5 List of the Highest Batak Clans in Sumatra You Need to Know!

Highest Batak clan – Indonesia is a country that is rich in diversity of many things. One of them is the diversity of clans in Indonesia. For example, the Batak clan, which is one of the largest clans in Indonesia, originates from North Sumatra.

Of course, you as a native Indonesian citizen also know about the existence of the Batak clan. There are many interesting things that can make the Batak clan so different from other clans, namely the existence of a clan.

Where the clan within the Batak clan itself has a function as the identity of the family tree from lineage. Even so, it is rare for people outside the clan to know if the Batak clan has the highest clan.

So, in this article, we will provide information about the Batak clan, especially the highest Batak clan. If you are so curious about the highest Batak clan, of course the information in this article will be very helpful.

Order of the Batak clan from the highest

As previously explained, there are several clans within the Batak clan. Where the Batak clan itself consists of several types that really need to be known by the people of Indonesia, especially for the people of Sumatra.

The existence of a clan in the Batak clan has a function as an identity sign that can explain the family tree from its lineage. As is well known, the Batak clan has its own identity which is usually easier to recognize from the child’s last name.

Of course, giving a Batak surname to a child cannot be done carelessly. Where the child’s surname will generally be equated with the father’s name which is used as the identity of their offspring.

Even so, there are several clan names in the Batak clan that many people don’t know. Below is a list of the highest Batak clans that you can read in full.

1. Simalungun Batak

The Simalungun Batak clan is a clan that is in the area of ​​Simalungun Regency and its surroundings. Those who live in that area will usually have a strong kinship system with their surroundings. Of course living side by side well is something that needs to be prioritized.

In addition, the social spirit and togetherness possessed by the Simalungun Batak is quite high. They will help each other who also has a heroic spirit.

It is not surprising that many people are fascinated by the Simalungun Batak people.

The traditional house owned by the Simalungun Batak clan is Rumah Bolon. But even though the name is the same, actually the Simalungun Batak Bolon House and the traditional Toba, Pakpak and Karo houses have differences, you know.

Where the difference in the Bolon Batak Simalungun traditional house is from the unique shape of the roof with the linmas design.

Meanwhile, the religion embraced by the Simalungun Batak people is Protestant Christianity. There are also those who embrace Catholicism and Islam as well as traditional beliefs.

2. Toba Batak

Next is the Toba Batak clan. The owner of the Toba Batak clan is a community in the Lake Toba region. The people in this area of ​​course also really understand the importance of living life together.

This also includes various kinds of things that must be resolved together. The giving of the Toba Batak clan can be obtained from the existence of a lineage of descent. Besides that, the customary values ​​and customs that exist in the Batak Toba clan can also run well.

This is none other than because the Toba Batak people are able to preserve what must be continued. Not only that, because the Toba Batak people are also very obedient to existing regulations. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Toba Batak clan is so popular and has many successors.

Next to the traditional house owned by the Toba Batak tribe is Rumah Bolon. Rumah Bolon is a building that has a rectangular shape with such a large size. If there are people who want to enter the traditional house, they must bow their heads first.

This is done because at the top there are several beams with a transverse position. Furthermore, they also have to climb the stairs in the middle of the house. Most Bolon houses will be decorated with carvings and paintings that can show the shrewdness of the Toba Batak people in making a work of art. Meanwhile, the inside of Rumah Bolon does not have a partition.

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The majority of the Toba Batak people embrace Protestant Christianity. In addition, there are also some people who embrace Catholicism, Islam and adherents of the Parmalim belief.

Parmalim or Par Ugamo Malim is a Batak citizen who believes that God is Mulajadi Nabolon. This belief already existed in the culture of the Toba Batak people before other religions entered.

3. Karo Batak

The Karo Batak are a clan that is quite special. This is because the Karo Batak are a clan that is widespread in North Sumatra. The area of ​​the Karo Batak clan includes the Tanah Karo area and its surroundings.

Where the people of the Karo Batak clan are also very kind and can help each other. Because it’s been a day the value of helping each other is always upheld.

Traditional values ​​that have existed for a long time are also still being adhered to today by those who have the Karo Batak clan. Because of this, the Karo Batak people are well known by everyone.

The Karo Batak traditional house or Siwaluh Jabu traditional house is a traditional house inhabited by 8 families with their respective roles. In addition, the Karo Batak traditional house is also divided into several parts, namely Jabu Jahe or downstream and Jabu Julu or upstream.

At each jabu will be divided again into two and divided again into several jabu. The interesting thing about the Karo Batak house is that even though it is a large house.

However, the manufacturing process does not require nails.

Then for the religion that is embraced by the Batak Karo people, the majority are Kritsen. Apart from that, there are also those who embrace Catholicism and Islam and there are also followers of Pamena’s beliefs.

4. Mandailing Batak

Next is the Mandailing Batak clan. Where the greatness of the Mandailing Batak is quite visible. Especially for people who still have a high social if. The social system that exists within the Mandailing Batak clan can also work well.

This is none other than the compliance of the Mandailing Batak people with existing regulations. Outside the area, the existence of the Mandailing Batak clan is also quite well known. This is none other than the many descendants of the Mandailing Batak clan.

In the Batak tribe, even though they have different clans, the attitude of helping each other is maintained and upheld.

