Meaning of Local Internet and How to Use it Outside the City!

Local Internet – Hello Reader friends, are you a smartphone user ? The use of smartphones cannot be separated from the use of the internet. So, you should always be ready with the data package that should be purchased. In today’s millennial era, you will miss out on important and up-to-date information if you don’t have the internet.

The Internet is a globally interconnected computer network system using transmission control protocol/internet protocol or internet protocol packets (TCP/IP) to connect devices around the world. This communication network transmits information accurately and quickly through certain frequencies.

If you guys don’t understand it yet, the term is a form of packet protocol used around the world. Further, the process of connecting internet circuits is called networking. Information and Technology Expert Onno W. Purbo explains the meaning of the internet as a tool that streamlines the communication process using applications.

We need the internet anytime and anywhere to exchange messages through WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, Line, and other applications or stay informed through navigation applications, email, Facebook, and others. Currently, internet can be obtained easily, even providers (internet service providers) compete with each other to offer packages with the best price and quality to meet the customer’s internet needs.

So, what is meant by local quota? What about the concept and how to use it? Take a look at the following information that will explain to you the meaning of local internet or local quota, as well as the concept of its use.

What is the Internet?

The Internet (English abbreviation of interconnected network ; literal meaning: “interconnected network”) is a globally interconnected computer network system using internet protocol packets (TCP/IP) to connect devices around the world. The networks consist of private, public, academic, business, and local government networks to the global sphere, which are connected by a variety of electronic, wireless, and optical network technologies.

The Internet brings a variety of information resources and services, such as interconnected hypertext documents and World Wide Web (WWW) applications, electronic mail, telephone, and file sharing. The Internet originated from research carried out by the United States federal government in the 1960s to develop strong and tolerant communication with computer networks. The interconnection of commercial and enterprise networks in the early 1990s marked the beginning of the modern internet transition, which resulted in continued exponential growth as generations of institutional, personal, and mobile computers connected to the network.

One of the negative impacts that the internet has on humans is the ability to read. The facilities provided by the internet in accessing data make people tend to look for information through the internet and no longer look for information through printed books. Human reading ability has decreased because information sources can be obtained directly through the internet.

Sources of information have also shifted from printed books to the internet. In this modern era, most writers choose to use information sources from the internet. The ease of searching for information sources and compiling information from the internet into a book makes people experience a decline in reading ability.

Definition of Local Internet

Currently, there are many internet service providers that offer various types of internet packages at different prices, even some of them offer quota packages with large capacity and can be offered at affordable prices. Internet service providers such as Indosat, XL, Telkomsel, Three, Axis and others also provide additional local quotas for the packages offered. So, what is meant by local internet?

When buying a quota package, the supplier (vendor) will usually divide the quota into several categories. Local internet quota can be said to be a type of quota that can only be used in one region or one region. This quota is always in the same area as the place or region where you activate the data package.

As is known, an internet packet has a composition consisting of several types of specific quotas or sub-packets. Some of them are as follows.

  • Chat and Social Media Application Package.
  • Night Package.
  • Video Packet.
  • Flash/National Package.
  • Special 4G Package.
  • Local Internet Package.

As explained above, local internet is a type of internet package that you can only use in the local area when activated. For example, you activate a local package in the South Jakarta area, the package is only valid and can be used in the South Jakarta area only.

Broadly speaking, local internet is an internet quota that can be used in a limited area, for example the customer’s area activates the area and/or the surrounding areas, but the reach of the area is not national. Local internet has different reach which is determined by several things, namely the city of the customer activating the quota and the type of internet packet that is activated.

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Local internet can generally only be enjoyed in the city where the package is activated, but details of its use can be found in the applicable package provisions. If the customer is in the border area of ​​the city, the quota used cannot be accurately determined because it depends on the serving network and other factors that cannot be controlled, such as weather, demographics, land structure, population density, etc.

Local Internet Type

In fact, there are many providers of the cheapest local internet packages, but as a customer you must be careful in choosing and seeing the benefits that will be obtained from these local internet packages. Don’t let you be supplied with a cheap price, but the capacity is less. Local internet quota can be called cheap if the price can be adjusted to the received quota.

Next, we will discuss the types of local internet quotas most used by customers, namely unlimited , continuous, and regular.

1. What is Unlimited Packet?

As the name suggests, this package can provide convenience to customers who want to use the internet as much as possible without quota limitations. This unlimited package is also recommended for people of all ages who enjoy YouTube streaming , playing online games , following social media, surfing the web, etc.

2. What is Internet Packet Routing?

As interesting as the unlimited package, the channel internet package is the local internet quota that customers are most interested in. This is because the total quota offered is very large and ranges from 220 GB to 880 GB. Each quota can be used for a maximum of 365 days.

3. What is a Regular Packet?

The advantage of this package is that you can share the internet with your friends or family. In addition, one of the things that makes the regular package as attractive as the previous two packages is the large number of quotas that are also available, starting from 43 GB, 73 GB, and 91 GB. Each quota can be used for 24 hours without special rules. Customers also get an extra night quota for 30 days.

