83 Examples of Figure of Speech Metaphors and Their Complete Explanations

Examples of Figure of speech Metaphor – Metaphor is a figurative language style to equate something. There is another opinion about metaphor, which is a kind of analogy that compares two things directly, but in a short form.

In addition, a more complete understanding of metaphor is a figure of speech that uses words that are not the true meaning or figurative words based on similarities or comparisons to complete figurative language.

The real meaning that is easy to understand from a metaphor is a figure of speech that is used to disguise something else or is known as a figure of speech.

Next is the function and examples of figurative language which is a kind of analogy that compares two things directly, but in a short form. Metaphors include figurative language style to equate something. Metaphor is a figure of speech that is used to equate something else or is known as a figure of speech.

What is a figure of speech? Definition of figure of speech

Figure of speech is a style of language used to convey messages in an imaginative way. Figure of speech is used by someone to make the reader get a certain effect from the style of language which tends to be emotional. Figures are usually embedded in a literary work, both short stories and poetry.

Kinds of Majas

Figure of speech has 4 kinds that we can learn as follows.

1. Figure of Comparison

Comparative figure of speech is a figure of speech that compares two objects. The following are examples and explanations of figure of speech, namely:

a. Allegory

Figure of speech that states with figurative expressions or depictions. For example: Life is like a spinning wheel, sometimes it is above, sometimes it is also below.

b. metaphorical figure of speech

This figure of speech is a figure of speech that uses an analogy or simile of two different things. One example of a metaphorical figure of speech is: The boy is known as a geek in his class.

c. Metaphor of metonymy

This figure of speech states something by using another word that is related. For example: (1) a trademark. (2) Indonesian pilgrims go to Mecca using Garuda.

d. Majas Litotes

Figure of speech that uses the expression of decreased quality to humble oneself. Example: Please come to my shabby hut.

e. Hyperbole

Figure of speech is an exaggerated and unreasonable expression. For example: The boom thundered across the sky.

f. Majas Pars Pro Toto

Figure of speech that uses some elements/objects to show the whole object. For example: Since this morning, he has not shown his nose.

g. Majas Totem Pro Parte

Figure of speech that expresses the whole object but only a part of it. For example: Indonesia beat Malaysia in a football match last night

h. Euphemism

Figure of speech that uses more subtle expressions for expressions that are considered harsh or harmful. For example: Currently being discussed adjusting toll rates.

i. Personification Majas

Figure of speech that compares humans to inanimate objects, as if these objects have human-like characteristics. For example: The waves break the rock.

j. Irony

This satirical figure of speech is used by hiding facts and saying the opposite. For example: His voice is very melodious like a crumpled record.

k. Sarcasm figure of speech

This figure of speech can be said as a crude satire. Example: Your face is really white, so I can powder it myself.

l. Cynicism

This cynicism figure of speech is more scornful of ideas or thoughts. Example: Are you smart? Why are you still asking me?

m. Pleonasm

Figure of speech that adds information to sentences that are clear (actually not needed). Example: He has gone downstairs.

n. Repetition

This figure of speech is the repetition of words, phrases or clauses to emphasize the point. For example: Watch out for my arrival tomorrow! Wait!

o. Rhetoric

This figure of speech is in the form of a question sentence, but does not require an answer. The purpose of the interrogative sentence is as an affirmation of something. For example: Who doesn’t want to be born rich?

p.s. Alliteration Majas

Figure of speech that uses repetition of consonants at the beginning of words. For example: Buy a blue shirt with Budi.

2. Figure of Contrast

Figure of speech that uses the characteristics of words with two contradictory objects. The following are examples and explanations:

a. Antithesis Majas

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), antithesis is the expression of contradictory ideas in parallel wording. Thus, the antithesis figure of speech is a type of figurative language that makes comparisons, comparisons between opposites or antonyms. Antithesis creates a conflict between two different things.

b. Paradox

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), paradox is a statement that seems to contradict or contradicts public opinion or truth, but in fact contains the truth.

