80+ Collection of Examples of the Best Advice Poems and Their Meanings

The 37 Best Pantun Advice that are Full of Meaning and Educating – Pantun as one of the popular literature among the oral traditions of the Indonesian Malay community. Pantun itself literally comes from the Minangkabau language patuntun which means guide.

In Javanese, pantun is known as parikan, which is different from the Sundanese word, namely paparikan, while in Batak language, pantun is also called umpasa Check out a more complete explanation of rhymes starting from the definition, characteristics, types of rhymes to the following collection of rhymes for advice:

Meaning of Pantun

Pantun is a form of Indonesian poetry where each stanza consists of four lines that beat abab. The rhyme usually consists of sampiran in the first and second stanzas, then the contents are in the third and fourth stanzas which also describe the purpose of the rhyme.

According to Richard Olaf Winstedt and Richard James Wilkinson in Pantun Melayu (1914), pantun is not just a composition of words with rhyme and rhythm, but also a series of beautiful words that describe the feelings of the speakers. Here are some definitions of pantun according to experts:

1. Herman Waluyo

Pantun as a type of Malay poetry that is original and has long been rooted in the culture of our society.

2. Caswan and Rita

Pantun is one of the types of Malay poetry which in one stanza consists of four lines and has an abab rhyme. Appendix mentions for the first and second arrays while the contents are in the third and fourth arrays.

3. Alijahbana

Pantun is one of the old types of poetry that was known by the ancients and has been known to the public for a long time. The main characteristic of the pantun is that each stanza consists of four lines and then contains sampiran and rhymes.

4. RO Winsted

Pantun is not only a sentence of faith and rhythm, but is a series of beautiful words to describe the feelings of the speaker.

5. Sunarti

Pantun as a form of old poetry has its own beauty in terms of language, one of the beauties of language in pantun is marked by rhyme abab.


Meaning of Pantun Advice

Basically, pantun is a type of pantung which has the aim of giving advice to a person or society. Because of this, the most common theme and content of the pantun is the type of advice rhyme. Usually pantun advice has been taught since we were in elementary school.

This pantun advice has a specific purpose, namely conveying educational and moral messages to listeners or readers. So, the rhyme of advice contains advice or messages that are useful for our lives in the future. The rhyme of advice generally consists of four lines where the first two lines are in the form of sampiran and the next two are the contents of the rhyme of advice itself.


On the road accidentally met a sugi leaf.
Remember the benefits, then quickly take it.
There is nothing to learn, nothing to lose
, except for yourself in old age

You can read various other examples of pantun advice in the Smart Book of Pantun & Poetry Equipped with Aphorisms by Andi Soenaryo which you can get only at sinaumedia.


Characteristics of Pantun Advice

Pantun is expected to be a life guide for people who hear and read it, because it does not only contain advice and appeals, the way it is delivered also has its own characteristics, besides that rhymes generally consist of four lines or rhymes are also known as arrays, where each line consists of 8-12 syllables because at first the pantun was not written down but delivered orally.

For this reason, each line in the rhyme is made as short as possible, but still dense in content. For this reason, each line in a rhyme generally consists of 8-12 syllables. Pantun also has abab or aaaa rhymes, not aabb or abba.

Specifically for rhymes, the rhyme form is usually abab or has the same sound between the first and third lines of the rhyme and the second and fourth lines or between sampiran and content.

Another uniqueness of pantun that makes it easy for listeners and readers to remember is that as a type of old poetry, pantun is also equipped with an introduction that is not only witty but also poetic at the same time.

In addition to having the general characteristics as above, in terms of its content, the rhyme of advice has the following characteristics:

  • Contains messages / advice / morals to be better.
  • Serves to spread various good values ​​and manners related to everyday life.
  • Sometimes it contains commands such as: stay away, don’t, prohibited, should, preferably.
  • Used in events such as recitation, teaching and learning activities etc.

Those are some of the characteristics of the poetry of advice. After discussing the characteristics of rhyme for advice, the next discussion is an example of rhyme for advice.

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Collection of Examples of Pantun Advice and Their Meanings

Pantun advice has a moral value that can provide inspiration. This inspiration can be in the form of moral inspiration which is a guide for someone or a rhyme reader, to learn to be even better. Not only that, the rhyme of advice seems to have the function of spreading various values ​​of virtue and manners about many good things related to our daily lives. Here are some examples of poetry advice:

1. Pantun Advice About Maintaining Health

Before going shopping
Exercise first to be healthy
If you have been working for too long
The body needs rest

Meaning: Don’t push yourself too hard at work and you must always remember your own health.

