15 Examples of Short Poetry from Various Themes and Elements of Poetry

Examples of short poems on various themes – Poetry is a type of literary work that is quite popular with many people. Poetry can also captivate the hearts of readers because it uses beautiful words with meaning. If you’ve never read examples of short poems on various themes, you might have difficulty writing beautiful poems.

The words used in the poem itself are generally different from the words used in the story. Poetry also does not require many words, unlike short stories or novels that require many words.

Poetry also uses more connotative language (or not actually). The beauty of poetry is also formed through the choice of language it uses. Meanwhile, stories are generally enjoyed based on a series of events, conflicts, and many other things.

To make a poem does not have to be long, but can also be short poems. On this occasion we will discuss examples of short poems on various themes. So, read this article to the end, OK?

The Elements in Poetry

Just like literature in general, poetry also has building blocks. Whether it’s a long or short poem, poetry generally has the following elements.


Diction itself is simply interpreted as a choice of words. As explained above, poetry is built with connotative words. The beauty of poetry will then appear if we can combine these unusual words into a poem. The choice of appropriate words will also bring feelings, situations, and stories in the poem to life. Even though it looks easy, beginner writers are generally quite difficult to choose words when writing poetry.

Figure of speech

In simple terms, figure of speech is a style of language with meanings and figures of speech. Figure of speech can also be interpreted as ways of describing something by equating something with something else. The figure of speech that appears a lot in poetry itself is a comparative figure of speech. To help understand what figure of speech is, let’s look at the following examples of short poems on various themes.

In a third of the night,
these raindrops wake me up from deep sleep.
My eyes are open.
But suddenly, I long to tell God.

From the snippet of the poem above, the second line is a sentence that contains a figure of speech. The figure of speech used is personification, namely a figure of speech which assumes that non-human objects have human-like characteristics. Personification is also a type of figure of speech that is widely used in poetry. Apart from personification, there are many other types of figurative language.


Imagery as an imagination that appears when reading literary works. The author will generally use languages ​​that are able to evoke the reader’s imaginative experience. This image is also related to sensing. The words used usually evoke images of the five senses. Therefore, imagery is divided into visual imagery, auditory imagery, feeling imagery and taste imagery.

Lately, this world is like a very dark night.
I can’t see colors and can’t feel flashes of light

From the examples of short poems on various themes above, the dominant image that emerges is the image of sight. The first to third lines show visual imagery, while the fourth line shows feeling imagery.


Rima is a repetition of sound, both in the lines of poetry and at the end of the lines of each poem. Rima can also present its own beauty to the reader. Examples of short poems with various themes that present rhymes include:

It’s dark,
I’m trying hard to sleep
However, because of missing you, I will then be able to sleep
Without you, I’m having another stuffy night

The sound element “ap” at the end of the line of the poem above is a form of Rima. The repetition of this sound generally presents its own beauty.

Examples of Short Poems on Various Themes

Third Night

A third of the night
In a third of the night,
the raindrops then woke me up from deep sleep
My eyes opened
. Suddenly
I felt a longing to tell God.
brought me down
God, then I always want to close the day with laughter
But there is always a feeling of disappointment
Should I pretend to be happy?
In a third of the night, I again complain that my God is All-Hearing.
I will then continue to pray until God gives me a feeling of happiness

The theme of the sample poem “Setiga Malam” is worship. In this poem, the poet wants to express that he wants to pray to God in one third of the night. In this case, one third of the night is the time of day.

Not Satisfied

The forest has started to turn yellow
The river has been poisoned by waste
Dead fish are gone
Creatures perish and there is no more food
Money is abundant and countless numbers
My eyes are dazzled on treasure but I don’t know what the interest is

The theme of the poem “Not Satisfied” is about human greed. A human who is greedy can cause natural conditions to be damaged, even though it can make a lot of money.

My Bad Boy

Where have you been to get your face dirty
My darling with a dirty face
I searched for you until it was dirty
and then washed all your clothes
I found chewing gum in your shoes
and knew it was chewing gum
I too you played in the trash
Ouch, I feel dizzy, I see you
but I don’t able to sleep without you
my child,
and my beloved

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The theme of the poem “My Naughty Child” is parental love. The story of this poem is about parents, namely mothers who really love their children even though the children are very naughty.

The World Now Sunday Morning Spreads

Like dry leaves that fall
He never stops falling
When everything is lulled and changed
A group of people then plans to change
The wrong then becomes normal
The strange then becomes normal
Be careful honey
That’s my world, now.

The poem ” The World Now Even Sunday Morning Spreads ” has the theme of changes that occur in humans. In this case, the change in question is a change in nature and behavior.

The bench on my terrace

When the twilight melts and turns gray
When the sun is very tired and doesn’t want to sit anymore,
The night is so dense that it no longer gives ultimatums and fears
Until the window is closed, it doesn’t make me come in.
The chair on the terrace is very comfortable when you are next to it
The pain becomes it was so heavy that when the sun arrived, I still wanted

The poem ” Bench on the Terrace of My House ” has the theme of sadness. This poem describes someone who is feeling sad while looking at the sun and he tells about the longing he is experiencing.

Give up

Now I have to give up
I’ve tried to hold on but I’m powerless
Therefore I have to give up I
really hope to be able to survive but my heart can’t accept it
I have to give up
The pain is so severe that it breaks my heart and is covered in blood
And my feelings are shattered
I have to I give up
I close every sheet of story and beautiful dreams of this life
Enough already here,
I give up.

