Mites are myths, these are definitions, types, characteristics and examples

Mite is – As long as humans live in this world, they cannot be separated from the past,
because it is with the past that humans can go to the future.
In addition, the past can also
coexist with the future or the time we are currently living.
Talking about the past is always
attached to events that happened before, whether it was in the form of events that really happened or were
just myths.

The myth itself is usually formed in a story that is spread by generations, from parents to children, then
to grandchildren, and so on.
The mythical stories that we know today are also often called myth
On this occasion, we will discuss more about myths, starting from the definition,
types, characteristics, functions, and examples.
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Mites are myths

Mites, or what we usually know as myths, are usually beliefs, supernatural objects, spirits, gods, or people who
have supernatural abilities, and a kind of fairy tale related to past creatures.

Mites have a historical background, or many believe that a story that is happening is a story that is
supernatural and occult.
According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), myths have a
historical background, are believed to be stories that really happened to the community, are considered
sacred, and contain many mysteries.

Myth is a kind of fairy tale related to people’s beliefs. Mythological stories usually refer
to beliefs and myths about gods and characters with supernatural abilities.

In addition, myths or myths are also referred to as stories that are in the community or stories that
contain animistic beliefs that resemble superstitions.
Mythological stories are believed to
have happened and are considered sacred in society.
The method of telling myths is passed down
from generation to generation, so it is not known who the author is and people who often tell myths are
often called storytellers.

Storytellers have heard this from generations before, such as from their parents’ generation, and even from
their grandfather’s generation.
Mythical characters consist of people who are holy or have
supernatural powers, and those who come from or have a connection with the upper world, namely the gods or

So, there is an actor who came down from heaven and was given by God to make a group of people do good to
the angels.
In addition, mythical figures, celestial bodies that can fly, players who can
achieve extraordinary feats that humans cannot do.

Mites or myths are always characterized by gods or demigods. What happened in another world,
or what happened in a world that was never imagined.
The world’s tradition setting in myth,
usually in the form of earth where angels and humans live, and a nameless setting.

In an environment where gods and heavens live, angels are considered holy places, but when they live on
earth they are not so described.
However, these places are not considered as random places,
such as holy places, with respect to events experienced or unusual by our ancestors.

Myths generally talk about the origin of the universe, the world, the first humans, the occurrence of
death, the characteristics of animal forms, terrain, natural phenomena, and so on.
myths also tell about the adventures of the gods, their love stories, the stories of their relatives, the
stories of their wars, and much more.

Definition of Mites According to Experts


According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) a myth is a story and has a historical background, is believed
by the community to be a story that really happened, is considered sacred, contains many miraculous things, and
is generally characterized by gods.

2. Wikipedia

Furthermore, according to Wikipedia, a myth or myth is part of a folklore in the form of a story set in the past,
contains an interpretation of the universe (such as the creation of the world and the existence of creatures in
it), and is considered to have really happened by the owner of the story or its adherents.

3. According to Harsojo (1988)

According to Harsojo, myth or myth is a belief system of a group of people, which stands on a foundation that
explains sacred stories related to the past.

4. According to Bascom (Danandjaja, 1986)

According to Bascom, the notion of myth or myth is folk prose stories characterized by gods or demigods that
occurred in another world (heaven) in the past and were considered to have really happened by story masters or
their adherents and related to the occurrence of places, the universe. , gods, customs and sacred tales.

5. J. van Baal (Minsarwati, 2002)

J.van Baal states that myths or myths are stories within the framework of a religious system which in the past or
present have been or are currently valid as religious truths.

Types of Mites

Mite has several types, including:

1. Mites of Creation

The creation myth is a story that talks about an event that tells how something happened.

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2. Cosmogenic Mites

The cosmogenic myth is a story that exists among the people that tells about the creation of the universe.
However, this creation can occur because of an intermediary.

3. Myth of Origins

Origin myths are mythical stories that tell about the origins of living things, such as animals or plant
Apart from that, this type of myth also tells about the beginning of an institution

4. Mite Transformation

Transformation myths are myths or myths that tell about changes in human or world conditions in the future.

5. Theogonic Myth

Theogonic myths are myths or myths that tell about gods and supernatural beings. It is a myth
about gods and supernatural beings.

6. Anthropogenic myths

Anthropogenic myth is a myth that tells about a process of human occurrence in this world.

