Minimalist Fence Design Inspiration

Minimalist Wall Fence Design – The concept and style of an interior design that has existed to date is very diverse, ranging from industrial, modern, classic, contemporary, eco-green styles, even styles that are tailored to the character and feelings of the designer himself.

Some of us may already know or have even used one of these interior style choices for home or even office designs. However, did you know that each interior concept has its own characteristics and uniqueness?

As an example of contemporary interior design, this is one of the most popular interior styles. This interior style is often known and even equated as a modern interior style. Although in fact very different.

The difference can be seen from the various ‘patterns’ used. Modern interiors are more bound by strict patterns and seem to have been determined. Meanwhile, contemporary is more flexible. Contemporary was born with a greater mix of styles and variations.

This time we will discuss one of the other design styles which is also quite popular. This design is also one of the most used today, namely the modern minimalist interior style.

About Minimalist Interior

Minimalism is synonymous with something that is functional, simple, and neatly arranged. This is also related to the advancement of technological developments.

Quoting from, minimalist interior style is a design approach characterized by an austerity on decoration. This design concept can be achieved by using functional furniture and interior objects, geometric shapes, and in combinations which are generally no more than two basic colors.

Minimalist design is a stripped down design , reducing the parts that are considered unnecessary, so that only the important elements are needed.

Minimalism cannot be separated from a famous thought named Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, namely “Less is More”. He is one of the leaders of the world’s modern architecture.

According to the Architect, who is better known as “Mies,” to create a “bone” interior, he will use a lot of modern materials such as industrial steel and glass, while still emphasizing an open space and simplicity.

Mies believes that simplicity in architecture is everything. That simplicity comes from a very strong influence of a Russian Constructivism movement. Russian constructivism has introduced using architecture to provide a benefit to society. Apart from that, this simplicity sentiment is also very compatible with his “less is more” mantra.


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Features of Minimalist Architectural Design

In the world of architecture and design, minimalism means a condition in which a subject only prioritizes the function of a subject and displays essential elements. The focus of a minimalist designer is a connection between a building element, lighting, the remaining voids in a building.

In full, here are the architectural design features of a minimalist home:

1. Simple Layout

Maybe many have thought that a minimalist architectural design is applied to homes with narrow land. In fact, in a minimalist concept it is also very possible to be used in a house that has large land.

Because the main feature of a minimalist home is a plain, simple, and efficient layout with terraced volume sections. Apart from that, the minimalist house plan has also been made open with a minimal interior wall.

Then, it is equipped with a simple and multifunctional storage area with an emphasis on the freedom of view.

2. Simple But Quality Material

Material selection is very much considered so that it can support the shape and even appearance of a minimalist home, including color, texture, and shape. Usually, in a minimalist concept house, you will use materials that are easy to find.

Materials in a simple building will produce its own charm while highlighting the properties of a building material. For example, on the walls, the end result will be obtained by achi process, as well as on the floor, it is enough to use ceramic tiles without using a finishing process.

3. Geometric Building Shapes Without Decoration

The next characteristic of minimalist architecture is a building that has a strict geometric shape. Geometric shapes, such as rectangles or cubes, can be seen from the outside in a minimalist home. In fact, even in the shape of the roof, it is not triangular like a traditional house, but flat or has unnecessary indentations.

Then, in the facade area, houses that use a minimalist style are generally without decoration and are deliberately left plain and only covered in white paint.

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4. The function of glass windows is made more optimal

Minimalist house utilizes a window as an opening and optimal lighting. This is indicated by the existence of a window design that does not have complicated details. In general, a minimalist home will have large and wide glass windows.

Not only will it look beautiful and modern, this large window will also aim to allow air and sunlight to easily enter the house. So that the humidity level in the house will always be maintained.

5. Minimal bulkhead

The dividing walls and partitions in a minimalist concept house will be kept to a minimum so that it can give the impression that the inside of the house is more comfortable, spacious and bright. This is because the minimalist concept prioritizes space efficiency.

In a minimalist home, dividing walls will only be given to spaces that have a private nature such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Meanwhile for other rooms, such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen, they will only be separated by furniture.

6. Minimalist Furniture

In the minimalist home section, furniture will be made very functional. Usually in the living room section there will only be essential furniture such as shelves, sofas and tables.

The shape of the furniture doesn’t have too much volume with lots of decorations. That way, this piece of furniture will be able to accentuate the temporary function while still using as little space as possible.

7. Gives a Field Impression

Given the lack of furniture and dividing walls, it’s not surprising that a minimalist home will give a broad and airy impression. Sunlight from outside with the presence of a wide window will also make a room look more open, clean and bright.

No wonder this concept is widely used to get around land that is not too large but still wants relief.

8. Minimalist Garden

Minimalist garden is a characteristic of the next minimalist home. Even though in general many minimalist houses are built on land that is not too large, you will still find a garden as a residential refresher.

Usually the garden is located on the front of the terrace and contains sedge grass and beautiful rocks. So, not only is it beautiful, the concept of a minimalist home will also continue to provide healthy air for its residents.


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Minimalist Modern Concept in Interior

Many believe that a modern minimalist design concept that is very close to a minimalist style is because in principle it minimizes the use of non-functional elements. However, the interpretation of the “Less is More” concept in a minimalist interior is actually very broad and can be applied to various elements and aspects of the interior design itself.

Here is a minimalist concept in 4 points:

1. Geometric Style

Strong lines will keep the minimalist interior attractive. The designers usually explore a lot with various forms, in terms of the shape of the furniture, the shape of the room, and even the shape of the pattern that will be applied to the interior.

