Understanding Internet Networks: History, Functions, Benefits, and Impact

Definition of internet network – Lately, technology is growing rapidly and the world community already has a very close relationship with something called the internet network.

It can also be said that society at this time cannot escape from the use of the internet. The reason is that the internet can make it easier for us to carry out communication activities with other people to find information and other things.

The word internet or internet network is already familiar. So, what exactly is the meaning of the internet network?

The internet is something that is needed to access sites, websites, or social media. Usually, this internet network is in the form of a connection between networks located in all parts of the world, which consists of Personal Area Network (PAN), Local Area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), Campus Area Network (CAN), to Wide Area Network (WAN). If there is no internet network, then we will not be able to access various social media sites on the internet, such as Twitter, Email, Facebook, and so on.

This internet network has a very important role in human social life. Because, this internet network has great benefits in order to facilitate problem solving in the field of communication. In fact, today almost all aspects and fields of work use the internet as one of the ways to speed up their work.

Our daily lives have really relied on the internet network in many ways. It has become a public secret if we can even find various answers to solutions on the internet.

For example, you want to make a dish, then right now you can find the recipe on the internet and immediately put it into practice. It’s amazing, isn’t it? On this internet you can find food recipes, search for the latest news, until there is the latest feature that allows you to order certain food or products via the internet.

To find out more complete information about the meaning of the internet network, see the summary of information below about the meaning of the internet network, according to experts, history, functions, benefits, and impact. Check this out !


Definition of Internet Network


The Internet is a global computer communication network that connects computer devices with computer networks spread around the world. The word internet comes from Latin, namely from the words ” inter ” and ” net “. The word ” inter ” means “between”, while ” net ” is a network which is an abbreviation of the word network .

The word internet can also be an abbreviation of the word ” Interconnected Network ” which makes it very possible for you to communicate and share information with anyone, from anyone, and anywhere. In addition, there are those who define the internet as an International Network .

This means that all types and types of computers around the world can be connected by using a type of communication network, such as satellite, telephone connection, and so on.

For this reason, we can say that the internet is a concept of a very wide information or communication network that can be used by the international community around the world. Not only that, the internet can also be used and involves various types of network topologies and computers that differ between generations and between company brands.

To integrate and manage the internet network we can use a technology called Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol Suite commonly abbreviated or known as TCP/IP. This Transmission Control Protocol is a Switching Communication Protocol or a packet exchange protocol that is usually used for more than billions of internet users around the world.

Meanwhile, the term internet working or internet network means a way or process that connects the internet network and the things that regulate it.

As we already know, the internet network that exists today can be said to be a very large and global computer network. This is because the internet network can connect one computer user using another computer.

In fact, the internet network can also connect computer users from one country with computer users in other countries. In the internet there are also various sources of information from static, dynamic, to interactive.


Definition of Internet Network According to Experts


To better understand the meaning of the internet network, then we can see the opinions of experts about the meaning of the internet network itself. Let’s take a look at this explanation.

  • Berners Lee

Berners Lee said that the internet is a network that consists of several other networks and are also interconnected with each other. This definitely explains the concept where a particular computer network can be connected to another network. This is what is meant by the internet.

  • Suswono

According to Suswono, the internet is a group of networks that has a wide scale to the global or world stage. Where, no one has to be responsible for running the internet.

  • Lani Siddhartha

While according to Lani Sidharta, the internet is a form of communication of a computer network, where the internet can provide various forms of very complete information services. In fact, more fully, Lani explained that the internet is a virtual or virtual record that can be used in business media, entertainment or even the political scene.

  • Sibero

Sibero says that the meaning of the internet is a computer network that can connect other computers globally. Sibero also explained that the internet can be called a natural network, that is, a network with a very wide reach.

  • O’brien

O’brien defines the internet as a computer network that has rapid development and is useful for various types of interests, ranging from the interests of education, business, to government that can be interconnected with each other.

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  • Ned Snell

Ned Shell defines the internet as a corridor or container for various types of resources that exist in it. Then, all those resources can be accessed through different devices or certain tools.


History of the Development of the Presence of the Internet


We have already discussed the meaning of the internet network. So we also need to know about the history of the development of the internet briefly.

In the beginning, the internet first appeared around 1969 in a computer network created by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). ARPA created an internet network for the first time which was later named ARPANET. Unexpectedly, it was ARPANET that would later become the forerunner of the formation of the worldwide internet network at this time.

In the 1980s, the internet began to be used by some limited groups in order to carry out its function as a link between various universities or popular campuses in the United States. Around 1982, the standard protocol from TCP/IP began to be published and used.

Two years later, in 1984 to be exact, domain names started appearing and being used. Then, in 1986 the National Sciences Foundation Network or NSFNET began to be established and developed. It was NSFNET that later replaced the role of ARPANET as a container for internet research in the United States.

