What is Laravel to its advantages and disadvantages

What is Laravel – When developing a website or site, choosing the right framework is one of the things that must be considered. So, the resulting website will definitely be maximized, because the features available are adjusted to the needs. Well, the most recommended framework for creating websites is usually the Laravel framework.

If you use the Laravel Framework, the cost of creating a website is much more economical. Because, the features that exist are only what is needed. So, not only is it cost-effective, but on the other hand it also saves more time.

So, what is Laravel? What are the advantages? And what are the tips for learning Laravel to be more effective? Come on, let’s see the article about Laravel until it’s finished.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP programming-based framework that can be used in the website development process so that it is more optimal. Using Laravel will make the resulting website more optimal and dynamic.

The presence of the Laravel framework makes PHP programming maximized and more powerful. This is because the presence of the Laravel framework is better and its features are lighter than other frameworks.

This Laravel framework uses the Model View Controller or MVC structure. MVC itself is a separator application model between the display of application components and data. By using the MVC model, Laravel users will find it easier to understand and learn Laravel. And also the process of creating a website application will certainly be faster.

The Laravel framework also provides fairly complete built-in features, including authentication features. So, this Framework tends to focus on the end user level. Where the Laravel framework is indeed simple but has many advantages. Both in terms of appearance and the side of writing the code. Even so, the Laravel framework remains in great demand for creating web-based applications because of its complete features.

This is because of its flexibility and advantages in the web application development process, many companies use Laravel development. From small companies to large companies.

Laravel Framework Functions

Known as a full-featured framework, Laravel certainly has functions that simplify the website creation process optimally and dynamically, as well as saving costs and time. This is because the features created are only what is needed.

Laravel Pros and Cons

Maybe as a material consideration, you can first read the advantages and disadvantages of this Laravel Framework, namely:

1. Pros of Laravel 

  • Very easy to learn for beginners.
  • The developing process becomes more practical.
  • Laravel is already used all over the world, so it is possible for beginners to adapt more easily to new projects.
  • Existing tools are suitable for advanced and novice developers.
  • Lots of forums and documentation, so you can discuss if there are problems or errors.
  • Has a basic template that is quite light.
  • The code it has is pretty neat in comparison.
  • Has many features available.

2. Laravel Disadvantages 

  • Need to update frequently to new versions, in a short time too, compared to other frameworks.
  • In some cases, Laravel’s execution time is slightly slower than CI.
  • Has a code size that includes weight for a framework.

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Laravel Features

The Laravel framework is well known, because it has many advantages, and also has many available features. Did you know? Following are the features of Laravel:

  • Authentication

This feature is a feature that you can use to create a website with authentication. So, it’s easier and you don’t need to fill in the code from scratch, so that the authentication feature is on your website.

  • Testing and Debugging

Laravel also has features for testing and debugging websites. So, you don’t need to worry and bother if you want to do testing and debugging.

  • Routing

With this feature, you can make applications easily and quickly, because this framework uses route assistance to map all requests. You can also give routing names, filter routes as needed, and also create a grouping.

  • Blade Template Engine

This framework also provides blade features that can be used to design consistent layouts .

  • Composer

This feature helps you improve and perfect your website development process, and also makes the updating process easier .

Effective Laravel Learning Tips

Are you interested in learning Laravel? If so, maybe you need some tips and tricks on learning Laravel for beginners, which will make your learning more effective. Here are the tips.

  1. Understand the concepts of HTML, CRUD, PHP, and OOP first.
  2. By choosing the right code editor.
  3. Use a helper function or help from Laravel.
  4. Also study the MVC architecture.
  5. Try creating a new, simple project.
  6. If you experience errors and problems, you can find solutions via the internet.
  7. Explore and evaluate more projects.
  8. Try joining by creating team projects, namely in the form of bootcamps or internships, so you will get experience encountering other problems or errors.
  9. Lastly, maybe you can also learn CI, if you are used to it, surely you will easily adapt to Laravel.
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Understanding PHP Framework

This PHP framework or framework facilitates the process of developing web or applications that use PHP, with the basic structure of building a website. So, in essence PHP frameworks can help develop websites or applications more quickly. This framework also helps build stable applications.

That is, programmers or developers do not need to do coding repeatedly. This framework can also help beginners if they want to build stable applications, because this framework helps ensure that coding and database interactions are running well on the presentation screen. So, developers or programmers are more focused on building applications properly without writing code repeatedly.

What is Laravel? | Learn 13 Key Features in the Laravel Framework

Advantages of PHP Frameworks

Before knowing what are the best PHP frameworks that you can use, you also have to know why web developers and programmers prefer to use this PHP. Here are some of the advantages of PHP frameworks:


First, the reason why programmers or developers have to use this PHP framework is because 4G this framework processes website development faster, because the PHP framework has the same code in several similar projects, so of course the work can be completed faster or the project time is longer. fast.

The framework can also offer modules that have been made before for working on quite difficult coding tasks. So, developers can spend time developing actual apps instead of building the foundation for each project.

More Stable

Apart from being fast, the reason why PHP is often used is because it is a more popular coding language, it is because PHP is easier to use and simpler, even for beginners, and also more stable. However, with all the conveniences available, you might make an accidental mistake. Even though your website can still work, errors can be avoided if you use a PHP framework.

This is because the PHP framework is made in such a way as to remain stable. This is why PHP is known for its good stability and is the reason developers are happy with this PHP framework.

