56 Funny Javanese Poems That Make Your Day Fun

Funny Javanese rhymes – In Indonesian society, you must be familiar with the term rhymes because since elementary school we have known rhymes in Indonesian lessons. Pantun is generally known as a type of old poetry which is very famous in the archipelago and allied neighboring countries.

Pantun as part of literature has various forms and types and even has its own characteristics in several regions. As in Java, rhymes are known as parikan, as part of traditional rhymes. Pantun as part of a literary work also has a function as a medium to express the contents of the heart and mind through oral and written forms.

Besides that, rhymes also have a function as a means to entertain the heart through the choice of witty words and it is not uncommon for rhymes to be used as part of an art performance because they are considered to have cultural elements in some areas.

In Javanese, we will know pantun as a medium of entertainment because of the use of Javanese regional language vocabulary which is funny and very entertaining to hear.

So, for that, Sinaumed’s friends can understand more about rhymes, especially rhymes in Javanese, which can cheer up the mood of Sinaumed’s friends who are upset or have hard days. Therefore, in this discussion, we have summarized various information related to rhymes in Javanese that can make your days fun and happy.

Further discussion regarding Funny Javanese Poems can be seen below!

Meaning of Pantun

Before discussing further examples of rhymes in funny Javanese, it’s a good idea for Sinaumed’s friends to also listen to information related to the meaning of rhymes in general first!

Pantun is a form of writing that is bound by rules. In the past Pantun was oral literature, people used to rhyme together. They say it verbally without thinking. But over time, now we also find written poetry.

Haji Ibrahim Datuk Kaya Muda Riau, a writer who lived at the same time as Raja Ali Haji, was the first person to write this oral literature. The first pantun anthology is entitled “Persatuan Pantun Melayu”.

The main characteristic of pantun is that it does not include the name of the author (anonymous). This is because Pantun is spread by word of mouth.

Pantun is also an ancient poem that is read in the archipelago. Almost all regions have rhymes. Pantun itself comes from the Minangkabau language. The original word is pantun, which translates to “guide”.

In simple terms, pantun is a type of ancient poetry that is widely known throughout the archipelago. Each region has a name that is almost familiar, namely “Pantun”, but has a different expression depending on the region. The word pantun is found in several different languages ​​in the archipelago, Tagalog (watch), Javanese (guidance), toba (rhyme), have the same meaning, namely regular expressions, a form of unity, an educational direction.

The interesting thing about the word pantun is that in Simalungun it means satire, whereas in Sundanese the word Sisindiran means a form of poetry known as pantun. The term Pantun in Central Java is called Parikan, in the Toraja area Pantun is known as Bolingoni. Pantun is often used in Makassar traditional arts, including: kelong-kelong, Banyuwangi: Gandrung, Banjarmasin: Ahui and Tricks in Surabaya: Ludruk, West Java: Doger songs.

So it can be said that most of the meanings of the word pantun agree with the arrangement or rules. The meaning of Pantun according to that given by RO Winsted is a Malaysian cultural scholar. RO Winsted argues:

Pantun is not just a combination of words with rhythm and rhyme, but a beautiful arrangement of words to describe warmth such as affection, love, longing and revenge from the speaker of the rhyme. Pantun can also contain critical and creative ideas or ideas as well as deep content in different meanings. Like the origin of words, pantun is actually a synonym of vocabulary built in relation to the conventional criteria of physical form and anonymous (anonymous) folk poetry. There are also people who say that the word pantun originally means like or similar.

There are also those who say that the word pantun comes from the word pantun (Minangkabau language) which means instructions for conveying advice based on oral literature to convey/pronounce quotes and proverbs that are known in the community.

Typically, a pantun consists of four lines (or four arrays if written), each containing 8-12 syllables and ending with the rhyme pattern abab and aaaa (not aabb or abba). Pantun was originally an oral literature, but now there are written rhymes. All pantun forms consist of two parts: cover and content.

The first two lines of sampiran are often related to nature (experiencing naturalization of the agricultural culture of the supporting community) and usually have nothing to do with the second part, which has a purpose other than to convey rhymes/poetry.

Until now, rhymes are still often used in offering ceremonies (proposals) and also in marriages. There is also used as a greeting to open and close events.

