5 Examples of Poetry for Beloved Teachers

Poems for Beloved Teachers – Apart from parents, teachers are the most meritorious people in our lives. How not, school is the second place where we spend our childhood, youth, and adulthood. During that time, the teachers not only shared their knowledge with you, but also educated you to be good and useful human beings.

Without the teachings of a teacher, we would not be able to be who we are today. It doesn’t matter, as successful, as rich, or as great as we are today, you must not forget their services, let alone being bad to a teacher who once taught you.

In ancient times, our parents respected their teachers very much. Because of their respect, they even walked bent over and lowered their faces when passing a teacher. Nowadays, you really don’t need to do that just to show respect or thank the teacher who has educated you.

Instead, there are many ways you can show your respect and gratitude to them teachers. You can be nice in class, don’t fight back, respect him. Another way we can show our gratitude is to write a poem for our beloved teacher. However, before making a poem, you must first learn about poetry, and how to make it!

Definition of Poetry

The majority of us must have read poetry. Usually we read about it in online media, like Instagram posts. Apart from that, we also read poetry in poetry books or even Indonesian language textbooks.

Not only reading, some people with good writing skills are even able to compose their own poetry that is no less cool than popular writers or poets. Usually, if not kept to themselves, people also often send their poetry to various media for publication.

Although everyone has read poetry, few people really know, the true meaning of poetry. In general, poetry is an essay made to express the feelings of the maker. In contrast to short stories or writing in diaries, people who write poetry will express their feelings in poetic words that are simple but full of meaning.

Speaking of poetry and feelings, many people associate poetry with feelings of love. So, in this world there are indeed many love poems that have touching verses. Not infrequently, someone expresses feelings for the person he likes by sending a love poem, even reading it directly in front of the person he loves.

However, poetry is not only made with one theme. Besides love, poetry can also be a way to express other feelings that we feel. Starting from love, longing, anger, confusion, loneliness, not even a few people choose to express their hurt in a poem.

By writing poetry, a feeling can be expressed in a beautiful and touching way. Especially if you write poetry with all your heart, because anything that is made with all your heart will surely reach your heart. Be it the heart of the person you are aiming for, or any stranger who accidentally reads it.

Types of Poetry

Compared to other literary works, such as short stories or plays, poetry does seem simple. Usually a poem only consists of a few stanzas and short rhythmic sentences. Although it seems very simple, in fact, not all poetry is the same.

For those of you who don’t know, poetry is also divided into several types. These types of poetry are classified based on the way the poet wrote the poem and expressed his thoughts. Here are the types of poetry you need to know.

1. Narrative poetry

Narrative poetry is poetry that tells a story. Usually narrative poetry is inspired by the author’s own life. Narrative poetry is further divided into two types, namely ballads and romance.

Narrative poetry of the ballad type tells about a favorite character, and ballad poetry is made to express the author’s admiration for that character.

Meanwhile, narrative poetry of the romance type is the most common type of poetry, as well as being the most favorite. As the name implies, romance poetry is closely related to romanticism or love stories. This poem is very romantic, so romantic, in the past, romance poetry has become a powerful weapon for many men to express their feelings for the woman they love.

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2. Lyric poetry

If in narrative poetry, the poets express a feeling through narration or story. So in lyric poetry, poets express various feelings. Not just one, but several feelings.

Just like narrative poetry, lyric poetry is also divided into three types, namely serenade, elegy, and ode. Serenada is a type of lyric poetry that has many fans. In particular, the verses in this type of poetry are not only recited with rhythm, but also sung complete with musical accompaniment. In addition, serenad poetry is usually romantic poetry that tells about love.

If serenadas can make you fall in love, then elegies will make you weep. The reason is, an elegy is a poem whose content is a feeling of sadness felt by the author.

Lastly is a lyric poem in the form of an ode. Poetry of the ode type itself is a poem whose contents are words of praise for a certain character or situation in a place. Even so, most ode poems are created to show admiration for someone, especially great figures who have contributed.

In Indonesia, this type of poetry is dedicated to commemorating the services and courage of heroes in liberating Indonesia. So, when reading a poem that has the nuance of the author’s admiration or reminiscing about an event, then that is a pulis ode.

3. Descriptive poetry

Descriptive poetry is a type of poetry in which the poet expresses his impressions of an incident or a particular situation. Descriptive poetry is divided into two types. The first is satire and the second is social criticism.

Satire or satirical poetry is poetry whose content is an expression of the poet’s dissatisfaction with a condition. But to express dissatisfaction is not done openly with harsh and harsh words, but the poets express it with satire.

Similar to satirical poetry, social criticism poetry also contains the poet’s dissatisfaction with the current conditions and situation. But instead of expressing it with satire, poetry of social criticism openly reveals the problems that occur.

If ode poetry is used to express admiration, then social criticism and satirical poetry are used to express anger and disappointment. Not infrequently this poem is made to satirize the ruling government.

How to Make Poems for Your Beloved Teacher

After knowing what poetry is, and its types, now it’s your turn to learn how to make poetry for your beloved teacher. Yup , even though poetry looks so simple, you can’t make poetry carelessly in order to produce meaningful poetry. For those of you who are writing poetry for the first time, here’s how to make poetry that you can apply!

1. Start by Looking for Inspiration

All works start from inspiration, enlightenment, ideas, or whatever you call it. The point is inspiration, enlightenment, or an idea is a new thought that appears and makes us move to make something.

