List of NATO Member States and Their History

Nato Members – The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to occur in a protracted manner and there are even many countries in the world which then condemn the threat of a third world war that has occurred. The tension between the two countries of the former Soviet Union itself then caused a domino effect to all countries in mainland Europe today.

Therefore, many countries were affected by the conflict between the two countries. The most felt impact is the economic impact in which there is a scarcity of some materials and some other materials have increased.

According to some sources, the invasion was caused by Ukraine’s desire to become a member of NATO. Nato itself consists of several member countries.

Then what is meant by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)? How many countries are NATO members? To find out about these two things and several other things related to NATO, you can see a more complete explanation in this article.

History of NATO

NATO stands for English, namely the North Atlantic Treaty Organization . Meanwhile, in Indonesian, NATO is also known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which includes the territories of Canada, Europe and the United States.

The emergence of various member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) itself cannot be separated from the end of World War 2. After the cold war ended, various regional military-level organizations emerged and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was no exception.

The idea of ​​starting NATO itself was none other than France and England. The two countries founded NATO because they were concerned about tensions between the two main political camps, namely the Western Bloc and the Eastern Bloc.

Later, the United States and other western European countries were concerned about the expansion of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe. The process of forming the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) itself began with the Dunkirk agreement in 1947 between Britain and France. However, in its development, NATO member countries have been dominated by Western Bloc countries with liberal views.

Towards 1949, 12 member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) agreed to sign the formation of NATO which was held in Washington DC, United States. The 12 countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) include the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Iceland and Norway.

The Purpose of Formation of NATO

The formation of NATO was originally carried out as a step to stem various ideas of communism in various regions of the North Atlantic. However, then the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) attempted to create a safe and peaceful situation in the North Atlantic region, with the aim of protecting European countries and North America from various influences of communism and so that they could play an active role in maintaining world peace.

Problems regarding the defense and security of member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) must also be mutually assisted by member countries. The basic principle itself is democracy. In running the organization, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) implements a democratic system in making decisions.

The principles of its member countries are also directly related to freedom, because the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will highly respect the opinions and accept all the differences of all the countries that have become its members. In addition, there are various principles of solidarity, which means that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) must also always maintain solidarity for its member countries so that they are able to face various problems and remain principled, so that good security relations are formed between countries in the North Atlantic.

How to Become a NATO Member State

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) opens up as many opportunities as possible for various European countries wishing to join this organization. There are several steps and requirements to become a full member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), including:

Member State Candidates Must Be Located in Continental Europe

Prospective member countries must be in Europe, and follow democratic principles in their government, countries that register must also be willing to commit and contribute to the security of the North Atlantic.

Desire to Join NATO Program

The next requirement to become a member of NATO is that prospective members must take part in the MAP or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) program in the form of advice, assistance, and practical support that is also adapted to the various needs of an individual from a country that joins directly with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

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Talk event

In this discussion, the commitments, rights and obligations of the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will be discussed.

Want to Sign Agreement

Like other international organizations that have an agreement if you want to become a member. Likewise, prospective NATO member countries must sign and ratify the Accession Protocols .

Prospective Member States Must Adopt and Ratify the Ratification Bill

Prospective members must adopt and ratify the ratification bill to then join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). If this bill is passed, then the country has officially become a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) country.

In addition, members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) can also invite other countries to join as members as well. In order to invite another country, it must go through the North Atlantic Council based on consensus among all the Allies.

Complete List of NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization ) Member States

  1. Member of Nato 1: The United States of America
  2. Member of Nato 2: United Kingdom
  3. Member of Nato 3: France
  4. Nato 4 member: Belgium
  5. Nato member 5: The Netherlands
  6. Nato 6 member: State of Luxembourg
  7. Member of Nato 7: The State of Italy
  8. Member of Nato 8: Country of Canada
  9. Member of Nato 9: Country Portugal
  10. Member of Nato 10: Country of Iceland
  11. Member of Nato 11: Country of Denmark
  12. Member of Nato 12: The State of Norway
  13. NATO Members Who Joined the Cold War: The Greek State (1952)
  14. Nato Members Who Joined the Cold War: The Turkish State (1952)
  15. Nato Members Who Joined the Cold War: West Germany (1955)
  16. Nato Members Who Joined the Cold War: The State of Spain (1982)
  17. NATO Member States that are Also Former Eastern Bloc: East German States (1990)
  18. NATO Member Countries Also Former Eastern Bloc: Czech Republic (1999)
  19. NATO Member States Also Former Eastern Bloc: The State of Poland (1999)
  20. NATO Member Countries Also Former Eastern Bloc: Hungary (1999)
  21. NATO Member Countries Also Former Eastern Bloc: Country Bulgaria (2004)
  22. NATO Member State Also Former Eastern Bloc: Country of Estonia (2004)
  23. NATO Member State Also Former Eastern Bloc Country of Latvia (2004).
  24. NATO Member State Also Former Eastern Bloc State of Lithuania (2004).
  25. NATO member countries that are also former Eastern Bloc countries of Romania (2004).
  26. NATO Member State which is also the Former Eastern Bloc of Slovakia (2004)
  27. NATO Member State Also Former Eastern Bloc Country of Slovenia (2004)
  28. NATO Member State Also Former Eastern Bloc Country Albania (2004)
  29. NATO Member States that are Also Former Eastern Bloc Countries Montenegro (2017)
  30. NATO Member States Also Former Eastern Bloc Country North Macedonia (2020).

