10 Benefits of Floor Exercise along with the Rules and Tools

The benefits of this floor exercise are of course very much. Floor exercise can make the body healthy, the muscles stronger, the body more flexible, and many more. By routinely doing floor exercises, more and more our bodies will develop proportionally according to the movements carried out in floor exercises.

Floor exercise will have many benefits for our bodies if done properly and correctly. This must be done because floor exercises require a combination of movements and harmony between the limbs, as well as coordination of the muscles and joints. If it’s not done properly and correctly it won’t be of any benefit, but it can result in injury.

Therefore, if you want to do floor exercises, pay attention to how to do it correctly, don’t make mistakes in your movements. If necessary, you should have a gymnastic instructor to teach you how to do various good and correct floor gymnastic movements.

This book discusses light and easy physical exercises at first that function to improve blood circulation, breathing, heart, distribution of nutrients, and other organ functions; with apparently symptoms the body feels healthy and fit, the muscles are tight and stocky, and the wrinkles on the skin fade.

In order to get maximum benefits, of course, in doing floor exercises, it is necessary to pay attention to the rules for doing so. Besides that, you also have to pay attention to the tools that must be used to support floor gymnastics exercises.

Benefits of Floor Gymnastics

After doing it correctly it will cause many benefits to our body. What are the benefits that we get from floor exercises? Come on Sinaumed’s, see the following review!

1. Makes the Body Flexible

Floor exercise is useful for making our bodies more flexible than before, especially if you are someone who rarely exercises. By routinely doing floor exercises you will be able to move more flexibly, so you will avoid injury when doing other activities.

Flexibility in the body can provide the agility and speed of the muscles and joints to help your movement in activities other than sports. For example, when walking, lifting things, climbing trees maybe. Everything can be done easily.

2. Strengthens Bones

In floor exercise activities, the body is trained to withstand its own weight. If done routinely, you can feel the benefits such as the strengthening of the bones you have, of course, the bones will also be healthier.

In addition, if you are young, bone density will be maximized. By strengthening your bones from an early age, you can reduce the risk of osteoporosis in old age. Therefore, do lots of exercise like this floor exercise to nourish and strengthen bones.

3. Increases Muscle Strength

In addition to strong bones, muscles can also increase in strength if we routinely do floor exercises. Because this floor exercise involves all of our limbs to move. In its movement, it indirectly makes the muscles recognize the load that is obtained from this exercise. After the muscles are familiar, the muscles will gradually strengthen by themselves, the muscles get used to the load received during floor exercises.

All the muscles that move in floor exercises such as the leg muscles, arms, chest, back, thighs, buttocks, calves, and also other muscles. Not only strengthening, but muscle mass will also be formed due to frequent floor exercises.

4. Train the Coordination of Body Members

Floor exercise activities require combination and coordination of the limbs to be able to perform the movements in floor exercise. This coordination is useful so that when moving there are no injuries that can hurt yourself. If one limb is stiff it will result in wrong movement in the joints and make the body injured.

With routine floor exercises, coordination of the limbs will form itself over time. It grows with the new movements that you learn when doing floor exercises. Over time, your body will recognize the movement and reduce the risk of injury during floor exercises or other activities.

5. Increases Endurance

Floor exercise also has the benefit of increasing endurance. A body that routinely performs floor exercises will automatically form strong protection. This will reduce the risk of disease in the body. This regular floor exercise can build endurance just like doing cardiovascular exercises.

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The risks of diseases such as asthma, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, and cancer can also be minimized. However, floor exercise alone is not enough to reduce this risk. You also have to balance it with the consumption of nutritious foods and vitamins.

6. Adequate Sports Needs

Floor gymnastics has the benefit of fulfilling sports needs. Sports are certainly needed for anyone, both children and adults. The American Heart Association recommends that children get 60 minutes of exercise a day. Meanwhile, people aged 18 and over exercise at least 30 minutes a day 5 days a week.

If you don’t like exercising or doing physical activities that can make you sweat, then floor exercises can be the solution for you. By doing floor exercises, your sports needs will be fulfilled properly.

7. Burning Calories in the Body

Doing physical activity every day can burn calories in the body. Moreover, doing floor exercises regularly, the calories burned will also be more and more. Calories in the body are burned because when doing floor exercises, we involve several limbs such as the muscles of the arms, legs, back, clothes, stomach and thighs to do the exercises.

By burning calories, fat is also reduced. Reduced fat can lose weight for those who are excessive. For those who do not have excess weight will make the weight to be stable.

8. Increasing self-disciplined behavior

Exercising certainly requires high discipline so that the body becomes ideal and healthy. Floor gymnastics also requires high concentration and discipline. Moreover, floor gymnastics has many difficult movements, everyone who learns must be fully concentrated and disciplined in practicing so that it is easier to do it.

To achieve the goal of self-health, building muscles, and also an ideal body requires high discipline and patience in doing it. The body will not instantly form to be ideal if we are lazy to exercise.

9. Overcoming Depression

Depression makes a person alone and can even take it out by self-harm. Depressed people should go to a psychologist and do therapy that can calm the mind. In this case floor exercises can handle it.

This floor exercise can make the body calm and can also increase endorphins which make you feel happy. This happy feeling will slightly cure someone’s depression.

Endorphins are chemicals in the body that can reduce pain and trigger positive feelings within. These endorphins are produced by the human central nervous system and the pituitary gland.