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Both in Java, Sundanese, Medan and other areas, the function of expressing thoughts and feelings in the form of rhymes is to educate the public as well as provide entertainment by playing the sound of language and providing satire as a warning against some inappropriate/bad actions.

But that doesn’t mean our society doesn’t have the power to say something. Pantun has its own style of conveying/expressing something to make it more memorable. When we advise or scold people who use rhymes they look more polite and those who scold don’t feel cornered or embarrassed. Thus the explanation that we can describe about the meaning of pantun in various regions, hopefully it can add to our knowledge.

The Role of Pantun Function

As a means of preserving language, Pantun acts as a guardian of the function of words and the ability to continue the flow of thought. Pantun trains someone to think about the meaning of words before speaking. It also trains associative thinking that one word can be linked to another. Socially, pantun still has a strong social mission to this day.

Pantun is universally appreciated by today’s youth. The pantun shows the speed of human thinking and playing with words. But in general, the social role of pantun is a means to improve message delivery.

The closeness of social values ​​and pantun even comes from the philosophy of the pantun itself. The pantun custom of not skipping rhymes is a philosophy related to rhymes. This proverb shows that pantun is related to social values ​​and not just imagination.

The spirit of the essence of the rhyme becomes the guide for the rhyme. This declaration emphasizes the role of pantun as a guardian and medium of culture in conveying and supporting societal values.

Meanwhile, rhymes in Minangkabau culture are used in various traditional events. For example, at Manjapuik Maraplai (groom meeting), Batagak Gala (title coronation ceremony), Batagak Penghulu (prince coronation) or other traditional ceremonial speeches.

Poems in Tradition

A tradition of expression that is generally unwritten and often humorous in content, the so-called “pantun” is a traditional art widespread in the mostly Malay areas of Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and the Indonesian archipelago.

Some of the “pantun” performances are narrative in nature; For example, the Kentrung tradition in Central and East Java uses the pantun structure to tell stories about religious history or local history accompanied by drums.

Basically, most of Indonesia’s traditional literature forms the basis of complex performances of various genres, such as West Sumatra’s “Randai” Minangkabau region, which combines music, dance, drama, and martial arts in a spectacular ceremonial mix.

Examples of pantun in Javanese

Pantun does not only function as a messenger, but often becomes entertainment in itself with words that are pleasant to hear.

Especially if the poem contains humor. Funny rhymes can make the atmosphere smooth, fun and unforgettable.

There are some funny rhymes that can make you laugh. This happy moment will be even more unforgettable when you read funny rhymes in the local language. One of the most widely used regional languages ​​is Javanese. Javanese funny rhymes can still be funny.

After Sinaumed’s’ friends have listened to the meaning of rhyme, its function, and its position as part of literature in several traditions, let’s look at some examples of funny rhymes in Javanese which we hope can entertain you all, Sinaumed’s friends, as follows:

1. Buto ijo, leaving school

Ra nduwe bojo, no problem

2. Sego liwet, lawuhe jlantah

Sega rawon, less uyah.

Oh dear, when are you getting married,

Mawon’s boyfriend, kulo rang gaga.

3. Hold kloso, slow wong papat

Dino tuesday, let’s cheer up.

4. Gatotkoco manganese gombong,

Nek kekonco, ojo just trimo ndomblong.

5. Intention to work, don’t golek perkoro,

6. Intention to get fortune, don’t get rich,

7. The intention is to find dhuwit, not to find disease.

8. Some books, some knowledge,

As knowledge, as teacher.

9. Some teachers, some inventors,

Seje discoverer, seje sing lulled.

10. Urip kui pretends to be crowded, pretends to be quiet,

If you can do it, you can’t leave it for coffee.

11. Jenenge urip must have a trial,

Yen akeh saweran, kui jenge dangdutan.

12. Abdul Somad, lecture in East Java,

My body is strong, my heart is crying out.

13. Brambang harvest, housed in a godong

Wes is overdoing it dear, even being carried away by uwong.

14. Saiki dino kemis wayahe pay debts,

A man without a mustache is like a sky without stars.

15. Entut mambu riot,

Mlebu’s overdoing, lazy rep ndudut.

16. City Market, Monument Market,

Atiku is ambyar, mergo your slira.

17. Tuku gedang chips, green wraps,

Tiwas mbribik ngasi stayed up all night, broke wis nduwe bojo.

