Collection of examples of limericks with various themes and very funny

Examples of Limerick Pantun – sinaumedian must have often heard of short poems like this? This short poem is called pantun.
What, really, is the poem? Pantun is one of the oldest forms of poetry. According to tradition, this rhyme was originally delivered orally. The origin of the word pantun itself is from the Minangkabau language: “Patuntun” or means guide. Here’s an example:

Mr. Markum has breakfast.
Eat bread with porridge.
Assalamualaikum, good morning.
We are cheerful, our hearts are grateful.

Pantun is an oral tradition belonging to the Malay community which later spread throughout Indonesia. Malay here means covering the entire island of Sumatra, including Padang and Riau, and the Malaysian peninsula.

Initially, rhymes were a form of oral literature, but now many rhymes have been transformed into written forms. Pantun is also known to be in the song too.

Actually, pantun is not only known in the Malay area. Poetry such as rhymes are also known in the Betawi, Javanese, or Sundanese communities, and also among other ethnic groups.

For example, in Kalimantan there are rhymes from the Banjar and Dayak regions. There are also rhymes from Batak, Tapanuli, Bali, Makassar, and there are still other tribes that recognize rhymes in their culture. Of course, in these areas pantun is known by a different name.

As old poetry, pantun has certain general rules. Although not stiff, but usually not far off the mark.

Characteristics and structure of the poem

There are several characteristics of how a verse of poetry is called pantun.

The first feature , there is no name of the creator, alias is always anonymous. The reason is that this rhyme is conveyed orally. Everyone can use this rhyme again at one time in the future, without having to give credit to the creator.

The second characteristic is that in a series or couplets or verses, the most common pantun consists of 4 lines or arrays, but there are also types of rhymes that are shorter or known as karmina.

The third characteristic is that each line of this rhyme usually consists of 8 to 12 syllables.

The next feature , namely the final rhyme of a rhyme is abab. The beauty of the rhyme apart from the words that are strung together, also comes from the rhyme or rhyme at the end.

Rima means the repetition of sound types at the end of a rhyme line. The rhyme or rhyme of this rhyme must be in the form of an abab. Cannot be replaced with aabb, or abba. Yes, this rhyme is very important because rhymes are originally in oral form, so they have to be very interesting when they are spoken.

If in the first two sentences or sampiran the ending sounds in the first line sounds like “a”, then the second sentence sounds like “b”.

Then in the two ending sentences of the rhyme, the final sound in the third line sounds similar to the first sentence, and in the second rhyme sentence the final sound is similar to the ending sound of the second sentence. So the final rhyme is: abab.

There are two parts to the pantun structure, namely the sampiran and the contents. The first two lines are called sampiran or opening.

Sampiran provides an introduction to listeners, how the rhythm and rhyme of the rhyme in the contents will sound.
Sampiran sometimes has nothing to do with the content. However, there are several rhymes whose function is as an opening or shadow before heading to the main problem. Then the next two lines are the contents or intent of the pantun itself. So, the essence of the poem is in the last two lines.

This is one of the limericks that is a little old.

People weave while sitting.
If you have, take it to the hall.
Seeing a cock wearing horns,
Came a weasel asking for peace.

There are 4 lines. The rhyme at the end of this pantun is abab: sit (a), balai (b), horns (a), and peace (b). Each line consists of 9-10 syllables. That chicken, which is often the victim of a weasel, can be very afraid of its predators (weasels), when the chicken shows its strength, which is represented by using horns. Although these horns are clearly fake, the weasel still doesn’t take any chances, and invites the chickens to make peace. Funny?

But, in this poem there is a valuable lesson. Make yourself like you have the power that your enemies fear. Then believe that you are strong enough or have the ability to defeat your enemy. So, it’s not impossible that your enemies will be reluctant and even afraid of you. So it’s like “fake it ’till you make it”.

Pantun Lightning or Karmina

There is also an instant edition of one type of rhyme, which only consists of 2 lines like this: Fat
drum, harp strings,
Full stomach, happy heart.

Another name for the rhyme form above is karmina, or lightning rhyme. Karmina is also part of old poetry and is an oral literature. The rhyme or rhyme of this lightning rhyme is similar, because it only has 2 lines, namely aa.

For example, the example of karmina above, the lute and the heart. The first line is the cover, and the second line is the rhyme. This rhyme contains things that are commonly known, when the stomach is full, the heart is definitely happy. Compare the mood when the stomach is hungry, the default will definitely want to grumble all the time, right.

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At that time, Karmina was a little less popular than rhymes, and they were only spoken occasionally to convey advice or make fun of her in a subtle way. However, in this day and age, it seems that many people have chosen to use this lightning rhyme style as a joke as well. Maybe, because it’s only two lines, it looks easier to make.

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Types of Poems

There are several types of poetry that are known.