Mites Features

To make it easier to understand what a myth is, we also need to know the characteristics of a myth.
The following are the characteristics of myths that need to be known.

  1. The story in the myth is believed to have really happened by his followers.
  2. The story sounds strange and difficult to understand with logic, but it is very important for society.
  3. The story is simple and consists of a few simple motives and actions.
  4. The storyline involves certain rituals. The stories contained in it are considered as
    something sacred, so it should not be done carelessly.
  5. The background of a myth story is usually the past.
  6. One type of personality that must be included in mythology is related to local culture and society.

Mites function

Mite itself has several functions that you need to know, namely:

  1. Mite serves as the most effective educational tool to reinforce and communicate certain cultural values,
    social norms and beliefs.
  2. Mites serve as the development of meaningful and functional symbols to explain environmental phenomena.
  3. Mites serve as guidelines for people who believe in promoting social solidarity among members, so that they
    can distinguish one community from another.
  4. In general, myths will be developed to convey and enhance certain cultural values, ideas and knowledge, and
    help stimulate the development of creative thinking.

Mite Story Example

In Indonesia itself, actually there are lots of myths or myths, for example, in almost one area there will
be a myth that is inherent in the community.
Here is an example of a myth story.

1. The story of Dani Jaka Tarub and Nawan Uran

This story begins when a young man named Jaka Tarub enters the forest and happens to see seven fairies
bathing in the river.
Fascinated by the beauty of an angel, Jaka Tarub hid one of his

Even though the stolen shawl is one of the conditions for them (the angels) to return to heaven.
The owner of the stolen angel shawl is named Nawan Uran.

After that, the angel could not return until finally the shawl thief and the angel got married and had a
daughter named Nawang Sih.
After a long time after the marriage had passed, it turned out that
Jaka Tarub’s lie was exposed, and Nawan Uran’s angel scarf was found, which made him angry and left Nawan
Uran permanently from Jaka Tarub.

2. Mythological History of Nyi Roro Kidul

There are several examples of legendary myths that are believed to still exist in Java, namely the story of Nyi
Roro Kidul which tells us that in ancient times there was a kingdom called Pakuan Pajajaran, which was ruled by
a wise and wise king, King Siliwangi.

The king had many children, but one with the same beautiful face and gentleness as his father.
The princess was named Putri Kandita, because of these advantages, the king wanted to crown the
princess as the heir to the kingdom.

However, the children of the other mistresses were jealous and did not want Princess Kandita to be crowned
Then, they conspired to thwart the plan by suffering from stomach ulcers that would not
heal for Her Royal Highness Princess Kandita and the Empress.

The disease cost her the loss of her mother, and what saddens her even more is her father’s plan to banish
the princess to the forest for fear of spreading the disease.
This made the princess sad and
ran away to the South Beach where she bathed, and all her ailments disappeared.
It turned out
that last night’s dream became the inspiration that made the princess heal and strengthen.

When the king heard that the princess had recovered, he wanted to get his daughter back. Many
princes wanted to propose to her, but could not match the magic of the princess.
So the men
just became loyal followers of the princess’ bodyguards.
Since then, Putri Kandita has been
known as the ruler of the southern seas of Java, Ratu Nyi Roro Kidul, and this legend is still accepted

3. The Mythical Story of Aji Saka

The following myth example is the story of Aji Saka. The legend of Aji Saka tells of a young
man who becomes a hero and brings civilization and order to the land of Java.
Because he
managed to defeat the evil man-eating giant who used to be the ruler of the island.

Thanks to his success, Aji Saka was later crowned the King of Medan Chamran. He brought his
family to the palace.
Then, because of his just and wise reign, he was able to lead the Medan
Chamran Kingdom to the Golden Age, so that people lived in peace, peace, prosperity and prosperity.

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4. Sundanese mythological stories about King

Prabu Siliwangi is one of the most respected Sundanese people and has even become an important icon.
Prabu Siliwangi is the king of the Kingdom of Pajajaran. According to the story, King
Siliwangi had extraordinary powers.
Until one day, King Siliwangi fought his son Kian Santang
because he was asked to convert to Islam.

Unfortunately, Prabu Siliwangi persisted in his belief. He was born in a forest south of
There he turned into a white tiger with the soldiers. History is still
associated with the people of Garut.
If you go to the South Garut (Sung Kang) area, ask the
people there.
There must be an interesting story about King Siliwangi and his myths that
developed there.
Until now, the name of Prabu Siliwangi is considered sacred there.

