9 Elements of Physical Fitness

Knowing the elements of physical fitness is believed to help facilitate Sinaumed’s in maximizing physical activity or sports. A person is able to face the physical burden that is obtained without feeling exhausted with physical fitness.

Physical fitness is the main key for everyone who has a healthy body. If Sinaumed’s has good physical fitness, then you can carry out all activities smoothly.

Maintaining, improving and developing one’s health is the main goal of physical fitness. There are various elements of physical fitness that will be discussed in this article, including strength, muscle power, agility, and flexibility.

Sinaumed’s can do the right exercises to support health by understanding the elements of physical fitness. The element of physical fitness is an important aspect that needs to be maintained, you know, Sinaumed’s.

To work together efficiently, an element of physical fitness is needed which refers to the ability of the body’s systems. Well, the element of physical fitness will later make your body healthy and able to carry out daily activities.

Please note, physical fitness can be broken down into various elements that are closely related to body health. These elements certainly involve the performance of the heart, lungs, and muscles of the body.

In addition, Sinaumed’s can maintain physical fitness to help prevent various diseases. How well a person meets each element of physical fitness can determine physical health.

Fulfillment of proper nutrition, physical exercise, and adequate rest is the achievement of general physical fitness. The components that are useful for organizing and carrying out balanced exercise routines are a function of each person’s physical fitness elements.

You can create a fitness plan by combining elements of physical fitness for effective health benefits. Sinaumed’s needs to improve their lifestyle with various physical activities and sports to maintain body resistance.

If you let your body stay still and don’t move, it will trigger muscle and bone stiffness. This article will lead you to understand the elements of physical fitness that support a healthy body. Check out the following review to the end, OK!

Elements of Physical Fitness

Strength, endurance, agility, speed, balance, and so on are some of the supporting elements of physical fitness in the body. Once Sinaumed’s understands the elements of fitness, you can do some appropriate exercises and exercises. The following is a discussion of the elements of physical fitness.

1. Strength

Illustration of Lifting Weights for Strength Training (source: barbend.com)

The condition in which the body uses muscles to maximize energy to carry out a physical activity is called strength or strength. The ability of the body’s muscles to contract against the load that is carried can also be interpreted as strength or strength.

This element of fitness is also often referred to as muscle strength. Doing work with endurance ability is one element of physical fitness, namely strength .

If Sinaumed’s wants to get strong muscles, do heavy exercise regularly and consistently. To move and lift objects requires strength which is closely related to ability.

This can be measured by how much strength and weight can be lifted in a short time. The strength in question includes the strength of the leg muscles and arm muscles that are obtained from routine training.

These exercises include push-ups, sit-ups, and back-ups. If you want a sport that requires strength, Sinaumed’s can do shot put and weightlifting. Then Sinaumed’s can do this element of fitness with bodyweight training, such as plank movements .

2. Muscular Power

This fitness element can be interpreted as the ability of a person to utilize maximum strength in a relatively short time. In the process of meeting energy needs, muscle power is closely related to the anaerobic system.

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Muscle strength or muscular power is often referred to as the production of large forces in a short time, such as fast leg kicks and explosive jumps. Meanwhile, muscular endurance is the time to maintain strength over a longer period of time, such as jumping, sprinting, twisting, and swinging.

There are various exercises that are suitable for training muscle power abilities, such as front jumps, vertical jumps, and side jumps. When an athlete starts or takes off, muscle power becomes an important element of fitness.

3. Speed ​​( Speed)

Illustration of Sprint Cycling as a Speed ​​Demanding Sport (source: active.com)

The ability to move the body in one direction as quickly as possible is defined as speed . This fitness element is closely related to agility.

The ability of a person to react and change the position of the body at the maximum rate of force production is called speed. When someone is able to use a short time, then he has good speed as an element of physical fitness.

To do movement speed, Sinaumed’s needs good strength and power. Speed ​​is needed in speed skating, sprints, tennis and sprint cycling.

You can routinely run with an adjusted distance and frequency to train speed as an element of physical fitness. Speed ​​is divided into three kinds, namely reaction speed, sprint speed, and moving speed.

4. Flexibility ( Flexibility)

Illustration of Pilates as a Flexibility Exercise (source: theworkoutwitch.com)

The ability of a joint or a series of joints to move in an unrestricted, pain-free range of motion is referred to as flexibility or bending power. Then flexibility can also be interpreted as a person’s adjustment level in carrying out various work activities effectively and efficiently with good body stretching.

Injury and inactivity or lack of stretching are among the many variables that can affect a person’s loss of normal joint flexibility. Sinaumed’s can avoid various risks of injury if he has good body flexibility.