  1. Pantun about customs that tells about customs and culture;
  2. Religious rhymes, containing life advice based on religion;
  3. Pantun mind which contains advice about the manners that we should apply in life;
  4. Children’s rhymes, of course the contents are for listeners who are still children, usually about advice;
  5. Heroic rhymes tell about heroism or heroic spirit.
  6. Trading rhymes, not about trading profits and losses, but usually to tell the fate or story of someone who has
  7. migrating or people who are less fortunate;
  8. The rhyme of joy contains the joy of the speaker or the moment when he recites the rhyme;
  9. Condolences, usually to describe life’s difficulties, for example about financial circumstances or impartial fate;
  10. Love rhymes or love rhymes, which contain expressions of one’s feelings for another person;
  11. Separation rhymes or divorce rhymes, the contents of which are about the feeling of losing someone;
  12. Pantun proverbs, about proverbs or proverbs to advise;
  13. Friendship rhyme contains stories of friendship; And
  14. Limerick.

Of all, perhaps the most popular is the limerick. Currently, almost everyone uses limericks or sometimes some use karmina. Let’s talk about limericks.

Fried bakwan plus tofu,
be careful of getting hit by oil.
sinaumedian want to know?
Come on, now let’s listen!

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Meaning of Limerick

From the name alone, we already understand that the limerick is clearly a poem that contains humor. The goal is to entertain people who hear. Just like any pantun in general, it has a sampiran and a content section, rhymes with abab (or aa, if the pantun consists of two lines), and remains anonymous.

So the meaning of limerick is one type of rhyme that contains humor and aims to entertain those who hear it.

Sometimes the sampiran part has nothing to do with it, but it is not impossible that there is humor in it and is related to the content of the rhymes.

The contents of the limericks also vary. Some of them are just plain jokes. There are also those who use this limerick to satirize, or reply to satire.

Or, rhyme riddles that are used to make guesses, and rhymes to answer guesses. And because the contents of this rhyme can invite a big smile, limericks will be very useful to break the ice.

Or if the atmosphere is indeed fluid, throwing limericks at each other will add to the warmth of the event.
Anyway, instead of only being able to carry feelings that will be baper when someone rhymes to insinuate or make jokes about us, it’s better to prepare rhymes to reply.

By reciprocating rhymes, we learn to think quickly and responsively in composing a series of sentences that rhyme beautifully, are full of jokes, are definitely not SARA, but are solid in content and right on target.

Characteristics of Limerick Poems

Basically the characteristics of limericks are almost the same as the characteristics of rhymes in general. Then what are the characteristics of limericks? The characteristics of limericks are as follows:

There are 4 Rows

The first feature, the limerick which contains very interesting words has 4 lines. Actually, it is almost the same as rhymes in general, but in limericks the lines shown tend to lead to humor or antics.

Have abab Rhyme Pattern

The second feature, the rhyme pattern in the limerick is abab. These rhymes that have the same sound make the limerick not only funny, but also pleasant to read or listen to.

There is a cover and content

The third feature is that the limerick has a sarong and content. However, in the sampiran section, it can be said that it is quite difficult to make because it requires the ability to compose witty or funny words. Meanwhile, in terms of content, it definitely has to be funny because the name itself is a limerick. Even though it is funny, it still doesn’t leave moral values ​​or life messages.

There are 8-12 syllables in a line

The fourth feature, one line of limerick has 8-12 syllables. Therefore, when making limericks, it should be as short as possible so that it remains funny and its meaning is easily accepted.

Those are the characteristics of limericks, hopefully by knowing the characteristics you can make limericks. To make it easier to make limericks, then you can see examples of limericks in the next discussion.

Example of Limerick Pantun

Below will be explained quite a lot of examples of limericks that you can know.

1. Limerick and its meaning

Want to see examples of other limericks that people have known for a long time?

When crabs come to the swamp
Leeches go down into the river.
When monkeys are laughing,
their faces are clearly very funny

The monkey doesn’t just laugh, he looks funny, especially when he laughs.

Tamarind kandis tamarind
One crate in the train
If grandma is old
My heart is still love

The husband’s seduction to his partner, that even though he is old, don’t worry, the love in his heart is only for his beloved wife.

Here is empty there is empty
There is no tobacco stick
I’m not telling a lie
There is a frog carrying a buffalo

Obviously “the me” is lying. How can a small frog carry a buffalo?

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Snakehead fish in the swamps
Eel stuck in the net
My stomach hurts from laughing
Dentures jump onto the plate

About someone who wears dentures, but the dentures don’t cooperate so they jump onto the plate while the owner is eating.

There are still some other limericks. In the past, jokes were usually about other creatures, very little about other people, perhaps fearing that they would offend others. But now, it has shifted. Many limericks contain jokes or tell the funny situation of a friend. Like what? Here are some examples of rhymes and quick witty rhymes!

2. Limerick 2 Lines

Eyebrows are eyebrows
How are you, brow?

