There are 3 versions of the basketball game

Basketball can be said to be one of the most popular sports around the world, after football. Just like football and other types of sports, the game of basketball also has several rules that must be obeyed by players in a match, one of which is the length of the game of basketball.

As one of the sports that fall into the category of big ball games, almost every basketball match that has always received the full attention of people around the world. So no wonder, many people who have aspirations to become a professional basketball player.

So, in this article we will focus on discussing the rules in basketball, especially the old rules of the game of basketball. Until now, it is known that there are 3 versions related to the old game of basketball, starting from the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), the National Basketball Association (NBA), to the United States National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

A. Duration of Basketball Games

The duration of a basketball game is basically 4 x 10 minutes. The old rules of this game are in accordance with the provisions issued by FIBA ​​as the largest basketball federation in the world.

It’s just that the rules were modified by one of the most prestigious basketball competitions in the world in the United States, namely the National Basketball Association or often called the NBA. In this NBA competition, the duration of a basketball game is 4 x 12 minutes. Many people like the rules because they can watch NBA athletes to put the ball in the opponent’s hoop. Some of these athletes, for example, are Michael Jordan to Shaquille O’Neal.

Meanwhile, compared to these two rules, the National Collegiate Athletic Association or abbreviated NCAA from the United States also has its own old basketball game rules. According to the United States NCAA, the duration of a basketball game is allowed to be two rounds with each round having a time of 20 minutes.

In an international basketball competition, the rules regarding the duration of the basketball game that are commonly used follow FIBA ​​standards. For example, FIBA ​​world cup, FIBA ​​Asia cup, Basketball Champions League, and various competitions between other countries.

Furthermore, basketball games also have a break between rounds or what is commonly called half time. The break time used by FIBA ​​is up to 2 minutes between rounds 1 and 2 and 3 to 4. Meanwhile, in NBA matches the rest time usually reaches 130 seconds between quarters.

In addition, every two halves, there is a rest period of up to 15 minutes, namely the move from round 2 to round 3. This rule is enforced with the aim of providing sufficient time for both teams to rest as well as strategize for the next round.

Although there are three versions of the old rules of the game of basketball, the three organizations have in common that there is an equal score until the end of the game. If there is the same score until the end of the allotted time, it will be followed by an extra time round or over time to determine the winning team. This time extension is usually done by inserting the ball into the field via a jump ball.

However, when the extra time ended, the two teams still played a draw. Then the over time will continue with the same rules and regulations until a difference or difference in scores appears between the two teams. So, both the FIBA, NBA, and NCAA versions have the same over time, which is 5 minutes or 1 x 5 minutes net.

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B. Understanding the Game of Basketball

Basketball itself can be understood as an example of a big ball sport. This game is basically carried out by bringing together two basketball teams to fight over the ball with the aim of putting the ball into the opponent’s hoop and preventing the opponent from putting the ball into the hoop. In the game of basketball, how to put the ball into the hoop will greatly determine the score you get. The score that can be obtained by a basketball team is in the range of one to three points.

This is of course different from the game of volleyball, in the game of basketball, the players are given a time limit to face each other. Therefore, the game of basketball is not based on a team that scores first, but based on the duration of time. In the game of basketball, there are international rules that determine ten minutes for four rounds.

It’s just that, as stated above, for matches in the National Basketball Association (NBA), the game will last for four rounds with each round having a duration of up to twelve minutes.

C. History of the Game of Basketball

The inventor of the first basketball game in the world was a man named James Naismith. The idea of ​​the game of basketball itself was invented by James Naismith because there were many sports games that his students could not do when they entered winter. Thanks to this wish, he then created a game that could be played indoors and used it for basketball games.

As a physical education instructor at Springfield College in one of the states in the United States, Massachusetts. James Naismith even became increasingly eager to innovate to produce this sport of his mind.

At first, in 1891 to be precise, basketball games were played by using a soccer ball. Next, James Naismith designed a basketball game by throwing the soccer ball into a peach basket. The basket is then placed or hung on the wall in the sports hall to determine the score.

The beginning of the game of basketball consists of nine people from each team. In addition, at the beginning of the creation of basketball there was no dribble technique. The players are required to throw the ball at each other to their teammates in order to reach the opponent’s territory and put the ball in the basket.

Over time, the game of basketball underwent many developments and changes, especially when this game began to have fans from all walks of life and all ages. Basketball is increasingly getting more and more improvements in various ways to what we know today.

