Benefits of Living in Harmony at Home, School and Community

Benefits of Living in Harmony – As social beings, humans have a tendency to survive by gathering and interacting with one another. In the social sciences, the existence of humans who gather will produce culture and communication between them. It is this tendency that makes humans need to have good relationships with each other because in truth they need each other to survive in order to achieve certain goals, one of which is the benefits of living in harmony.

Discussing further about a person’s social life, you will agree that this is not much related to social norms themselves. You need to know that every human being has unique traits and characters that are different from one another. That uniqueness is the color in a social relationship that will generally bring together many differences in a person in a particular group.

Then how can they coexist together? The answer is that they can still live together because they don’t need to be exactly the same, but synchronous and interrelated. So this synchronous situation requires norms so that they can still live together comfortably and peacefully even though they are different. These social norms are then known to us as harmony. In practice, the norms we use aim to achieve harmony itself.

You must have encountered a phenomenon in school, for example, there is one class that contains several students of different religions. In this case they can study together in one class comfortably without feeling disturbed by each other because they adopt a harmonious lifestyle that accepts differences. That is one small example, of the many forms of harmonious living patterns that greatly impact social benefits. The benefits of living in harmony as a person are very important because it determines the quality of a person’s life as a social being.

The pattern of living in harmony needs attention because this is a pattern of life that is important for everyone to do. This is because a pattern of living in harmony will guarantee healthy social continuity and of course make everyone live comfortably and peacefully. Who doesn’t yearn for peace? The answer is none. A pattern of living in harmony is needed in every environment, starting from living in harmony at home, at school, and in society.

A harmonious lifestyle certainly cannot come alone. To realize the importance of living in harmony you need to know in advance what living in harmony is, what are the benefits, and how to do it. In the following, let’s learn together about living in harmony and the benefits of living in harmony at home, school and society.

A. Knowing What Living in Harmony Is

Living in harmony is a pattern of life of a person or group that respects one another and loves one another among human beings. By adopting a harmonious lifestyle, a person or group will have good quality and harmonious relationships. The atmosphere created from this harmonious lifestyle will then make the environment more peaceful and peaceful because these individuals and groups can understand each other.

Shoulder to shoulder, helping each other, staying away from disputes, avoiding fights, respecting opinions are the visible conditions of a harmonious life. The fact is that there are many benefits of living in harmony that can be felt by someone if they succeed in creating good relationships between people.

So, it is clear that living in harmony will definitely bring good things rather than harm from it. Learn how to live in harmony in the book Z1 SD/Mi Kl/li Theme 1 Living in harmony K/13 Rev 2017.

B. Values ​​of Living in Harmony

You can feel the enormity of this lifestyle because living in harmony has broad values. The values ​​of living in harmony are as follows:

1. Togetherness Values

Living in harmony will create cohesiveness and togetherness in every action of each individual or between groups. This lifestyle will make a person or group feel the same fate.

2. Strength Value

Living in harmony means uniting to create great power. The pattern of living in harmony will further strengthen individuals or groups in a certain environment because they have a common goal.

3. High Tolerance

To be able to live in harmony, humans need to understand every difference from other people. So that the concept of understanding this will create high tolerance because someone can accept someone’s differences and not make a problem of it.

4. The Value of Unity

The value of unity will be very attached to the pattern of living in harmony because this pattern of life has a united goal for the welfare of others.

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5. Hone, Asih, Foster

Sharpening, compassionate, nurturing values ​​will appear by themselves because a harmonious lifestyle will make a person or group of people to help each other out of difficulties that are very difficult to solve alone.

So, living in harmony can increase the sense of belonging to one another. it is one of the many benefits of living in harmony. Therefore, it is very important for us to instill existing values ​​and this is also discussed in the book SD/MI Interactive Books Kl.2 Theme 1 Living in Rukun Rev.2021 Kur.2.

In the following, I will discuss one by one the benefits of living in harmony at home, school and society so that we can benefit from the knowledge to be practiced in real life.

C. Lessons and Benefits of Living in Harmony with Families at Home

Who doesn’t want to have a harmonious family? Home as a place to go home must be coveted to be a comfortable and peaceful place. Having habits and awareness of harmonious living patterns will be very beneficial for families at home. Besides being useful for parents, children at home can also learn a lot about the values ​​of living in harmony at home. Here are the benefits of living in harmony at home with family members.

1. Prevent Premature Aging

Living in harmony at home will make the home atmosphere positive, harmonious, and fun. Indirectly, the condition of the house will also be filled with jokes, warm chats, who can make the occupants of the house happy.

This feeling of happiness directly affects a person’s mentality so that he is more youthful. Poor relationship conditions between fathers and mothers will also affect their children. So parents also have to get along well for the example of their children at home.

2. Lowers Stress Levels

A family must be busy what else if you have a baby. For example, both parents are busy working outside the home, but must still take care of the children. This can trigger stress and make relationships in the family less harmonious.

However, living in harmony at home will make members better understand each other’s roles and activities. This harmony will make family members in the house able to carry out their daily activities pleasantly.

3. Healthy Mental

Living in harmony at home will reduce conflicts in the household. This of course will be healthier for the mentality of family members. By living in harmony family members can live peacefully and understand each other.

There are even many terms that say no one can help you when there are problems except family. That is why harmony in family members can also strengthen family ties.

4. Physical Strengthening

The pattern of living in harmony apparently is also beneficial for the health of the body. All activities carried out at home become happiness in itself. A harmonious family must also have a healthy lifestyle to look after each other.

