Agility: Definition, Benefits, And How To Improve It

Definition of Agility – Physical health should always be cared for, cared for, and always maintained properly. If our physical condition is good, then we will automatically be able to carry out various kinds of daily activities without getting obstacles, both light activities and heavy activities. A person who has a fairly good level of physical health will certainly be able to carry out his daily activities properly and skillfully.

Definition of Agility

Agility or agility literally means agility, but the real meaning of agility is the ability of the body and/or body parts to change direction of movement suddenly with relatively high speed. For example the ability to turn around while running, the ability to run back and forth within a certain distance and period of time, and also the ability to dodge quickly but remain in a stable position.

Agility or agility is a combination of various kinds of body abilities. These various abilities include speed, strength, balance, reaction, flexibility, and also neuromuscular coordination. Agility is needed in various sports, for example in basketball games, soccer games, volleyball games, badminton games, and so on.

Agility training is an important part of the overall physical fitness program. However, this agility training actually tends to be neglected while doing sports. In fact, agility skills are also an important part that must be trained continuously. Someone with good agility abilities usually has a high level of accuracy and speed.

Agility training has various forms, for example shuttle run, zig-zag run, ladder drill, and also cone drill. All of these agility exercises have the goal of changing the direction of motion as quickly as possible while minimizing loss of balance from the body.

Main Benefits of Agility Ability Training

Based on the understanding of agility that has been explained, it can be concluded that agility training has many benefits, especially for:

  1. Helps make it easier to master various difficult techniques in each sport that is being practiced. Because, with good agility abilities, an athlete must have the same good body balance.
  2. Helps facilitate orientation towards enemies or opponents. An athlete when paired with another athlete, even though the chemistry between each other is not well formed, but if the athlete has good agility skills, it will be easier for him to manage the game.
  3. Helps facilitate adaptation to the surrounding environment. In addition to partners or opponents, athletes with good agility skills are also able to easily adapt to the surrounding environment. For example with field conditions, weather conditions, and other conditions.
  4. Having good agility skills also has the benefit of facilitating coordination of stimulation or multiple movements.
  5. Someone who often does physical exercise can be sure that there will be a lower risk of developing serious or chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Not only that, several studies have also shown that physical exercise that is done properly and correctly can also reduce the risk, and even alleviate the symptoms of quite rare diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and even depression.
  6. Regular physical exercise can also improve mood. This benefit can be obtained because the body will release endorphins during physical activity. This hormone can reduce feelings of anxiety, cause pleasure, and feel comfortable so that emotions can be more controlled.
  7. Regular physical exercise can help the heart to work more effectively while expediting the distribution of nutrients and oxygen to various types of tissues. By meeting the needs of nutrients and oxygen, the body will get more energy that can be used to carry out daily activities.
  8. In addition to improving mood and increasing energy, the endorphins produced from physical exercise can also make you sleep better. However, avoid physical exercise near bedtime. This is because after exercise, your body temperature and metabolism are still high which can cause you to stay awake or find it more difficult to fall asleep.
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In addition to helping the body to be in an ideal body weight position, physical exercise can also maintain a stable body weight while preventing obesity. This is very important because excess body weight can trigger various chronic diseases.

In order to get maximum results, you need to do physical exercise regularly. Besides that, try to also apply a healthy lifestyle and consume foods that have a balanced nutritional content.

To get the benefits of physical exercise as described earlier, you can start by doing light physical exercise first. After getting used to it, the duration or intensity will be increased.

Physical exercise can provide many benefits for physical and mental health. However, if you have certain health conditions, it would be nice to consult a doctor first to find out the type and duration of exercise according to your condition.

Ways to Improve Agility

There are various ways that can be done in order to have a good level of agility . Of course it will be very useful if you know what exercises you can do to improve your agility skills . In the following, a summary of various exercises that can be done to improve agility abilities.

1. Practice Running Straight Back and forth ( Shuttle Run )

The first and easiest exercise that you can do to improve your agility skills properly is to do straight running exercises with alternating routes. This type of exercise is also commonly referred to as a shuttle run . To do a shuttle run , the first thing you have to do is position your body in a squat position. Then, make sure that one leg is in the front position. After receiving the signal, run as fast as you can in a straight line.

When you have reached the end of the lane, run back in the opposite direction towards the main start. This movement is easily commonly referred to as running back and forth. This activity needs to be done regularly to get the benefits. Not only to increase agility abilities , this activity can also increase speed abilities. Agility training with this shuttle run is very safe, easy, and also worth trying.

2. Zig-Zag Running Exercise

The next exercise that can be done to train agility skills properly is to practice zig-zag running. Doing zig-zag running exercises has the goal of increasing the ability of the leg muscles. So, apart from increasing your agility , zig-zag running can also increase the strength of your leg muscles.

