Minimalist Fish Pond Design For Narrow Land

Minimalist Fish Pond Design for Narrow Land – For Sinaumed’s who like to raise ornamental fish but only have empty land that is not too wide or narrow. Relax, now there are many choices of minimalist pool designs for narrow land. In maintaining ornamental fish, a pond is a must that needs to be provided. Even fish ponds must be designed as unique as possible even though they are only located in narrow and simple land. Because, ornamental fish will display the beauty of body shape and beauty of color when the eye looks from above. Therefore, it is not surprising that ornamental fish are one of the most sought after pets and used as decoration in the yard or garden to make them beautiful.

Starting from there, koi fish keepers think about how to create a minimalist pond design for narrow land. So that the ornamental fish that are kept can be enjoyed every day and do not die easily. For beginners, here are some choices of minimalist pool designs for narrow land that can be used as references.

Minimalist Ornamental Fish Pond Design

The existence of an ornamental fish pond in the yard or terrace of the house will certainly beautify the atmosphere around the house. Especially if the pool is designed as attractively as possible and is fed with clean water. Therefore, let’s create a minimalist pond design concept for narrow land that is cost-effective.

Equipment in Making Fish Ponds

Before making a fish pond, the first thing to prepare is some equipment that is usually used by builders to make ponds or buildings. Starting from shovels, hoes, cethok, tape measure, waterpass, and others. Then, also prepare the necessary materials, such as bricks, sand, stone, cement, lime, wall paint, and decorations for the fish pond. Decorations that can be used include dry plants, bamboo, natural stones, water hyacinth, and so on.

All the materials and equipment above must be met, so that the process of making a fish pond runs smoothly and gets maximum results. However, if you don’t have enough time to make your own pool, you can hire a handyman to make one.

It should be noted that the type of soil used to make the pond can affect the equipment that needs to be used. Whether it’s because of rocky soil, sandy soil, or clay. Of course, in digging these types of soil, you need to use different special tools.

The size of the pool to be made

After preparing all the equipment and materials needed, the next step is to determine the size of the pond to be made. Available location could be the answer. If it is wide, it can be made into a large pond. But if it’s narrow, then it can be made into a minimalist pool. However, there is another thing that needs to be considered after determining the size of the pond, namely the availability of running water. If not, then we can make a flow of water that is made by ourselves according to the size and shape of the pond that will be made later.

On this occasion the author will provide several examples of minimalist pond design drawings for narrow land with the latest models. Certainly more modern and beautify the atmosphere of the house or yard. Maybe some people think that the beauty of ornamental fish comes from the beautiful colors or shapes. But it turns out that fish ponds can also affect the beauty emitted by ornamental fish. The right fish pond can also make the fish live longer and can reproduce optimally. It would be better if making a pond must be given a circulation of water that is always flowing. So that the fish feel in their natural habitat.


Use a Pool Filter

The filter is one of the things that determines whether the pool looks perfect in terms of beauty and beauty or not? Besides being able to beautify the pond, the pond filter also plays a role in supporting the life and health of the ornamental fish that live in it. Therefore, a pool filter must be used and must always work.

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Minimalist Ornamental Fish Pond

When viewed in terms of soil conditions not in accordance with the desired design. Then it can be made slightly tilted on the inside of the pool. This serves to make it easier for us to clean the pool when changing the water. The advantage or advantage of the sloping pond shape is that if there are leftovers, they will definitely gather directly at the center of the slope. So that the dirt will come out when the water is cleaned.

Don’t forget to polish the bottom of the pool until it’s smooth like glass. This aims to avoid friction on the skin of the fish when they are at the bottom of the pond. However, if it is felt that this will cost quite a lot, then Sinaumed’s can replace it with materials that are not used and have a smooth surface.

Ornamental Fish Pond in Front of the House

A minimalist pool design for narrow land if it is in front or on the home page will certainly be more suitable. If the irrigation system uses automatic equipment such as waterfall ornaments that can purify and also clean water regularly. Not only that, at the bottom of the pool it is necessary to provide a hole for the water to drain. This situation will make it easier for water to get out to the maximum when it will be replaced.

Minimalist Pool Design For Narrow Land

As previously explained, after preparing all the equipment and materials needed. Then we can immediately dig the ground as deep as 50 to 70 cm. The length and width can be seen in the example image below. This pool image can be an illustration of what the shape and size of the pool will look like based on the availability of land or land.

After that, the next step that must be done is to make a mixture of ingredients consisting of sand, cement, and also water. Then stir until completely mixed. After the dough is finished, place the stones at the very base as the foundation, then add the bricks and arrange them neatly. If so, polish with the cement and sand mixture that was made earlier. Create a pond according to a pre-designed design. Sinaumed’s can adjust it according to taste and the place used.

How to Make a Fish Pond So It Doesn’t Leak Easily

In order to avoid pool leaks after it’s finished, it would be better if we give more portion of cement to the dough to be made. Sinaumed’s can mix it with Damdex or a pool coating specifically used to patch leaky pools. Then the chosen ceramic can be from the best quality mosaic brand which is installed on the wall of the fish pond. If the water is clean and clear, it will certainly add to the beauty and splendor of the pond.

Fish Pond Paint Additives

For the paint to be used can be adjusted to taste. If the pool already uses ceramics, then the use of paint is no longer needed. Vice versa, if you only use cement walls, then try to give them white paint. It is intended that the colorful ornamental fish will look more beautiful.

