4 Goals of Physical Fitness and Tips to Keep Your Body Healthy!

Physical Fitness Goals – “Health is Expensive”. We often hear this statement. This advice has a deep meaning.

He is a reminder that we must always maintain our health. Because if we are sick then the cost to be healthy again will be expensive. Starting from the cost of treatment, medicine, to a healthy diet.

Therefore, we as humans are encouraged to always take care of our bodies, maintain our health, and organize our lifestyle. This can be done by maintaining diet, sleep patterns, managing stress and exercising.

Body health is divided into two elements, namely physical fitness and spiritual fitness. Physical fitness can be seen from a healthy body. Meanwhile, spiritual health can be seen from a healthy soul or mentality.

This time, we will discuss about physical fitness. Sinaumed’s can listen to the presentation below to understand more about physical fitness.

Definition and Purpose of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is the body’s ability to carry out activities without experiencing excessive fatigue.

The activities in question are activities that are carried out lightly and easily on a daily basis without feeling significant fatigue. And still have reserves of energy to carry out other activities.

The higher the level of a person’s physical fitness, the better his physical work ability will be. Vice versa, the lower the level of physical fitness of a person, the worse his ability to do physical work. Physical fitness is the key to endurance and body health.

Someone is encouraged to maintain physical fitness by doing sports or eating nutritious food. Here are some physical fitness goals.

  • The first goal of physical fitness is to increase the components of flexibility, stamina and speed.
  • The second purpose of physical fitness, for toddlers and children, physical fitness is important to stimulate their development and growth.
  • The third goal of physical fitness is to improve the blood circulation system, heart function and nervous system.
  • The fourth goal of physical fitness is to accelerate the recovery of organ function after exercise or under certain conditions. Such as parents, recovery after illness, postpartum recovery, pregnancy process, and other conditions.

Elements of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness can be seen from the following elements.

1. Strength ( Strength )

A person can be said to have a strong body condition when his body is able to carry out an activity using his muscles. Strong muscles are obtained by regular and consistent strenuous exercise.

Exercise should be done gradually. Exercise should not be done by forcing yourself because it can cause injury. For example lifting weights, planks, and so on. Some exercises that can be done to increase strength include lifting weights, squats, sit-ups, push-ups, and back-ups.

Endurance _ _

Endurance relates to stamina or the ability to perform activities over a long period of time. To get good and complex endurance, you need exercises that support improving the performance of the heart, lungs, muscle strength, and the circulatory system. For example running with a duration of approximately 30 minutes every day.

Endurance training is the opposite of strength training. Endurance can be trained by lifting weights that are not too heavy with a longer duration and frequency.

Endurance is divided into two groups as follows.

  • Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the heart and lungs to pump and distribute oxygen throughout the body. Cardiovascular endurance can be trained with soccer, long-distance running, and so on.
  • Muscular endurance is the ability of the muscles to continuously carry out activities without feeling excessive fatigue. Muscle endurance can be trained by cycling, running, sit-ups, and so on.

3. Muscular Power

Muscle power or muscular power is one of the elements of physical fitness related to the ability of the muscles to carry out daily physical activities. Muscle power is also related to the anaerobic system in the process of meeting energy needs. It can be trained by performing various exercises that focus on working out the main muscles of the human body.

4. Speed ​​( Speed )

The ability to perform a movement in a short period of time is called speed. The less time it takes to do something, the better the speed it has. One of the easiest and cheapest speed exercises is running.

5. Flexibility ( Flexibility )

The level of a person’s adjustment to various kinds of work activities efficiently and effectively by extending his body properly is called flexibility. Someone with good flexibility has a higher chance of avoiding injury.

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Body flexibility exercises should be done gradually. For example by doing yoga, swimming, and gymnastics. Flexibility or bending power is the maximum joint motion ability to reduce the risk of injury.

6. Agility _

The body’s ability to adjust movement from one position to another is called agility. For example from front to back or from right to left. The body can be trained by doing various kinds of physical activities, such as going up and down stairs, running in a zig-zag pattern, and so on.

