Kinds of Basic Basketball Techniques and How!

Basic Techniques of Basketball – Basketball is a ball sport in groups consisting of two teams of five people each competing to score points by throwing the ball into the opponent’s basket. Basketball can be played on an open court, although professional matches are generally played indoors.

The playing field required in this game is also relatively small compared to football. In addition, the game of basketball is also more competitive because the tempo of the game tends to be faster when compared to other ball sports, such as volleyball and soccer.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports for residents of the United States and other parts of the world, including in South America, Southern Europe, Lithuania, and also in Indonesia. Many basketball competitions are held every year, such as the British Basketball League (BBL) in England, the National Basketball Association (NBA) in America, and the Indonesian Basketball League (IBL) in Indonesia.

Definition of Basketball Game

Basketball is an example of a big ball sport. This game takes place by competing two basketball teams and fighting for the ball to be put in the opponent’s ring. The score you get really depends on how the ball enters. The score that Sinaumed’s will get if he succeeds in scoring ranges from one to three points.

Unlike volleyball, in basketball, players are given a time limit to face each other. So it’s not based on which team reaches a certain score first. But based on the duration of time. International basketball rules set ten minutes for four innings. However, specifically for the National Basketball Association (NBA), matches last for four rounds and each round is twelve minutes long.

History of the Game of Basketball

James Naismith was the first person to record his name in history as the originator of this basketball game. Initially, the idea arose because during the winter there were many sports games that the students could not do. His desire to make a game that can be played indoors, moved him to create a basketball game.

His profession as a physical education instructor at Springfield College, located in Massachusetts, United States of America, has made it easier for Naismith to continue to innovate in the sport he created.

In its early days (around 1891), basketball games were played using a soccer ball. So, don’t directly use basketball as it is today. At that time, Naismith designed a basketball game by throwing the ball into a peach basket. The basket hanging on the wall in the sports hall determines the score.

The number of players in each team consisted of nine people and at that time there was no dribble technique . Then, how do you dribble the ball? The trick is thrown to a teammate. Over time, this game began to develop, especially after basketball began to be favored by various groups and various ages.

This game is increasingly experiencing improvements to become like the game of basketball we know today. This game quickly spread to the public, until finally the first basketball game was held in 1895 which brought together two colleges, namely the Minnesota School of Agriculture and Hamline College.

The game of basketball does not allow players to relax, even though it is done indoors. Sharp eyesight, breath strength, running speed, shrewdness in tricking enemies, the ability to shoot on target, and dexterity of the hands are skills that must be possessed in order to become a good basketball player. It is not surprising that a basketball player will sweat while playing this game.

Basic Techniques for Playing Basketball

In order to master the game of basketball, there are a number of things you should know, such as how to play it, the rules, the size of the court, and the players that you can learn about in the Book of Masters in Basketball for Beginners .

In order to play basketball, Sinaumed’s needs to understand the basic techniques in this game. At the very least, you need to master the technique of holding the ball, passing, dribble, shooting, pivot, rebound and slam dunk . How to do it? We’ll discuss it together.

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1. Basic Techniques of Holding the Ball

Holding the ball in basketball is the most basic thing because it is the mother of all the techniques in this game. Doing it cannot be arbitrary, because if you hold the ball well, it will be easier for you to control the ball. Of course, this greatly affects the quality of your game.

The way to hold the ball is to place your hands on either side of the ball. Your fingers must be stretched or opened wide so that the ball does not easily escape. This hand position is very important to do, whether to receive the ball or when going to make a pass to a friend.

2. Passing Techniques (Passing or Throwing Balls)

After mastering the technique of holding the ball, we need to master the technique of passing the ball to friends. Because, we can’t possibly carry the ball without making any passes at all in the game. This technique has several ways. We discuss in more detail below.

a. Chest Pass

b. Overhead Pass

The way to do this pass is with both hands holding the ball and positioned above your head and bending your elbows. By resting on the crook of the hand, the ball is thrown until the hand position becomes straight. The ball is released using a flick of the fingertips for maximum effect.

c. Behind The Back Pass

As the modern game of basketball develops, this technique becomes a technique that is deadly, dangerous, and of course raises admiration. Called deadly and dangerous because this pass makes the ball very difficult for the opponent to guess. The uncertainty that the opponent has in blocking this pass becomes unclear because the pass often tricks the opponent.

This operand is quite difficult for beginners because it requires special techniques to do it. Usually players who are already professionals who can do it well. One player who is good at making this pass is Kobe Bryant.

d. Baseball Pass (Baseball Pass)

The reason is, this pass is often carried out from the area of ​​one’s own defense to the opponent’s defense with accuracy and fast power. Not only that, this pass is sometimes used to trick opponents. As if shooting the ball, but only passing the ball.

e. Bounce Pass

3. Dribble Technique (Dribble Ball)

Dribble or dribbling in a basketball game is done with the aim of controlling the direction of the ball while bouncing the basketball to the floor repeatedly. If the foot takes a step, whether walking or running, the ball must be bounced on the floor.