Take a trip to Bekasi
Buy odeng five thousand.
Don’t forget to eat nutritious food
to maintain health

Meaning: Health is important and must be maintained. One way to maintain health is to eat foods that are nutritious and rich in protein and vitamins.

Go on vacation to your uncle’s house
and learn culture and dance.
Nothing is more comfortable
than taking care of your own health

Meaning: There is nothing happier than having a healthy body and avoiding disease

Go to the market to buy camphor.
Go home on a straight road.
Keep that distance.
The virus keeps running away

Meaning: By keeping our distance, we have reduced the risk of getting the virus

Buy fruit at the Sunday market
Don’t forget to buy duku
Don’t forget to always exercise
So that happiness is always present

Meaning: Exercise is one of the activities that can nourish the body and make oneself happy.

2. Pantun Advice to Be Successful

My uncle is a farmer.
Have a garden, have a field
Come on, read a book today
So that the future will be brighter

Meaning: That’s because books are windows to the world. So, to achieve a bright future, you can start by liking reading books.

At school there is a handsome young man
Leaving early so hasty
If procrastinating work
Only late words will remain

Meaning: The sooner the better is one of the expressions that illustrates that procrastinating a job is not very good.

Build a house with bricks.
There will be a lot of expenses that will appear.
Whatever is our goal,
hopefully one day it will come true

Meaning: Always believe in yourself that one day you can become a successful person.

There are ducks in the river
Ducks swim normally
Don’t relax too much
Success will not be felt

Meaning: Never stop working hard. Because by working hard you can get success.

Many small fish in the ditch
Don’t forget to take it with a filter
Happiness is very necessary
To get success

Meaning: Never get bored to always be happy because happiness is one of the keys to success. Are you happy today? If you are not happy, find your happiness soon!

Playing at a friend’s house to borrow a top
The house is in the middle of the city
Everyone has their own path to success
Just go with it and focus on our path

Meaning: Inside you need to instill a sense of belief that in the future success will come to you. Believing in yourself will add zest to one’s life.

When we are going through a difficult time, we should not be disappointed and give up. Believe that later we will achieve success and this can be read by Sinaumed’s in the book I Never Give Up by Stella Ernes.

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3. Pantun Life Advice

In the yard there are scissors
Used to cut paper
Old people’s advice is very important
For a straight path of life

Meaning: The messages that parents give will always be useful for us. Therefore, always listen to the advice of parents.

There’s a crocodile hiding in the cave.
Avoiding is the right choice.
Listen to your parents’ advice
. So you can become strong

Meaning: Don’t give up in life. Therefore, you should often hear advice from parents.

He is playing
While his father is driving
If life must be confident
In order to have the courage to always accompany

Meaning: Someone who has self-confidence will always be brave in doing something.

The grandfather had inherited a dagger
Guarded carefully
Do not be arrogant Abandoned
friends that’s for sure

Meaning: Arrogance is one of the bad qualities. Arrogance can keep you away from other people. Therefore, avoid being arrogant so that you have many friends.

Fresh meat at Pasar Jakarta
Bought for events
Never get tired of reading
Smart comes by itself

Meaning: The more you read, the more knowledge you can get.

A healthy pattern at a young age
It will be healthier if you continue to work
A face that is always cheerful
Will make people around us happy

Meaning: Never get bored to make others happy.

There are bees, there are moths
There are stones, there are also clay
When tired feels very
Give yourself a sense of enthusiasm

Meaning: For those of you who are feeling tired, take a break to calm your heart and mind.

Going for a walk to buy yarn.
The items you choose must be strong.
If you want to always win,
you must be the best and passionate

Meaning: Always enthusiastic and always trying to be the best is the key to achieving victory.

Take a trip to marine tourism.
The scenery is filled with rocks.
Plan something in advance
so that the results are on time

Meaning: If you want something, it should be well prepared and planned. This is important to do in order to minimize the occurrence of errors.

Go to East Java to buy soto tripe
Don’t forget to buy it for
your aunt Don’t be mean
To always have company

Meaning: Being a good person will make you have many friends. So, you have to become a good person as soon as possible.