7. Balance ( Balance )

Balance is a person’s ability to control his body so that movements can be carried out properly and correctly. Exercises that can improve body balance in the form of standing on one foot on tiptoe, waxing, lifting one leg back, and so on. One sport that emphasizes body balance is gymnastics.

8. Accuracy _

Accuracy is a person’s ability to regulate body movements towards a target. For example in sports archery, football, basketball, and so on. Football is an sport that requires accuracy because you have to kick the ball into the goal. While archery has a target to stick arrows right at the target.

Here are some examples of body exercises to improve body accuracy.

  • Kicking the ball into the goal that is scored by someone so that accuracy will be more calculated and have a challenge.
  • In basketball, by putting the ball into the opponent’s ring.
  • Throwing the ball into the wall that has been marked as a target throw

9. Reaction ( Reaction )

Reaction is a person’s ability to quickly take action or respond to stimuli that have been captured by the senses. One of the sports that can be done to increase the sensitivity and accuracy of the reaction is catching the ball.

10. Coordination ( Coordination )

Coordination is a person’s ability to combine a variety of different movements and be able to coordinate all parts of the body properly. The exercises carried out are in the form of a variety of sports that support this, such as bouncing a tennis ball against the wall with the right hand, then catching it with the left hand, and vice versa.

Various Factors Affecting Physical Fitness

Launching from the anlene.com page, here are several influential factors in maintaining and improving physical fitness.

1. Age

Organ function will decrease by 0.8-1% with age. This certainly reduces the functioning capacity of the body’s organs. This can be seen from the speed of movement of the body, heart endurance, and muscle strength. Thus, the level of body fitness will decrease.

2. Rest Pattern

The body can get back in shape after resting. Rest is a way to restore the body after doing strenuous and tiring activities. Therefore, taking breaks to rest is very important to restore body fitness.

3. Diet

Food is the main source of energy to carry out daily activities. Not only that, the body also needs nutritious food intake from various types of food to meet energy or calorie sources. It also helps the formation of cells and regulators of every process that occurs in the body. Therefore, diet becomes important to get optimal physical fitness.

4. Sports Activities

Physical fitness can be improved and managed by doing various physical activities or physical sports. These sports are carried out according to their portion and purpose.

Physical activity can improve physical fitness in the form of endurance, flexibility, strength, speed, and agility. Regular exercise or physical exercise can also reduce the risk of injury when carrying out daily activities.

How to Maintain Body Fitness

Body health is the key to be able to smoothly carry out daily activities. Launching from the Manulife.co.id page, maintaining body fitness can be done in the following simple ways.

1. Regulating Sleep Patterns

In general, humans need at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Then, staying up late and replacing 8 hours of sleep during the day is it the same? Of course this is not the same and will damage the body’s cycle.

This can have a negative and serious impact on health. Someone who is sleep deprived or has a messy sleep cycle will have a higher risk of suffering from heart disease, obesity, diabetes, stroke, and hypertension.

Sinaumed’s can limit themselves to sleeping no later than 10 pm and waking up in the morning. That way, sleep patterns and body systems will return to natural, healthier patterns.

2. Walk

Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive and hard. Sinaumed’s can walk regularly for at least 15-30 minutes per day. By getting used to walking approximately 6 kilometers with a travel time of 30 minutes, it will reduce the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Regular walking can also help reduce the chances of developing pancreatic cancer, osteoporosis, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, strokes, and so on.

3. Manage Stress

Health can be disrupted if you are experiencing stress. When stressed, the body will produce the hormones cortisol and adrenaline which trigger an increase in heart rate. Blood vessels in the legs and arms dilate, blood glucose levels rise, and breathing can become rapid, triggering a panic attack. The solution is to reduce the source of stress, for example by reducing access to social media, exercising, and meditating to stimulate the production of anti-stress hormones.

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Good Food Intake for the Body

Most of us are preoccupied with daily activities. But no matter how busy we are, eating with a good pattern and composition should not be missed. Quoting from the hallosehat page, here are some ways you can do to maintain a diet so that the body is maintained physically fit.

