Meaning of Internship: Purpose, Benefits and Rules

Internship is one of the valuable experiences to be had. Before jumping into the real world of work, a person can train his mind, knowledge and abilities in the implementation of an internship . Therefore, internship is something important for students.

However, what is an internship ? This article will discuss internships . Starting from the understanding of internship , the purpose of internship , the benefits of internship , and the rules of internship implementation .

Meaning of Internship

Through the program, various job guidance will be provided later. That will make the person acquire a skillset or networking in the world of work. Then, it can be used as a career supporter in the future for that person.

The government has also made regulations regarding internships . Things about internships are listed in Law No. 13 of 2003, on Employment.

In general, internship programs are more identical to students. Especially for students who are already in the final level. Like in the fulfillment of courses, or simply looking for experience before work.

Before diving directly into the real world of work or community, this internship activity is indeed one of the activities that can be used as experience. This internship activity generally takes place in a certain period of time,

It can start from one month, three months, even twelve months. An intern or trainee can get pocket money. However, there are also institutions that do not provide pocket money for their internship participants.

Things like that are usually already a rule from the institution or company. In addition, this internship activity will also depend on the agreement between the two parties, namely the company or institution and the trainee or intern .

The main purpose of holding this internship program is to help someone. So that the person can master a skill, or something he is learning through the job position where he is doing an internship.

In addition, this internship program also aims so that the interns can later prepare for the real world of work, because they already have experience. For students, this internship program is one of the places that can be used to implement the knowledge that has been acquired during lectures.

Purpose of Internship

The purpose of implementing this internship program is actually broad. In its implementation, the participants can see what the world of work is like. They can assess whether the world of work is the same as imagined.

It can also be said that internships also aim to start pioneering a career. For example, if following an internship program at a startup , then an internship participant can determine whether he likes the atmosphere in the company or not. As it is known that startup companies are classified as companies that are fast and have busy activities.

Following internship activities will increase experience and knowledge. That will make a person have greater self-confidence. In addition, the achievements that have been obtained will make potential employers interested in the future.

Not only that, after completing the internship , he can improve his skills. As in communication, organization, even in teamwork. All these things will be useful for various careers in the future.

Through the implementation of an internship , then someone will be helped in making connections. For example, such as a mentor who can provide useful information. And can help guide during the implementation.

The possibility of getting a reference for future jobs is also higher. That is because the mentor will know how the performance and competence of the interns .

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Internship benefits

There are many benefits from doing an internship . Some of the benefits of an internship are as follows:

1. Feel the work experience

One of the great benefits that can be felt during the implementation of the internship is to gain work experience. This experience is a warm-up before a student really plunges directly into the real world of work.

During the internship program , there will be many things to learn. Such as the work system in a company, ethics in work, how the work in the company is, as well as directly practicing the scientists who have been obtained in the world of lectures.

To avoid choosing the wrong company, it is best to conduct a survey first on the company. Find out what field the company operates in, whether it is similar to the topic you want to explore.

If a student succeeds in entering the company he is looking for, then the internship implementation process will go according to plan. There will be a lot of knowledge that can be gained. Therefore, when he plunged directly into the world of work, he already had the resources to be able to adapt quickly.

2. Get out of the comfort zone

It is very clear that the world of work and the world of campus are two different things. When entering the world of work, all abilities possessed must be released. It will be beneficial for the company.

Internships are moments from not knowing many things before, turning into knowing new knowledge. Although during the implementation of the internship you have to work really hard, but the benefits will also be felt later in the day.

This will also make students know who they really are. Will also know how or to what extent he is capable. It can also be used as a yardstick to improve one’s ability again.

3. Improve communication skills

When undergoing an internship at a company, you will certainly face several or even many people. From peers, seniors, co-workers, clients to superiors. The ways of communicating with them are of course different from the way of communicating everyday.

Unknowingly it will make an intern trained in communication. The ability to communicate will increase. It will certainly be profitable, and can even affect his future career.

