Get to know the History of Volleyball in the World and in Indonesia

History of Volleyball – Which of you are part of the sports lovers? For those
of you who are a part of sports lovers, you must be quite familiar with this one handball sport.
Yep, that’s right, volleyball. In short, the game or sport of volleyball is a sport
that is carried out by two opposing teams or groups.

Even though volleyball is very fun when played with friends, sometimes a question arises that maybe
ordinary people don’t know about it.
When talking about volleyball, there will certainly be
lots of questions, one of the questions that often arises is “what is the history of volleyball?”

In this article, we will discuss more about the history of volleyball that Sinaumed’s can know.
So, take a look at this review, until it’s finished, yeah, Sinaumed’s. However, before
entering the main discussion, a brief description of volleyball as a sport that is played in teams or groups
will be given.

In the game of volleyball, it focuses more on using the strength of the hands, feet and proper jumping
In addition, volleyball also requires the strength of the fingers to hit the ball
or pass the ball to friends.

A. Definition of Volleyball Game

The game of volleyball or what is known in English as volleyball is a type of sports game that
contains games from two opposing teams or groups.
A team or group in a volleyball game
contains six players.

During its development, volleyball received a variation known as beach volleyball. Different from
indoor volleyball , beach volleyball only contains two players. In
addition, the field is not as large as an indoor volleyball court .

Like other sports, the game or sport of volleyball has a parent organization that oversees it.
The world volleyball sports organization is overseen by the FIVB ( Fédération Internationale
de Volleyball ) organization which acts as the parent organization for international coverage.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, volleyball sports or games are managed by the PBVSI (All-Indonesian Volleyball
Association) organization.
As time goes by, Indonesian volleyball continues to experience
development, especially men’s volleyball which won the recent SEA Games championship.

B. Understanding Volleyball According to Experts

Several experts in Indonesia also expressed their opinion regarding the meaning of the game or sport of
The following is an understanding of the game or sport of volleyball from the

1. According to Setiadi

Setiadi said that volleyball is a team sport or game where the main tool is using the ball.
The way to play volleyball is to bounce the ball using your arm or you can also use other limbs,
then the ball will be hit so that it moves across one court.
The maximum limit for one team to
play the ball is 3 times the game.

2. According to Subroto and Yudiana

According to Subroto and Yudiana, volleyball is a team or group game that prioritizes cooperation and mutual
understanding between players from each member of the team or group.

3. According to Sudjana and Somantri

According to Sudjana and Somantri, the notion of volleyball is a game that uses a ball as its main tool.
The main tool used must comply with applicable regulations and have been determined by the FIVB
The rule is a ball with a circumference of 65 cm to 67 cm and a mass of 260 cm to
280 cm.

C. Volleyball Game

As you already know, this volleyball game or sport is played by 2 opposing teams or groups. In
each team or group there are six players who are competing to achieve the goal, namely victory.
Victory can be achieved by a team or group by collecting or achieving a score of 25 and a
game will occur if you have experienced the same score of 24.

In the game or sport of volleyball there are several size provisions, such as provisions for the size of
the field, ball and net.
The general size of the volleyball court itself is 9 meters x 18
The size for the boundary line used as the attacker’s place is 3 meters measured from
the center line.
The size for the border is 5 meters.

The size of the ball has been determined by regulations from the FIVB which states the size of a ball with
a circumference of 65-67 cm.
The ball is made of leather, both genuine and synthetic.
The inside of the ball is made of rubber or something similar. The ball weighs about
260-280 grams.

As for the size of the net is about 9.5-10 meters long. The net used by male players is about
2.43 meters high, while the women’s net is about 2.24 meters high.
Meanwhile, the net has a
width of about 1 meter.

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D. Role of Volleyball Players

Like other games or sports, in a volleyball game or sports team there are also players and their respective
In the game or sport of volleyball itself is divided into four roles, namely the
tosser/setter role, the spiker/smash role, the libero role, and finally the defender role (defender).


Players with the tosser role have the role of ball feeder to other players as well as being a regulator of
the course of a volleyball game.


Players with the spike or smash role play the role of hitting the ball with the focus on
falling in the opponent’s area so that the team gets a score.


Players with the libero role are also known as defenders who have the privilege of being able to freely enter and
leave with conditions that are not allowed to produce smash hits across the barrier/net.

Defend / Defender

Then the last one is the defender who has a role as a defender in blocking or holding various types of attacks
launched by the opponent.

E. History and Developmental Phases of the
Game of Volleyball

History or the beginning of the creation of the game or sport of volleyball itself originates from the United
States until finally the game which became one of the sports at the Olympics developed to all corners of the

1. History of the Name of the Game of Volleyball

Do you know? The volleyball game or sport itself is a form of a combination of four big ball
games or sports.
What are the four big ball sports? The four big ball branches
consist of basketball, tennis,
baseball and handball.

In the past, when volleyball was just created, the game was not known as volleyball game. At
that time, people were more familiar with and called this game or sport as Mintonette.

Then, who created or invented the game or sport of volleyball is a physical education teacher at the YMCA ( Young
Men Christian Association ) named Willian G. Morgan.

2. History of the Creation of the Game of Volleyball

The creation and discovery of the game or sport of volleyball began with a meeting between the two physical
education teachers, namely Willian G. Morgan who was the originator of the game or sport of volleyball with one
of the originators of the game or other sport which contributed to the creation of the game or sport of

Do you know who is the creator or originator of this big handball game? Yep that’s right, he
is Dr. Naismith James.

After meeting with Dr. Naismith James, within four years later, William G. Morgan created and initiated the game
or sport of Mintonette or what is currently known as the game or sport of volleyball.

