History of Communication Technology Development

You certainly know that today’s communication technology plays a very important role in human life. Why is that? As we know, communication technology has become an intermediary medium that humans use to be able to carry out various interactions and express themselves. Humanity has also felt that the world is developing very rapidly and we have been able to adapt to these developments.

Every day there is always a progress and development that occurs in this world. These developments succeeded in producing a new innovation that is certainly very useful for mankind in the world. You must have realized that we ourselves use various technological developments and innovations discovered by even countless scientists, as well as developments in communication technology.

The development of communication technology is a cycle that will continue to develop over time. The development of communication technology certainly brings changes in aspects of daily communication. You must know very well right, we will be very difficult if we live without communication and technology. We cannot possibly do things in daily life without the communication that is made by human beings.

Well, this time we will invite You to look at the history of the development of communication technology from time to time in the world. Eits, before we will introduce the meaning of communication technology first so that You is not confused.

Understanding Communication Technology

Before understanding what communication technology is, it helps if we first understand what communication is.

Communication is a term that has a meaning where the process of exchanging information, words, or signs is carried out by two or more people. The process or the communication process can be done by means of nonverbal or verbal. In the communication process, two or more people who communicate have the potential to give or receive information.

A person can understand the meaning of another person through the communication process carried out by that person. If a communication process runs smoothly and effectively, it does not rule out the possibility of closeness and a sense of togetherness. Having good communication skills is an important thing that must be owned by every human being. Why is that? As we have explained, that communication plays the most important role in this life.

After knowing the meaning of communication, it’s time for you to tell about the meaning of communication technology.

In general, communication technology is a thing that refers to all goods or tools that can be used to support the communication process (sending, conveying, receiving, processing, editing, processing and manipulating information).

History of Communication Technology

After knowing about the meaning of communication and communication technology, now is the time for you to present a brief history of the development of communication technology that has occurred from one period to another.

1. Communication Technology in the form of Cave Paintings

Cave Paintings

Cave painting is claimed to be the oldest communication method in the world. The method of cave painting functioned as a sign of early humans in marking their area. Not only to mark the territory, cave paintings are also a medium to record various important events that occurred at that time.
These cave paintings can usually be found on the walls or ceiling of the cave.

Cave paintings also have other functions, namely as a religious function as well as a symbolic function. The symbolic function in cave paintings is symbolic to communicate. These symbols usually have various forms with different meanings. The goal is of course only to convey a certain message.

2. Communication Technology Through Symbols

It is known that there are stone carvings called petroglyphs that were discovered and introduced around 10,000 years BC. These stone carvings functioned as a medium for recording stories by early humans.

Lately, we often hear the fact that graphic symbols function as a medium to describe a certain concept or idea. It is known that the Chinese state created the characters used to communicate. Over time, the letters of the pn alphabet were created and communication technology developed with the help of the creation of the letters of the alphabet.

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3. Communication Technology Using Smoke Signs

Smoke Signs

Smoke signs are often known as signals that are used to send messages or information. The use of smoke sign communication technology is quite popular and the most widely used in China. An example of its use is when a guard releases the signal into the air. Smoke will be interpreted as a message that goes to the Great Wall in China. There is also a Greek historian who uses this signal to replace the letters of the alphabet.

4. Communication Technology Using Pigeons

Pigeons are very popular because they know the direction in which they are flying, the direction to their home even after they have had a long and long journey.

People who use pigeons as their messengers will usually put a small letter around the dove’s neck in the hope that it will reach the recipient. Pigeons have an important role in the development of this communication technology.

5. Postal System Communication Technology

After the development of the times, people are increasingly aware to stop using pigeons as messengers and switch to using courier services. This postal system makes someone who wants to send a message must send it to someone else and it will be sent to the recipient via the postal service. In this postal system, it requires the use of a mailbox.

Postal System

6. Communication Technology Using Newspapers

Newspaper or formerly known as newspaper is a communication technology that is still used today. Newspapers or newspapers contain the delivery of a written news as well as various events that are taking place at that time. There are two types of newspapers, namely national newspapers and international newspapers.

The type of newspaper published is very dependent on what news is contained in it. Newspapers themselves are known to take people’s attention and slowly change the method of conveying information from time to time.

7. Communication Technology Using Radio

The emergence of print media communication technology in the form of newspapers was followed by the emergence of radio. Radio itself is a communication technology that can produce sound and provide news and entertainment for the community.

Scientists began to study and test wireless signals to be able to generate radio. Even today, radio is still there and placed as a feature in today’s cell phones.

8. Communication Technology Using Telegraph

The telegraph became the first electrical communication tool that could send text messages. The telegraph was created to make it easier for people to send messages in text form to help spread information across the country.

