5 Examples of Short Speeches About Drugs as a Reference

Short Speeches About Drugs – A speech session is a moment where someone speaks usually during a big event by going on stage to give motivational words or in the form of a message to the crowd. This speech moment is usually used by many motivators, principals, or state officials to speak in public with the aim of pouring out what’s in his head, be it ideas, ideas, or motivation to persuade someone.

In making a speech one must be skilled in speaking and understand exactly what ideas one wants to convey so that the audience is also enthusiastic and carefully listens to the contents of the speech. Some technical matters such as memorizing the material by rote, not being awkward, being able to master the stage are the basic things that someone who is giving a speech must be able to do.

Speeches can also take various forms, there are formal speeches which are usually made by school officials or state officials. There are public speeches that are usually made by motivators or religious speeches that are given by religious leaders to their congregation. However, one interesting speech material that we will discuss this time is a short speech about narcotics which aims to warn people to stay away from narcotics in all its forms.

For this reason, for Sinaumed’s friends who want to know some examples of speeches about drugs that can be used as references in this discussion, we have summarized various examples of short speeches about these drugs.

Furthermore, a discussion of a short speech about drugs can be seen below!

Definition of Speech

Before looking at some examples of short speeches about drugs, it’s a good idea to first listen to the meaning of the speech itself below.

Speech is an expression of thoughts in the form of words addressed to a large number of people to congratulate, welcome guests, celebrate certain holidays and various other forms of activity. Basically public speaking involves the art of monologue in speaking skills.

Speech is reciprocal, meaning that the speaker must pay attention to the other person even when the speaker is controlling the conversation. The speaker must listen to the message conveyed by the speaker, both in the form of words (verbal) and not in the form of words (non-verbal), in order to receive and fully understand what is conveyed. Speeches are usually given by leaders or people who are considered important to provide direction or advice to their listeners because the purpose of speeches is to provide information, advice, encouragement, warnings and information.

Examples of Short Speeches About Drugs

1. Short speech about drugs in school

Respected Principal of SMPN 31 Jakarta,

Ladies and gentlemen, teachers of SMPN 31 Jakarta that I respect,

I respect the employees and workers of SMPN 31 Jakarta and

My friends whom I love very much.

On this sunny morning there is nothing we can say other than gratitude for the presence of God Almighty who has given us all the grace and guidance to take part in this happy opportunity to educate on the dangers of drugs for health in good condition.
We do not forget to send blessings and greetings to our great prophet Muhammad SAW who has given us all instructions, directions and examples to stay on the right path, namely Islam which we believe to be the truth.

Mr. Principal and Mr. / Mrs. Teacher and friends who are happy

On this happy occasion, I would like to share the understanding and dangers/adverse effects of drugs in Indonesia because the number of drug users is very high due to weak drug law enforcement.

In Indonesia, international drug dealers can cooperate with Indonesian citizens and make huge profits. Here we tell you what are drugs? Drugs or an abbreviation of Narcotics, Psychotropics and Addictive Substances are substances/substances which, when inserted into the body, can make a person feel high or fly and cause hallucinatory and addictive effects.

Here we also tell you what illegal drugs are. Some types of drugs are Narcotics, Psychotropics. and addictive substances. Examples of Narcotics: Morphine, heroin, cocaine, etc. Examples of psychotropic substances: Ecstasy, methamphetamine and nipam. Examples of addictive substances: alcohol, nicotine and others. We also explain what are the dangers/negative effects on the body’s health, namely drugs can damage the circulatory system, damage the central nervous system, damage the body’s immune system and also change. There are still many dangers associated with drug use.

Mr. Principal and Mr. / Mrs. Teacher and friends who are happy

Here we provide advice on avoiding drugs through healthy activities, such as exercising or joining youth groups, engaging in creative and positive activities. And we should be able to choose good friends to be friends and bad friends to be shunned. I hope everyone here doesn’t use drugs because they are not good for the body besides that drugs are also illegal according to state law.

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Mr principal and Mr/Mrs teacher and my friends,

That’s all I can share on this happy occasion. Hopefully my message is useful and can provide knowledge to all of us. Sorry for all the shortcomings and mistakes. Thank you to all.

2. Short speech about drugs based on law.

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. May we always be under the protection of God Almighty. Today I would like to say a few words about drugs and the laws that regulate them. As you know, drugs are understood as narcotics, psychotropics and illegal drugs. In Indonesia, drugs are prohibited and regulated by the Narcotics Law No. 35 of 2009.

Therefore, anyone who unlawfully or unlawfully manufactures, stores, uses, controls and distributes narcotics is subject to criminal law.

Unfortunately, drug dealers are getting smarter and using people outside their syndicate to deliver drugs without the couriers knowing.

To avoid this, never want to send anything without knowing what has been entrusted or given to us. If you see a suspicious person, report it to the police immediately.

Let’s protect our generation from the dangers of drugs. That’s all from me, stay tuned and have a nice day.

Wasalamualaikum wr.wb

3. Short speech about drugs on campus

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings.

Greetings of peace and good luck to all of us

The Honorable Mr/Ms Dean and the faculty, as well as students of the National University of Jakarta.

First of all I would like to thank the presence of God Almighty for all His grace and gifts so that we can gather on this happy occasion. I also don’t forget to thank you for the opportunity to stand in front of a large audience and talk to the younger generation about drugs in the context of today’s World Drug Day.

