Outline Speeches: A How-to Guide and Their Purpose

Speech Framework – For many people to do standing up and speaking in front of a large number of people is very intimidating. In normal situations, we can casually chat with one, two, even chat with ten more people is fine. But the story is different, if we are the ones who have to speak in front of them.

It’s not really a matter of speech, because everyone can talk pretty well with friends or strangers they’ve just met. However, the problem is that many people feel nervous when they are the center of attention, especially if the people watching us are strangers.

Guaranteed, words that usually flow smoothly, suddenly will be messy. After all, let’s not talk in front of new people, we are even still often nervous when we have to speak in front of people we know well.

The same thing applies when we have to give a speech. For those who are used to public speaking, speeches are easy to do. All that’s left is to prepare the script, move forward, present the script that we have prepared, say thank you, done.

However, for those who are not familiar, the business of this speech can be very complicated. Again, it’s not about conveying the material, but being the center of attention.

So, if you are not a fluent speech person, you really have to read the following tips!



Tips for Avoiding Nervousness During a Speech in Front of Many People

Many people can be good listeners, but very few can be good speakers, especially when it has to be done in front of dozens of pairs of eyes. Nervousness, coupled with mind overload, makes this trivial task so difficult to do. So, for those of you who are preparing for a public speech and want your speech to run smoothly, let’s try the tips below!

1. Prepare a Speech Script

When deciding to give a speech, it means we have to convey something to the crowd. To formulate the points we want to convey, we must first make a speech text. Actually, the matter of making this manuscript depends on each individual.

Great people belonging to this nation, such as the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno was nicknamed the ‘Lion of the Podium’ because of his skill in moving the hearts of thousands of people with his speeches. President Soekarno did not need any script when giving a speech.

However, everything he said was clear and to the point. The same thing usually applies to those who are used to speaking in public. The more experience they have, the less often they need scripts for speeches.

However, not everyone is like that. For those of you who basically don’t like appearing in public or for the first time giving a speech, having a script is very important. This is because the script that has been made can make it easier for you to convey your points or intentions to your audience. More than that, having the script in front of you will also make you more focused and ready to speak.

To make it easier, you can first make a speech framework that contains the stages of giving a speech. By making a speech outline, it will be easier for you to draft your speech.

2. Practice Yourself Before Advance

Apart from preparing the script, you also need to practice before appearing in front of many people. Usually people practice in front of a mirror. Talking in front of our own reflection is believed to help increase our self-confidence. Once you feel good, you can try giving a speech in front of some of the people closest to you.

Ask family and close friends to pretend to be in the audience. However, talking in front of them won’t be too scary because you already know them very well.

After the speech is over, you can ask them to comment on your appearance. Is it good enough? What needs to be fixed, and which parts are good enough to use.

Practicing yourself before giving a speech in front of a crowd is very important. Because only then, you will feel more prepared and confident to speak.

3. Choose Appropriate Clothing

Humans are visual creatures, so when we walk to the front of the room, our appearance is the first thing others notice. For that, make sure you look neat when giving a speech.

If necessary, wear clothes such as a shirt with a suit, and shoes to make it look formal. A neat appearance will make you look more attractive. In addition, an attractive appearance will also make you appear more confident than before.

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4. Come At Least An Hour Before

Considering that you hold an important part in an event, then you can’t come late. Instead, you must come before the event starts. Arriving earlier, will make you have more time to get ready.

You can see the situation where the event takes place, the layout of the stage and the portions, the audience that is present, and familiarize yourself with it all. Knowing how the situation and the audience that is present will make you much more prepared and less nervous.

After all, try to imagine how the audience and the people who give their trust will react if you arrive late? You are not only making them wait, more than that, they will also be disappointed.

5. Confident

Among all the tips, this one tip is arguably the most difficult. Building self-confidence is not easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

First, stop thinking negatively, and try to build interaction with the audience. Before starting your speech, you can sweep your eyes across everyone, and try to smile. A smile is very important, and can help reduce the feeling of nervousness that is ready to attack.

You also have to realize that you have worked hard to be able to appear today, after all, what you have to say is not a bad thing either. If you get nervous, and your speech falls apart, your efforts to give a speech will be in vain.

6. Think Positive

One of the problems with many people is that they can’t control their thoughts. When doing difficult things, our minds will wander everywhere. Unfortunately, the mind is mostly filled with negative things that make us feel afraid. In fact, what we think does not necessarily turn into reality.

Well, you shouldn’t be trapped by bad thoughts that arise. Try to get out of bad thoughts and turn those fears into positive things that make you excited to do it.

Try to think of the good and fun things that will happen if you succeed in delivering your speech well. Whether the audience’s response was good, the sense of pride that arose, to everyone’s applause.

By keeping your mind positive, what you are going to do will run smoothly. Everything will not be as easy as turning the palm of the hand. However, at least it won’t be as difficult as we imagine. So put your mind at ease, okay?

7. Continue to Introspect and Improve Yourself

No human being can escape mistakes. Likewise when you give a speech in public, especially if the speech is your first speech. However, you are not used to doing it yet.

You also don’t know exactly how to deliver a good speech, and how the audience will react. So it’s only natural that in your first speech, you made a lot of small mistakes.

