The Understanding of LCGC Cars and Any Advantages and Disadvantages

Understanding of LCGC Cars – Currently there are more and more modes of transportation in the market and of course the automotive industry is competing to create good quality and certainly cheap cars in order to enter the middle class market. One type of car that is cheap but has good enough quality is the LCGC (Low Cost Green Car).

LCGC cars are present as a solution from the government for people who want to have a car but at a cheap price to switch from motorcycles. In addition to its cheap price, the LCGC car, as its name suggests, is also an environmentally friendly car.

However, for all you Reader friends who want to know more about LCGC cars and may be interested in owning one, you can listen to the information we will provide in this article to find out what advantages this LCGC car presents.

Further information related to LCGC cars and any advantages we have presented and can be read below!

What Is LCGC Car?

LCGC cars or the abbreviation of Low Cost Green Car (Indonesian Environmental Friendly Cars, official name: Energy-Efficient and Affordable Four-Wheel Motorized Vehicle (KBH2) is a car variant that appeared after Indonesia issued a new car law that eliminated cheap cars to set aside cheap and fuel-efficient cars from PPnBM, so the selling price can be sold as low as possible, so basically this car is made domestically to reach the middle class market that considers some specific components in its assembly.

The launch of this car version is expected to encourage more people to own cars, reduce fuel subsidies and compete with imported cars from Thailand, as well as increase employment in the country. This version is similar to the kei car category in Japan and the Eco Car program in Thailand which also promises tax relief for small and economical cars. Car

LCGC is a car produced specifically by the government to reduce exhaust gas emissions. That is why this car is the choice of the community because it is said to be environmentally friendly and does not pollute the rural air too much.

With low gas emissions, it is hoped that the environment can be spared from air pollution due to pollution and the community can live a healthy life. In addition to low gas emissions, this car is also produced with a very small cc, namely 1000cc and 1200cc.

A car with a small or low cc can minimize fuel consumption, making it much more durable and cost-effective. Because the bigger the cc of the car, the more fuel is consumed.

It should be known that the LCGC car is intended for the middle class because of its relatively small cc. For that, don’t expect to be able to drive this type of car at high speed.

In addition, if Reader friends are interested in buying this LCGC car, there are several advantages that can be obtained in addition to the cheap price, this car also has a cheap annual tax so that it can save purchase costs, tax costs, and fuel costs because this LCGC car is also fuel efficient.

Advantages of LCGC Cars

LCGC cars are designed to reduce emissions. This type of car is the choice of the community because it is said to be environmentally friendly and does not pollute the air too much. In addition, this type of car has several advantages for the driver. Starting from durability, dimensions, and fuel efficiency.

This car is really designed to be a real vehicle for gramed friends who want to own a car, especially for those who are just learning to drive. LCGC cars are indeed intended for the middle segment because the cc is quite small. For that, don’t expect to be able to drive this type of car at high speed.

Some of the advantages that can be obtained by buying this car, among others:

1. Suitable for those who are just learning to drive

The advantage of this LCGC car is that it is friendly for beginner drivers. This car is very suitable to be chosen for beginners, both in terms of price because it is quite cheap and has no less diverse variations. In terms of the variation of this car, it is also no less diverse, it just needs to be adapted to the needs of friends of Reader.

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2. The size of the vehicle is more space-saving

Another advantage of LCGC cars is the smaller vehicle dimensions. With the given dimensions, this type of car is nimble enough to be used on a daily basis, especially on city streets that are usually dense and congested.

3. Save Fuel

Low Cost Green Car or LCGC is an environmentally friendly car in accordance with the main purpose of creating this car. Therefore, LCGC cars are designed to consume only one liter of fuel for a minimum distance of 20 kilometers. Fulfilling one of the most important conditions for a vehicle product to enter the environmentally friendly segment (green car). Therefore, the use of fuel components should be as efficient as possible so as not to cause excessive pollution.

4. Endurance

LCGC cars are designed to be durable and tested for quality. As a result, LCGC vehicles have a longer service life, supported by easy maintenance and the availability of spare parts. If you want a cheap and environmentally friendly vehicle, this type of car can be the right choice. LCGC is usually not only sold at an affordable price but also comes with reliable features so that users can feel other benefits.

5. Cheaper vehicle lease prices

It should be known that friends pay car tax which is much cheaper than other types of cars. The reason is that LCGC cars have entered the PPnBM exemption list, effective from 2021 onwards.

6. Affordable Maintenance

In addition to being affordable, LCGC care is also cheap. The cost of processing LCGC itself is approximately Rp. 1.7 million. This fee applies if you service at an official workshop.

7. Suitable for modification

For those who like to modify cars, LCGC is very suitable. This car is relatively easy to modify. Both mild and extreme changes.

This car has been successfully modified by many parties. For example Datsun Go Panca. There are also many workshops that offer specific modifications to the LCGC. So it is not difficult if you want to customize this car.

8. The resale value is not too low

The resale value of LCGC is not too low in the market. The average selling value of this car is between Rp 120 million to Rp 150 million. The price depends on the condition of the car and the type of LCGC car itself. The resale value is not too low, so you don’t have to worry if you want to sell this car.

Lack of LCGC Cars

All products must have disadvantages behind their advantages. This also applies to LCGC cars. Knowing the shortcomings of the LCGC is as important as knowing the advantages of the car.

This is because it can be a separate consideration when buying this type of car.

