Meaning of Internship: Purpose, and Benefits

Internship is – During college, you may also often hear about senior sisters or lecturers who suggest an internship if you are in the final stage. In fact, some people think that this internship student can give you the facility to find a job after graduating from college.

However, before you start searching for internship vacancies for students, it is good for you to first understand what an internship is. That way, it will be easier for you to determine what abilities will be developed in the internship.

For more clarity, here is an explanation of the internship that Reader needs to know.

Definition of Internship

The definition of internship or internship is a study program as well as practicing working in a direct way at a company for some time. Companies that accept interns have the right to assign tasks and must provide guidance during the program. Then, at the end of the program, the trainees will then get an evaluation from the company, especially from their direct superiors.

In general, internships are done by SMK students as well as students at the final level. In some fields of study, internship can be said to be one of the compulsory subjects that will later affect the grade. However, there are also study programs that do not require students to do an internship.

You may also have heard the term PKL or Field Work Practice or commonly known as the abbreviation PKL. Although they are basically the same, the difference between an internship and a PKL is only limited to the use of the term. The term PKL generally refers to internship programs at the SMK and diploma levels. Meanwhile, for the S1 and S2 lecture levels, the term internship or apprenticeship has become more commonly used.

Purpose of Internship for Students

Basically, the main purpose of the internship is to act as a bridge between the world of education and the world of work. In the internship program, the trainees will learn a lot about the world of work and also add useful skills for the world of work. As for the several objectives of the internship, among others:

1. Implementation of knowledge to work

In some fields of study, the theoretical knowledge that has been learned on campus is sometimes still not enough. Therefore, you still have to learn how to implement this knowledge into real and more beneficial work activities. Having an internship program will make it easier for you to improve your skills that will be useful in the world of work later.

2. Increase Hard Skill

There are many skills and knowledge that you will learn when you start your internship. In addition to getting it from the training session, you will also directly practice it under professional supervision. With this program it can be regarded as an effective way to develop skills or abilities.

3. Learning Various Soft Skills

In addition to learning hard skills, you will also learn various soft skills directly in a more effective way. As for soft skills , such as the ability to communicate, negotiate, and time management will definitely be honed during the internship. Not only that, you can also develop various other soft skills , which are adapted to the type of work and the responsibilities of the work you are doing.

4. Easier to Adapt to the Work World

The rhythm of the world of work is very different when compared to the rhythm of school and college. Because of this, there are not a few fresh graduates who later find it difficult to adapt when they first enter the world of work. The internship program will then give you the opportunity to adapt more comfortably and gradually.

5. Facilitating Career As a Fresh Graduate

After graduating from college, students will definitely look for a job that will then be quite challenging because of the high competition and lack of experience. However, by being a fresh graduate with internship experience written on your CV, it can make you superior to other job applicants, so the possibility of being recruited is also greater. The connections you make during the internship will also help you open a good career path.

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6. Improve Insight and Competence

The work internship program can be likened to the initial gateway to getting to know the real world of work. Therefore, trainees will not be surprised when they graduate and enter the world of work. This is because the internship participants already have the insight that has been gained throughout doing internship activities. In fact, you will also be more accustomed to the system of dividing tasks in each division in a company and being involved in a project.

7. Developing Relationships and Friendships

Friendship or relationship has an important role in the world of work. When you follow an internship program , then you have the opportunity to meet new people with diverse backgrounds. From there, you can also strengthen relationships professionally. In addition to personal relationships, the internship program will also expand the relationship between the campus and your school with the company.

Benefits of Internships for Companies

On the one hand, internships will then be seen as troublesome for companies because they are required to provide work facilities, education, and guidance to students. However, on the other hand, the company can get profit from the trainees.

Saving Employee Salary Costs

The company will then seek the services of interns for a number of small jobs, such as administrative affairs and light practical work. This practice can save the company’s budget because the internship does not require the company to pay a salary.

