Minimalist Koi Pond Design

Minimalist Koi Pond Design – The presence of a minimalist koi pond in the yard of the house can not only add to the impression of being beautiful and beautiful. But it can also add to the coolness and peace of mind of the occupants of the house. Hearing the gurgling sound of running water and seeing koi fish swimming beautifully can make an upset heart instantly happy. However, before Sinaumed’s started making minimalist koi ponds. We recommend that Sinaumed’s need to pay attention to several important things. Starting from the floor plan and the desired pool design and other important components.

As previously explained, the presence of a koi pond can make a house seem more beautiful and beautiful. Especially if the koi pond is added with green plant ornaments planted around the pond area. Then to add to the natural impression, we can add a fountain ornament which makes the eye even more interested in looking at the koi pond. That’s what makes some people prefer to make a pond instead of just using an aquarium.

Things to Look For When Making a Koi Pond

It should be understood that keeping koi fish has many advantages. However, it is not easy to care for this fish which is said to have come from Japan. Therefore, the quality of this ornamental fish must always be maintained. This is closely related to the design and also how to make a good and correct koi pond. Koi fish need to be placed in a large pond. As for the water requirement, every inch of fish, compared to 10 gallons of water. This is not without reason, koi fish can live longer if they are in a place where the water is always clean and the quality is always maintained.

Apart from having to pay attention to the volume of water, in making a minimalist koi pond you also need to pay attention to the pH of the water in the pond. Try to check the pH of the water before and after the fish are put in the pond. Especially for koi fish, the pH of the water needed is around 7. This amount is an ideal pH. However, if the pH of the water is too high or more than 7, it is feared that it has the potential to spread ammonia poison to koi fish. Meanwhile, the pH of the water can also decrease to 5.5 due to the activity of fish, bacteria and plants. Of course this will also be dangerous for koi fish if not paid close attention.

The size of the koi pond should be adjusted to the number of koi fish to be kept. In addition, making the manufacturing channel is also one of the things that must be considered. Normally koi ponds should be cleaned every 6 months or 2 times a year.

Koi Pond Site Selection

The next thing to consider when you want to build a minimalist koi pond is to determine the land you want to use. Will the fish pond be built in the yard or in the house. This will later affect the intake of sunlight received by the fish. Because, koi fish pond should get enough sunlight. Not too hot and not too humid or not exposed to sunlight. A good lighting system will trigger maximum fish development. However, there will also be side effects that can arise, one of which is the development of moss or algae in the pond. So that the koi pond water will quickly change color.

Koi ponds that are built inside the house must also be endeavored to get enough sunlight. This is because koi fish need natural warmth from sunlight for at least three hours per day. If too little sun enters, this will make the koi fish color fade. Therefore, try to make the pool well-lit. If the koi pond is in the house. So Sinaumed’s could shine it using an incandescent lamp instead of sunlight.


Koi Pond Design Draft

There are three basic forms of koi ponds, namely circles or ellipses, squares, and freeforms. For Sinaumed’s who want to make koi fish with a formal concept, they can apply a square koi pond. This style is perfect as a minimalist koi pond design made indoors for official purposes. Meanwhile, elliptical or circular koi ponds are perfect for homes that are luxurious, elegant, and also traditional.

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Then finally, for the free form of koi ponds, it is suitable for application in tourist attractions and lodging such as hotels or villas. Free-form fish ponds can also add to the natural impression of the countryside in the yard.

Filtration System Design

The purpose of having a filter system is to strive for oxygen in the pond water to be sufficient for the life of koi fish. Because, oxygen is needed for the digestive process of koi fish. Meanwhile, the results of koi digestion will certainly emit a lot of dirt every day. Where the dirt contains ammonia which is toxic to koi fish. Therefore, a filtering system is needed. Besides being useful for producing oxygen continuously, it is also useful for making toxic substances from the digestion of koi fish.

There are two types of filters that can be selected and used to apply to minimalist koi ponds. The first is a mechanical filter and the second is a biological filter. A mechanical filter will work by flowing water into a filtered container such as gravel, sand, sieve filter, foam, brush material, cotton, or jap-matt. Meanwhile, the biological filter will work through other living things that decompose the dirt in the pond. Living things that can act as filters are water hyacinth, water jasmine, aquatic plants, and umbrella plants.

Determining Koi Pond Size

This one stage does require accuracy and precise calculations. So that the koi pond that is made can be in accordance with the design plan. Ideally, koi fish that are 30 cm in size should be kept in a pond that is 1 meter deep. Meanwhile, for koi fish that are about 30 to 40 cm in size, it is necessary to make a pond with a depth of 1 to 1.5 meters. However, for koi that are larger than 40 cm, the pond depth should be 1.5 meters. In addition, the steps to determine the size of the pond also need to pay attention to the fish population that will be kept in the pond. If the number of koi is too small, it will cause the koi to have difficulty determining food.

Vice versa, if there are too many koi, the fish will fight for food and oxygen. Now, the ideal number of koi fish in a pond is calculated by a koi that can occupy three times their body size. To make it easier for us to build a koi pond, we can make a floor plan first. Write down detailed descriptions of sizes that have been adjusted to the calculations that have been done before. In addition, also consider the desired minimalist koi pond design. This is done to avoid discrepancies in the size of the pond in the manufacturing process.