At the airport there is a safe deposit box
Don’t forget to give congratulations
Never be someone else
If you are already great yourself

Meaning: Be yourself in doing something so others know that you are great.

4. Poems of Love Advice

Healthy life at a young age
Drinking water has many benefits
He will be happy
if you are with him

Meaning: A couple in love will always be happy if they always live side by side. This is because when living side by side, it is difficult to feel happy together and every problem is also solved together.

Cook chicken rica-rica with pepper. Use chili.
The taste is the same.
The word perfect doesn’t need to exist.
To be able to accept each other

Meaning: Nothing is perfect in this world. Therefore, every human being is advised to be able to complement and accept each other.

There is an event to perform the Saman Dance.
The movements must be learned first.
Choose him who makes your heart comfortable.
So that you will belong to him later

Meaning: Being yourself is very important, especially in romance because to build a sense of love requires honesty from within.

There are lots of cypress trees in the forest.
There are also reptiles.
Let’s not pretend to be each other.
Act as if nothing happened

Meaning: Mutual openness is the key to a harmonious relationship. Every time there is a problem with a lover should be discussed and resolved properly.

There are women and men
helping each other, not patronizing
I don’t know what phase of life they are entering
Make sure the family has approved

Meaning: If you have received the blessing of your parents, whatever problems you face will be easily resolved. One way to get your parents’ approval is to love them.

Getting married requires careful planning.
Especially when you have found a partner to pursue.
Be grateful to the people who come.
Because of them, we can learn.

Meaning: From the past there will be many useful lessons in the future. Likewise people who have been present in someone’s past there must be a lesson to be learned.

The nights are full of stars
There’s only one bright moon too
It’s okay if pain comes
So we can learn something precious

Meaning: Every experience in life will always provide valuable lessons. So, never underestimate every life experience.

Sinaumed’s can find various other love rhymes in the book The Greatest collection of love rhymes written by Harry Iwak Sapi below.


5. Study Advice Pantun

Go to the Sunday market, buy new shoes and
buy camphor at the same time
. Listen to the advice of mothers and fathers,
so that assignments are always good

Meaning: Listening to the teachers at school is one way to get a satisfactory grade. With this, parents will look happy because they see their children are smart.

Playing mighty robots
While playing
If you want to be a champion
, be active in learning the key

Meaning: If you want to be the class winner, then study hard so that you can become the class winner. Being a class champion is one thing to be proud of yourself and your parents.

There is a beautiful, olive-skinned child.
His face turns into a memory.
Learning will not get you lost
. It will make it easier to get through challenges

Meaning: Never be lazy to learn so you can get through various obstacles. The more obstacles you pass, it means that you are someone who wants to learn.

Went to the pond to fish.
Bringing catfish home.
Parents are happy
when their children are studying

Meaning: A child should make his parents happy. One way to make your parents happy is by taking education so that your knowledge will increase.

Travel to fishing trips.
Departure by motorbike.
Don’t forget about education.
Because knowledge increases there

Meaning: By taking education, the knowledge we have will increase so that it will be beneficial for life.

Buy books at the Johar market.
Buy not just one.
If you want to be smart
, always study hard

Meaning: Never be lazy to learn because by being lazy to learn because by learning someone will get smarter.

6. Pantun Hygiene Advice

Read a book, drink coffee,
freshly brewed hot coffee.
Don’t throw garbage in the river.
The river will always be clean

Meaning: The more people who throw garbage into the river can cause river water to be polluted. Therefore, don’t throw garbage into the river if you want to see a clean river.

Eucalyptus oil is used on the body.
Don’t forget to apply it many times.
Always remember the cleanliness of the environment.
A clean environment pleases the heart

Meaning: Always keep clean! If we see a clean environment, we definitely want to linger in that environment. So, to maintain cleanliness requires cooperation from various parties.

Playing with kites makes you happy
. Especially playing together.
Dispose of trash in its place.
Clean environment is maintained

Meaning: Never litter! Garbage that is disposed of in its place can maintain the quality and cleanliness of the environment itself. So, have you disposed of trash in its place?