However, even though it’s normal to make a mistake, it doesn’t mean you can repeat the same mistake every time you get the chance to give a speech. To avoid the same mistakes when giving a speech, you must be diligent in introspection.

After getting off the podium, don’t immediately forget the script or the moment. Remember what you said earlier, including the parts that you thought were lacking. Practice again at home, and work on what’s wrong. That way, you won’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

How to Make a Speech Outline

After reading some of the tips above, preparing a speech script is the first thing you should do. Unfortunately, either because they are nervous or because they are not used to it, many people find it difficult to script their speech. As a result, the script that was made was not good, and the speech that was delivered was messy.

If you are one of those who have the same difficulty, you can start by making a speech outline. The speech framework itself consists of several important points in the speech, and here’s how to make a speech framework that you can make!

1. Opening Speech

In this first step, you need to create a speech opening. This speech framework is simply as self-introduction to the audience. Therefore, in the framework of this speech, it should be made with language that is not too heavy so that the audience wants to hear the contents of the speech.

Even though what you say is important, you can’t just convey the main points in your speech. In a speech, you have to open it with an opening.

The opening of the speech itself consists of several parts, namely opening greetings, words of praise and thanksgiving, expressing respect to the audience and people who are considered important or influential at the event, brief self-introductions if necessary, and finally a brief explanation of the topics to be discussed in the speech. .

2. Content Speech

After the opening, you can start creating the contents of the speech. The content of the speech itself consists of important points that you must convey. However, keep in mind, the content of the speech must not only be about the target or target audience, but also be in accordance with the topic of discussion that day.

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Since the body of the speech is the most important part, you have to make it as good as possible. The content of a good speech does not mean it has to look complicated. Instead, the contents of the speech should be made concise with sentences that are pleasant to read and hear.

With appropriate sentences, the audience can easily understand the topic you are talking about and you will have no difficulty understanding the topic, remembering it, and saying it in front of many people.

3. Concluding Section

A good speech doesn’t always have to be long and bore the other person. A speech is considered good if the points we convey are well conveyed and understood by the audience.

So, after you have delivered all of the contents of the speech, you can immediately end the speech. The closing part of the speech itself contains a summary and conclusion of the topics you have conveyed, and your hopes as a speaker.

Don’t forget to apologize if there are parts of the speech that are not quite right, both the words and the way they are delivered. Also thank everyone for taking the time to attend the event, and listen to your speech carefully.

Finally, because your speech begins with a greeting, you must also end it with a greeting. The greeting itself can be in the form of a sentence “Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh” or a greeting “Good morning, good afternoon, good afternoon or good night”.

The Purpose of Making a Speech Outline

Making a speech outline can be a pain, because we have to write several times until the text is finally ready. For people who are already experts in giving speeches, making speech outlines is obviously troublesome and unnecessary. This is because they know what to say.

However, what is considered a hassle by others, may actually be something that must be done by others. Even though it’s a hassle, the step of making a speech framework is very important for those who are not used to giving speeches in front of many people. In addition, making a speech framework also has several goals. Here are 5 goals for making a speech outline that you should know!

1. Making the Speech Manuscript Making Process Easier

Never mind giving speeches, writing speech scripts is also difficult for those who are not used to it. Nervousness plus other negative thoughts, often makes our minds unfocused, so that the script that is made becomes a mess.

With a messy script, your speech will not go well either. So that this disaster doesn’t happen, you have to make sure the script you are going to use later is good.

So, making a speech framework aims to make the speech text good enough. Either in terms of sentence structure, or the points to be conveyed are in accordance with the topic to be discussed.

2. So that Audiences Can Easily Understand Our Speeches

One of the main characteristics of a failed speech is that the listeners or audience do not understand what we convey in the speech. There are two reasons why this could happen. First, because your speech is too long to make the audience bored and eventually lose their focus.

It could also be because the content of the speech you are delivering is too complicated, so that people who listen to it are confused and don’t clearly understand the intent of your speech.

By making a speech framework, you will avoid these two things. As a result, the speech you deliver is not too complicated, and the listener or audience can understand it well.

3. Ensuring All Points Delivered

Sometimes nervousness makes our minds chaotic. No matter how often we practice, excessive nervousness will make the sentences we practice just disappear, and the points made will be forgotten. If that’s the case, we will definitely feel very sorry and disappointed with ourselves.

Considering that you can’t go ahead and give a speech twice on one occasion, you have to make sure that all the points in the speech have been conveyed.

By making a speech outline, you can formulate all the points in the text and make it the main guide when giving a speech. So, even if you’re a little nervous, at least you can still convey everything you want to convey.



The outline of the speech consists of three parts, namely the opening, the body, and the closing part. Each of these speech frameworks are related to one another, so they cannot be separated. Therefore, in making a speech, you should pay attention to the opening, content, and closing parts so that the points of the speech do not go astray and the audience understands each point or intent of the contents of the speech.

Giving a speech is not an easy matter for those who are not used to it. However, by framing your speech, this matter will be much easier for you. Coupled with increasing experience, it will make anyone who was not used to it become fluent and able to deliver speeches well.

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