This is the Function and Role of Students in Society

Role of Students – Students have roles and functions in society. The roles and functions possessed by students are of course very important. A student is someone who is currently studying at a university. Apart from studying at colleges or universities, students also have roles and functions in society.

Basically, students have five roles in society including agent of change, iron stock , guardian of values, moral strength, and as a controller in social life in society. Check out the full explanation below.

Definition of Student

Who is actually a student? To make it clearer, Sinaumed’s can listen to the understanding of students in general and according to experts.

In general, student is a term that is intended for someone who is studying or is currently studying at a college, academy, or university.

A student can also be defined as an individual who studies at a college and he is registered as a student at that college. However, the definition of a student has a meaning that is more than just someone studying at a university.

Etymologically, student comes from maha which means the most and the word student means student. Thus, students can be interpreted as someone who is the most educated.

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary or KBBI, a student is someone who studies at a university and is in the educational structure in Indonesia, a student also holds the highest educational status among the others.

Meanwhile, according to Knopfelmacher, he defines students as human beings who will become candidates with a bachelor’s degree and have a connection to a tertiary institution, students are educated as well as expected to become intellectual individual candidates.

According to Sarwono, a student is someone who is registered to take part in a subject at a university with an age limit ranging from 18 to 30 years. Sarwono also defines students as a group that exists in society to gain status, because students have ties with a university.

According to the guardian of values, a student is a student who has a high level and the role of mites is as a guardian for the values ​​that exist in society and the truth is absolute, namely to uphold honesty, mutual cooperation, fairness, empathy, integrity and other qualities that needed in society.

The definition of a student according to his role as an agent of change is someone who is able to act as an activator and is able to invite the whole community to move to make changes for the better, with some considerations from various knowledge, knowledge and ideas possessed by these students.

Meanwhile, according to the role of students as moral of force , students can be defined as someone who has the highest level of education. So he has an obligation to have good morals. The intellectual level possessed by a student will be aligned with the level of morality he has in life. This is what makes students have a role as a moral force for a nation and is even expected to be a good example as a driving force so that society is able to improve morale in a better direction.

In addition to having the task of studying and achieving in the academic field when studying at tertiary institutions, students also have other roles and functions in society.

Students have a deeper understanding, in accordance with what is formulated by experts and is more than just an individual or group studying in college. Therefore, students are expected to be able to carry out their roles and become inspiring student figures. The book entitled “Real Steps to Inspire Students” written by Azmul Pawzi can be a reference book for students who want to move in real terms to realize their role as students in society and become inspirational figures. So what are you waiting for? Immediately buy and read the book now, only at!

Student Roles and Functions

There are several roles and functions that a student has. In general, students have five roles and functions as well as labels owned by a student. Here’s an explanation.

  • Direct of Change , meaning that students are able to carry out forms of change directly, because there are many and sufficient human resources.
  • Agent of Change , namely students are expected to be able to become agents of change and become Human Resources who are able to bring about change.
  • Iron Stock , the point is that a student is a human resource that will never run out.
  • Moral of Force , means that students are a collection of many people who are expected to have good morals, because they have high education, knowledge and knowledge.
  • Social Control , is a role and label pinned on students because they are expected to become controllers in social life in society.
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However, in general, students have at least three roles and functions that are considered important for students and the general public.

  • The first role is the moral role. In the world of campus or university, every student can be free to choose what kind of life they want. Because of this, students are then required to be responsible for the morals of each of them as individuals who have knowledge and insight, so that they are able to live a life responsibly and in accordance with existing morals and live in society.
  • The second role of students is a social role. Apart from being responsible for themselves, students have a social role, meaning that the presence of students and everything they do can benefit the environment around them, the surrounding community and not only benefit themselves.
  • The third and final role is the intellectual role. This means that a student is someone who is referred to as an intellectual being and must be able to realize the status embedded in students in real life. Students are expected to be able to realize their true and basic functions when they become students, namely to deepen knowledge and provide the knowledge they have to make changes for the better by using the intellect or intelligence they have acquired while studying at university.

In addition to the three roles of students, students also have functions which have been grouped as follows.

1) Social Control

The first function of a student is as social control. Students with the knowledge they possess, intellectual abilities, social sensitivity and critical attitudes are expected to be able to become social controllers in social life.

As social control, students can provide criticism and suggestions as well as solutions to problems that exist in the community. The first function of students as social control, will be seen when something is not right in society.

So that students are considered and expected to be able to change this oddity. Then, students who are not active or indifferent to the problems that exist in the surrounding environment, it will be considered that there is no hope for a nation, because students as iron stock are reluctant to play a role as social control.

