Definition & Examples of Motivation Letters

Motivation letters are usually used to apply for a program, for example, when accepting admission to a university for a scholarship program, applying to non-profit organizations, volunteering, and applying for an internship. Similar to a cover letter that is usually used when applying for a job. In your cover letter, you must clearly state the position you are applying for and explain why you are the right fit. Check out a more complete explanation of the following Motivation Letter:

Definition of Motivation Letter

A motivation letter is a cover letter accompanied by other documents such as a resume or summary.

It is a mandatory requirement in applying for scholarships, including foreign ones. The motivation letter also explains why you, as an applicant, are the right candidate for a particular program or scholarship. In other words, the primary purpose of a motivation letter is to convince recruiters of a suitable candidate for a specific position.

The motivation letter will generally contain a person’s qualifications and achievements in recent years. A scholarship provider itself certainly wants to know more about you. For this reason, the function of the motivation letter is to describe the educational background, motivation, ideals, experience, and strengths.

Motivation Letter Writing Structure

Motivation letters should be written concisely and exaggeratedly. You don’t need to write a play or biography at length to explain yourself and the advantages briefly and concisely to register. Here are some tips for writing a motivation letter so that it is better than other applicants:

  • Briefly describe yourself. Explain your identity clearly, including your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Describe your educational background. Motivation letters are generally used in education so that a good experience will significantly influence the selection process.
  • Write down your previous achievements and experiences. Experience and achievements in this education or work field will encourage recruiters to understand you better. Describe clearly your experiences and accomplishments.
  • Describe the competencies that will influence the selection process and highlight the competencies.
  • Explain the reason for registering. Give clear, straightforward, and honest reasons so recruiters can see interest and solid reasons for recruiting you.
  • In applying for a scholarship, explain the courses that are your primary interest. Explain your great interest so they can understand you better to support recruitment.
  • Please explain why you deserve it. Describe the advantages and plans that you have if selected in the selection.
  • Explain your plans because recruiters want to know your potential if you become the selected candidate, so what your plans for the future will affect the election results.

Presented approximately 2,000 everyday Indonesian sentences or expressions and gave their English equivalent. The thousands of sentences are grouped into 400 units , each consists of 3 to 5 conversational phrases or sentences to be mastered by students gradually and intensively.

Steps to Make a Motivation Letter

Before sending a motivational letter, you should correct the letter you wrote by paying attention to various details. Correct all Indonesian spelling and grammatical errors and sentence logic in each paragraph. Here are tips that you can apply in creating the best motivation letter.

1. Adjust the Writing Format

If there are provisions in writing motivational letters, such as the format, length of writing, and content that have been predetermined, then you have to adjust them. Write according to personality as naturally as possible.

2. Use Good English Writing

Use English with good grammar and clear writing, formal but easy to understand. Avoid using abbreviations or terms that are difficult to understand. Focus on describing your strengths and advantages

3. Opener

Opening is an essential thing in making a motivation letter. Motivation letters should be made attractive and not excessive. Describe your name, school, University, and activities you currently do. Explain why you are interested in applying to the scholarship program. You can also make an opening paragraph of a motivation letter with the background of the field you are after. For example, you apply for an architecture master’s scholarship abroad. For that, you can explain the current condition of the world of architecture.

4. Fill

After the opening, how to make the following motivation letter is to explain your activities, achievements, skills, motivation, experience, vision, Mission, and short- and long-term goals. To support this, you can prove it with separate program certificates.

5. Cover

The following way to make a motivation letter is to write the closing part. In this section, convey your hopes for acceptance into the program. Explain what things you will do if taken. Make sure that you are the best and most suitable candidate. Convey your goals and determination briefly, clearly, and firmly to show your confidence, even in written form.

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6. Pay attention to things that need to be avoided

Several things need to be avoided so that the motivation letter looks credible, including preventing typos. Check again after finishing making the motivation letter. Use good English, and avoid slang or informal English because it will make you look unprofessional. Don’t also show a lack of confidence in the motivation letter because the recruiter will try to get to know you through your motivation letter, let alone complain and blame the situation. Avoid complaining or blaming the situation if you want to write down deficiencies or problems in a motivation letter. It’s a good idea to show solutions and plans to address the issue.

7. Make it Attractive

Motivation letters are just sheets of paper. But through this sheet of paper, you must be able to show everything on your mind. Besides that, you also have to ensure that your motivation letter is interesting to read. The point is, if you are the one who is writing, you are not interested in reading it, especially with the University.

8. Focus on One Aspect

Focus on one of the best aspects of your principle or the best story in your life so that readers can get to know you through your motivation letter. You should know that it is essential to make the reader know what topic you want to raise and, as much as possible, make a coherent flow of Iranian language principles from the beginning to the end of the essay.

9. Don’t Just Tell Stories

When making a motivation letter, avoid using phrases, sentences, or general opinions such as “I like meeting new people from different parts of the world.” It’s better to include more specific reasons, such as reasons and things you did to develop your idea. Explain why you like meeting new people, what you want to discuss with them, and the reasons underlying the meeting. In addition, as much as possible, avoid writing something you think the campus wants to hear. It would be better if the motivation letter could answer all the guiding questions from the campus.