The traditional house of the Mandailing Batak clan is the Bagas Godang House. Where in the Mandailing language, Bags have the meaning of home. Meanwhile, Godang itself has many meanings. The Mandailing area is also famous for its stunning natural attractions and local wisdom culture which is still closely held by the local population.

The existence of the Bagas Godang traditional house will be easier to find in Mandailing Natal Regency. This district is also part of Padang Lawas and South Tapanuli Regencies.

Then the religion embraced by the majority of the Mandailing Batak tribe is Islam. In addition, there are also those who embrace Christianity.

5. Pakpak Batak

The Pakpak Batak are one of the Batak clans spread across Dairi, West Pakpak, Humbang Hasundutan, Central Tapanuli and surrounding areas. In addition, the Pakpak Batak clan is also very well known. This is none other than because the owners of the Pakpak Batak clan often migrate outside their area.

Even though they migrate, the owner of the Pakpak Batak clan will not lose the characteristics possessed by the Batak tribe. One of them is the sense of family that is still upheld and maintained to this day.

This also makes the Pakpak Batak tribe able to communicate with other tribes without any differences, but only with a sense of kinship.

The traditional house owned by the Pakpak Batak tribe is Jerro. The shape of the Papak traditional house itself is actually almost the same as the traditional houses in North Sumatra in general, namely using stairs and poles.

The Pakpak house also has a distinctive shape made of wood and the roof uses palm fiber as raw material. The design form of the Jerro traditional house itself is an embodiment of Pakpak cultural art and is also one of the traditional houses in North Sumatra which has its own meaning.

So, those are some of the highest Batak clans that are still very popular today. Although the highest, the spirit of togetherness of each Batak clan is still upheld and maintained to this day. Mainly to help and still be able to protect each other.

Reasons for the Importance of Marga for Batak People

Batak is one of the tribes in Indonesia originating from North Sumatra. Until now the Batak people always uphold the clan they have. Every time you meet a Batak person, you will be asked about their surname first.

This is not without reason, because there are also some habits that can occur. Here are the reasons for the position of the clan being so important for the Batak people.

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1. As a Sign of Family Lineage

For the Batak people, the surname can help show which lineage they come from. This is indeed so important for the Batak people, because genealogy is also the identity of the Batak people in everyday life.

By knowing their genealogy, the Batak people will be more able to carry themselves in everyday life. Especially if you meet or hang out with fellow Batak people. This is also a matter of pride, which is also one of the methods of preserving the genealogy of his lineage.

2. Marga Determines Matchmaking

For most people, soul mate is something that is always associated with a choice of heart. However, this can be different and does not apply to the Batak people.

Although in choosing a life partner it is still seen in terms of the suitability of each individual. But the Batak people will also see where the couple’s clan comes from. This is because it has become a tradition for the Batak tribe. Which is not allowed to marry people who have the same surname.

3. Clan unites brotherhood

The Batak tribe is one of the tribes that has a long history in Indonesia. Even though it comes from the land area of ​​Sumatra. But now the existence of the Batak people has spread to all corners of Indonesia.

Because of this it also makes the lineage of the Batak people wider as the number of descendants increases. However, because it spreads to all corners of Indonesia, it can also cause the possibility of losing relatives or no more news from the Batak tribe’s family.

Because of this, the existence of the clan has an important role for the Batak people. Where with the existence of a clan, Batak people will find it easier and will continue to be able to meet their fellow clans even when they are outside their area or in overseas lands.

This condition makes the kinship of the Batak people turn out to be so strong today.

4. One of the Capital in Associating

In the way of socializing, the Batak people often use the surname as a basic benchmark for how to establish relationships with people they have just met. For example, when you greet someone you just met and it turns out that the person is from the Batak tribe.

Batak people also have another interesting habit, namely always respecting fellow Batak people, especially when both are in overseas lands. The emotional closeness of fellow Batak people will always exist within him. The existence of a surname can also determine how to behave towards someone you just met.

5. Provides Many Ways of Life

It is undeniable that the Batak people are synonymous with migrants. It can even be said that it feels incomplete if the Batak people have never migrated during their lives. This is where Marga also has an important role for the Batak people in finding a way while living abroad.

Because in overseas lands, Batak people can meet their fellow clans. For example, if you are from the Marpaung clan, you will definitely be asked to meet people who have the same clan in overseas lands, namely the Marpaung clan.

In fact, parents will usually entrust their children to the family that owns the Marpaung clan in the overseas land. This is done in order to provide a way of life for the Batak people in overseas lands. For example, to make it easier to get information on work in overseas lands.

7. The same surname is not necessarily the same name

If you meet a Batak person who owns the Simanjuntak clan, it doesn’t mean that he alone has the Simanjuntak clan. There could also be three other clans that are still in the same family as that clan. This also applies to other clans in the Batak tribe.

8. Marga Related to Biological Interests

The ancestors of the Batak people said that the same offspring, although not in the same womb, would result in a bad thing if they were in pairs. In terms of biology, it can be interpreted that it will cause defects in the next offspring.

9. Marga is a personal identity for the Batak people

For the Batak people, the clan lineage is also a personal identity that must always be maintained and upheld. It is said that without this identity, Batak people’s lives will be in vain.

From the explanation above, it can be said that the highest Batak clan is the Simalungun clan. So, that’s an explanation regarding the clans in the Batak tribe, starting from the highest Batak clan to the importance of the clan for the Batak people, which has been fully summarized in this article. Hopefully all the discussion above can be useful for Sinaumed’s.