Finding Potential Employees

When providing training and supervision, company management will also look at the quality and performance of each trainee. On several occasions, it is not uncommon for companies to find participants who have the potential to be recruited as employees after graduation.

In addition, companies will also find superior seeds from this internship program. Because of this, it is not uncommon for companies to then recruit part-time employees from employees who have had previous internships. This will certainly simplify and save the recruitment process.

Internship Aspects

The internship program has several rules and regulations that must be met and agreed upon by both parties in order to ensure that no one is harmed. There are several important aspects that need to be considered during the internship.

Application and Recruitment

You can participate in the internship program by sending an application directly to the company of your dreams or by participating in a recruitment event organized by the company. The process is similar to full-time job application and recruitment, but simpler and simpler.


Most internship programs themselves are only around 3-6 months. According to government regulations, this internship cannot be done for more than one year. If the company then still needs the services of an intern employee, then this status must be renewed to become a contract employee.

Pocket Money

Being an intern does not entitle you to a salary. However, the company must provide pocket money as compensation for transportation costs, meals, and work compensation. Although there are no specific rules regarding the amount of pocket money, but usually the interns will get a little under the UMR or even more.

Guidance and Training

Intern participants have the right to receive various training and work guidance in order to achieve their goals. Usually, this aspect is already written in the apprenticeship agreement to ensure that the company fulfills its obligations.

Job Desk

In return, the trainees are also obliged to provide this service to the company by doing some light work. In this aspect, it should be clearly stated in the agreement so that in the future there will be a balance between the work education received by students.


Intern participants have the right to obtain facilities that will help them fulfill their obligations, such as desks and chairs in the office, computer equipment, and internet connection. Of course, these facilities are generally not as luxurious as full-time employees.

Job Security

The company is obliged to guarantee the work safety of the apprentice employees just like other employees, especially in various types of risky practice jobs. For example, civil engineering and architecture students who are interns in construction projects are entitled to be provided with safety helmets and safety shoes


At the end of the internship, the company is then obliged to give an evaluation according to the student’s performance during the program. The results of this evaluation will later be used as evaluation material by the campus.

The difference between an internship and a management trainee

Some people often think that internship is the same program as Management Trainee . However, the two then have many fundamental differences, including:

  1. The main purpose of the internship program is to prepare students to face the world of work. Meanwhile, the main purpose of Management Trainee is to prepare them to become policy holders in a company.
  2. Management Trainee with status and rights as an employee, while Internship or internship is not.
  3. Only fresh graduates with a maximum of two years of work experience will become Management Trainees . Meanwhile, Internship can only be followed by final level students.
  4. The Management Trainee will then be appointed as a permanent employee if he successfully completes the program with high marks. This benefit itself is not in the internship program.
  5. This internship program is limited to a maximum duration of only one year. On the other hand, Management Trainee then has a longer duration with a minimum of one year only.
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Internship Success Tips

Here are the internship success tips you need to know.

Actively Searching for Internship Information

To be able to follow the internship program, of course you have to register first. Each company has its own standards in determining the candidates it seeks.

If you are in college, usually this internship is done in the third, fifth or final semester. It should be noted that the internship quota is usually only a few, while the fans are very many, so your competition will definitely increase.

The way to follow this program is by searching for internship information on your campus, social media, company website, or by asking your seniors who have worked or had an internship in a company.

Don’t Focus on Money

Don’t be obsessed with money when following an apprenticeship program, although it cannot be denied that money is very important to you. Some companies will then provide incentives for apprentices even if it is possible with a not too large nominal. It would be good to keep focusing on developing skills so that it is easier to get to know the world of work later. for Even if you are indeed employed, this is another benefit.

Follow the Internship Program with Professionals

Do the entire range of internship programs well, especially those that are related to your responsibilities or duties. In addition to work ethic, attitude and personality will also be seen by the company. Be polite and don’t act weird.


That’s the discussion about the internship and its purpose, hopefully all the discussions in this article will be useful for you. So, have you started an internship for college?

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