Flexibility or flexibility is also often referred to as maximum movement. There are several things that can affect a person’s level of flexibility, such as joint structure, age, ligaments, and muscle quality.

Flexibility or in the English equivalent is called flexibility is very important to train. Why? Because it is directly related to other elements of physical fitness, such as coordination, agility, and balance.

Apart from reducing the risk of injury, flexibility can also help Sinaumed’s perform various daily movements with ease. There are several exercises that can be done to increase flexibility, namely pilates, yoga, tai chi, swimming, and barre.

In addition, floor gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics are believed to be suitable sports to train flexibility in the body’s muscle flexibility.

5. Agility

Elements of physical fitness related to the skill to change the position of the whole body quickly and accurately is the definition of agility or agility. Agility can also be interpreted as a person’s ability to accelerate, stabilize, slow down, and change direction with the accuracy of body posture.

To increase agility, Sinaumed’s requires fast reflexes, balance, coordination, and the right response to changing situations. Most sports require an element of physical fitness in the form of agility.

Those who need agility as a component of physical fitness are basketball players, skiers, gymnasts, table tennis players, badminton players, and hockey players. If Sinaumed’s has good agility or agility , you can do various activities safely and avoid the risk of injury.

Agility or agility is one element of physical fitness that is no less important. Agility as an element of physical fitness can be trained by running zigzags, going up and down stairs, and practicing squatting and then standing ( squat thrust).

6. Coordination ( Coordination)

The ability to carry out accurate, smooth, and controlled motor responses is one of the elements of physical fitness, namely coordination. Then coordination can be interpreted as a person’s ability to choose the right muscle, time, and intensity to achieve the accuracy of the action.

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The body’s ability to perform efficient and smooth movements is the focus of coordination as an element of physical fitness. A person’s ability to integrate a variety of different movements by coordinating all parts of the body properly and correctly is the definition of coordination.

If Sinaumed’s has a good level of coordination, then the limbs can work together without going through difficulties. Having good coordination can reduce obstacles to concentrating when you have to move other limbs.

Physical fitness movements that can be done to train this one element are relatively simple. You can train the physical fitness element of coordination by throwing the ball with your left hand and trying to catch it with your right hand.

Coordination combines high concentration and strong instinctive movements. Sinaumed’s can also train coordination by bouncing the ball off the wall and trying to catch it again.

7. Balance ( Balance)

Illustration of Candlesticks as a Balance Exercise (source: freepik.com)

The ability to control the position of the body, both in a state of rest and movement is called balance or balance. The key component of the elements of physical fitness – strength, endurance and flexibility – is balance.

Involving exercises that strengthen the muscles of the body can help improve your balance. These exercises can help prevent falls and increase body stability.

Balance or balance is a condition where you can place your body without falling or rocking while standing and doing other physical movements. If you have a good level of balance, it is likely that the risk of falling and injury is reduced.

Sinaumed’s can do standing exercises on one leg or tai chi to work on this element of fitness. This element of physical fitness is often referred to as the ability to control the nerves, muscles and organs.

The main goal of balance or balance is to control body movements properly. Sinaumed’s can also train balance by walking on wooden blocks and practicing candle stances. Gymnastics and diving are one of the sports that rely on one’s balance ability.

8. Accuracy

Illustration of Archery as Accuracy Practice (source: archery360.com)

The ability to perform movements and skills with precision is called accuracy. Accuracy can also be interpreted as a person’s ability to direct objects to a certain direction or target.

Someone who is able to control movement in a certain direction or at a certain intensity has an element of physical fitness in the form of good accuracy. One type of exercise that is popular for practicing accuracy is archery.

Stimulation or stimulus given by others will be responded to with certain reactions. Apart from archery, Sinaumed’s can also practice elements of physical fitness with accuracy in other sports, such as basketball and bowling.

9. Reaction ( Reaction)

A person’s ability to act immediately and respond to a stimulus that is captured by the senses is called a reaction or reaction. The speed at which a person responds to external stimuli becomes the focus that refers to reactions.

Meanwhile, reaction time is the ability to respond quickly to a stimulus. Throw and catch is one type of exercise that can improve one’s reaction.

When a soccer game goalkeeper has a jumping reflex to catch the ball kicked by a player, it can be an example of reaction speed. Movement awareness is called a reaction, while automatic movements that are carried out without awareness are called reflexes.

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Sinaumed’s, that’s a review of the elements of physical fitness. Hopefully this article can be useful to increase your knowledge. So, exercise regularly so that the body becomes healthy and strong.