Installing a Minimalist Fish Pond Filter for Narrow Land

Before installing the filter, the first thing that needs to be done is to prepare a pump that has a mechanical system. So that it is easy to work on and quickly complete. After installing the water filter, we can put the water in a pool that already has a filter. Now there are many shops that provide decorative fish pond filters. But if Sinaumed’s can make their own filters naturally, then Sinaumed’s can make them from scrap materials. Such as large barrels or containers of consumption fish.

Don’t forget to provide lighting or lights that can turn on at night. The purpose of the lamp is to display the beautiful color of the ornamental fish that are kept in the pond.

The Cost of Making a Minimalist Pool Design for Narrow Land

From the beginning of making the minimalist pool design, of course, Sinaumed’s wondered about how much it would cost to build the pool? Of course, it is very affordable and cost-effective. Moreover, all the materials and also the equipment from us. Of course this can reduce costs that need to be incurred. If it still seems expensive, Sinaumed’s can just replace the pool walls with tarpaulin. There are even some people who make fish ponds using only a pile of bricks. While the inner layer is given tarpaulin and decoration only.

Minimalist Pool Design Options for Narrow Land

The following are some recommendations for minimalist pool design choices for narrow land. So, Sinaumed’s doesn’t need to worry anymore if there is only a little land left in the yard, but wants to make an ornamental fish pond. The author will show that small land can also be used optimally.

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1. Japanese-Style Minimalist Pool

It should be understood that in making a minimalist Japanese-style pond, we need to pay attention to its placement. Don’t let the ornaments that are installed reduce the minimalist and simple impression on the pond or garden. This minimalist Japanese pond design only requires simple ornaments. Even better if this Japanese-style pond is equipped with bonsai plants. Then give a little touch of rocks and this shower is made of bamboo which flows towards the middle of the pool. So that it will add to the atmosphere of peace and calm at home.

2. Minimalist Pool with Patio

Patio is the yard of the house or garden in front of the house that is attached to the wall or the boundaries of the house. The term originates from Spain. If the land to be used is narrow or limited, a patio pool at the edge of the house can be an interesting idea. To add to the aesthetic impression, give a little decoration to the fish pond. Sinaumed’s can use plants planted around the pond. Apart from that, you can also provide a little ornament by using hydra plants on the surface of the pond water. Not only beautiful, the roots of these plants also function as fish feed. If you want to be even more comfortable, Sinaumed’s can add an open fountain ornament.

3. Minimalist pool in the house

If there is no empty land in the yard, then Sinaumed’s can make a fish pond in the house with a minimalist design concept. A fish pond in the house can not only add a beautiful impression, but can also increase the coolness of the air in the house. To make it, Sinaumed’s needs to consult with people who are experts in making pools. This aims to prevent leakage and also in accordance with the needs of land and buildings.

4. Minimalist Pool in Front of the House

Does not require high costs, this minimalist pool design in front of the house is very suitable to be imitated. In making this pool, Sinaumed’s does not need many components. In addition, the arrangement of the pond is relatively simple and does not need complicated elements. However, in making it, make sure the pool foundation is made sturdy and leak-proof. Sinaumed’s can use the casting technique when making the foundation. Then install a drain hole in the bottom of the pool. Sinaumed’s can also use the remaining land to make mini plants in the fish pond area.

5. Small Zen Minimalist Pool

Making a fish pond can not only be done in the yard, behind the house or in the house. Fish ponds can also still look beautiful and attractive if placed on the balcony of the house or corner of the house. Especially when combined with small plant ornaments and also rocks placed around the pond. A small zen pond made in the corner of the house like the picture above can give a pleasant impression when the home owner is sitting relaxed outside the house.

6. Minimalist Backyard Waterfall Pool

Maybe a fish pond decorated with waterfall ornaments is too common and common. But don’t worry, now we can make a mini waterfall in a fish pond. Sinaumed’s can ask for help from a fish pond making service to make a waterfall that is not too big in a narrow backyard. Shower accents can be made to resemble a waterfall to add a natural accent.

7. Pool With Natural Water Garden Theme

A minimalist pond with a natural water garden concept can give the impression that the fish pond is a naturally formed pond. We just need to let the plants grow freely in the pond. To get a natural impression, make a fish pond as natural as possible with simple decorations that don’t seem stiff. Pools with oval or irregular shapes can also add a natural impression. Let wild plants grow freely in the area around the pond.

8. Minimalist Pool Of Natural Stone

A minimalist pool made of natural stone can be an interesting idea. Because, we do not need a large area of ​​land. With only 11 meters of land, we can build a pond with this concept and give the impression of a fresher and cooler home. Even though it looks easy in the manufacturing process, the selection of materials certainly requires precision and accuracy. Especially in choosing the natural stone that is used.

One of the natural stone recommendations to choose from is granite. These rocks are used to reduce the amount of moss growing in the pond. As for the ornaments outside the pool, Sinaumed’s can provide a little extra glass to add a different impression to the pool to make it look more modern and also minimalist.

Those are some choices of minimalist pond designs for narrow land that can be a reference when you want to have a fish pond at home. Sinaumed’s can adjust it to the remaining vacant land in the house area. That way, Sinaumed’s can also choose a pond design that suits the rest of the land and estimate the costs that will be used to make the fish pond.