What Triggers Economic Recession: Definition, Causes, and Impact on Society

Economic Recession

In measuring the development and progress of a country, of course the main reference or indicator is how much economic growth is. Meanwhile, the level of economic growth can be seen from the value of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the country. If the GDP is low and continues to decline for months, it can trigger an economic recession . What … Read more

What Are Economic Bubbles, How To Avoid Them?


The term economic bubble or often also referred to as a speculative bubble or financial bubble. This is one thing to watch out for, especially when you invest. Determining investment instruments is not an easy thing. Of course, everyone hopes that the chosen investment instrument can increase in price so that it will provide benefits in the … Read more

Understanding the Meaning of Economic Bubbles


There is a phenomenon in economic studies called economic bubbles or bubble economy . This phenomenon occurs in many countries and has a long history. In this article we will study the general definition of a bubble economy or economic bubbles and some of the events in which the phenomenon of economic bubbles occurs. According … Read more