Meaning of Commitment and Meaning in Romance

Definition of Commitment – Does Reader already know that in having a relationship or interaction with other individuals, be it a special relationship with another person, a work relationship, or a relationship in an organization that requires a commitment from all parties concerned? Especially when you are in a relationship with another person, there are definitely words that imply a commitment between the two.

Then actually, what is the true meaning of that commitment? Is commitment only found in relationships with other people? What about the form and existence of commitment that can be found in everyday life?

Well, so that Reader is not confused about that and does not just say the word commitment in establishing a relationship with another individual, let’s understand again by listening to the following article about commitment!

Definition of Commitment in General

The term “commitment” is a word borrowed from English, namely “commitment” which has the meaning of “uniting”, “combining”, and also “trusting”. As time went by, the word developed and its meaning changed to “promise”, “obligation”, “attachment”, and “entrust” for a long time.

So in general, commitment is a form of dedication or obligation that makes a person remember another person for a certain action, especially when undergoing a special relationship with that person. It should be known that when undertaking this commitment it must be done voluntarily with no coercion and depending on the situation experienced by each individual.

Therefore, in carrying out a commitment must be accompanied by a great sense of responsibility and not just mere words. By making a commitment, it means that the individual must be responsible both with himself and with other individuals related to the situation.

Although from the change in meaning there is a meaning about “promise” or “agreement”, but this commitment is not always based on a written agreement. There are some commitments that are only made based on verbal promises between the parties concerned, for example the commitment to establish relationships with other people in terms of romance such as dating.

According to John Mayer and Natalie, they say that commitment is an individual condition, where the individual becomes bound by the actions he performs. Through these actions, it will later create confidence that can support activities and involvement.

This is also supported by the opinion of Griffin (2004), who says that an individual who has a high sense of commitment, is likely to see himself as a true member of an organization. For Griffin’s opinion, when commitment is made in the organizational realm, remembering that commitment can be made by individuals in any context.

Characteristics of Commitment

A thing can be called a commitment if it meets the following characteristics, namely:

  1. There is an agreement that has been mutually agreed upon, both with oneself and with other related parties. The agreement also does not have to be in writing, because the most important thing is that all related parties must be responsible in carrying out the commitment.
  2. There is a specific purpose to be achieved by implementing the commitment. The purpose must of course be beneficial for all parties, both themselves and other related parties.
  3. All parties involved in the commitment must be responsible for the content of the “agreement”. Being responsible in this context is not going beyond the limits or disobeying the previously agreed upon agreement.
  4. There is a sense of loyalty or faithfulness, both from oneself and from other parties concerned, so that the goal can be achieved properly.

Examples of the Embodiment of Commitment in Daily Life

In everyday life, of course the word commitment is quite often found, even without Reader realizing that it turns out to be a commitment. Commitment can not only occur in relationships with other individuals, but can also be implemented towards oneself. Well, the following are some examples of the embodiment of commitment in everyday life.

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1. Commitment To Yourself

A commitment does not have to be done together and for other individuals only. Even towards yourself, commitment can still be done. When the commitment is made based on the desire from within, then usually this commitment has the purpose of achieving something better than before.

For example, there is someone who wants to lose weight by going on a diet and committing to himself to continue consuming healthy food accompanied by sports. If he continues to make that commitment responsibly and loyally with his initial goal, then the final result that can be achieved is that his body will be healthier and have an ideal body weight.

2. Commitment In A Relationship

The relationship referred to in this point is a relationship with another person that is romantic. It should be known that all relationships involving other individuals definitely require a commitment in order to maintain and take care of the relationship so that it continues to run well. In this case, the meaning of a commitment can be an attachment between all parties involved to continue to do the appropriate actions that have been mutually agreed upon at the beginning of the commitment and done with a sense of responsibility.

Romantic relationships with other people are of various kinds, ranging from friendships, courtships, to marriages. For example, in a courtship relationship, there is generally an unwritten commitment that aims to be loyal to each other while not betraying each other. However, when in a marriage relationship, the commitment has usually been agreed upon in the written marriage rules.

3. Commitment to Family

This commitment generally comes from oneself who has a sense of being responsible for one’s family. Commitment to the family is usually not written, but in the form of self-awareness.

An example is the commitment of a husband as the head of the household to his family to always provide for him physically and mentally well.

4. Commitment In Employment

Because this commitment is related to other individuals, then work must of course be based on a commitment. This commitment can be carried out by anyone, be it superiors or employees, because it is those parties who will be able to achieve the goals of the work they do.

5. Commitment to the Environment

Almost the same as the commitment made on a family basis, which comes from oneself by feeling responsible for something. Because humans and nature have a relationship that will never end, so it requires a commitment so that the natural environment can remain well maintained. After all, the relationship between humans and nature is a reciprocal relationship, so that if one of the parties is destructive, it will have a negative effect on itself.