To practice agility skills by running zig-zag, the first thing to do is to position your body upright. After that, both hands are positioned to be beside the body. Then, look straight ahead while waiting for the signal to be ready to pass. If the signal has been given, alternate running movements, either turning left or turning right. In order to successfully do a good zig-zag run, good coordination of the eyes, legs, and brain is also needed. This coordination is the most important thing in increasing agility abilities .



3. Exercise Using Motion Load Reaction

The third exercise that can be done to improve agility skills properly is to use tools. The tool needed is a balloon filled with air that is used to burden the body. In order to do this exercise, first position your body upright and straight. Then, attach the hot air balloon tightly tied to the stomach.

While still having a balloon filled with air and still strapped to your body, try to start running. Exercise using motion load reaction is also a type of exercise that is useful for training breathing abilities effectively. Therefore, this exercise not only improves agility and breathing effectively, but also improves the body’s muscular system as a whole.

4. Exercise with Squat Standing ( Squat Thrust )

The fourth exercise can be done by squatting and then standing up quickly and repeatedly. This movement is commonly known as the squat thrust . This exercise to improve agility is done first with the starting position, namely squatting, then standing again. This squat thrust or standing squat activity can indirectly improve or improve body posture slowly. Even though the squat thrust movement looks very simple, caution is still needed in doing it.

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If you want to try doing a squat thrust , first try to position your body upright and straight, then if using a signal, start counting while taking a squat position with both hands touching the floor. Once in a squat position, try to stand up again. Do standing squats repeatedly and routinely so you can practice agility properly and also train other body muscles to become stronger.

5. Exercise With Ladder Jumps

The fifth exercise can be done according to its name, namely jumping stairs. This stair jumping movement is useful for increasing agility abilities and training good foot reflex levels. This stair jumping movement has the benefit of training the body to be strong and making the blood circulation system in the body smooth. In addition, this stair jumping movement can also make the body flexible or not stiff and make the body more responsive to reflexes.

The first step that must be taken to do this stair jump exercise is to position the body upright and straight. If you use cues, start by doing the stair jump movement with alternating feet with each other. Do the movement of jumping stairs regularly and continuously so that agility abilities , especially in the leg muscles, become more trained.

6. Practice Using Agility Balls

For the last exercise, namely training using tools, namely agility ballas. This movement using agility balls trains dexterity when carrying out activities of throwing and catching small balls.

The steps that must be taken to do this exercise are to bounce a small rubber ball towards the wall and then swiftly catch it. The point of this exercise is to train the body’s reflexes when facing or catching the ball’s reflection. This is an attempt to increase the body’s agility . Do these activities continuously and routinely so that the reflex level you have increases.

Sports That Require Agility

1. Pencak silat

Pencak silat comes from two syllables, namely ‘pencak’ and ‘silat’. The definition of pencak is the basic movement of self-defense and is bound by rules. While silat has the meaning of perfect self-defense movement that comes from spirituality.

Based on the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) pencak silat is a game or skill in self-defense by using parrying, attacking and self-defense skills with or without using weapons.

In the game of pencak silat, it requires high concentration, strength, and also agility in order to be able to attack and defend against opponents.

2. Karate

Karate is a martial art that relies on kicks, punches, attacks, and also pure defense using hands and feet without weapons or tools. The word karate comes from Japanese which means empty hands.

This type of martial arts technique emphasizes concentration, agility, and body strength against the point of attack and also the intended defense. When karate moves are performed, whether for attack or defense, the effect will be felt immediately.

For experienced karateka, breaking blocks of wood or bricks using bare hands is very easy. Apart from physical strength, karate also emphasizes punctuality, enthusiasm, tactics, and discipline.

3. Kungfu

Kungfu is a martial art originating from China. This martial art is indeed very well known, so that it is studied by many people from various parts of the world. Kungfu is not only considered as a way of physical self-defense when someone is in a dangerous situation. However, Kungfu is also considered an art because there are all kinds of beautiful moves that can be learned.

Kungfu can be said to be one of the most durable sports in the world. This sport utilizes strength, agility, and mind simultaneously. Different from boxing martial arts, Kungfu is more holistic in nature, and develops self-discipline by using various techniques. Kungfu theory is based on classical Chinese philosophy. Kungfu has a long historical story. However, over time, kung fu has changed and developed into a unique combination of training, practical self-defense, self-discipline, and also as an art.

Enough of these brief notes about the meaning of  agility, its benefits, how to increase it, and also the right exercise. Thank you for visiting and I hope this article can be useful for you!