According to historical records, it is said that the beginning of creation and the emergence of this volleyball
game or sport was only intended for students who were studying at the YMCA (Young Men Christian Association) who
were adults or were no longer young.

Because of that reason, Willian G. Morgan created this game or sport of volleyball, which is set at a tempo that
is not as fast as the tempo of the game of basketball, which was coined by Dr. Naismith James.

3. History of the First Rules of Volleyball

The game rules of volleyball are of course made and determined by the originator of the game or sport,
namely William G. Morgan.
He set some initial rules such as the size of the net or what was
originally created as a net with a height of 1.98 meters, then the net with a height of 1.98 meters was
installed in the middle of the field.

Then, for the second rule, namely setting rules or conditions for the size of the field, namely with a
fixed size, of 7.6 meters x 15.2 meters.
Then, the last one is the provisions for the rules for
the duration or length of time of the game.

In a match there are nine sessions with three chances to hit with serve technique for each team in a match or
volleyball game.

4. Changing Mintonette’s Name to Volleyball

Over time, the game or sport that used to have the name Mintonette has changed its name to volleyball or in
Indonesian it is defined as volleyball.
The change in the name of the game or sport occurred in

When Willian G. Morgan changed the name from Mintonette to volleyball, it was marked by the first match
simulation event held at the YMCA ( Young Men Christian Association ) Training School

Willian G. Morgan received an invitation from Dr. Luther Halsey Gulick around in early 1896.
Willian G. Morgan took advantage of this invitation by fulfilling the arrival of an invitation given by Dr.
Luther Halsey Gulick as a means to demonstrate how the flow and provisions of the game of
volleyball that he created and sparked.

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Apart from that, Willian G. Morgan also conducted several seminars to explain the various aspects contained in
the volleyball game or sport he created.
One aspect that can be learned from Willian G. Morgan’s
explanation is that the place for the game of volleyball is that it can be done indoors or outdoors.

The second aspect that can be learned from the explanation that Willian G. Morgan explained is that the
game of volleyball can be followed by many players.
Why is that? At that time,
there was no limit to the number of players in volleyball.

Then, the last aspect that can be picked up from the explanation that Willian G. Morgan explained is that the
main goal or achievement of the game of volleyball is to train or defend one’s own area or area from opponent
ball attacks and score as much as possible by passing the ball through the net or net.

5. History of the Development of Volleyball in the

Over time and the development of the era, volleyball games or sports have changed the rules and regulations
in the game.
This can be proven by changes in using the smash technique .

Changes in the use of this technique were first introduced in 1916. Four years later, in 1920 to be exact,
new rules and regulations were created regarding the three-touch rule in volleyball.
that, a new regulation was born regarding the number of scores or scores that were previously 15 changed to
a score of 21.

It is known that starting in 1900, the game of volleyball began to spread to countries outside the United
States, namely in Canada.
After experiencing spread through Canada, the sport or game of
volleyball has spread and developed to all corners of the world.

After the game or sport of volleyball spread to all corners of the world, an organization was formed which
acted as the international parent organization that overshadowed the sport of volleyball.
name of the international volleyball parent organization is FIVB which stands for
Internationale de Volleyball .

Two years later, an official world-class volleyball game or sport championship was held. The
world championship was held precisely in 1949.

6. History of the Development of Volleyball in

In Indonesia itself, the game or sport of volleyball was introduced and became one of the subjects taught
by physical education teachers at Dutch schools in secondary schools, such as HBS and AMS.
you know what HBS and AMS are?

Hoogere Burgerschool or abbreviated as HBS is a public high school founded in 1863 by the Dutch.
Whereas AMS itself stands for Algemeene Middelbare School which is a public high school which was
officially established on July 5, 1919 in Yogyakarta.

Even though the game and sport of volleyball had been introduced and taught in various schools at that time, the
sport or game of handball still could not take a place in the hearts of the people of Indonesia.

The game or sport of volleyball just got a place in the hearts of the Indonesian people when the Indonesian
state was in the period leading up to independence.
The sport began to be popular and right in
1951, the game or sport of volleyball was officially included in the number of matches at PON 2 which was
held in Jakarta.

In 1954, IPVOS (Association of Soerabaja Volley Ball Association) decided to form a main organization for
volleyball in Indonesia.
Although running slowly but surely, the development of the game or
sport of volleyball in Indonesia has experienced significant developments.

It didn’t take long before several volleyball clubs appeared in various regions of Indonesia.
Due to the good enthusiasm of the people of Indonesia, finally the volleyball parent organization
in Indonesia sparked by holding a competition with this sport.

This competition was held on January 22, 1955. The competition was held in the city of Jakarta, which was when
the first national competition championship was held.

In establishing the PBVSI organization itself, it was initiated by the IPVOS organization (Surabaya Volleyball
Association) and Pervid (Djakarta Indonesian Volleyball Association).
After the formation of the
PBVSI organization, a leader was also appointed for the organization, namely Wim J. Latumeten.
After that, the first PBVSI congress was held in May 1955, held in Jakarta.

In 1955, this organization officially became a member of the FIVB organization. PBVSI also has
three levels of competition, namely Proliga (annual volleyball game or sport competition in Indonesia),
Livoli (inter-club volleyball competition or championship in Indonesia), and National Championship (match or
competition participated by various representatives from PBVSI registered club).

So, that’s some information about the history of the game or sport of volleyball, both the history of its
formation and the history of the spread of this game or sport throughout the world, including Indonesia!

This is a review of the history of volleyball , starting from the definition,
regulations, naming, to its development in Indonesia.
Of course volleyball is an
alternative daily exercise that is worth trying.
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