Apart from being a social control , students are part of the community which of course should be concerned with what is happening in their surroundings. This concern cannot only be realized in the form of a demo. However, it can be realized with thoughts, discussions as well as moral and material assistance that can be given by students to the community.

2) Agent of Change

Students have a function and role as agents of change. This means that students do not only act as initiators of change. However, he also has a role as an object or actor of the change he initiated.

A critical and positive attitude, basically a student must have as an agent of change . Both of these attitudes are expected to be able to make good changes when there are irregularities in the social environment. So that people will become more alert, smart and not easily fooled, when something strange happens.

Students are considered as a group of individuals who must be at the forefront when it comes to driving positive change. Through the eyes or views of students who are still neutral, students are considered able to see the mistakes made by their country.

An example is when students took action as agents of change in 1998, namely when students overthrew the New Order and there were changes after that. The demonstration then became the biggest demonstration ever in Indonesia and was driven by students so that there would be a change for the better for Indonesia.

3) Iron Stock

Students have a role as the next generation of the nation and are expected to have the ability, noble character and skills to be able to become future leaders for the sake of the nation.

Students are considered as assets, reserves as well as hope for the nation in the future.

It is undeniable that many organizations will have a flowing nature, and be marked by a shift in power from the old to the young. Therefore, regeneration will be carried out repeatedly, continuously.

Likewise in life at the university or in the nation and state. Cadreization of young people, such as students, must continue to be carried out, because it is in the hands of young people that big changes can occur, thus making the conditions of a nation better.

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As an iron stock , students can enrich themselves with knowledge and learn from mistakes that have previously occurred in the older generation or previous generations.

4) Moral Force

Students are required to have good morals, because students have a role and function as a moral force or role model for society. All behavior and decisions made by students will be observed and assessed by the surrounding community. Therefore, students are expected to be smart in choosing where they will place themselves in society, as well as their ability to be able to live side by side with other communities.

In addition, in the current era of globalization, where it is easier for foreign cultures to enter Indonesia, students have a role to maintain the original cultural values ​​belonging to Indonesia. Thus, Indonesian culture will not be eroded by new cultures belonging to outsiders. Students are expected to be able to reflect the best values ​​and character, in accordance with the intellectual level they have and have obtained in college.

5) Guardian of Values

The fifth student function is as a guardian of value. As with the moral of force, currently many foreign cultures are starting to enter Indonesia. Thus, it is feared that the original cultures belonging to Indonesia will be eroded and lost.

Therefore, students play a role as guardians of Indonesia’s noble and noble values ​​which must be protected. Students as guardians of values ​​are expected to be at the forefront of maintaining these good values. Examples include mutual cooperation, fairness, empathy and honesty. As guardians of values, students must be aware that there will not be a prosperous nation if noble values ​​are not upheld by both the young and the elderly.

Steps to Realize Student Role Real

After knowing the roles and functions that students have in social life in society, students must also know how to do or real steps to realize the roles and functions that have been attached to students.

There are several steps that can be followed, if Sinaumed’s wants to realize the roles and functions of students in society in a real way. Here’s an explanation.

  • Students need to be aware of political conditions and life in the nation and state. This is because students as part of the community have an interest in defending the community and what is happening in their surroundings should not be ignored.
  • Students can choose movements that are in accordance with their vision and mission. The movement in question is an intellectual movement, namely as a way in which students can move to channel their opinions or passions through scientific activities, discussions, actions carried out in compliance with the law, audiences and others.
  • The third step is to realize the real roles and functions of students, is to be involved in student organizations and movements that carry out a good vision and mission and do not neglect assignments or lecture needs.
  • No less important, students can realize the role and function of students in society by having good time management. So that students are able to carry out their roles in the social environment in society and remain responsible for themselves, their studies as well as their families.
  • Broaden horizons by reading books. In order to be able to carry out the role of students properly and realistically, students must have broad insights. One way is to read a variety of books. Thus, students will get knowledge, perspectives or broad perspectives through the books they read. Apart from books, students can also broaden their horizons by diligently reading journals, newspapers and e-books which are now easier to find.

That is an explanation of the role of students and their functions and is also equipped with an explanation of how to realize the roles and functions of students in a real way.

As explained, one way to realize the real role of students is to read books. Books that are read better are not just one topic but a variety of topics. So, as #FriendsWithoutLimits, sinaumedia provides a variety of books on a variety of interesting topics, ranging from science to fiction, which can broaden Sinaumed’s’ horizons.