The ability to communicate is one of the most important supplies for an employee in the world of work. Because, the situation and the environment are different from the environment that has been faced so far. That will make an intern have to adapt. It will certainly be profitable, and can even give influence in the career life in the future.

4. Adding relationships

During the implementation of the internship , you will certainly meet new people. That is the profit that can be obtained from an intern . When getting a relationship, try to maintain a good relationship.

Working relationships in the professional world are one of the most important things. Relationships will play a role in boosting someone’s career. When becoming an intern , one of the relationships that have been obtained is a mentor or supervisor from the intern . An intern mentor is an intern’s first career partner.

5. Networking can develop

In the implementation of the internship , the networking that is formed is not arbitrary. That happens because an intern will get valuable or meaningful networking . For example with people who have professional skills in various fields. This can be used as a stepping stone in achieving his dream target.

6. Being able to practice the knowledge gained

A student must have gained knowledge in the world of lectures. Either in formal or informal form. Internship is a container and opportunity for people who are going through it. The opportunity to really apply and prove the knowledge that has been acquired.

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Moreover, if the field of work is the same as the major or expertise of the internship participant. That will make the potential possessed by the intern participants to apply the knowledge they possess become more and more open.

However, other things with companies or internship institutions are not suitable for the field he studies. Then it will be difficult to apply the knowledge that has been obtained. Basically, the interns have the opportunity to learn.

It doesn’t matter if they do something wrong. In fact, the mistakes made will be a learning material to become even better.

7. Adding work experience to the CV

It cannot be denied that when recruiting new employees, HRD will prioritize the experience written on the CV. HRD will see if the applicant’s experience is interesting or not.

Because, not everyone has the opportunity to follow an internship program. It will be beneficial for someone who already has work experience in the form of an internship . Especially if he has a certain performance or achievement in the company where he did his previous internship . So when applying for a job, the opportunity to get it becomes higher.

8. Having the opportunity to become a permanent officer

The last benefit of the implementation of the internship is being able to have the opportunity to become a permanent officer in the company or institution where the intern is. Companies or institutions where internships are implemented generally always evaluate intern participants .

Such as the evaluation of the performance of the trainees. Therefore, internship participants who have a good and satisfactory performance certainly have a high potential to be recruited by the institution or company.

Internship Hiring Rules

In Indonesia, there are two laws governing internships. First, Law No. 13 of 2003, on Employment. Second, Regulation of the Minister of Manpower Number 36 of 2016, regarding the Maintenance of Apprenticeships within the state.

Related to the rights that will be obtained by internship participants , the rules are found in Article 22 paragraph (2), regarding the Employment Law, which is as follows:

  •       Get guidance from an internship supervisor or instructor.
  •       Obtaining the fulfillment of rights in accordance with the apprenticeship agreement.
  •       Get occupational health and safety facilities during the internship.
  •       Earn pocket money.
  •       Be included in the social security program.
  •       Obtain an apprenticeship certificate or certificate of having followed an apprenticeship.

It is clear that the interns are entitled to pocket money or wages. Although the amount is determined based on the regulations of the institution or company. However, they also have the right to seek guidance to develop their potential.

Then, the company or institution is also obliged to provide a written agreement for its intern participants . The agreement at least contains some important matters. More fully, the regulations regarding the content of this written agreement based on Article 10 paragraph (2), Permenaker 6/2020, the written agreement contains the following matters:

  •   Rights and obligations of intern participants.
  •   The rights and obligations of the internship provider.
  •   Internship program.
  •   Internship period.
  •    Amount of salary or pocket money.

Regarding the period of time or duration of the ongoing internship process, it is based on Article 5 paragraph (5) of Permenaker 6/2020. The duration of the internship is a maximum of one year. In general, internship programs that run in an institution or company are different. Starting from 3 months to 6 months.

That is the explanation of the internship . To build a career, supporting experiences are needed. Internship is one of the ways to gain experience.