7. Educational Advice Pantun

It’s good to drink milk in the morning
So that your health is always maintained
Never get tired of reading books
Because books are windows to the world

Meaning: Read books often to increase your insight

Go to the market on a motorbike.
Go home and buy a batagor.
If you want to get smarter
, never be lazy to study

Meaning: By diligently studying, we will become smart people

Eat rendang with rice
The rice is warm rice
To achieve dreams
Must study with enthusiasm

Meaning: A dream will be achieved if we study with enthusiasm

Go to school accompanied by mother.
Go home on foot
. Be diligent in reading
so that your goals can be achieved

Meaning: Reading is one of the activities so that goals can be achieved

8. Pantun Advice for Children

Mr. Budi went to live in Bali
Every morning diligent exercise
You must be a dutiful child
So that parents love more

Meaning: A child who is devoted to his parents will get more affection

Take a walk to the market in the morning
When you go home, buy meranti cakes.
Don’t forget to brush your teeth while taking a bath.
So that your teeth don’t get hollow anymore

Meaning: By brushing your teeth, cavities can be prevented

9. Pantun Advice Religion

Buy salak, buy kedongdong,
buy it at the Kramat Jati market.
Never be arrogant
to avoid heart disease

Meaning: having an arrogant nature can bring up heart disease

Drink water in the morning
Eat vitamin-rich fruit
Fasting Ramadan is coming soon
Don’t forget to forgive each other

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Meaning: By forgiving each other, Ramadan fasting can be lived in full calm

Go to school with provisions.
The provision is in the form of vegetables.
Be diligent in continuing to do good deeds
. So that the rewards will continue to flow

Meaning: Charity is one of the activities that can give us a reward

10. Examples of Other Advice Poems

Buy lemons at Pak Petrus.
Eat them together with Ms. Yum.
Take advantage of your study time
and make your parents smile

Meaning: Study diligently so that you can please your parents with your achievements

Anyit likes milk coffee.
Drink coffee together.
Get used to reading books
, because they are windows to the world

Meaning: Be diligent in reading books, because books are windows to the world

Watching football with Galuh
Galuh loves the MU football group.
Don’t complain in life.
Remember your parents’ hard work
Meaning: Don’t complain too much and appreciate the hard work of your parents who always try to make you happy

Joni is a regular winner
even though his hobby is sleeping soundly.
Collecting homework on time
So he can go to class

Meaning: Always be diligent in doing your homework so you don’t miss class

My father is a farmer
Working every day in the fields
Let’s learn today
For a brighter future

Meaning: Learn every day to get a bright future

Joni fishes at dawn
Comes home with lots of fish
Those who study hard
will definitely be successful later

Meaning: People who study diligently from an early age will definitely gain success later

Small children playing with stones
Large stones are thrown into the well
Learning does not know time
Also does not know age

Meaning: Learn all the time, regardless of age. Whenever it’s never too late and never feel tired

Sunday shopping to the market
Buying vegetables and rice
Every day study hard
so that in the future you will become a smart person

Meaning: Study diligently so that one day you will become a smart person

Participate in competitions and lose Go
home and heart upset
When you were young, be diligent at school
So that when you are old you won’t regret it

Meaning: Don’t play truant at school, so you won’t regret it when you’re old. School time is not only a fun time where we play, it’s also a place where we study. Study well!

Running around spurring time
Staying behind the train cars
Put education at number one
For the progress of the nation and state

Meaning: Put Education as a priority for the advancement of the nation and state of Indonesia

Have fun going on vacation to Blitar
Don’t want to go home in a hurry
If you want to be a smart child
Learn and thank teachers

Meaning: Study hard and don’t forget to thank the teachers and gentlemen who have patiently taught us

At seven o’clock in the morning have entered the class
Doing a task that is quite complicated
Seeking knowledge must be sincere
Realize your dreams as high as the sky

Meaning: Study sincerely and make your goals come true

Take a walk to Bali
Went far away looking for various toys
To God we return
Ask for prayer and forgiveness

Meaning: Please pray and forgive Him, because to God we will return

In the morning the farmers come to sow the rice.
The rice grows and is watered.
If you want to live in peace
, never forget to pray

Meaning: Worship, if you want to live in peace

Joni goes to school late
Until the teacher scolds
Never leave prayer
In order to continue to receive divine blessing

Meaning: Don’t forget to pray, so that you will continue to receive the pleasure of the divine

Dani likes to get carried away
so that she forgets who she really is.
Be enthusiastic about continuous learning.
Later you will pick the fruit

