are also adapted to sentences that are often used in everyday conversations.

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Even though the contents are not as complete as a book dictionary, they are very effective for beginners who are learning vocabulary that is often used in everyday life. But for those of you who have vision problems, maybe the small writing on a pocket dictionary is not suitable for use.

If you want a more complete dictionary, then the second choice is a book dictionary. The size is of course much bigger and thicker than a pocket dictionary. Like most other dictionaries, the English book dictionary also has solid, full text, and bold entries.

This type of dictionary is perfect for you to use for studying at home. Whether it’s to increase vocabulary or to translate English essays or make your own essays from Indonesian to English.

In addition, the book dictionary does not only contain vocabulary translations. There are already many dictionaries that discuss antonyms, synonyms, and also contain complete lessons on how to use words and make sentences in English.

2. Choose a dictionary based on the completeness of its contents

When choosing a dictionary, you should also pay attention to its contents. In addition, you also need to consider the need for using a dictionary. With different thicknesses, this dictionary also has different contents.

If you are a beginner, you should choose a dictionary that gives the meaning of the word, how to use the word, and also the pronunciation. Then if you have mastered basic English, and want to further improve your speaking skills, choose a dictionary like Cambridge English Pronouncing. The contents of the dictionary are of course much more useful for those of you who want to learn British and American accents.

A thick dictionary certainly has far more complete contents. And usually also comes with a complete discussion. There are also smaller or thinner dictionaries, usually containing only the definitions of words.

Or there is also a dictionary that contains discussions about conversations and their responses that are commonly used in everyday English. This kind of dictionary might be suitable for use as a guide for those who like to travel, whether to bid on goods or just ask for addresses. So, don’t forget to look at the contents of the dictionary before buying it.

3. Pay attention to the age of the dictionary user

English dictionaries are currently available for all ages, from toddlers to adults. Because now, not only teenagers or adults who want to learn languages. Many young children and parents also want to learn English. So, when buying a dictionary, also look at the age recommendations.

For children of course the dictionary provided will be much more colorful. The discussion is also very light, because it only introduces the basics. The contents are usually about English objects around them, such as animals, fruit, vegetables, toiletries, school tools, numbers, and others. So that children are more interested, you can also choose a dictionary that has colorful pictures. That way, they will be much more enthusiastic about learning each vocabulary.

Then for children who have entered the school level, the dictionary needed is even different. The size must be thicker, because the information needed is more and more complex. Especially for students who have entered the junior high school level and equivalent high school level. Moreover, it is during these times that you can encourage vocabulary memorization.

4. Don’t forget to check reputation and buy authentic dictionaries

Even the most popular English dictionary today has quite a lot. Moreover, the frills on the titles used are also very tempting, such as “quickly master English”, “Learn a language in 24 hours”, “the most complete dictionary”, and so on.

Don’t be fooled by the title alone without looking at the quality of the content. Before buying the dictionary, you can look for reviews on the internet first. See who the publisher is, author, reputation, and also the background or review of the dictionary. That way, you won’t be fooled by pirated dictionaries that don’t suit your needs.

So, those were the recommendations for the most popular English dictionaries that you can use. The use of a dictionary needs to be adjusted to your needs, so don’t just choose it when you buy it.