5. Helping Children’s Brain Development

A harmonious family must have good habits, especially how parents educate their children at home. Many studies have revealed that happiness and positive interactions in the family will help children’s brain development. Living in harmony at home will also create a good atmosphere for children to learn many things.

6. Maximizing Children’s Talents

Home may be where children learn something for the first time. That is why a comfortable, peaceful home will be better for children’s learning. Living in harmony at home with family will also bring family members closer, starting from knowing and what a child likes, what interests they have, and what talents they actually have.

Living in harmony with the family will make children more expressive with their talents without being afraid and ashamed to show them to other family members.

7. Respect Opinion

In our family, we often have different opinions about something or if we want to determine something. By living in harmony we will be more tolerant of other people and not force circumstances on our family.

For parents who want to invite their children to start learning to live in harmony, has an interesting collection of children’s books on living in harmony. These books will certainly help children learn simple harmonious living practices at home, school and in society. A collection of books with the theme of living in harmony at is available for all levels of education, starting from early childhood education, kindergarten, elementary school, to junior high school.

D. Benefits of Living in Harmony at School

Popular term school is the second home for a student. This is also true because we spend almost half a day at school when we are students. Even at school we can also get good friends or the closest people because of the intensity we interact with other people for a long time.

That is why one needs to live in harmony and socialize well at school. Comfortable with school conditions will also affect the quality of our learning at school. The following are the benefits of living a healthy life at school that you will experience if you can socialize well:

1. Comfortable Classroom Atmosphere and School Environment

Getting along well with friends at school will make you more comfortable at school. If you have good friends and best friends, you can definitely go through school, which may be hard for you because of the many assignments, difficult lessons, or fierce teachers.

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Getting along well with people around the school will also make you more comfortable at school, for example with Mr. Security who always greets you, TU staff who will always deal with you, librarians who will help you, cleaning staff who you chat with, to security guards. friendly canteen. All of that will make it hard for you to forget the good times at school.

2. Conducive atmosphere

Living in harmony at school will certainly make the atmosphere in the classroom or in the school environment more conducive. This condition will further motivate students to be more diligent in learning and do it in a fun way.

3. The material will be easy to understand

If you get along well with your schoolmates, difficult material or assignments can definitely be completed together and it’s easier to understand. Living in harmony at school will create closeness between students, teachers and other school staff to help each other.

4. Not Much Uproar

Living in harmony at school will make students, teachers and other school staff get along better so that chaos rarely occurs. This happens because living in harmony at school shows mutual respect for one another even though they have differences.

5. There is always deliberation

Living in harmony at school will definitely practice deliberation in making decisions. This is because living in harmony does not stand with self-interest but common interests. You will also often find the phenomenon of deliberation in class, for example group work or other things.

6. Fights Rarely Happen

A harmonious school environment will rarely have fights because they will understand each other, respect each other, and be tolerant of each other.

7. Life Becomes Peaceful

Because there is rarely noise and fighting, a harmonious school will be peaceful for students, teachers and other school staff. they can live in harmony side by side with differences but still get along well.

Based on the various benefits above, it is very important for us to instill the value of living in harmony from an early age. Because of that, many schools are participating in making this a subject. Get the book SD/Mi Pr Thematic Kl.2 Theme 1 Living in Rukun Rev.2020 Kur.2013 below.

E. Benefits of Living in Harmony in Society

In a community environment, living in harmony must be very beneficial. This is because in society we will meet with big things that are different and affect our lives as social beings. Here are the benefits of living in harmony in society that you can feel.

1. Experience a Calmer Life

Living in harmony in society will certainly make you calm because you can coexist harmoniously with the community. Harmony will make society harmonious, respect each other, and appreciate one another.

2. Life is Easier by Helping Each Other

Getting along well with neighbors will be very beneficial for one’s life. A harmonious community will help each other. In Indonesian society, the behavior of helping each other is probably already familiar. There are many Indonesian cultures that make the people harmonious.

3. Creating a Safe Environment

Living in harmony will make people care for each other. This concern will also have an impact on taking care of each other in their environment.

4. People live well

Living in harmony will make people feel comfortable and happy. If there is a problem, the community will not feel alone because harmony with neighbors makes them stronger. The level of harmony in society determines the welfare of the community.

5. Strong Brotherhood

Living in harmony will further strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between communities. This is because they will feel the same destiny as people who live in a certain environment. Community harmony will also increase concern for one another because they feel they have the same vision, mission or goals as a community.

6. Avoid Conflict

The wider community context is very risky with conflicts and disputes between residents. But by living in harmony we can accept and understand each other so that serious conflicts are avoided. Prosperity and peace in society greatly minimize conflict between them.

7. More Tolerant Society

Harmony will awaken people to be more tolerant of the differences they have. The benefits of living in harmony can also be of greater benefit to societal tolerance even with the most sensitive issues, for example tolerance of differences in religion, race and ethnicity.

Well, that’s the benefit of living in harmony at home, school, and society. The impact is huge, isn’t it? Not grandiose beneficial to the nation and state, we can also feel the benefits of living in harmony in our immediate environment.

So now don’t hesitate anymore to be kind and get along well with others. Not only do you feel the benefits of living in harmony now, but in the future the pattern of living in harmony with your environment will also have an impact.

Talking about living in harmony, the current social phenomenon seems a little unsettling. Many problems arise in society because of a lack of tolerance. To add references to understanding tolerance which is the basis of living in harmony, you can read the following sinaumedia collection books.

Apart from broadening your repertoire with issues of tolerance, you can also learn to be wise in responding to issues of tolerance which are actually very important for the Indonesian nation which has many cultural and religious differences.

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