For example, mountain climbers have a self-inflicted commitment not to throw trash carelessly during their climb up the mountain. The climbers feel responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of nature, especially in the mountain environment so that it remains clean and beautiful.

Understanding Commitment In Romance

Commitment is arguably one of the keys to the success of a relationship. The meaning of commitment in a romantic relationship, whether in courtship or marriage, can be seen from various actions.

The meaning of commitment is actually very broad. By definition, this term describes a dedication or agreement on a person towards something over a long period of time. In a romantic relationship, commitment is self-responsibility to the partner that needs to be taken care of together. This is generally not found in intimate friendships or friends with benefits.

1. The Meaning of Commitment in a Romantic Relationship

The meaning of commitment in a romantic relationship is when Reader are willing to dedicate themselves, time, and love to a partner in the long term, for example in a marriage bond.

When Reader and their partner are determined to commit to living a relationship, it means that Reader and their partner will be ready to accept any condition and situation, both in good and difficult conditions

With the determination to commit to each other, this is a sign that the relationship that Reader live together has a clear future and purpose.

2. Forms of Commitment in Romantic Relationships

The meaning of commitment in a romantic relationship can be realized in several actions, among others:

1. Want to establish a serious relationship

When Reader and a partner are determined to have a serious relationship, this can be said to be one form of commitment in a romantic relationship. Later, commitment can be seen from the way Reader and the couple solve problems and compromise.

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However, it does not mean that people who want to have a casual relationship cannot commit. They may just need a longer time to commit to a relationship.

2. Want to talk about the future

It’s not enough to have a serious relationship, talking about future plans with your partner is also one of the forms of commitment in a romantic relationship.

This does not only include the desire to get married. Reader and spouses should also have a plan and attitude towards various problems that may come after marriage, such as family economic problems or the future of children.

3. Be loyal and open to each other

Loyalty is also a form of commitment in a relationship. Because, commitment can also be interpreted as attachment.

When Reader have an emotional attachment to their partner, then Reader and their partner should also be open and honest with each other about issues that are public or private.

4. Willing to sacrifice

In establishing a relationship, sacrifice is usually required for the common good. Sacrifice is not always about big things, it can also be small things, like accompanying a partner when doing his hobby, even though Reader doesn’t like the hobby.

How to Maintain Commitment in a Romantic Relationship

Here are some ways that Reader can do to maintain commitment in a romantic relationship with a partner:

1. Build mutual trust

The main key to maintaining commitment in a relationship is mutual trust. This is an important aspect that should be instilled from the beginning of starting a relationship with a partner. A relationship that is not based on mutual trust can damage the commitment that has been made.

2. Make more memories together

Another way to maintain commitment in a relationship is to make more memories with your partner. For example, a vacation together in a tourist spot that Reader and his partner like.

Beautiful memories together can help Reader and their partner get through the difficult times that may appear throughout the course of Reader’ relationship with them.

3. Resolve conflicts well

If Reader and a partner are having a conflict, get used to resolving it well and in a calm state. Try not to shout and accuse each other, let alone say rude things.

Building commitment in a relationship is not easy, Reader need to do the following to maintain Reader commitment with a partner.

Reader and partners should also be able to accept criticism, not be stubborn, forgive each other, and work together to find the best solution for the problem at hand.

4. Avoid thinking about the past

The past is often the reason for the breakdown of a relationship. Therefore, when starting a relationship with a Reader couple , avoid thinking about the past. Reader do not need to think about the past of Reader romantic relationship and do not continue to discuss the past of Reader couple .

By not worrying about the past, a couple will continue to move forward and have a strong commitment to each other.

5. Communication

Communication is key in living a relationship. Reader and couples need to maintain good communication in order to create a strong commitment. Always talk about situations that happen in Reader life so that there are no misunderstandings.

6. Avoid doubts with your partner

As long as there is doubt in the heart, then it is difficult for a person to be able to commit to his partner. Therefore, Reader need to build trust in the Reader partner and avoid negative thoughts on the Reader partner so that a commitment can be built.

7. Make a target in the relationship

If Reader is already in a relationship, make a clear target about the Reader relationship . Discuss the purpose of the Reader relationship with the partner, thus the Reader relationship will go in a more serious direction and the commitment will be formed by itself.

Commitment is not just words, but actions that can prove the existence of such commitment in a relationship. Connecting with a partner is Reader’ choice to live the days together. Without a strong commitment, it may be difficult to reconcile differences and achieve the goals of the Reader relationship . Therefore, it is very important to build commitment with a partner.

To achieve stability in a relationship does require a lot of time and effort which is not easy. However, as long as Reader and the couple stick to the meaning of commitment, various difficulties and obstacles can be faced well in order to achieve common goals.

If Reader has difficulties in commitment, both in romantic relationships and other conditions, Reader can consult further with a psychologist to find the underlying problem and a suitable solution.