9. Communication Technology Using Telephone

Communication Technology Using Telephone

The telephone became an invention that played an important role at that time. Telephones are highly reliable for a variety of situations both at home and in the office. This communication tool provides access for users to transmit voice and will be converted into a signal. The signal will then be routed using a cable and delivered to the receiver.

10. Communication Technology Using Television

Television is the umpteenth communication technology that is still used today. Television itself is a source of entertainment for people who cover the world at large. Television is a form of communication technology that is indirect for the audience.

Initially television has a black and white display. After the development of the times, then television can be watched to be more colorful and equipped with various unique features in it.

11. Communication Technology Using Computer

The computer was created in 1930 by an American engineer named Vannevar Bush. 16 years later, scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, United States, created a digital computer called the ENIAC. This tool is controlled by tubes without air or vacuum.

Over time, ENIAC was judged to have no memory (memory capacity). Because of that, around the 1950s, a mathematician developed a thought to store all programs on a computer in a memory bank. The mathematician was named John von Neumann.

About 20 years later, in 1970, computers began to operate using more efficient transistors. Furthermore, computers continue to be developed to become the most perfect communication technology and can do various jobs that greatly help the work of mankind in the world. In its development, computers are also equipped with various reliable specs and network access to increase their usefulness.

12. Internet


The world of internet has brought people closer and closer. Especially after the website. Where Berners Lee’s team invented the WWW or the World Wide Web in 1990. Then satellites supported the internet. With the internet, we can search for anything and anywhere in the world. Then, wireless connections started appearing in 1991. Since then, people have started to get addicted to the internet. Especially now, all activities no matter how small, starting from daily life, business, and education are not far from using the internet.

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13. Email or Email

Email or email is one of the most formal communication media and is usually only used in the office or campus. John Vittal in 1975 developed a software or software to support letters. Since the invention of e-mail, many mailing platforms have fallen out of use. Because, email seems more effective for recording and also cost-effective.

14. Text Message

The next communication technology is the existence of text messages. Where various network providers are used to transmit texts. The first person to send a text message was Neil Papworth, an engineer. He sent the text message in 1992. Since then until now, text messages have become part of social life in long-distance communication. People from any corner of the world can chat via text messages. With the advent of the sophisticated internet, text messaging applications began to appear. These apps can help in connecting people. Where they can share messages via the internet.

15. Social media

Social media

These days, almost everyone shares their entire life story on social media. Social media platforms can help people share photos, videos and anything on the internet. This is the newest communication medium in the digital world. Currently, there are many social media platforms that have sprung up, starting from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. The presence of a smart phone or smartphone also adds to the convenience of people in using social media. Social media applications can be installed on our smartphones.

Then social media users can freely share their stories or life events to the public domain. Nowadays, many people are obsessed with social media platforms. In fact, many of them share things that are actually unethical to upload on social media. This is done for the sake of popularity only. Therefore, social media has revolutionized the way people communicate.

On social media, we can see what other people are doing through their respective social media profiles. So, nowadays it is too easy to contact our friends who live far away. Communication has also become much easier and more effective. Distance is no longer a problem to communicate.

We can talk to anyone in all corners of the world, even people we have never met. Communication technology that has become better is very helpful for us in gaining social skills. From verbal speech to text messages. Everyone can communicate about their daily life.

The Role of Communication Technology

Technological developments have changed human life and affected almost all major sectors of society. Starting from transportation, business, and also communication. Advances in communication technology and science have had a huge impact on the way we communicate. It also leaves us with no choice but to go through the developments of this era.

Over the years, the means of communication have begun to evolve from simple text messages to audio calls. Then it developed again with the emergence of chat platforms that offer advanced features that make communication more efficient. The impact of communication technology has had an impact on both individuals and businesses.

The dominance of communication technology has forced business people to start investing heavily in providing communication services. Good for employees or clients. This can be proven in the marketing strategy that occurs in service providers and customers.

In addition, social media platforms have also caused drastic changes in the way we communicate. Through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and others, users can communicate through comments, likes, and even user profiles. The platform is able to break down barriers related to differences in religion, ethnicity, race, and others.

Communication Technology Function

To facilitate all human activities, communication technology has several functions. The first is to make work easier in the business world and also in the economy. With this, communication technology which is developing rapidly has become a supporting pillar in transportation technology in the industrial sector.

Second, the function of communication technology can also be to assist and facilitate in sending or receiving data from one device to another. Both from close range and from a distance. Then the third is being able to play a role in regulating a system so that it can be managed properly. With good system management, it will affect system performance for the better.

In addition to the functions mentioned above, there are other functions where communication technology is able to bring values ​​from social, economic and political structures in general. Then the last function of communication technology is to be able to increase the senses of every human being in hearing and seeing.