In the spread, many people like the way of playing basketball. Not surprisingly, around 1895 for the first time a basketball game was held which brought together two colleges, namely the Minnesota School of Agriculture and Hamline College.

Even though it is held in a closed room, it does not necessarily make basketball a sport that allows players to relax. The abilities that a basketball player must possess include sharpness of vision, breath strength, running speed, dexterity in tricking, the ability to shoot on target, to hand dexterity. This is what makes basketball players look relaxed but sweat a lot while playing.

D. How did the game of basketball enter Indonesia?

The process of entering the game of basketball into Indonesia itself was recorded around 1920, at that time there was an exodus of Chinese citizens to various other Asian regions, one of which was Southeast Asia and Indonesia. Meanwhile, China can be said to be one of the main targets of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) to become a place for the spread of basketball games. China initially introduced the game of basketball twenty years before Indonesia, therefore they also brought this game to Indonesia.

The immigrants from China then formed their own community, one of which was by establishing several schools for Chinese citizens. In some of these schools, the game of basketball began to be taught and became popular because many children liked the sport.

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Furthermore, many basketball communities began to be established in several big cities that were founded by these nomads. For example, such as Chinese Hwee, Fe Leon Ti Yu Hui, Chinese English School and Pheng Yu Hui (Friends). Sahabat itself is a club originating from an Indonesian basketball legend, namely Sony Hendrawan (Liem Tjien Siong). Since that period, the game of basketball began to be widely played by the general public.

The organization that oversees the sport of basketball in the world is called the Federation Internationale de Basketball (FIBA). The organization has offices located in Geneva, Switzerland. Meanwhile, Indonesia itself has a basketball game center called the Indonesian Basketball Association (Perbasi) with an office located in the capital city of Indonesia, namely Jakarta.

E. Basketball Game Rules

In a book entitled Basketball for Beginners (Theory & Practice) by Yolis YA Djami, there are several important materials that can help you learn about all the important things in the game of basketball. In the book there are nine chapters about basketball, including the rules of the game of basketball.

So, here are the important rules in the game of basketball that you need to know, including:

1. Player

Each team in the game of basketball consists of five players plus several reserve players. The five core players are divided into several positions, namely center (5 – C), power forward (4 – PF), small forward (3 – SF), shooting guard (2 – SG), and point guard (1 – PG).

Substitutions are made when the ball is dead. Substitution of players is also free to do how many times.

2. Time Rules for Carrying the Ball

Perbasi sets some time rules. First, the three second rule. When in the opponent’s defense area, a basketball player may not last more than three seconds. More than that will be recorded as a violation.

Second, the eight second rule. The time allowed for a team to play the ball in its own half is eight seconds. More than that, violation.

Third, the 24 second rule. This is the time allowed for a team to attack. Should not be more.

3. Other rules

  • There are no restrictions on how to throw the ball, but hitting or punching the ball is not allowed.
  • Carrying the ball by running or walking will be considered a violation. The ball may only be carried by dribble.
  • The limit that is allowed for a player to commit a violation is four times. If you commit another violation, the player will be disqualified.
  • Double dribbles are not permitted. That is, if a player dribbles then stops and holds the ball with both hands, then the player is not allowed to dribble again.

F. Basketball Game Equipment

The tools needed in the game of basketball are as follows:

1. Basketball

  • Material: Genuine leather, synthetic leather, or rubber.
  • Weight: FIBA ​​576 grams; NBA 650 grams
  • Ball circumference: FIBA ​​74.9 cm; NBA 76 cm

2. Rings and Net Rings

  • Ring Size: 18 inches
  • Location: 10 feet off the floor suspended from a 3.5 x 6 foot board.

3. Time Keeper

4. Team uniform and shoes.

G. Size of Basketball Court

The following is the size of a basketball court consisting of several parts, including:

  • Court length: 28 m
  • Field width: 15 m
  • Diameter of the center circle: 3.6 m
  • Distance of the three point line to the basketball hoop: 6.75 m
  • Bow to hoop distance: 1.25 m
  • Basketball hoop height: 3.05 m
  • Distance from hoop to finish line: 1 m
  • Basketball hoop diameter: 45 cm
  • Ring rebound area: 1.8 m x 1.95 m
  • The size of the middle box of the ring reflective board: 59 cm x 45 cm
  • Distance of the backboard to the finish line: 1.2 m