10. Increase Socialization

For beginners who cannot do floor exercises on their own, they usually join a group that holds floor exercises. The group is led by gymnastic instructors who are reliable and can train beginners in floor exercise activities.

By doing floor exercises together, this will increase socialization from within oneself. We will pay attention, listen, follow the instructor’s directions, and can also ask questions if we don’t understand the movements being exemplified. In this training we will also learn to respect other people who are teaching us floor gymnastic movements.

Rules in Floor Gymnastics

In doing floor exercise to achieve maximum results, important things must be considered in floor exercise activities so that no injury occurs while doing it. Here are the rules in floor gymnastics.

  • Always use a mat if you want to do floor exercises. This lowers the risk of injury during practice.
  • The placement of the mattress must also be considered. You have to put it on a flat and smooth floor. Also try to stay away from objects that can cause you harm while practicing.
  • Floor gymnastic exercises are carried out from the easiest movements first, if you can then proceed to the more difficult stages. This is done to minimize the risk of injury.
  • Must warm up before starting floor gymnastics exercises. This is done so that the body is loose and not stiff. Stiffness in the body will cause injury during exercise.
  • It is forbidden to do floor gymnastic movements without direction from a gymnastic instructor if you have not mastered the technique. You can do it yourself if you are judged to have mastered the techniques in floor gymnastics.
  • Keep the mattress as clean as possible so it doesn’t get damaged quickly.

This ebook provides an overview, prevention and treatment measures that sports practitioners can take. This ebook can also be used as a reference for undergraduate and postgraduate health students as a guide for lectures. This ebook is also useful for researchers or someone doing research on sports injuries.

Tools Used in Floor Gymnastics

In sports activities, certain tools are needed to support effectiveness in their activities. There are two ways to do floor gymnastics, namely using tools and without tools. This time we will explain some floor gymnastics tools that can be used to support their activities.

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1. Floor

As the name suggests, namely floor gymnastics, of course, requires the floor as the main tool in carrying out these activities, because every gymnastic movement always uses the floor.

The floor for this floor gymnastics has a special standard. The size of the floor for doing floor exercise activities must be 12 meters x 12 meters. Also pay attention to the texture of the floor, the floor must be smooth but not slippery. Slippery floors can increase the risk of injury to gymnasts.

2. Mat

This second tool is a supporting tool for the main tool, namely the floor. Every floor gymnastic activity definitely requires a mat so that you can do the movements safely and comfortably.

The mat used must be thick, soft, and not slippery. This is useful for the comfort and safety of floor exercise participants in carrying out their movements.

3. Bracelets

In addition to the basic tools, floor exercises also require supporting tools such as these rings. The bracelets in floor exercise have a large shape. These bracelets are 2.8 meters to 3 meters high, 13 cm in diameter, and have a distance of 50 cm between the bracelets.

The use of these bracelets is to connect two ropes, after which gymnastic athletes can hang on these bracelets. Besides being used to hang the body, the bracelet can be used to lift weights so that the muscles in the hands become stronger.

4. Saddle Horses

This saddle easel looks very much like a seat on a horse’s back.

This tool is used to train jumps in floor gymnastics. The trick is to jump as far as possible and not to hit this saddle horse. The movements used in this exercise are flank, thomas fair, and double circle .

5. Horses Jump

The jump stance is only slightly different from the saddle stance. This tool has a length of 1.2 meters and a height of 1.35 meters. Its use is the same, to practice jumping.

6. Single Cross

Single bar in floor exercise is usually used for movements that are challenging and very attractive. This bar has also been adjusted in height according to the movement.

This single bar is usually used in world championships. The movements used with this single bar have complicated movements such as back hip circle, run under single, pull over, back mill, front hip circle, single knee mount, and many other complicated movements.

7. Parallel Bars

Parallel bars are also often used in floor exercise activities. You can adjust the size of the parallel bars as desired. The standard size of this bar is about 330 cm long, 175 cm high and 40 to 50 cm wide.

The usual movement for the parallel bars is like swinging the arms. In the movement, only the shoulders and arms are allowed to be swung, other body movements are not permitted. Apart from that, you can also do front mount, shoulder stand, straddle travel, rear dimount, and many other movements.


In doing floor exercises, of course, there are so many benefits for each body. Of course, these benefits must be supported by the consumption of nutrients that can meet the body’s needs, not forgetting also a good quality of life so that the benefits of floor exercises are not in vain.

The benefits of floor exercises are varied, ranging from making the body flexible, strengthening bones, increasing muscle strength, training limb coordination, increasing endurance, fulfilling sports needs, burning calories in the body, increasing self-discipline, overcoming depression, and can improve socialization.

Isn’t there already a lot of benefits offered from floor gymnastics activities? If you feel you don’t have one of these, you can learn this floor exercise to complement your body’s health.

In addition, in doing floor exercises also have their own rules. You have to pay attention to the mattress you are using, don’t let the mattress make you uncomfortable and get injured while using it, don’t forget to always keep the mattress clean too.

Then, practice from the easy moves first, if you can master it, you will proceed to the next stage. Then, every time you do the activity you have to warm up so you don’t get injured. In floor gymnastics, you can’t do it alone, you have to have an instructor.

Floor gymnastics also has several supporting tools in its activities such as floors, mats, rings, saddle horses, jumping horses, single bars, and also parallel bars.