The poem “ Surrender ” can be said to have the same theme as the title, which is surrender. When reading this poem, we will know the poet who has started to give up and cannot hope because his heart has been broken and his feelings are difficult to grow back.

Longing Prayer

Even these waves refuse to carry my longing for you
Together with the wind and then I pray myself
Takbir leaves and grass
Waving far away to you
The prayer and remembrance of the waves
Praise him the sands
Spread over him all the time
Now I just understand
Missing my many years of wirid in the night winds
Haven’t reached you yet
Like the waves coming back and forth to the shore
Only my roar of remembrance becomes loud
Like a shriek calling for the moon
My cry becomes silent
waiting for you to come
Like then catches a shadow
In your bright radiance

This poem “Sembahyang Rindu” has the theme of worship or prayer. The poet tells about his desire to get closer to God in order to get a calm heart.


Cause, It’s impossible for us to be together
So I always write poems in my heart
Where can the life of the world be arranged according to my wishes
Then you and I become us
Can only summon memories to then drive away the silence
But then it comes never alone
Always with longing
One day I imagine our hands are linked
Sleeping together under
this Lone sky pocket then always takes me to you

The poem ” Lonely” has a theme about sadness in which the author wants to tell about that he cannot be with someone he loves, so he feels lonely. To get rid of that lonely feeling he wrote a poem for someone he loved.

I love you

I am able to narrate and tell stories
I am able to imagine and able to write poetry
Pouring all the words in my heart
To you I really love
The extent of the continent then not as wide as my expectations The beauty of
the evening is as beautiful as my poetry
I am paralyzed if I lose
Losing all the verses
also lose love like you

The poem “I Love You” can be said to use the theme of falling in love. The poet feels that he will feel helpless if he has to lose someone he loves.

Star For Friends

This lonely night pulled me out of the house.
I look at the night sky studded with
countless stars
If I were an angel
I fly me and my best friend to the seventh heaven
I reach for the most beautiful stars,
and I dedicate them to my best friend
who always accompanies me.

Poetry with the title ” Star For Friends ” with the theme of friendship. The author wants to give a star to his best friend because he has been with him for quite a long time.

In the school corridor

How are you over there?
You know, that I always don’t believe in all of this
Every time I come home from school I’m always here
Because in this place, In the school corridors we are always together,
Playing and laughing
Even though your body is somewhere else
And your soul has been floating around
But in my heart and mind you’re still here, friend

The theme of the poem “In the School Corridor ” is about friendship. Even though they both have the theme of friendship with the poem “Bintang For Friends”, the poem “In the School Corridor” tells about friendship that started from their meeting at school.

True Motivator

The best friend sent by God
Invitation and advice that you give
Make a meaningful figure
For my future adult
True motivator
You give upgrading and create solutions
from the traps of life that shackles thinking
The spirit of motivation never stops
From the experiences you give
Sincere and sincere your direction
To achieve my life goals
A true motivator…
Don’t go away
From this life
Leave me alone
Unravel the thorny tricks
In the silence of the ideas I have.

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The poem ” True Motivator ” has a theme about motivation. In this poem, the poet wants to tell about a friend who is a motivator for him to be able to live a life full of obstacles.

Friend Betrayal

You are present
In my ups and downs
When I’m sad you’re there
I love that you’re there too
You, my best friend
In the past…
Your beautiful glimmer of laughter then always tickled my soul to smile
But now everything has changed
Black hasn’t turned white again
So far…
I know your true qualities
But I wrong even, even I know your true nature
Have been made of these eyes, It seems I will not be able to distinguish
where the true kindness and which is fake
You stab me from behind and reveal my ugliness
I really did not expect
You repay this friendship with that
Maybe it’s just like that meaning friend for you.

The poem entitled ” Betrayal of a Friend ” has a theme of betrayal. In this poem, the author tells about his best friend who spreads his ugliness to others.

Cry, buddy

Can’t express in any words
It’s really really boring
It’s so tiring
In fact, it’s getting really annoying
Body as if frozen in a block of ice
It’s frozen not knowing when it’s going to melt
Yeah… that’s right buddy
It’s all then like a spotlight on a stage without an audience
Illuminating your body in the darkness
Silence without smiles and tears
This is really very sad..
However.. remember buddy..
You are not alone, not standing alone in that darkness
Drop your tears if your heart becomes sobbing
Shout out to your heart’s content if your heart is heated
Because then it will make you better

The poem with the title ” Cry, Friend ” has a theme that is not much different from the title, namely sadness. This poem tells of someone who is allowing his best friend to cry so that his heart and mind will be better.

Prayer Poems For Friends

God, I thank you…
You present him to be my best friend…
God, thank you…
You present her to be my light…
So that it is clear where my path is, where I will take my steps…
Give her a ray of Your light and add to her beauty
Give her Your voice and increase her sense and wisdom
Give her Your wealth and increase her sustenance
Give her Your way and open her soul mate
Give her he is Your breath and extends his life
He who
smiled last night in my dreams.

Poems with the title ” Poems of Prayer for Friends ” have the theme of prayer or kindness. In this poem, the poet is depicted praying for his friend so that he will always be given ease in living this life.

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These are some examples of short poems on various themes . After knowing the examples of poetry above, are you interested in writing poetry?

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