1. Don’t Drink Too Much Coffee

When drinking coffee in the morning will make the body fresher. However, the impact of drinking coffee is to dehydrate the body. It accelerates the release of water from the body through urine.

If the activities carried out require coffee, it is enough to consume 1-2 cups every day. Then, choose black coffee with a little sugar or no sugar at all. Additional toppings or creamer should be avoided so as not to increase the number of calories.

2. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because the energy supply for activities throughout the day is obtained through breakfast. A healthy breakfast is also able to protect the body from the risk of various diseases, including type 2 diabetes.

The following are a variety of foods that can be consumed to complement a healthy lifestyle.

  • Sources of fat in the form of avocado, coconut, and seeds.
  • Sources of complex carbohydrates in the form of brown rice, cereals, and
  • Sources of protein in the form of nuts, eggs, milk, seeds, and yogurt.
  • Sources of high fiber in the form of chia seeds, fruit, whole grain cereals, and vegetables.

3. Drink lots of water

Everyone has different water needs depending on the body weight of each individual. However, in general, each person needs approximately eight glasses of water per day.

When the body has sufficient water intake, it will maintain the smooth functioning of the body while protecting it from dehydration. When a person’s body is dehydrated it tends to send wrong signals. It tends to send hunger signals, so many people eat a lot without realizing it.

4. Expand Natural Foods, Limit Packaged Foods

Preserved or packaged food usually has high sugar and sodium as well as preservatives and artificial coloring. Therefore, eating natural and fresh foods will keep your body healthy. Because the food ingredients are directly processed, not going through a period of preservation or other processes.

5. Eat with regular patterns and on time

The body’s metabolic rate always changes at certain times. For example at night, the body’s metabolism will slow down due to rest. Therefore, at night it is recommended to eat before it gets late.

Regular eating habits will help the body regulate cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of obesity. The key to a healthy diet is applying balanced nutrition guidelines. Consumption of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats must be in accordance with the condition of the body. It must also be supplemented with vitamins and minerals so that the body’s functions will be maintained and even increased.

Physical Fitness Benefits

Launching from the anlene.com page, here are some of the benefits that Sinaumed’s will get when maintaining physical fitness.

1. Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

Physical fitness exercises or sports can help control or reduce blood sugar levels. When exercising, sugar levels in the body will be easily absorbed by the body’s cells. Thus, blood sugar levels become more stable and can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

2. Maintain Weight

Doing fitness exercises can help burn excess calories. So, can maintain ideal body weight. Physical fitness training will be increasingly visible when accompanied by a healthy eating pattern.

3. Reduces Stress and Depression

Physical fitness does not only have an impact on physical health, but also mental health. If you regularly do physical fitness exercises, you can reduce stress and relieve symptoms of depression.

This exercise is also able to increase and improve the quality of sleep so that it can reduce stress levels the next day. If Sinaumed’s often does sports or physical fitness exercises, he will be able to control his emotions well.

4. Reducing the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Physical fitness or sports training can increase the strength of the heart muscle so that blood pressure will remain stable. This is good for avoiding the risk of heart disease. Not only that, physical fitness can also increase good cholesterol levels and reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body. Thus, Sinaumed’s will have a small chance of experiencing coronary heart disease.

5. Healthy Brain Working System

Physical fitness has a good impact on brain performance. If the body is fit then the power of thought and memory will function optimally. Physical fitness exercises in general can help increase heart rate and improve the flow of blood and oxygen to body tissues, including the brain.

This process can stimulate hormone production to encourage the growth of brain cells. The risk of brain disease can be suppressed or minimized, for example Alzheimer’s.

6. Increase Energy

Physical fitness helps in increasing energy in the body. When doing physical fitness exercises, oxygen and nutrients will spread to all tissues in the body, including the cardiovascular system.

This allows the body to work effectively to supply energy. fitness training can also increase levels of the hormones norepinephrine, epinephrine, and cortisol.