Through the dribble technique, Sinaumed’s can determine the agility of a basketball player. Usually, players who play as point guards have qualified dribble skills , often even being the best players at dribbling the ball. It’s no wonder that point guards are often the playmakers on a team. Stephen Curry, John Stockton, and Earvin “Magic” Johnson are big names in the basketball world who play as point guards .

This technique can be done with one or two hands. Based on the height of the ball, dribble is divided into two types, namely high dribble and low dribble . High dribble is usually done when the player is in a free state. Meanwhile, low dribble is often used when players are under pressure from opponents.

However, based on the type of trick, dribble in basketball is divided even more, namely:

a. Crossover Move

The ball is dribbled in a crosswise manner. The ball that was originally in the left hand is reflected to the right, so that it can be received properly by the right hand and vice versa. This type of dribble can be done in the opponent’s area and can result in an ankle break , in which the opponent is tricked into guessing the direction of the ball in the opposite direction after the ball is crossed over .

b. Behind the Back Dribble

Actually, this type of dribble is the same as the crossover move dribble . It’s just that it’s done a little differently, namely with your back to the ball. Of course, this dribble is not easy to do in basketball.

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c. Between the Legs Dribble

The ball is dribbled by moving the ball from the right hand to the left hand, but through between the legs. At first, Sinaumed’s may have difficulty practicing it, but he will be good at it if he practices diligently.

d. High or Speed ​​Dribble

When doing a quick counterattack or fast break , this dribble is perfect for use. Players must run as fast as possible without releasing the ball. This technique does drain a lot of energy. Therefore, players need to train excellent stamina in playing basketball.

e. Reserve Dribbles

Have you ever watched a basketball player dribble by controlling the ball horizontally around the body? Besides requiring high skill , this dribble requires high concentration.

4. Pivot Technique

Sinaumed’s, this technique is a circular movement of the body by using one of the legs as the axis, as well as the body’s support. Pivot is done with both hands holding the ball. Basketball players usually pivot after receiving a pass from a teammate because they want to protect the ball from the opponent’s ambush. Pivot is a technical innovation that conforms to the rules of basketball, namely the player holding the ball is required to dribble and will be assessed as a violation if he moves without dribbling .

5. Shooting Technique (Shooting the Ball)

The ability to score is very dependent on skill in shooting the ball into the opponent’s ring. The better the shooting ability, the more likely it is to earn high points. Because, the shooting position determines the amount of value that will be obtained.

The player whose main role is shooting the ball into the opponent’s ring is called the shooting guard . They are taken from players who have reliable shooting accuracy. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are examples of basketball legends who play shooting guards .

Sinaumed’s needs to train his instincts so he can know which shooting technique to use in the conditions required. Because, not every condition can be done with just any shot . There are several shooting techniques . Let’s discuss it together.

a. Set Shoot

This shot is usually done when a player is in a free throw condition or is free to shoot without having to jump. This shot can only be carried out in conditions without obstruction or control, and is rarely used.

Sinaumed’s will need to hold the ball with both hands while bending his knees in a stance to take this shot. Meanwhile, the body is still upright and keep your eyes on the target. Flex your fingers and give an additional push from your arms. Before the ball is fired, make sure your instincts and feelings are involved.

b. Lay Up Shoot

This shot is also called a flying shoot . The shot was made at the end of the dribble and so close to the hoop. The player throws the ball with one hand towards the target. The throw is done while jumping as if flying. If Sinaumed’s wants to get good at this shot, practice with a friend so he can avoid getting hit by blockers .

c. Jump Shoot

Players do not move forward or backward. Then, jump at the highest point to throw the ball. There are four principles in doing a jump shoot , namely bow, eye, elbow, and follow through .

d. Slam Dunks

This shooting technique is the most eagerly awaited technique by the audience. This technique is a movement that can often make commentators excited and excited because of the beauty of the movement. Therefore, a team that can score the ball in this way often lifts morale, and it can undermine the spirit of a team that concedes in this way.

At first, slam dunk was just a show. However, slowly this technique is needed to win the game. Slam dunk is a technique of shooting the ball by flying and jumping into the air, not just throwing the ball or just tossing the ball.

5. Rebound Technique

This technique is useful for taking advantage of ball reflections that fail to enter the basketball hoop. If the shot that failed came from your team, rebounds are useful to take advantage of the chaos in front of the ring. However, if what failed was the opposing team’s shot, rebounds can be used to keep the ball away from the defensive area.

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