After that, several international networks in various countries began to be connected and developed through the NSFNET.

ARPANET has indeed been replaced, however, the first internet as a result of its development is still being developed and used until now. At the beginning of its development, the information that could be accessed through the internet was only text-based information. But, starting in the 1990s, the service developed into a graphic display-based service known as the World Wide Web (WWW) which is the result of development from CERN.

After that, InterNIC was established in 1993 to serve domain name registration from the public. In 1994, the internet entered Indonesia for the first time. At that time, the internet network in Indonesia was still known as Paguyuban Network.


Functions of the Internet Network


The internet network has various important functions that are very useful and needed by humans. Especially by the urban community at the moment. Some of the functions of the internet are as follows:

  • For Communication Media

One of the functions and benefits resulting from the existence of the internet network is as a medium for communication. The use of the internet as a communication medium began with the emergence of various messaging applications, social media sites, and so on that can be used by humans to facilitate communication activities with other humans.

  • To Access Information

With the advent of the internet, it can be said that a new era of openness has begun. That is, the internet can make it easier for everyone to access various information that may be needed for their daily lives. Because, the internet can present all the information we want to find and can be obtained easily.


In the old days, if we wanted to find information, we had to open a book first. However, the presence of the internet can make it easier for us to get the information we need.

  • To Exchange Resources

The presence of the internet allows us to be able to exchange resources or data with other people who are even in different parts of the world. This can be done quickly with the help of the internet.

As for some resources or data that are often shared for free or for free on the internet, such as journals, papers, photos, videos, writings, designs, music, and so on.

  • To Access News

Currently, various events or incidents in various parts of the world can be seen, known, and accessed through various online media or online news sites on the internet. This makes us not miss important information from all over the world. This of course cannot be done if there is no internet network.

  • For Entertainment

Nowadays, the internet also functions as a media that presents various entertainment vehicles from sites or social media that are in it. Entertainment on the internet has become one of the favorites of the urban community, especially the millennial generation.

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The entertainment available on the internet consists of various types of media, such as text, photos, songs, games, and videos uploaded by other people. Meanwhile, sites or platforms that are widely used by the world community are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tiktok, and others.


Benefits of the Internet


The internet does have a variety of functions for human life. Not only that, the internet network also provides many benefits for a wide audience because of its presence. As for some of the benefits of the presence of this internet network are:

  1. Everyone who has access to the internet network can exchange information with all other individuals who are also connected to the internet located in all corners of the world.
  2. Internet users can communicate remotely without having to meet or face to face.
  3. Internet users can make purchase or sale transactions through online sites such as e-commerce and make payments through m-banking .
  4. We can access various types of literature or learning modules from educational sites and websites on the internet.
  5. Can help to find information on a site or website about something that cannot be found in a book.
  6. Able to create various types of creative innovation in various fields by making the most of the internet network.
  7. Help us in doing work from a distance or remote.
  8. Can help entrepreneurs to run their business without having to have a stall or shop, because they can create a shop online.
  9. Able to maximize communication between agencies and communities, such as the government and the people, especially in areas that are difficult to reach by transportation.


Impact of Internet Network Use


In the previous explanation, we have learned the meaning of the internet network, the meaning according to the experts, the history, to the functions and benefits of the internet network itself. However, the presence of the internet does not always provide a good impact for its users. Because it turns out, there are some negative impacts that can be caused by the existence of this internet network.

The impact of this poor use of the internet can be felt from the emergence of some of the following phenomena, namely:

  1. Availability of access facilities for pornographic content.
  2. The emergence of potential cyber crime or online crime that can affect every internet network user if they do not use the internet well and wisely.
  3. There is a danger of stealing personal data from the internet or known as phishing .
  4. Having access to be able to enter a computer network from another country for the purpose of crime, such as spying or data theft.
  5. There is the potential to falsify inappropriate or untrue data. This is known as data forgery.
  6. The appearance of crime in the form of violation of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in the form of piracy of other people’s works. This is also called an offense against intellectual property.
  7. There is a potential crime to obtain confidential information or personal information illegally. This is also known as infringements of privacy .



The definition of an internet network is a global computer communication network that connects every computer device with an internet network of computers spread around the world. In addition, the internet network is also defined as a concept of an information or communication network that is very broad and can be used by the international community around the world.

In the beginning, the internet was first discovered in 1969 by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) in the form of a computer network. Later, ARPA developed the internet network for the first time and named it ARPANET. After that, the internet continued to be developed until it spread all over the world until now.

The internet does have many functions and benefits for its users. But it turns out, there are also bad things that will be caused by the presence of the internet network. Everything has been thoroughly explained in the explanation above.

That is a summary of information about the meaning of the internet network, meaning according to experts, history, function, benefits and impact.