The Functions of the Sole Bones You Must Know

The sole function of the soles of the feet is one of the most important anatomical parts of the body whose function is to balance the body’s weight while walking. What is the function of the sole of the foot? Source: Pixabay The feet have a dorsal or ground-facing surface and a ventral or upward-facing surface. The lower … Read more

The Founders of the Kutai Kingdom: History, Heyday & Legacy

The Founder of the Kutai Kingdom – Hi, Sinaumed’s, this time we will discuss the history of the Kutai Kingdom. Wow, you must be familiar, Sinaumed’s. Especially considering that when we were in junior high and high school, material was discussed about kingdoms in Indonesia. Well, now we will get to know more about one of the kingdoms … Read more

The Founder of the Singosari Kingdom: Origins and a Brief History

The Founder of the Singosari Kingdom – In the Malang area, East Java, once stood a large kingdom called the Singosari or Singhasari Kingdom. The kingdom is patterned Hindu-Buddhist. While the founder of the kingdom was Ken Arok, where he was the first king to have the title Sri Rajasa Batara Sang Amurwabumi in 1222 AD. Through a … Read more

The Founder of the Majapahit Kingdom: History, and the First King

Founder of Majapahit – Majapahit was one of the last Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms in the archipelago and existed in the 13th to 16th centuries. Historically, Majapahit was considered one of the largest empires with an area covering almost the entire archipelago. Majapahit was founded in 1293 by its first king, Raden Wijaya, the son-in-law of Kertanegara and … Read more

The Founder of the Game of Football in Indonesia and Its History

Founder of the Game of Football in Indonesia – Who doesn’t know football? This sport, which is the favorite of the majority of men, has many fans around the world. You can feel the excitement in big tournaments like the World Cup, European Cup, European Champions League, even the Indonesian League. Of course it’s interesting to discuss football. But there’s … Read more