5. Wishing Tree (Indian Mythology)

The wanderer walks erratically in the scorching desert. He looks very tired. He
is also thirsty and hungry.
After walking a long way, he found a fairly shady resting place.
When I was resting, I could see the shadow of a tree in the distance.

He was delighted to see her and said, ” I wish I could drink some water .” Suddenly he
found a pitcher of cold water in front of him.
The traveler was overjoyed and started
drinking cold water from the pitcher.
After drinking and quenching his thirst, the traveler
again asked, ”
Do I have anything to eat now ?”

As soon as he equipped, dozens of delicacies appeared in front of him. Tourists immediately
eat deliciously.
After eating, he started to think about how this all happened.

After careful consideration, he found out that the tree he saw before was a Kalpa Vriksha. It
is a magic tree.
If you look at a tree and ask, your wish will come true. Tourists
do not waste this opportunity.

He immediately asked for a soft bed and was immediately allowed. A bed appeared in front of
The traveler lay down his weary body and rested. The traveler feels pain in
his leg.

Then he asked someone to massage his feet. In fact, a young woman appeared and started
massaging the travelers’ feet.
Finally the traveler fell asleep. The traveler fell
asleep for a long time.

When I woke up, the young lady who was massaging him was still by his side. Tourists have
started to think differently.
How could this happen? Can I
get a lot of things just by begging without working?
Or just a trick of the devil?
he muttered.
Suddenly, a demon appeared on a young woman after the
traveler thought about it.
The demon laughed from the bottom of his heart.
Then the wanderer said, “
Oh, is this demon eating me?

The demon began to open its mouth wide to eat the wanderer. He was surprised when the traveler
saw this.
He jumped out of bed and ran as fast as he could. After walking a long
way, the traveler turned around.
Apparently the devil didn’t follow him. He
breathed a sigh of relief.

6. The Myth of the Origin of Rice: Dewi Sri

In ancient times, there was an encounter with a god. Dewa Guru and Dewa Narada attended the
meeting as advisors to Dewa Guru.
Lord Narada has a very powerful gem called Retno Gemilang.
Anyone who uses the Magic Stone will be stronger, will not need to eat or sleep, and will not burn
when exposed to fire.

Guru Dewa became interested in gems and started trying to save them. When he was held, his
hand was not strong enough to lift Mustika any further, so Mustika collapsed and no one could hold it except
Dewa Antaboga.
java dragon. Mustica is in the mouth of Dewa Anantaboga.

Dewa Antaboga put it on the Butterfly. not long after, Dewa Guru came to Dewa Antaboga to get
his Gem back, but the Butterfly could not be opened.
The angry Lord then threw the Butterfly
After the destruction of
Kupu, the character Les Tonneaux appeared
in the form of a baby, who was later named Niken Tisnawati.
As she grew up, Niken Tisnawati
grew into a beautiful girl until Dewa Guru fell in love with her and proposed to her.

Niken Tisnawati agreed to the proposal, provided that all of her food will fill you (Dewa Guru) for the rest of
her life and her clothes will never wear out.
Dewa Guru accepted the request and asked Dewa Kala
to look for Niken as requested.
During his search, Dewa Kara met Dewi Sri who was taking a

Dewa Kala fell in love with Dewi Sri and chased her to Earth. Sir Vishnu saw this and shot him
in the leg until he fainted.
However, Dewa Kala wanted to reach Dewi Sri until she

Dewi Sri was surprised to read the mantra and turned Dewa Kala into a pig. As a result, Dewa
Kala could not return to heaven and Dewa Guru could not meet the requirements to marry Niken Tisnawati.
Hearing this, Dewa Guru came to Niken Tisnawati and forced her to marry him. Niken
Tisnawati kept refusing until finally Dewa Guru killed her.

Sir Narada heard this and buried Niken Tisnawati, and suddenly various plants appeared on her grave.
Coconuts grow from the head, banana trees grow from the hands, corn trees grow from the teeth, and
rice grows from the hair.
Not only that, on Earth, Dewi Sri is still being hunted by Kala, who
transforms into a pig.
Then, Dewi Sri decided to stay in the rice field.

That is the meaning of myth , the characteristics, functions, types, and examples of
myth stories that have been explained.
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