Difference between Local Quota and National Quota

As explained above, a local quota is an internet package that can only be used in certain regional areas and is different from the standard general quota. General quota or main quota is an internet package that can be used nationally.

If you are in Indonesia, you can use this type of quota. The next difference is that the local quota is a quota bonus that you get when you buy a standard quota package. However, if there is a local quota bonus, the price of the internet package is a little cheaper.

How to Use Local Internet

Currently, almost all mobile operators use a system of several subpackets in one internet packet. For example, there are several GB of flash data quota and another GB for local internet packets. This is why you should always have the following questions.

  • Which quota will be exhausted or used first?
  • Can local internet packet quota be used before regular or flash packets? If possible, then how?

Actually, the local quota will be used first in this quota utilization scheme. Once finished, just switch to the flash quota. This system of course works automatically. So, you don’t need to make special arrangements. However, it will be different if you use a data packet outside the required packet area. The package that will be used first is the flash package , not the local package.

There are several cases that prove that the local quota cannot be used when you return from outside the region and the quota that is sucked is the flash quota . That certainly sounds very disadvantageous. If you are also facing this problem, try restarting the phone you are using. Alternatively, you can also activate airplane mode, then turn it off again. The purpose of this method is to refresh the network on the phone. Thus, the data packet will be detected by the local network.

Local quotas generally do not stand alone, but are combined as one of the benefits along with some other types of quotas in the data package. The use of local quota does not require special arrangements, customers can directly take advantage of it after successfully activating the data package that offers local quota benefits in it.

How to Use Local Internet Outside the City

According to the name of the packet, the use of this internet packet is only in the place or zone where the internet packet is activated. One of the disadvantages of this package is that it cannot be used outside the city where this package is activated, although the price is quite cheap.

If the local quota is used outside the coverage area, the consumption of internet usage will be transferred to another type of quota, such as a regular internet quota or deducting the pulse directly according to the applicable tariff if no other quota is available.

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But don’t worry, Sinaumedia has a powerful way to use the local internet when you’re out of town. How to do it? Check out the following clues!

To use the local internet quota in other regions, we can use a third-party application called Fake GPS Location . This application can change the location of the phone you are currently using to track the local quota activation area. In other words, the location seen on your phone is still in the original area. This Fake GPS Location application is free and you can download it from the Google Play Store. The application can work on both rooted and non- rooted devices. So, don’t worry about its security.

  • First, open the settings menu of the device used.
  • Second, select the “cellular network” menu, then select the Telkomsel SIM card.
  • Third, click AP Name or APN option > then click the + sign to create a new APN and fill in the APN as follows:

– Name:
– Proxy: – (leave empty)
– Port: – (leave empty)
– Other menu leave empty.

  • Next, click “save settings” and finally click “Ok”.

Use this APN setting as the default APN on the device you use. Next, after doing the above settings, download the Fake GPS Location application on the official Google Play Store. Then, do the following.

  • Once the application is successfully downloaded and installed, open the application.
  • Next, a notification will appear about the activation of the fake location.
  • Click “open settings” and find the “copy local application” option, select “Fake GPS”. All you have to do is choose the activation location of the local internet package.
  • After finding the name of the city or region, click the green arrow button. The fake GPS app will run in the background of your phone.
  • At this point, the process is complete and you can directly access the local internet, even if you are in another region.

What Applications Can Be Accessed Using Local Quota?

Local quota can be used for unlimited internet access in certain applications. Customers can use the local quota to browse the internet, stream videos , play games , send messages through applications, and so on. One thing that differentiates is that customers must access the internet when they are within the reach of the local quota area.

How To Know Our Location Zone?

There is no sure method or way to know which region you are currently in. The only way to do this is to contact the most relevant call center, then ask them in which district the city you are visiting is located.

Alternatively, you can also ask which city is in the same region as the current city. If you don’t want to bother calling the call center , you can ask at the local counter to buy an internet data package.

One thing you need to know is that each cellular network operator uses a different regional division, even the division of regions can change from time to time, especially for Telkomsel operators. It is possible that if the number of active users in a city changes, increases, or decreases drastically, the area of ​​the city can change every subsequent period, ie it can be wider or it can be narrower.

Why Local Internet Quota Can’t Be Used, Even though Buy Close to Home?

You do buy an internet package at the nearest counter , but the counter can buy data store vouchers or starter packs from other cities in different regions. So, where to buy internet at the counter also affects quota usage. Therefore, you can try to ask again at the counter where you bought the data package for reasons of not being able to use the local quota.

The counter will later check back so that the buyer does not feel disadvantaged. This is very important to note for the uninitiated, especially for pulse meter agents or counters that are specialized for local internet packets (physical vouchers and prime packets) that apply a division scheme based on A numbers, not B numbers.

The point is, the area tracked by the data packet will track the area or location of the voucher or the internet packet is activated, not the packet shot. If a packet is shot and taken from city A, and activated in city B, the packet will still enter zone B as local internet.

That’s the article related to “Meaning and How to Use Local Internet Outside the City” that you can use as a reference. Some of the information above may seem less important to those of you who rarely go out of town. However, for those of you who often travel far or are pulse agents, it is mandatory to know and understand the local internet quota information as explained above.

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