Easy to find

Actually, you can easily find PHP frameworks on the internet. There, there are various types of frameworks that you can choose according to your needs, or you can also make your own framework, but if you want it to be faster, you can just search for frameworks on the internet.

Then the PHP framework also has a community forum and support team that can be used to interact with programmers or developers who use the same framework.

So, before using a PHP framework, you should adapt the framework to the project you are going to work on. Will the developing process be easy and fast with the framework? Does the app improve stability and work well or not. If yes, then this PHP framework is suitable.

How to Choose the Right PHP Framework

There are many choices of frameworks that can be used for developing any type of website or application. However, so that you don’t choose the wrong one, you should pay attention to a number of steps that must be applied in choosing the right PHP Framework.

So, before choosing a framework, consider who will be modifying your application and who will be using it. There are several factors that you need to know in choosing a PHP framework, namely:

  1. Choose one that is easy to use
  2. Fast framework and development performance
  3. Popularity among website developers or developer community
  4. Services or Features available in the framework
  5. Whether there is a community forum and support

So, if you are a beginner in using PHP frameworks, it’s a good idea to try some other frameworks, which one is suitable and what you like. This is because each framework definitely has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you need to be selective in choosing, identifying which ones are your needs, as well as whether you are comfortable using the framework.

The Best PHP Framework Recommendations Besides Laravel 

We all know that PHP is the choice of most developers, because it is already widely used, and as it develops, PHP’s popularity is increasing. And more and more PHP frameworks are emerging. Now, there are many questions, what is the best PHP framework?

PHP frameworks are made for different purposes, what is best for you may not be optimal for someone else. Therefore, there are many choices of recommendation frameworks that can help developer projects.

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One of them is Laravel which we discussed earlier. Laravel is known as a framework that has complete features, has functions that facilitate the process of making websites maximally and dynamically. As well as saving costs and time, as well as the most widely used by companies and developers.

However, even though Lavarel is the most popular, there are also other frameworks that you can make an alternative choice of, including:

1. Laminas Project

Previously, Laminas Project was known as The Zend Framework. Even though it has changed its name, this framework still has an active user base and lots of support. Apart from that, the Laminas Project is a framework that can be used to develop websites. The performance is quite high and is in the same class as enterprise applications. Laminas Project also has many features such as feeds, services, forms, authentication components, and so on.

2. CakePHP

For those of you who are new to using PHP frameworks, maybe CakePHP can be the right choice for you. This framework focuses on rapid development, built on the principles of Ruby on Rails. So you can do web development with speed, ease of use, support systems, and ever-growing scalability. Making CakePHP the right choice for your web or application development.

3. Symphony

The Symfony Framework is suitable for developers who already have high experience and in-depth knowledge of application development. Because Symfony is made to create a corporate level web. Examples of websites that use this framework are Yahoo!, Askeet, and Bookmarks.

Symfony is also open source, which has many features and can be used in many ways. However, Symfony performs slightly slower than the others.

4. CodeIgniter

Then, there is CodeIgniter, which has quite good speed and performance. This framework is very suitable for beginners. This PHP framework is usually used on a hosting, on a shared account, or if you want to use it with a small footprint. CodeIgniter also has a library of available user guides, video tutorials, support pages and forums.

5. Seagulls

Seagull is also a PHP framework that is used to create web, GUI applications, and command lines. This framework is suitable for a wide range of development, from beginners to advanced coders. For beginners, this Framework has examples of applications that you can customize according to your needs.

If you’re advanced, Seagull also offers a wide range of options, including standards and best practices, as well as a modular codebase that makes developing web applications easy and fast. Seagull also has an active developer community and support documentation if you need help.

6. FuelPHP

Then, this FuelPHP Framework was introduced to the public in 2014. Even though this PHP Framework is still young, this PHP framework has a high level of security. This framework also supports PHP from version 5.4, and also has interesting features, such as unit testing, fuel debugger, and also uses an easy-to-use MVC architecture feature.

7. Lumens

Lumen PHP Framework is the younger sibling of the Laravel Framework, which is known as the micro framework, because it is capable of delivering fast APIs and micro-services. So, lumen includes the lite version of Laravel. If you want to use Lumen, then you have to install PHP version 7.2 and above.

8. Phalcon

Phalcon is a framework that has the fastest programming language compared to CakePHP, ZEND1, and CodeIgniter2. This framework already supports PHP 5.4 and is suitable for various projects, from lightweight to enterprise level. It has an open source framework, so it doesn’t need a lot of code in its implementation.

9. Yii

Yii stands for “Yes it is!”, which is an open source framework that adopts the concept of MCV or Model Controller View. This framework has the advantage of being easy to extend , because Yii can be installed on third-party libraries. This framework also does not take long to develop applications.

10. Slim

Slim is the same as Lumen, which includes a micro framework. This framework is specifically designed to quickly develop web applications and APIs. The 4th version was released in 2019. If you want to install Slim, you must first use a web server, such as Apache or Nginx.

11. Fate Free

Fate Free is a micro PHP framework with various features, ranging from CSS compression, image processing, data validation, open ID, unit testing, and more. This framework supports the use of both NoSQL and SQL databases, and also uses multilingualism for its web application development process.

12. Auras

Finally, there is the Aura framework. Aura is a framework suitable for developing simple applications. Libraries in Aura can stand alone and can be installed with all projects. However, in every library that is owned, Aura does not have dependencies.

So, Laravel is a framework based on PHP programming that can be used as a website development process, and Laravel is the most popular framework compared to the others. You can also read complete Laravel information on the official site, I hope the above information is useful, good luck!