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Whereas in literature, paradox is included in the indirectness of expression in the form of deviations in meaning. Contradiction in poetry states something in contradiction or opposite. This is to make the reader think so that the reader’s mind is focused on the problem or core of the poem.

c. Occupational Majas

Occupational Majas is a figurative language that expresses a rebuttal or objection to something that many people consider to be true.

d. Interminis Contradictory Majas

Is a style of language that shows something that is contrary to what has been stated before.

e. Anachronism

An anachronism is a figure of speech that contains a discrepancy between events and time.

f. Interminus Contradiction Majestic

Interminus contradiction is a figure of speech that makes use of statements that are in character to deny what was said to the previous member. Therefore, this figure of speech is included in the category of conflicting figure of speech.

3. Figure of Satire

Figure of speech intended to satirize. Examples of irony, satire, cynicism and sarcasm.

4. Majas Affirmation

Figure of speech to state objects emphatically. Examples of figurative language are pleonasm, repetition, parallelism, tautology, symmetry, anumeration and so on.

Of the 4 categories of figure of speech, metaphorical figure of speech is included in one of the categories of comparative figure of speech, which uses figures of speech in its use.



Understanding Figurative Language Style

In Indonesian, figurative language styles are known which are formed based on comparisons or similarities. Comparing in this case means trying to find characteristics that show similarities between the two things.

But before discussing further about metaphor, it’s better to understand figurative language first. Figurative language style in Indonesian is known as a figurative language style which is formed based on comparisons or similarities. Comparing in this case means trying to find the characteristics that show similarities between the two things.

For example

  1. He is as smart as his brother.
  2. Her eyes are like the eastern star.

The difference between the two comparisons above is in terms of class. An ordinary comparison includes two members belonging to the same class, while the second comparison, as figurative language, includes two things belonging to different classes. To determine a comparison whether figurative language or not, it can be done by taking into account the following three things: Determine the class of the two things being compared.

Note the degree of similarity or difference between the two. Pay attention to the context in which the characteristics of both things are found. Pay attention to the metaphor quoting the book “Diction and Style of Language” by Gorys Keraf, a metaphor is a kind of analogy that compares two things directly, but in a short form: national flowers, land crocodiles, babies, souvenirs and so on.

Metaphor as a direct comparison does not use words such as: like, like, like and so on so that the first point is directly connected to the second point.

The actual process of occurrence is the same as the simile, but gradually the information regarding the equation and the first point is removed, for example; Youth is the flower of the nation. Youth-Flower of the nation. That person is like a land crocodile. –That person is a land crocodile. That person —land crocodile. The metaphorical function does not have to occupy the function of the predicate, but can also occupy other functions such as subject, object and so on.

Thus, a metaphor can stand alone as a word, unlike a smile. For smiles, context is very important, because it will help the meaning of the equation. On the other hand, the meaning of a metaphor is limited by a context.

If in a metaphor, we can still find the basic meaning of its present connotation, then the metaphor is still alive. However, if not, then the metaphor is either dead or clichéd. The boat saws the waves. The car has been coughing and coughing since this morning.

Young people are the flowers of the nation. The words sawing, coughing coughing, flower and nation still live on with their original meanings. Therefore, the distortion of meaning as contained in the sentences above is a living metaphor.

However, the process of such deviation at one time can have a further influence in changing the meaning of words. Most of the changes in the meaning of the word nausea occur because of metaphor.

Gradually, people stopped thinking about this metaphor, so that the new meaning was considered as the second or third meaning of the word, namely sailing, growing, bridge, and so on.

This kind of metaphor is a dead metaphor. With the death of a metaphor, we are again in front of a word that has a new denotation. This kind of metaphor can take the form of a verb, adjective, noun, phrase or clause: attract, hold a position, develop, suspect and so on. Today, no one thinks those forms were metaphors.



Characteristics of Figure of Speech Metaphor

The characteristics of figurative language metaphor are as follows:

  1. Do not use conjunctions or conjunctions
  2. Using words or phrases that have figurative meanings to equate or use words to compare an object with another object.
  3. Comparing objects by direct comparison without any words of comparison, including: like, like, like and so on.
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Examples of Majestic Metaphors

Here are some examples of figurative language metaphors to increase your understanding of figurative language metaphors:

  1. The President of Russia flared with anger.
  2. The man is a land crocodile.
  3. Lazy to read so shrimp brain.
  4. My mother used to be the flower of the village.
  5. The new employee is looking for face in front of the boss.
  6. They all face the wall.
  7. The successful man was once considered the scum of society.
  8. Be careful with rats around you.
  9. Never get discouraged if you fail.
  10. The woman is the backbone of the family today.
  11. The library is a storehouse of knowledge.
  12. The sun woke up too early, it felt like I fell asleep only a few minutes.
  13. That day the clouds cried.
  14. Children are the nation’s buds who will become agents of change for this country.
  15. The red rooster managed to devour almost all the housing in Depok.
  16. One of the good attitudes is to have a humble feeling.
  17. We must be able to learn to be tolerant in accepting every test of life.
  18. People who wear glasses are often called nerds.
  19. Her smile was as beautiful as the refreshing morning dew.
  20. It takes hard work to become the golden child in the class, namely by studying.
  21. Father and mother love their children very much.
  22. A very hard life demands that the woman become a night butterfly to supplement her income.
  23. Debating opinions with stubborn people is useless because they will remain adamant and find it difficult to accept other people’s opinions.
  24. Knowledge is a window to the world, a light for all corners of the world.
  25. The teacher is an unsung hero who is tasked with educating the nation.
  26. After taking a walk, it is obligatory to bring souvenirs for loved ones.
  27. Mega’s beauty makes her the village flower.
  28. A father works hard to be the backbone for his family.
  29. The internet is a repository of modern knowledge that helps consumers more easily access information.
  30. A child is a treasure for his parents that they will always take care of at any time.
  31. The Boy becomes a class star because of his extraordinary achievements in the National Olympics.
  32. Corruptors are the scum of society who should be worse off than thieves.
  33. Goddess of the night accompanied by stars adorning the night sky.
  34. You are the part of my heart that no one can replace.
  35. The night king began to stalk its prey.
  36. The king of the jungle is marking his territory.
  37. Be careful with tie rats around you.
  38. Study diligently so that you can become the flower of a proud nation.
  39. Criminals are always looking for scapegoats to escape the law.
  40. The clouds never stop crying in the sky of Jakarta.
  41. The king of daylight from the east side.
  42. When your lover is caught with other people, he must be dead tick.
  43. Women are ribs of men.
  44. Korean boyband named BTS is on the rise.
  45. The type of person he doesn’t like is a two-faced person.
  46. When it’s an old date, the mandatory food for boarding children is instant noodles.
  47. Via became a byword because of her beauty.
  48. In solving the problem should not be light-handed.
  49. Watch out for the long hands that are around you.
  50. The first month of being an onion in the office was tough.
  51. A mother with a heavy heart parted with her child.
  52. Surely there is a friend of yours who likes to make faces in front of the teacher.
  53. Mr. Alex was impressed to wash his hands about this fraud case.
  54. The cyanide coffee case was finally brought to court.
  55. The Boy shows off his ability to play basketball.
  56. The business did not run smoothly until it went out of business.
  57. You have to keep your mouth shut so the problem doesn’t get bigger.
  58. Tina could only bite her fingers to see her concert tickets burnt.
  59. That bitch needs to be taught a lesson.
  60. Don’t be discouraged if you accept failure.
  61. That figure with a big soul is my uncle.
  62. They live alone on the streets without parents.
  63. The tornado was blind and merciless.
  64. Be careful of land crocodiles who like to seduce women.
  65. Bad people are blacklisted.
  66. Siti still has blue blood lineage.
  67. Humans darken their eyes at the sight of treasures.
  68. Residents heard troubling rumors.
  69. When someone becomes a successful person, it would be nice not to forget the mainland.
  70. People say often thick hearted.
  71. Responsible people should not stand idly by.
  72. The incident made Rita’s father angry.
  73. A person with a tiger’s mouth is definitely not liked by his friends.
  74. A businessman flirts to win his project.
  75. Joko is the kyai’s right hand in his hermitage.
  76. Indonesian heroes fall on the battlefield.
  77. The generous woman is admirable.
  78. Lany speaks out at her brother’s trial.
  79. A person’s machinations can mislead the people around him.
  80. The trial in the film shows that the judge is being one-sided.
  81. Misleading streams have brainwashed its members.
  82. The Pastor has a white book that no one can open.
  83. The nickname shrimp head is given to Doni.

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