However, in a simple interior concept, the use of these forms will actually be simpler. Exploration in form is more focused on comfort, ergonomics, and function, not on design aesthetics.

2. Minimizing the use of furniture

The minimalist interior concept will prioritize function, and consider starting to reduce various furniture with supporting function parts that exist in everyday life that are not used too often. In this interior concept ‘only’ will focus on the use of the main furniture needed to support the functions and activities in the room.

For example, if we have a chair in the corner of the room, but in fact the chair will never be used, remove the chair from the list of selected furniture items.

3. The use of monochrome colors

The color element is an interior element that is often used as a weapon for exploring modern minimalist concepts. However, the selection of this color combination does not refer to aesthetic elements, but rather emphasizes the comfort level of the room itself. So, don’t be surprised if you find lots of neutral colors like white which is dominant in an interior concept.

4. Prioritize Function

This one thing is an essence of the concept of “less is more”. As previously mentioned, one of the keys to the modern minimalist interior design concept is the emphasis on functional aspects. So, avoid the formation of design and arrangement of elements in a room that are not based on an aspect of function and designation.


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15 Minimalist Wall Fence Designs

Entering an element that does not support or add to the function of a room is not recommended for a minimalist concept. The fence will be a way to maintain privacy and protect the house from thieves or other unpleasant things.

Until now, there are various types and designs of fences that can be an option. One of them is a wall fence that can be used to guard the house and frame the garden and even the gate leading to the house.

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The presence of a wall fence can also be the focal point of the house. You can also customize the wall and house fences so you can have a unified design. For example, minimalist iron fences are often found in modern homes.

To help choose the right design, here are presented some minimalist wall fence design concepts that can be our choice.


  1. Minimalist Wall with Natural Elements

Want to be able to display a minimalist wall fence with a natural impression? To be able to apply it, we can use natural elements on the wall fence, for example the shape of wood and stone. Apart from looking minimalist, the use of natural elements can make the house feel cooler.


  1. Wood Combination Wall

The next form of minimalist wall fence design is a combination of stone walls and wood. To give a similar impression, we can use a fence with the same material for the walls of the house.

For the shape of the gate, use wooden panels that can be shifted to produce a minimalist feel to your home.


  1. Traditional Modern Wall Fence

The design on this wall fence may already be familiar to us. Because we often encounter these wall fences, both in urban and rural areas.

This fence is a combination of bricks, tiles and rooster which can be used for houses with minimalist, modern and traditional designs. To give it a simpler look, we can use one color of paint.


  1. Wall and Iron Fence

Then, this next fence design is a combination of walls and iron. This fence will use half the wall and half the iron on top.

For the fence covering, it is designed to resemble a door and aluminum or iron material which can make the house look more minimalist.


  1. Minimalist Wall Fence Design

Want to be able to display a fence that can be simple and looks modern at the same time? This one wall fence concept design can be an option.

This one wall fence will be designed simply using plain gray paint. To be able to provide a focal point, we can use wooden doors on several parts of the fence.


  1. Simple Minimalist Wall Fence

Don’t like the excessively shaped fence design? Wall fence designs with iron shapes like this can be the right choice.

This wall fence comes with a simple form, combining the wall with iron. This simple design will be suitable for modern minimalist homes in urban areas.


  1. Stone and Iron Wall Fence

If we are worried about security at home, maybe this form of fence design can be an option. This wall fence uses a form of natural stone material that is strong and sturdy.

Its size is quite high, so that it can almost cover half of the house. There are also sharp iron parts on the top and sidelines of the fence holes, so as to provide maximum protection to occupants.


  1. Modern Wall with Iron Door

The concept of this wall fence uses natural stone material on the surface. Meanwhile, for the door itself, it uses iron material as access to the fence.

The combination of stone and iron in this minimalist fence will be suitable for modern and minimalist section of the house.


  1. Wall Fence with Gate

With this one fence design it will provide a unified design with the house. By combining the walls with some black and brown patterned natural stones.

Meanwhile, for the door itself, apply iron material with a minimalist feel.


  1. High Wall Fence Design

This concept wall fence has been widely used in medium and small modern houses such as the type 30 form. The high design almost covers the appearance of the facade of the type 30 house.

This form of wall fence will have several holes, so that to create a garden and an area on the inside of the house will remain cool and not stuffy, even though the size of the walls is high.


  1. Modern Stone Fence

The concept of this wall fence design uses natural stone as the material. The use of stone as a wall material will make this fence look beautiful and natural.

This wall fence will be suitable for homes that are modern minimalist and want to display the beauty and coolness of the residence.


  1. Minimalist Classic Wall

This wall fence design is suitable for classic and traditional homes that want to display an elegant impression and a simple design.

This fence is a combination of walls and iron with simple carvings, but still charming.


  1. High Brick Wall of Security & Privacy

In the form of certain houses, perhaps this high brick wall fence can be an option.

This wall fence can provide privacy to the occupants. In addition, for home security, it will be more awake.


  1. Minimalist Wall & Wood Fence

For a modern house with a simple or minimalist design concept, using a wall with a simple shape can be an option.

Apart from that, we can also combine it by using wood panels to display a unique and natural impression on the dwelling.


  1. A combination of matching colored iron walls and fences

To be able to display a simple but charming house facade, color harmony must also be considered. If the wall to be used for the fence is white, then we can add an expanded fence or wire mesh with the same color. In addition to making the house look elegant, white can make the atmosphere of the house more spacious and bright.