Understanding MPV Cars: Features, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Definition of MPV Car For users of four-wheeled vehicles, especially those who use the vehicle as a family car, the MPV car type is indeed the right choice. Apart from that, the size of the car is large enough to accommodate up to seven people, this car is also very comfortable to use for traveling and its function is very flexible.

For Reader friends who are interested in owning a car, of course this MPV type car is very interesting to own. However, for those of you who are still wondering what the heck is an MPV car? In this discussion, we will present related information about the MPV car to make it easier for Reader to consider this type of car to buy.

For that, let’s find out the meaning of the MPV car, its types, functions, as well as its advantages and disadvantages in this discussion.

Further information related to the MPV car can be read below!

What is an MPV car?

Multi Purpose Vehicle (in Indonesian means: Multipurpose Vehicle, abbreviated as MPV (“MPV”) is a classification of “multipurpose” vehicles that can be used both as passenger and cargo carriers. This type of vehicle is usually classified as a “minibus” (small bus) based on its shape This MPV-type vehicle usually comes in two production versions, namely passenger (with rear passenger seats) and cargo (without windows and rear seats) designed only for cargo transportation.

The first MPV was made in France in 1987 with the Renault Espace. With the creation of the MPV car, it became a great advance in its time because it could transport more passengers without having to carry a lot of cargo.

Now the MPV also appears in a new category that is mentioned as a mini MPV with a passenger capacity of 5 passengers but in terms of cargo it can carry more goods than a sedan.

In the 1990s the MPV movement was quite large in Indonesia, the most popular among the community in the early 90s was Toyota Kijang which offered 1.8 (82 hp) and 1.5 (66 hp) engines which are known to be repulsive and suitable for road conditions in Indonesia. Furthermore, Isuzu introduced a diesel MPV that is in great demand, namely the Isuzu Panther which is known to be very economical with a 2300 cc OHV engine with 63 bhp.

Then Daihatsu did not want to miss out on other segments, in 1994 it changed the look of the Daihatsu Zebra to the Daihatsu Zebra Espass which offered a 1600 cc engine with 88 hp from other competitors at the time. besides, the 1300 cc (75 hp) engine is said to be more economical.

Among its competitors, Suzuki Carry is the most suitable for the purchasing power of the public, besides being known for its affordable price, low maintenance costs, and the cheapest fuel consumption in its class. Suzuki Carry will reach the Indonesian community with three engines, namely 1500cc (80hp), 1300cc (72hp) and 1000cc (52hp).

kijang mpv car

MPV car features

As we know that there are many types of cars in the market, one of the most popular is the MPV car. Well, to distinguish the type of MPV car from other types of car, first know the following characteristics of the MPV car.

1. MPV Passenger Capacity

It is a vehicle designed for family needs. No wonder if one of its features is a spacious enough cabin that can accommodate up to 7-8 passengers.

2. Machine Capacity

As a universal family car, the average MPV engine capacity is less than 1500 cc. Unlike SUVs that are designed to drive on extreme roads and have an engine capacity of 1500 cc or more. MPV is indeed a type of vehicle that is more suitable for driving on flat roads.

3. Car body

Because it is used to transport passengers and goods, usually the MPV body is higher and wider, so the interior cabin is wider. These features are also an advantage of the MPV car type, where the slogan “relief makes you happy” This MPV type car is very suitable as a family vehicle.

4. Operating system

The operating system has the following functions. Most types of MPV cars use a two-wheel drive system, both front and rear wheel drive.

5. Clearance

Other characteristics of MPV cars can be seen in the clearance, which is the distance from the bottom of the car to the ground. This type of MPV has a fairly high ground clearance, an average of more than 200 mm, which makes it possible to drive even on rough roads.

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MPV car type

MPV cars themselves are divided into several types, namely low, medium and premium types. Here is an explanation of the types of MPV:

1. Low MPV

The Low Type MPV is a category of MPV with simpler features and a body that is not too big. But this type can still meet daily transportation needs and save fuel.