The disadvantages of the LCGC car itself are:

1. Too light

One of the characteristics of the LCGC is its small frame. This makes the weight of the car lighter. Its light weight makes this car a little wobbly, especially at high speeds.

2. Baggage size is not too big

Thanks to the small frame, the luggage compartment of the LCGC is also not too wide. Therefore, you can’t even load a lot of stuff into this type of car. In addition to the luggage that is not too wide, the interior of this car is also quite narrow.

3. The speed is low

As a car, LCGC is included in the low speed vehicle because it only has a capacity of around 1000-2000 cc. Therefore the energy produced by this car is quite low. So many comments on the advantages and disadvantages of LCGC cars

So the first thing to know if you want to buy LCGC. Knowing these two facts will make it easier for you to decide whether to buy a car or not.

Type and price list of LCGC cars

Thanks to the economical use of fuel, LCGC cars are suitable for everyday use. In Indonesia itself, this type of car is quite a lot and the price is quite affordable.

The average price of this type of car is less than 200 million rupiah. Some LCGC car registers and market prices that you need to know are:

1. Honda Brio Satya

One of the examples of LCGC cars that sell well in 2020 is the Honda Brio Satya. This car was released in 2018 with a more modern design and much wider dimensions. Honda Brio Satya is equipped with i-VTEC cylinder technology engine with a capacity of 1,200 cc. Brio Satya is the most fuel efficient car in its segment with a fuel consumption of 16.6 km/l in urban areas and 22.6 km/l on toll roads.

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For its own price, the Honda Brio Satya car varies according to the brand or model. Type Honda Brio SM/T priced at Rp 151,400,000, Honda Brio EM/T priced at Rp 160,400,000 and Honda Brio E CVT priced at Rp 175,400,000.

2. Toyota Calya

Another type of LCGC car is the Toyota Calya. Since this LCGC 7-seater was first released in 2016, it immediately entered the automotive world and sold well in the Indonesian market.

New Toyota Calya car type 1.2 E STD M/T Price range Rp 146,190,000. While other types such as Toyota Calya 1.2 EM/T are priced at IDR 148,990,000, Toyota Calya 1.2 GM/T IDR 155,290,000, and Toyota Calya 1.2 GA/T IDR 167,490,000.

3. Daihatsu Sigra

If Toyota has the Calya, Daihatsu’s LCGC version is the Sigra. This car uses a design similar to Calya because it was built by the same company and platform.

But Daihatsu Sigra has the advantage of many automatic options that make the price more flexible. Some types are also equipped with safety features such as dual SRS airbags, ABS, parking sensors and side beams. At the beginning of the price, Daihatsu Sigra is the highest at Rp 160 million and the lowest at Rp 140 million. If you want to buy a used car, Daihatsu Sigra is offered for 84-104 million rupiah.

4. Toyota Agya

Toyota Agya is the only 5-seater LCGC car that is relatively expensive compared to similar cars. The reason is that this LCGC car is decorated with a more sporty design with 998 and 1197 cc capacity engines.

This car has different prices depending on the type. The cheapest Toyota Agya price is Rp. 144,900.00 and the most expensive is Rp. 170,390,000.

5. Daihatsu Ayla

In terms of price and comfort, Daihatsu Ayla is one of the most economical LCGCs in its class. On average, this type of car can drive 14-15 km/l on city streets and 18-20 km/l on toll roads. Daihatsu Ayla is available with manual and automatic transmission which also affects the price of this car. The price of a new Daihatsu Ayla car is Rp 100 million, used cars can be even cheaper up to half of the new price.

The price difference for various types of cars depends on the design and features. However, environmentally friendly concept cars may be the best choice for fuel-efficient vehicles, but the quality is still prime.

Tips for choosing a LCGC car

There are several things to consider before buying an LCGC car. It is important to pay special attention to this so as not to regret it later. LCGC cars are affordable and relatively young. The average new model of this type of car has been covered since 2013. So, first pay attention to the car parts that suit your needs.

Here are some tips that can be considered before buying an LCGC car:

1. Optimal Body Construction

The appearance of LCGC cars should be adapted to your taste. LCGC cars are intended for sports car lovers as well as city car lovers. There is also this type of car with a minimalist design. Everything you can adjust to your budget and daily needs.

2. Cabin area

From the outside, also pay attention to the cabin space. Make sure the size of the LCGC car you choose suits your needs. Starting from passenger capacity to luggage, enough to support your daily operations.

3. Machine performance

Also, make sure you choose an LCGC car with the right engine specifications. Observe and compare the information first about the displacement and engine cylinder energy of several types of cars. This is because some car brands may have a more or less similar appearance, but are clearly different in terms of the energy they produce. You can also choose the car that offers the most energy and the best handling for your daily activities.

4. Features

Some LCGC cars are now also equipped with various interesting features. These include automatic mirrors, four-way electric windows, a pair of airbags, ABS and EDB brakes, a touchscreen head unit with USB and iPhone connections. These interesting features are included in certain car brand units, which may not have other interesting features offered by other brands as well.

5. Price

Starting from the engine specifications to the advanced features offered, LCGC cars usually have quite affordable prices. Reader friends can directly bring home an LCGC car for only Rp 110-180 million.


This is a short discussion about what LCGC cars are and to find out what their advantages and disadvantages are.. Not only knowing what LCGC cars are but also discussing their advantages, disadvantages, tips for buying them and knowing the types of cars in the market.

Knowing what an LCGC car is for automotive lovers is very beneficial to know the capacity of this cheap and environmentally friendly vehicle to be owned as a suitable personal vehicle to buy.