Meaning: Study diligently from now on, later you will reap the results

Buy mangoes with Tania
Tania buys four mangoes.
Don’t get tired of praying
, I’m sure it will be granted at the right time

Meaning: Pray always, and believe your prayer will be answered now or later, at the right time

Joni plays with Yusa
but forgets to invite Firman
Never underestimate fasting
because fasting is one of the pillars of faith

Meaning: Don’t underestimate fasting because fasting is one of the pillars of faith

When you go camping, don’t forget to bring your tent.
The tent that belongs to Dima.
Don’t delay the gift of charity.
Do the fifth pillar of faith.

Meaning: Always do good deeds, and fulfill your fifth pillar of faith

Writing poetry with full of questions
Soon there are guests
Say the name of the idol in front of Him
Who knows he is your soul mate

Meaning: Say the name of the person you care about during worship, so that he will be closer to you

Going to the supermarket to buy olive oil
Arriving at the supermarket lots of children playing
Always maintain good manners
To be respected by others

Meaning: Maintain good manners so that others respect them

The iron is old.
A foam mattress will be made.
Don’t disobey your parents’ orders.
Because it will add to your sins

Meaning: Don’t fight against your parents because you are disobedient and add to your sins

Mr. Yudi likes to meditate in caves.
Paper is burned to ashes.
Don’t like to lie to your parents
, because heaven is under your mother’s feet

Meaning: Don’t lie to your parents, because heaven is under your mother’s feet

Buy vegetables at Olga’s shop
Dear Olga is on break
Don’t forget to exercise
To keep your body in good health

Meaning: Regular exercise will keep your body healthy

Vacation to Batu on Sunday.
Trying to get rid of anxiety.
Always eat on time
so that the body doesn’t get weak easily

Meaning: Eat on time so that the body is always fit and healthy

Joni likes running,
Budi likes to sculpt.
Take care of your daily diet
so that your body is healthy

Meaning: So that the body is always in good health, take care of your daily diet

All the side dishes are gone.
A plate of sweets is left.
Since now, be diligent in worship
. Surely one day you will get heaven

Meaning: Worship from now on so that one day you will enter heaven

Bring fishing bait in a container.
Trap a crowd of fish with nets.
Align your intentions in worship.
So that you will be blessed and rewarded

Meaning: Always straighten your intentions when you are worshiping so that you will be more blessed and rewarded

Joni likes tendon meatballs.
The tendon meatballs use noodles and vegetables.
If you want to live safely
, always try to obey God’s commands

Meaning: If you want to live well, always obey God’s commands

Today is Tuesday
Tomorrow will change to Wednesday.
If you want to go to heaven,
remember worship number one

Meaning: Don’t forget the importance of worship so that one day you will enter heaven

Sunday night full of jokes
Relax while singing the guitar
Study while you are young
So that you will become a smart kid later

Meaning: Study diligently so that you become a smart child

Ride the train at night
Fast train goes fast
Be you brave child
Never hesitate and move on

Meaning: Be a brave child and don’t hesitate

A girl with rosy cheeks
Wearing a pearl bracelet
To make your life full of meaning
Try to care about your siblings

Meaning: Always care about siblings

Snails are easy to chase
They can’t run fast
Knowledge is gained by learning
But you have to wholeheartedly

Meaning: Study wholeheartedly

White white jasmine flowers
Grow near the basil tree
Whoever is humble
His degree will be high

Meaning: A humble person undoubtedly has a higher degree

Golden bananas are taken to sail
Cook one in a coffin
Gold debt can be paid
Debt is brought to death

Meaning: Material debts can be paid, debts of gratitude cannot

Red roses, white jasmine,
Orchid flowers have many uses.
Let’s make it a habit to live clean.
Dispose of trash in its place

Meaning: Make it a habit to always dispose of trash in its place

Pantun Advice contains various kinds of life advice that we can apply. However, rhymes of advice only become rhymes, if we don’t apply them in everyday life. Therefore, after reading the pantun’s advice, we need to train ourselves to apply the advice that comes from the rhyme.

Those are some examples of pantun advice that have been grouped, so it will be easy for you to find the advice you need. After reading the pantun advice, hopefully the values ​​about life that are obtained will continue to increase. So, do you already have your own rhyme of advice?