2. Medium MPV

Being one level above the low MPV, the medium type MPV is a class with a larger body and more complete features than the low MPV. The price of this type of car is slightly more expensive compared to Low MPV.

3. Premium MPV

This type is the most advanced type of car in the MPV class. The car body in this category is bigger, with an interior that can be considered VIP class.

Advantages of MPV cars

In addition to being a multi-purpose vehicle, MPV cars have several advantages that are a plus compared to other types of cars, among others:

1. Large capacity

As a minibus class, this type of MPV is indeed a fairly large type of car. Certainly to fulfill its role as a means of transportation. Its dimensions can accommodate many passengers.

Like a mini bus, this MPV can accommodate 8 people. The spacious cabin it carries also makes the front row passengers comfortable. The distance between rows of seats is relatively the same regardless of whether it is the second or third row.

In addition to being a family vehicle, this MPV type car also has a passenger space that is large enough to fit in the trunk of the car. It has enough space for your belongings when traveling with the family.

2. An environmentally friendly car

Another advantage of this MPV car is the jar sector in the kitchen. Most types of MPV cars now have environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient engines that are usually more economical.

3. Relatively Affordable Prices

This superiority can be one of the strong reasons why MPVs are so popular in Indonesia, namely the price range. The price tag is relatively cheaper than other cars in the same class. Another advantage is that MPVs tend to have a more competitive purchase price. In fact, the price is considered more affordable than other types of cars. In addition, MPV operating and maintenance costs are also relatively cheap, such as fuel consumption, monthly maintenance, service costs, and the purchase of spare parts. The price of the MPV will not drop far from the purchase price. Provided that the condition of the car is still prime and in good condition.

4. Large Baggage

After the passenger capacity, the next advantage when buying an MPV car is the large luggage.

Luggage in the form of bags, suitcases, souvenirs or luggage of any shape can easily fit into the spacious trunk and this certainly makes the MPV a multi-purpose vehicle.

When driving, let alone a long enough distance, carrying a lot of luggage is certainly annoying when we have to force ourselves into the car.

Instead of enjoying a comfortable trip, we are bothered with large luggage. Therefore, an MPV car with large luggage is the right solution to make the journey more comfortable.

5. Comfortable when driven on various terrains

Despite going through rough roads, MPV passengers still feel comfortable while driving. Because this type of car usually has a spacious cabin. Passengers can sit comfortably and stretch their legs. No wonder, MPV can be relied upon to travel long distances.

In addition, MPV now also has several features that increase the comfort of the driver and passengers in various road conditions. For example, it has a plateau feature. This feature can help vehicles move more smoothly on different terrains, such as uneven roads, potholes and puddles or floods.

Thus, passengers can feel more comfortable during the trip. In fact, some brands of MPV cars also have advanced features that allow them to drive on uphill, narrow, and winding roads.

6. Complete Security Features

In addition to comfort, driving safety is an important factor in choosing a vehicle. The latest MPV is equipped with various safety features, including Electronic Stability Program (ECS), Tire Pressure Monitoring System and Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) and dual SRS airbags. These features can minimize the risk of accidents and ensure the safety of the driver and passengers during the journey.

Lack of MPV cars

It can also be said that MPV type cars have some shortcomings, or rather the other side, which is less suitable for certain needs or users. The following are some of the disadvantages of MPV type cars:

1. The capacity of the machine is relatively small

The first disadvantage is that most of the machines use standard equipment and are relatively small. In the Indonesian low-end MPV category, the average only carries a 1.5-1.8L engine.

But on the other hand, it cannot be called a deficit. Considering this type of car is designed for everyday use in the city where the contour of the road is smooth. Unlike SUVs that are functionally used on extreme roads.

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2. Not suitable for young people

You can’t even call it a deficiency. Because the target market is family cars, MPV cars are not intended for young people. This type of car does not have a flashy grill, a stylish body, or other “young” elements.