Koi Pond Development Process

The process of building a koi pond will go through three stages. First is digging the ground, then casting, and finally laying the bricks and plastering or plastering the koi pond. In the first stage, the excavation process is carried out based on the size of the pond that has been determined beforehand. The thing that needs to be considered is not to let the ground water wet and spray the dug hole. If water has soaked into the hole even though the excavation has not reached the size it should be, then the water needs to be sucked up first using a pump. This aims to keep the pond excavation dry, thus facilitating the next process.

Then the next process is casting and laying bricks. This process can only be done if the excavation hole is completely dry. Casting must be done quickly to prevent seepage of water from the ground. After the casting process is complete, we will enter the last process, namely pool plastering. The purpose of this process is to smooth the surface of the pond. So that the koi fish are not injured when they rub against the walls or surface of the pond.

Minimalist Koi Pond Design

1. Minimalist Garden-style Koi Pond Design

The appearance of the koi pond design above looks very beautiful. Because, in the pool area will be filled with various plants and also green trees. As the name implies, this minimalist koi pond can be applied in the home or yard garden area. Sinaumed’s can make the pond with a small size. However, the depth of the pond must still be adjusted so that the koi fish can move freely. In addition, try to choose shrubs that have a large size. So that the appearance of the edge of the pool will look together with the plants.

2. Japanese Minimalist Koi Pond

Many people like the appearance of this Japanese-style pond. Because, the pool looks more aesthetically pleasing and also beautiful. It should be understood that the design of this pool focuses on the edge of the pool. Where we are obliged to add natural stone ornaments, ornamental plants, and also garden lights. Apart from that, we can also add a mini waterfall decoration that is placed at the end of the pool. So that the appearance of the pool will look more beautiful.

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3. Middle Eastern Style Koi Pond

This Middle Eastern-style koi pond also looks attractive because of its unique appearance. The hallmark of the pond is the combination of attractive colors. Sinaumed’s can use pale brown or cream colored natural stones as the basic material for making koi ponds. Unlike the previous types of ponds, this one doesn’t need to add ornamental plants around it. Because, this type of pond does not require a view that is too shady. However, Sinaumed’s can still add mini waterfall ornaments to add to the beautiful and cool impression of this pool.

4. Koi Pond With Transparent Glass

Koi fish ponds can also be made by adding glass accents on the top and sides. The purpose of using this glass is so that the owner can see the koi fish freely. Sinaumed’s can make a simple and mini glass koi pond design. That way, we can take advantage of empty land in the corner of the house or room. Make a koi pond design that is in the shape of a box, then the walls of the pond are designed from natural stone. Then on the front side of the pool is installed glass to beautify the appearance of the pool. The size of the glass used can be adjusted to the size of the pool. It is intended that the appearance of the pond becomes more beautiful. Sinaumed’s can also add natural stone decorations around the pool.

5. Koi Pond Design Blends With the Garden

This one design will combine the pool and the existing garden in the home page. How to make this pond design is not complicated. Sinaumed’s only needs to make a pond with a wide center. Then coat one part with transparent glass. While all over the bottom side of the pond can be given the desired plants. That way, the fish pond area will look more natural and beautiful. If there is still free space in the pond area, Sinaumed’s can add lounge chairs next to the pool that can be used to relax and enjoy the beauty of the koi pond.

6. Minimalist Koi Pond


For Sinaumed’s who have a house with a modern minimalist concept, Sinaumed’s can make a koi pond next to the living room and dining room. Enough to limit it with a glass door or wall so that it is still visible even from inside the house. Sinaumed’s and his family can still enjoy the beauty of the pond and koi fish swimming around while eating or having family gatherings. The use of glass doors in the room will also give the impression of a pool that blends in with the house. So the house will look more spacious.

7. Indoor Koi Ponds

If Sinaumed’s still has vacant land in the house. Sinaumed’s can use it to build a minimalist koi pond. No need for complicated designs, koi ponds that are built in the house can be made simple but still look luxurious. The things that need to be considered in making an indoor pool are the washing of the pool walls and also the pool floor. This is so as not to harm the koi fish. Because, koi fish really like to swim and rub their bodies against the pool walls.

8. Koi Pond on the Back Terrace

The terrace behind the house is an alternative open play area for children and families. Where behind the house we can unwind while watching the children play and feed the fish in the pond. Of course that would be great fun. However, if the back terrace of the house is not too large, Sinaumed’s can make a mini pond. However, Sinaumed’s must also pay attention to the number of koi fish that will be put into the pond. Make sure the size of the pond remains the maximum to accommodate the number of koi fish, so the fish will still be able to swim freely.

9. Traditional Koi Ponds

With the traditional minimalist koi pond design, your home will feel more beautiful and natural. Sinaumed’s can add traditional accents to the pond using traditional ornaments such as jugs, bamboo fountains, traditional statues, and other ornaments. This traditional minimalist koi pond is very suitable to be placed inside or outside the house.

10. Modern Minimalist Koi Pond

Usually the koi pond design looks simpler, but all the equipment used is modern. In addition, modern koi ponds have a combination of designs such as glass, wood and stone accessories. This type of pool is perfect for use in homes that have a modern minimalist concept.