18. Sing iki flower, sing iku shard,

Sing kene sing dear, sing kono sing happy ending.

19. Jaran braids don’t know how fussy,

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It’s easy to get money, just go to the angel.

20. Japanese motorbikes are tenacious machines,

Borrowing money is easy, nagihe sing bulet.

21. Yen duwe jaran, ojo roughed up,

At first, he asked for advice, finally he was courted.

22. Yen basise wis male, not legitimately danced,

Yen uripmu wis fales, no need digitari.

23. Pring roof, wadhahe noodles,

The curry was nembung, even kneaded.

24. Can sing, can refine,

Can live, ora can match.

25. Golek Banyu Nang Riverside,

Dinggo Raup feels warm.

26. Kowe ojo change lali,

Mergo I love you so much.

27. Tumbas tamarind vegetables lali ra pay,

Keep mesem, senajan heart ambyar.

28. Ngarit suket, karo brakes,

Yen is not tight, I’m not marem.

29. The car crashes, ra isoh race,

Raine pale, do not eat breakfast.

30. Don’t spinach, lawuh crackers,

Disawang is calm, but my heart is broken.

31. Don’t remember not being beautiful,

What is missed is moving.

32. Tuku manganese, adohe tutuk German,

You don’t need to be charming, the important thing is to find food and clothing.

33. Crackling in a bucket,

Your nose is pug, your lambe is dower.

34. Neng pandan turns round,

Make a double call, bojone staff.

35. Kloso pandan taline limo,

Arepo shrimp, still macaryo.

36. Mangan peek, karo klopo,

Dadi wong urip, try.

37. Lungo herbal medicine shop

Order a gari siji limo

Grandma, I’m tresno marang sliramu

opo yo, I have to joke around with this

38. Say goodbye to Seturan

Jebule dolan n Nang Palagan

Senajan’s heart is still hungry

tangi saur must keep going

39. Sego bancaan dimaem Mas Rian

I don’t care if I’m a destination, I’m just going to run away

40. Neng Cedhak’s woodcutter, Pasar Triwindu

You are not alone, im here with you

41. Tuku onion kliru mrico

Wes overdo it dear…eee..mek is considered a sidekick

42. Grilled chicken tamarind vegetables, lambene mesem atine ambyar

43. Milkfish karo bread manganese

Fry peyek in the middle of the pan

Bojo is handsome and his heart is broken,

delicious, bad boy, please don’t like it

44. Flower yo flower, nek keno wind yo run away

Fight yo fight, grandma is not appreciated yo retreat

45. Cah wedok sangune powder,

ono cah boy untune gingsul

Kulo’s intention is badhe cedak,

Even though the wangsul arranged it, the real one was actually arranged by the wangsul

46. ​​Mount Talang, Mount Sumbing,

nyong sing struggle wong liya sing partner

Nek ngiwo yo ngiwo feels like a grandmother

Sing lungo yo lungo I miss you

47. Godong tales Godong durian,

Chat is not answered even though online

48. Neng playing dakon field with Paul Pogba

Tiwas tenanan ha, how come it seems like it’s broken, even if you try it

49. Dino the second week of the second

Sing missed why even double

50. Can dance

can not distill

Can live

can’t sing

51. Nang Magelang, ono Borobudur

Nek ra loved, yowes backwards

52. Godong klapa jengeklari, arep greet wedi being ignored

53. Nyangking klapa kiwe tengen, no greeting or no meaning no miss

54. Ana flower ketcep nails,

Grandma, my friend, I love my father’s friend

55. Nandur jae nang kills the house

no problem, no problem



That’s all for a brief discussion of the definition of funny rhymes in Javanese. The discussion this time does not only discuss the definition of humorous rhymes in Javanese, but also discusses further the meaning of rhymes, the role of pantun functions, rhymes in tradition, as well as examples of sarcasm sentences that Sinaumed’s friends can look at carefully.

Understanding the meaning of funny rhymes in Javanese gives us additional knowledge about various examples of rhymes in Indonesian literature, including funny rhymes, especially in Javanese, which can entertain all Sinaumed’s friends.

This is a review of the meaning of funny rhymes in Javanese. For Sinaumed’s who want to learn all about the meaning of pantun. And other knowledge related to language and literature, you can visit sinaumedia.com to get related books.

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Author: Pandu Akram

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