Meanwhile, below are NATO Member Country Partners outside the European continent:

  1. NATO Partner Country Partner: Country of Afghanistan
  2. NATO Partner Country Partner: Country Australia
  3. NATO Partner Country Partner: Country of Iraq
  4. NATO Member Country Partner: Japan
  5. NATO Member Country Partner: Country of Colombia
  6. NATO Member Country Partner: South Korea
  7. NATO Partner Country Partners: Mongolia
  8. NATO Member Country Partner : Pakistan
  9. NATO Partner Country Partners: New Zealand,

Those are some of the member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that you need to know about as part of the defense in the North Atlantic region.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a military alliance organization between many countries consisting of 2 countries in North America, as well as 29 European countries, and 1 Eurasian country with the aim of maintaining mutual security and was founded in 1949 and as a form of support for the North Atlantic Treaty and was signed in Washington, DC on April 4, 1949. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was originally aimed at suppressing the influence of communist ideology from the Soviet Union and its alliance, namely the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War era.

The main article of this agreement itself is Article V, which reads: ” The members agree that any armed attack on one or more of them in Europe or in North America will be considered as an attack on all members .” Furthermore, they agree that if this armed attack occurs, then each member can exercise the right of self-defense individually or collectively as stated in this Article.

If a member of the Warsaw Pact launched an attack on the European allies of the UN, this would then be considered an attack on all members (including the United States itself), which has the greatest military power in the alliance and would provide the greatest retaliatory action. However, fears of the possibility of an attack from Western Europe did not materialize.

This article has only been used for the first time in history on September 12, 2001, as a response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the US that occurred the day before. However, since the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the breakup of the Soviet Union, they then formed the successor organization to the Warsaw Pact, namely to counterbalance NATO and named CSTO.

CSTO or is a Collective Security Treaty Organization. Meanwhile, in English, CSTO stands for Collective Security Treaty Organization . Those who joined the CSTO organization were several ex-Soviet Union states as well as several former Warsaw Pact Organization member countries.

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Membership Action Plan ( Membership Action Plan )

The biggest step taken in formalizing the process was to invite new members to come to the 1999 Washington summit. The approval of the Membership Action Plan (MAP) mechanism was the first step for current NATO members. In addition, the MAP also aims to review the formal applications of prospective members on a regular basis.

A country’s participation in the MAP itself requires the presentation of an annual report on its progress in five different measures, namely:

  1. Willingness to resolve international territorial disputes, ethnic or external problems by peaceful means.
  2. Committed to the rule of law and human rights (HAM) and the democratic control of the armed forces.
  3. Have the ability to contribute to defense as well as an organizational mission
  4. Dedication of sufficient resources to the armed forces to meet membership commitments.
  5. Can maintain the security of sensitive information, and can provide protection that ensures compatibility of domestic legislation with the cooperation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) also provides technical feedback and suggestions for each country and evaluates its progress individually. NATO members themselves also have the commitment that if any of their members are attacked by another country, then other member countries will come to their aid.

For countries that wish to become NATO members through the invitation route, they will usually go through several stages, namely:

  1. After each NATO member agrees that a country (which will get an invitation to become a member of NATO) meets the requirements.
  2. Then, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) can extend an invitation to the country to begin accession talks.
  3. The final accession process, once invited, then involves five steps towards signing the accession protocol as well as acceptance and ratification of the protocol by the current NATO member government.

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This is an explanation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), starting from its history, purpose of formation, how to become a member, and a list of 30 countries that are members of NATO .

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