Well, that’s the comment about MPV type cars not being suitable for young people to use. Basically, this very popular vehicle is designed as a multipurpose minibus, suitable for transportation and family use.

3. All features remain standard

Another highlight of the MPV is its features. Potential consumers pay attention to this area.

In terms of features, most MPVs only have standard features that are limited to ensure driving comfort and safety.

However, many premium MPVs have advanced features but the price tag is much higher.

4. Designed only to be driven on smooth roads

Not as powerful as a jeep, the first MPV’s shortcoming was that it couldn’t drive on bad roads.

Basically, most MPVs are designed to be driven only on flat roads such as toll roads, toll roads, or paved roads.

So if you drive an MPV down a hill, on a rocky road, on a muddy road, in water, this car is not suitable.

5. Less strong uphill

Another weakness of MPV is that it is not strong going uphill. The reason is that, in addition to only being able to drive on flat roads, this car is also less reliable when going uphill.

Different from SUV type cars which are very reliable to explore various types of roads such as ramps, rocky roads and worse road conditions.

6. Low car height

For a family car with seven seats, the range of MPV cars is relatively low. It’s different with an SUV type car that can only accommodate four people, this is quite high.

This happens because MPVs use less than 16 inch wheels. If you want to make it higher, the wheel can only be raised 2 inches from the factory default. Therefore, it is not recommended to change 17-19 inch tires to the MPV.

Tips before buying an MPV car

Variations in the MPV car segment are of course very many and it is not uncommon for us to be a little confused with what suits the needs of the family, including the availability of pockets.

Here are some considerations that can be your reference before you decide to buy for family needs and of course your supplies:

1. Security Features

Of course, safety is the most important thing you can offer your family, right? Especially when it comes to choosing a vehicle for your beloved family.

Security is one of the most important factors and should be a priority for families.

Because the MPV can accommodate a minimum of 5 passengers, the safety requirements must of course be optimal.

One of the safety systems that you should pay attention to is the ABS EBD BA braking system which is touted as the best braking system. .

In addition, the ABS braking function is also very useful when drivers use it on winding and slippery roads after rain.

Another safety feature that your MPV of choice should have is a seat belt and make sure you have a three-point seat belt. In general, this seat belt was developed by Volvo car designer, Nils Bohlin.

Because of the level of safety and comfort that is the main focus of this seat belt, it is not uncommon for European and Asian car manufacturers to use this type of seat belt.

These seat belts are designed to prevent the driver and passengers from being thrown and reduce the risk of personal injury.

Don’t forget the airbag function or what is commonly called airbag, is one of the safety components of your MPV vehicle of choice.

This airbag is very helpful to you and often saves the life of the driver and passenger in the event of a collision or traffic accident.

2. Engine and Fuel Performance

Machine performance is one of the main considerations in choosing an MPV for your beloved family.

Choose an MPV that has good engine performance and good gear shifting acceleration and of course is fuel efficient so it remains economical in the pocket.

In general, the average new car has good fuel efficiency because the various supporting features are still good and make the car fuel efficient.

Of course, Reader friends, you don’t want your pockets to be flat because the car wastes fuel due to poor engine performance, right?

3. Seat comfort

The seat is an important part of driving, especially when traveling long distances with the family or in traffic jams.

When choosing an MPV for a family, the comfort of the seats should be considered.

Choose a seat that provides comfort for you and other passengers. Make sure each seat is also equipped with a seat belt or safety belt to ensure the safety of both the driver and the passenger.


So much for a brief discussion about what an MPV car is: Features, Types, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Not only knowing what an MPV car is, but also discussing the advantages, disadvantages, tips for buying it and knowing the types of cars on the market.

Knowing what an MPV car is for automotive lovers is very beneficial to know the right type of four-wheeled vehicle to be a family car with a cheap and environmentally friendly price that is suitable to own as a family vehicle.