Ways to Grow an Attitude of Love for the Motherland for the Young Generation

It doesn’t feel like this year, our country has turned 77 years old. If equated with human age, then the age of our country is very well established. The pleasure that can be felt today is inseparable from the struggle of the nation against the invaders until finally the Indonesian state was able to become independent. It has been 77 years, Indonesia is still trying to show its existence to the world. Moreover, our country has the largest youth generation. So that in the future, Indonesia is expected to become one of the developed countries to be reckoned with.

We should be grateful for not having to take up arms to maintain peace like the warriors and heroes of the past. In an easier way, we can show love for the motherland. As the younger generation, we play a very important role in protecting this beloved country. Even more so during a pandemic that brought an epidemic to this country, because it is in the hands of young people that Indonesia’s future will be held.

What is Love of the Motherland?

Love for the motherland is a feeling of pride and also belonging to a certain territory. This feeling is manifested in the form of a willingness to sacrifice to protect its territory from various kinds of disturbances and threats. The importance of having a sense of love for the motherland will make it a natural human trait that is possessed from birth. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, love for the motherland is a feeling that arises and emerges from the heart of a citizen to serve, defend, maintain, protect the motherland from various kinds of threats and disturbances.

This love for the motherland means that we defend against all kinds of disturbances and threats that can come from anywhere. In addition, love for the motherland is also a feeling of pride, belonging, respect, respect, and also the high loyalty that every individual has to the country where they live which can be reflected in the behavior of defending the motherland, guarding and protecting the motherland. willing to sacrifice for the sake of the nation and the country and love the customs and culture of the nation.

Love for the motherland is also often known as nationalism. In essence, nationalism is the notion of nationalism which is the highest loyalty to the nation and also to its homeland. In essence, love for the motherland is an integral part of every nation. As the definition of love for the motherland has been explained previously, love for the motherland is always synonymous with the term nationalism. In addition, love for the motherland is also an experience and also a manifestation of the precepts of Indonesian Unity which can be realized in everyday life in families, schools, and also in society. The awareness of loving the motherland is essentially devoted to the country and its willingness to sacrifice to defend the country.

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Therefore, a sense of love for the motherland also needs to be cultivated in the soul of everyone from an early age who become citizens of a country or nation so that the goal of living together can be achieved. Love for the motherland is reflected in the behavior of defending the country, guarding and protecting the homeland.

Example of an Attitude of Love for the Motherland

The following are some examples of the attitude of love for the motherland for the millennial generation, including:

1. Proud to Use Original Products Made in Indonesia

Proud to use products made by our own country is one of the ways we can show our love for Indonesia. Don’t get me wrong, original products made in Indonesia are no less good and of better quality than those made abroad. In fact, several products such as bags, shoes and clothes have been successfully marketed abroad. With pride, they use products made in Indonesia. Therefore, we as a nation of Indonesia must participate in advancing the economy by appreciating products made in our own country.

2. Maintaining and Caring for Environmental Cleanliness

Even though it seems trivial, in reality environmental cleanliness is still very difficult to do, especially for the community in general. From now on, let’s try to form self-awareness to always keep the environment clean. Simply put, don’t litter. Maintaining and caring for the environment is not only the responsibility of the government. However, the community must also play a role in protecting it together.

3. Not Spreading Hate Speech or Fake News

As a millennial generation born in an era of increasingly advanced technology, of course we are very familiar with the existence of the internet and cyberspace. However, the internet is like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can have a positive impact on the progress of the nation and state, but on the other hand, it can be disastrous if used in an inappropriate manner. The internet itself can be a means of channeling love for Indonesia. For example, by not doing or spreading hate speech and fake news.

We must always check the source of the news before finally posting it to social media accounts or not spreading hate speech that can offend sensitive matters. By minimizing fake news and hate speech, we will be more comfortable when surfing the internet. So, let’s start being a smart young generation when using the internet so that not only your gadgets are smart, but also their users.

4. Respect the Artists by Not Buying Pirated Works

The habit of the Indonesian people in downloading movies or songs for free seems to have been going on since ancient times. Where we prefer to use an instant and also free method compared to having to pay. To create a sense of love for the homeland, from now on, let’s learn to appreciate the work of artists together. The method is very easy, we only need to buy their original works, not pirated ones.

Making good music or movies is not an easy job. Likewise filmmakers who have worked hard to be able to produce cool films. Even though it is more expensive, at least we have a small contribution in stopping illegal piracy which is detrimental to artists and also the country.

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5. Obey the Traffic When Driving on the Streets

Drivers’ awareness to always obey traffic on the streets is currently still quite low. In order to get there faster, it’s not uncommon for people who are selfish and also go around violating street rules. Even so, it’s not too late for us to change for the better. There is still plenty of time for the younger generation to start learning to obey traffic. Such as not running through red lights, not using sidewalks for vehicles, not using busway lanes, and other rules. Let’s start being disciplined while driving for safety together.

6. Enjoy the beauty of Indonesia

Indonesia itself is very famous for its natural beauty and extraordinary culture. The natural beauty of Indonesia is very special because it was painted and created directly by God Almighty. Of course it would be a shame if we didn’t enjoy all the natural beauty that exists in Indonesia. If usually your vacation destinations are only abroad, then try occasionally to travel or take a vacation to remote parts of the country. Enjoy all the charm of nature and culture of this country which is very cool and beautiful. By enjoying the charms of Indonesia, our love and affection for our homeland will grow by itself.

7. Maintaining the Unity and Integrity of the Indonesian State

The next way to foster a sense of love for the motherland is to maintain the unity and integrity of the nation. Never forget our country’s very beautiful motto, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. The future of this nation is in the hands of all of us, especially the younger generation. As young people, we must appreciate every difference that is around us. Do not let our differences make us divided. However, we must be strong to be able to make Indonesia more special.

8. Proud to be Indonesian

As people born and raised in Indonesia, we should be proud to be Indonesian. For example, by speaking Indonesian properly and correctly. Loving the culture in Indonesia, such as using batik and traditional clothes during celebrations so that they can foster a sense of love for the motherland.

9. Maintaining Indonesia’s Good Name

Has Sinaumed’s ever traveled abroad? If so, then maintain the good name of Indonesia by complying with the regulations in that country. If your goal abroad is just to travel, then don’t ever pollute these tourist spots and dispose of trash in its place.

10. Creating Harmony in the Community

Respect for every difference is carried out in accordance with the legal norms that apply in the country and society. If there are differences, then deliberation to reach a consensus is one of the best ways. From an early age, we need to cultivate an attitude of respecting differences properly regardless of religion, race, age, culture, and others.

Those are some easy ways for the younger generation to love their homeland more. The sense of comfort that we feel today is the result of the efforts of the heroes and the ancient people in liberating this country from the invaders.