Usually inspiration, enlightenment, or ideas come from the environment around us, the closest people, or it could also be inspired by an incident in the past.

Just like other works, making poetry also starts from inspiration. Sometimes inspiration can just appear when we are pensive. But sometimes, inspiration must be sought.

If you want to write a poem about nature, you can look for inspiration in a garden, or anywhere close to nature.

If you want to write a poem for your beloved teacher, then you have to pay attention to your teacher or remember what happened. These events will provoke an inspiration that moves you to start writing poetry.

2. Finding Themes for Poetry

Found inspiration, now it’s time to find a theme. Finding the theme of poetry is actually not as difficult as finding inspiration. This is because usually the theme for the poem appears almost simultaneously with the inspiration you get.

For example, you are inspired by the environment, so you can take the theme of environmental damage or conversely admire the beauty of the Earth that God created. If you are inspired by the teachers at your school, then usually the theme of the poetry taken is about feelings of awe, or infinite gratitude.

3. Language style

Inspiration can be found, the theme has been found, the next step is to put the inspiration and the theme you get in writing. By the way, writing poetry is different from writing novels. Poetry has its own style of language, one of which is using figure of speech.

Figure of speech is a figurative word used to make a poem more meaningful. While the rhythm is the strains of sound that is done repeatedly. If figurative language makes a poem more meaningful, rhythm is used to evoke the emotions of those who listen to the poem. Whether it’s angry, happy, or sad emotions.

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4. Pay attention to diction and rhyme

Writing poetry cannot use just any words, considering that poetry is not only for telling stories, but also for evoking the emotions of those who read or hear it. For this reason, the use of diction is very important in making poetry. Diction is the choice of words, so it can be said that a good poem has the right set of words.

In addition to diction, rhyme is also important. Eits , even though the name is the same, the rhyme and rhythm are different. If you’ve read poetry often, you’ll notice that every line of poetry ends with the same letter. Well, the ending of the same letter is called rhyme.

Rhyme is very important in a poem because it makes the poem neater, it also makes us more creative in creating new and better stanzas.

5. Start Writing

Knowledge is of no use if it is not practiced. Instead of lots of theory, start writing right away. Write as soon as you get inspiration and a theme for your poem. Inspiration doesn’t always come from outside, but can also be obtained from things around you.

Just like all things, the ability to write will also get better the more it is sharpened. In the beginning, writing poetry was not easy. However, if you continue to hone it, the results will definitely be good in the end.

5 Examples of Poetry for Beloved Teachers by Famous Poets

Writing poetry, as discussed earlier, is not easy. For those of you who are still beginners in writing poetry, you must be confused. Confused where to start, confused also with the results. So that you have a little picture of good poetry, here are 5 examples of poetry for your beloved teacher by famous poets!

1. Poetry entitled “Hard Education” by Chairil Anwar

Hard Education

When I entered your class, I thought
what challenge would you give me
You gave me the motivation to pass it
And reject the weakness that doubts myself

You have truly opened my mind.
With your wisdom, hardness and decisiveness
you help me to see above
, find the goals that I need to achieve

You brought me out of my confusion
Thank you for your hard work
What you teach will grow me
Your concern really touches my heart and mind

I will always remember your jeweran
I wish all teachers were like you

2. The poem entitled “Teacher” by Kahlil Gibran


Whoever wants to be a teacher
Let him begin to teach himself
Before teaching others
And let him also teach by example
Before teaching by words
For those who teach themselves
By justifying their own deeds
are More deserving of honor and glory
Than those who only teach others
And justify the deeds of others

3. A poem entitled “Bintang” by Chairil Anwar


I love your classes.
You helped me to see
that to live happily,
learning is the key

You understand your students.
You’re caring and smart.
You’re the best teacher ever.
I knew that from the first time we met

I heed your words
Words from a true teacher
You are more than the best role model
As a teacher, you are a star

4. A poem entitled “Thank You, My Teacher” by Chairil Anwar

Thank you, my teacher

Thank you, Master.
Thank you, Master.
For the example you have set

I always consider everything you teach
And reflect it all on my character and personality
I want to be like you

Smart, attractive and crazy,
Positive, confident, protective
I want to be like you

Knowledgeable, deep understanding
Thinking with heart as well as head
Giving us the best
Sensitive and caring
I want to be like you

Giving your time, energy and talent
To ensure a bright future
for all of us.
Thank you teacher
Who has guided us
I want to be like you

5. A poem entitled “Some Teachers” by Chairil Anwar

Some teachers

What we learn
Is a tool for seeing the world
What we learn
Determines how we live in the environment

Some teachers teach the right things
in an easy-to-understand approach

Some teachers create a happy atmosphere
To enjoy all the lessons we do

Some teachers make us leaders
In order to be independent, happy and successful

Teachers are very important to us.
We will always remember them


Writing poetry for your beloved teacher is not easy. One reason is because you have no experience in writing poetry. However, the task of writing poetry is nothing, when compared to the task of reading poetry.

Getting a few people to read a poem to the teacher alone in front of the class is much more difficult. Shyness, pride, and lack of self-confidence are the reasons, but believe me, all those feelings will be incomparable to the joy your teacher feels. Even if your poem is short, your teacher will definitely appreciate it. So, don’t be shy anymore, okay!