Going to Tanah Abang to buy longan tomatoes
Alhamdulillah, brother is healthy, sis!

3. Examples of Limerick rhymes with the theme of Friends (friendship)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Everyone is beautiful,
But my best friend is only you.

Rotten vegetables must be thrown away.
Then take two cloves of onions.
If friends are like money,
the real fake is quite dreamy.

Sunday went to the market
On the way met the mouse deer
Friendship is not a big thing
But about a million little things

To the forest for firewood,
Long walk until evening;
Haven’t heard from you for a long time.
When I got the news, I wanted to owe you

At seventeen there was a parade.
Everyone watched it together. Everywhere
they took their gadgets,
they always asked for the Wi-Fi password.

Two three tableau shows
My best friend is good but still single

4. Examples of Limerick Riddles or Guesses

Black cat is eating
Little boy playing tamiya
If I’m just in the corner
Why can I travel the world?

Answer: stamps

On this object we thank
On the classroom wall it perches neatly
It’s black when it’s clean
And dirty when it’s white

Answer: blackboard

Go to the bath, clean the feet.
Go to the market to sell.
What thing has four legs.
One body but doesn’t walk?

Answer: table

5. An example of Limerick with the theme of Love

Eat lanting, use barbecue sauce.
I have nothing, if I don’t have you.

Four times four equals sixteen
I’m insecure if you don’t reply to my WhatsApp

There’s a cracker eating contest.
Drinking milk makes you healthy.
Who says my girlfriend is fat?
That’s so it’s easier to see

There is a Korean drama called Dong-Yi
Watch while drinking tea and sugar
Love should be like baby shampoo
Contains “no tears” formula

6. An example of Limerick on the theme of education

There was a honey bee,
Perched on an acacia tree.
School is like opium,
if it’s not expensive.

Every morning, you drink
bitter herbs. Bitter herbs are brought by guests.
Always follow your heart.
Don’t forget to bring your brain

Playing on the beach, finding shells
Playing in the tabebuya picking garden
Why think about what people say
People don’t remember what they say

7. Example of Limerick Education (About financial literacy)

Eat duku while guarding the goal,
Go home to eat mangosteen.
My wallet contains onions.
Every time I open it, I cry.

Sparrows sticking out on a branch
The rain is slowly dripping
Wealth is only entrusted by God
May we be entrusted with a lot of people

So a handyman with makeshift tools,
Hit nails only with a hammer.
Remember, money is not everything.
Just make sure you have plenty of money at all times

The convict let go and run away.
The winding road up the hill.
My body is tired, I want to sleep.
But my wallet is empty. I need money

The kite got stuck and the pole was taken.
The broken pole was thrown where did it go? When you buy it,
money isn’t a problem

There is a cupboard filled with badges.
An upright cupboard in the house.
Humans can plan.
Without money, everything can be canceled.

Early morning walk carrying a gallon,
Trapped in a hole in the middle of the road.
If money doesn’t grow on trees,
why do banks have so many branches?

8. Example of Cool Limerick on the Theme of Education (health)

Go swimming into the deep sea,
Paper flowers get a butterfly.
If it’s not good to eat late at night,
why does the refrigerator have a light?

Home, office, abbreviated as rukan.
In front of the children playing tops.
If sports were as easy as eating,
now I must be slim

9. Examples of Limerick Children

Watching Si Unyil’s TV show
Watching it while laying down
Good childhood memories
Never receiving bills

One point two comma,
You are beautiful and loved by Mama

On a cempaka tree branch
Perched on a finches
Even though I’m not good at math,
I’m good at counting money.

Buy bunder-bunder tomatoes.
Cook pasta with olives.
Sometimes I feel inferior.
My friends are good at making rhymes

10. Limerick 4 Lines

Buy fruit at the Jakarta market
Don’t forget to buy tomatoes
So people don’t forget often
Because forgetting means not remembering

Sunday go swimming
Swim with friends
Your head will be dizzy
If you don’t get your monthly salary

Eat catfish with anchovy sauce.
Don’t forget the fresh vegetables.
Your heart will feel lonely
if you don’t have a partner

11. Very funny witty rhymes

Go to Tebet station.
Continue to Tanah Abang.
Who isn’t afraid
to see a flying cockroach ?

Come home from school, play kite
Mind will be confused
when you see a frog talking

12. Limerick for Elementary Children (school)

Early in the morning, drink herbal medicine.
Herbal medicine brand “Buyung Upi”.
Continue to study knowledge
for provision for old age

After school straight home
Arriving at home straight to eat
Be a friendly person
Always have lots of friends

Go to the zoo
Go with your parents
If you want to be a winner
Never give up

A squirrel eating a mulberry fruit.
If there is a “Hi” time, there must be a “Bye” time.
So, sinaumedian, that’s a glimpse of cool limericks. Hopefully it can be of use, yes.

If there is a well in the field,
can we take a bath?
If there is a long time,
can we chant again

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