10. Maximize Word Count

Theree is no definite rules for how many words are requiredto writeg a motivation letter. You can adjust the number of words according to the requirements given by the campus or scholarship provider. When creating your first draft, don’t mind this word limit. Just write a motivation letter according to your wishes. So, after the draft is finished and you do a review, you can make cuts in some parts that you think are unnecessary. As much as possible, the final result of the motivation letter must comply with the specified word limit.

Sample Motivation Letter

Example 1

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Sisca, a graduate student from Atlas University in the capital of Indonesia, with a Bachelor’s degree in English Education. This motivation letter aims to use the letters of the alphabet in the University 2020 Education educational program. Since I graduated, I have taught English to high school students in one of the schooling centers in the capital of Indonesia.

Atlas University has prepared me for a knowledgeable operating life. It’s jointly helped me develop my English and teaching skills through coaching and situations. My initial problem was at the ‘English is Fun!’ tuition center in Indonesia’s capital. I’m sure to say that I have even improved my skills as well as understanding. However, students might learn English to support their interests. That’s why I used to be dedicated to the most effective interns because of my distinctive method. Besides, I’d like to take further tasks privately teaching and acting with individuals. The 2020 Education educational program is a noteworthy journey that may even serve my skills. Since I’m an Associate in Nursing English enthusiast, I’m sure this program can positively impact my achievements and experiences.

Thank you for reviewing my motivation letter. I can assert my personal information to rearrange the Associate in Nursing interview sessions. Please get in touch with me if you discover me as an appropriate candidate for the program. I foresee hearing additional notice.

Best regards,
[email protected]

Example 2

Dear Sir/Madam,

WithI’m applying for the Petra University 2020 scholarship program through this motivation letter. My name is Adi; I graduated from State University in Urban Center with a Bachelor’s degree in negotiation. I have even been in the Associate in Nursing situation program at the British Embassy capital of Indonesia for three months.

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State University has prepared me for a knowledgeable operating life and how I might develop my speaking and language skills throughout the situation. I’m not solely speaking English, but conjointly Mandarin language further. I want to talk and display ahead of those who attended international seminars at the British People’s Embassy. As I have even been reading about the Petra University 2020 scholarship program, I’m sure it’ll help me improve my skills, mainly speaking and maintaining innovative relations with individuals. Besides the exciting expertise, I’m assured that I will undertake any challenges this program offers.

Thank you for reviewing my motivation letter. If you find me n appropriate candidate for the program, I can kindly wait for the Associate in Nursing interview invite. Here is my personal information that can help you to contact me anytime.

Best regards,
[email protected]

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Example 3


The Selection Committee of PKBH FH, I’m writing this motivation letter to express my interest in applying as a PKBH FH employee. Once I saw a vision of the Mission of the help agency and law field, I thought I was worthy and curious about attempting to check in.

This interest depends on my background in law that, actually, can not be separated from the school I have traveled to for roughly three years within the Law school of the University. My goal is to check in and learn additional concerning granting legal aid and conjointly as a part of my career in the future. Lecture materials that I even have traveled while at the Law school of the UNIVERSITY and conjointly touch a little bit of my expertise within the field of legal help is my encouragement to enter into this section of PKBH FH GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY. After all, it becomes a robust foundation on my behalf to offer legal help to the community caught in legal problems.

My entry into the PKBH FH UGM aimed to realize extra expertise in granting legal assistance to the community. Besides that, with my entries often within the LBH, I hope that the information I gained throughout the lectures while sitting on the bench is more helpful to me than others. I think that I used to be a tough employee and that the World Health Organization will add groups to answer any legal cases and has the innovation to boost the long run of law in the country. I hope to learn a great deal from these legal aid establishments.

Respect me,
Rony Anwar Fauzi

Example 4

Mr/Mrs. HRD

PT. Angkasa, with respect, Based on the job information from the job portal, I want to express my interest in job vacancies in your company with a position as a Marketing Associate. I am an S1 graduate of Business Administration from the University of Indonesia in 2018, with my degree as S.AB. I am sure I am very suitable and worthy to be considered with the qualifications needed for this position. As a student, I have learned much about the knowledge and skills needed to help develop and encourage appropriate and effective marketing strategies.

For work experience, I have internship experience in one of the well-known companies, PT. Prima Indonesia, in the marketing division. There, I learned a lot about how companies determine what products or services will be sold, how to reach the target demographics, and how to deal with and respond to the demands of competitors. Also, I have the opportunity to work with experienced professionals who teach me an easy way to understand the concept of a complex marketer at certain times.

In addition to the internship experience, I also have an active organizational experience where I am a member of the BEM University in the public relations division. This experience proved to be very helpful to me in improving my communication skills and problem-solving. I’m also a very skilled person who allows me to join and mingle with a group or team culture and continue striving to achieve common goals amid competition, failure, and setbacks.

Best regards,
Alexander Bloom

That’s all about the Motivation Letter, starting from the definition, structure, writing tips, and examples of the Motivation Letter. I hope it is helpful!