The younger generation and drugs are two things that are very closely related, because drug cases involving our youth have been exposed recently. Not a few young people are willing to become drug dealers, so the problem of drugs among the younger generation is complicated. The involvement of Indonesian youth in international drug networks has also been rampant recently, forcing the police and related authorities to work hard to uncover and minimize this crime. One thing that is truly astonishing at this time is the rampant circulation of narcotics which has even infiltrated the community. Enough of a blow to law enforcement, of course.

We cannot just blame the younger generation for falling into this vicious circle. A wise move if we look for the root cause of why they sneak into the world of drugs. If the main problem lies in the role of parents who do not care about and love their children, then a model must be immediately created to deal with parents and other trouble provocations.

Locking the younger generation who are involved in the world of drugs, especially university students, to become drug users is not a smart solution. This decision does not solve the problem. What happened actually only silenced the problem for a moment and was like saving a time bomb that could explode at any time. It makes sense to place the younger generation of drug addicts in rehabilitation centers, so that drug addicts don’t feel alienated and guilty for a long time, which actually creates new problems in the future. This is very important considering that the younger generation is the backbone of the country and the future leaders of the nation.

That’s the speech I can give. If there is a wrong word that offends the audience, I apologize profusely. Hopefully my words are useful for all of us.

4. Short Speeches on Drugs in the Community

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. wb

Good morning and best wishes to all of us

All praise belongs to Allah, God Almighty. Assalatu wassalamu ala asrofil ambiya iwal mursalin, wa alaalihi wasohbihi ajmain.

Sincerely, Mr. Pondok Cabe Village Head

With respect, I am the staff of the Pondok Cabe sub-district

Sincerely, Sir/Madam, Pondok Cabe residents

May we always be peaceful and happy.

Praise and gratitude we pray to the presence of Allah SWT. who have given us so many blessings, especially health benefits, so that we can gather in this hall/building/field to conduct drug research and counseling activities. Framed greetings to Nabiyullah Muhammad saw. Hopefully by praying often, we will get His intercession on the Day of Resurrection.

Happy fathers, mothers and citizens. My purpose standing here is to give a speech, “Don’t come near drugs”.

Talking about drugs, it seems we all already know that this addictive substance is very dangerous. Not only is it dangerous for those who want to try it, it’s also dangerous for everyone who is around and dealing drugs.

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Not without reason. Article 127(1) of the Narcotics Law reads:

  • (1) Every criminal:
  • A person who possesses Narcotics Category I is punishable by a maximum imprisonment of four years
  • Class II drugs alone are punishable by up to two years in prison
  • A person with narcotics class III shall be punished with imprisonment for a maximum of one year.

Therefore, any drug dealer, ie. users of narcotics, psychotropics and illegal drugs, will receive criminal sanctions and fines. In addition, the nature of addictive substances that can cause hallucinations and addiction in a person gradually destroys the physical and psychological well as making them fly high is just a momentary pleasure.

When it comes to threats, fines and other consequences of drug addiction, we must strengthen ourselves to stay away from these banned chemicals.

In addition, we need to know more about drugs by participating in seminars, training courses and information events, such as those being held now.

Finally, let’s also reflect on the feelings of the younger generation towards drugs in a more creative way. For example making anti-drug posters for students, posters about the dangers of drugs, and posters about stopping drugs.

Understand that drugs only provide temporary pleasure for the user. Therefore, along with learning science and knowledge, we must also strengthen our faith and piety to Allah SWT.

Ladies and gentlemen and citizens that I am proud of

I hope that this will be the first speech I can deliver on this happy occasion. In the future, let’s try to stay healthy, keep the enthusiasm for learning, and at the same time promote anti-drug thinking for a better future.

More or less I apologize

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. wb

5. Short speech about drugs in terms of health

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. wb

All praise be to Allah SWT. Almighty, by His power we can gather today in good health.

Don’t forget to send shalawat and greetings to our great Prophet Muhammad SAW. which leads us to the path of Islam that pleases Allah.

Dear friends, this morning I will talk a little about the dangers of drugs in their effects on health. According to WHO, as the world health agency, the dangers of drugs are a real threat to the whole world, especially for young people who are easily exposed to promiscuity. The effects of drug addiction are not only seen in the short term but also in the long term. Drug abuse can not only cause addictive effects that slowly destroy the body, but also pave the way for us to destroy our lives and our futures.

Dear friends, the pleasure effect of drugs only lasts for a moment but the long-term effects are very bad for the health of the body because it can make the body suffer from various psychological problems and organ damage.

For that we must always be careful because now drug dealers can do anything to bring us down, especially students who are in an unstable state. That’s why I tell my friends to stay away from it and never try. No matter how serious the problems we face, using drugs will not solve our problems, instead it will make them worse. When friends need help with problems, go to the experts or find close friends to be able to share problems openly, where they listen to friends’ problems and look for solutions so that problems can be solved without having to torture their bodies with prohibited substances.

Dear friends, before I finish this speech, let us shout, say no to drugs.

Thank you for your attention, friends, more or less I’m sorry.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. wb


That’s all for a brief discussion of a short speech about drugs. The discussion this time focuses on discussing examples of speeches about drugs as a reference to stay away from all kinds of drugs.

To start giving a speech, look for material that is well mastered so that later in the speech you will not experience stage fright and the main goal is to convey the message in the speech so that the audience can understand it well.

Thus a review of a short speech about drugs. For Sinaumed’s who want to learn all about short speeches about drugs and other science related to public speaking, you can visit sinaumedia.com to get related books.

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Author: Pandu Akram
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