Conventional Biotechnology & Modern Biotechnology

sinaumedia Literacy – Biotechnology has been known by humans since thousands of years ago. For example, in the field of food technology are brewing, bread and cheese which have been known since the 19th century, plant breeding to produce new varieties in agriculture, as well as animal breeding and reproduction. Check out a more complete … Read more

Contributing Sentences: Definition, Characteristics, How to Determine, and Examples

Contrasting Sentences – When composing sentences in a paragraph or paragraphs, does Sinaumed’s often pay attention to the cohesiveness between the sentences? If so, then Sinaumed’s has acted correctly, especially in the paragraph preparation process. Yep, it’s true that when compiling a paragraph consisting of these sentences, you have to pay attention to the cohesiveness … Read more

Contravention is a Form of Dissociative Interaction in Society

Contravention is – In social life there are three forms of dissociative social interaction ranging from competition, convention, and conflict. Consider the meaning of these three forms of dissociative interaction along with the following examples in the social life of the community. Contravention is a Form of Dissociative Social Interaction Dissociative social interaction, also known … Read more

Conditional and Subjunctive Sentence Material and Example Problems

Conditional material and subjunctive verbs are both conditional sentences. However, the subjunctive is rarely used because the conditional sentence is enough to replace the subjunctive sentence. To understand better, let’s watch it to the end! Conditional Sentence Material One of the forms of conditional sentences with the characteristics of the subordinate clause begins with the … Read more

Concepts, How to Create, and Examples of Thesis Abstracts

Example of Thesis Abstract – Every student must write a thesis as a graduation requirement. If they don’t write a thesis, students usually make a final assignment (TA). The assignment is usually carried out through research with either quantitative or qualitative data. Undergraduate thesis is usually started by students in grades three or four. And … Read more

Concepts, Functions, and Kinds of Social Values

Kinds of Social Values ​​- Values ​​are one of the guides or guidelines for humans to live life. Without value, maybe we will live life as we want. Not respecting each other or even depriving each other of the rights of each other. Therefore, in living life it is necessary to hold values. In the … Read more

Concepts and Values ​​in Society

In living life, humans have rules that are binding, but not written, namely values. This value has been attached to human beings since he was born. Humans grow with the values ​​that apply in the place where they grow. In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), value is defined as price (in the sense of estimated … Read more

Concepts and Types of Lay Up Techniques

Basketball is an idol for young people. It is a sport that is loved by young people. This is because this sport is considered cool. Moreover, with the addition of his portrayal in films or soap operas where the characters are constructed in a cool and up-to-date style for young people. Just like sports in … Read more

Concepts and Types of Family You Need to Know

Family Types – Keeping the family intact is everyone’s wish, including having a happy family. In practice, the family has an important role in a person’s life, because basically humans are social beings who cannot live alone. That means someone needs someone else to be trusted and to be a pillar or back when we … Read more

Concept, Purpose, and Examples of Wartegg Tests and Assessments

Concept, Purpose, and Examples of Wartegg Tests and Assessments

Example of the Wartegg Test and Assessment – ​​Every time they apply to a company or school, applicants usually go through several stages of selection. The selection process usually starts from file selection to interviews. Among a series of tests, there is usually a psychological test. Meanwhile, the type of psychological test commonly carried out is … Read more

Concept, Function, and Differences of Debit and Credit Notes

Differences between Debit and Credit Notes – Every sale and purchase transaction usually uses a note as proof of purchase. The note itself in the Big Indonesian Language Dictionary (KBBI), is interpreted as a warning letter (appointment, note); official statement (from the ambassador to the government of a country or vice versa); explanation letter from … Read more

Concept and Examples of Democracy

Democracy is a system of government implemented in several countries. One of them, Indonesia. Democracy in Indonesia places the people as the highest authority. “From the people, by the people, for the people”, is the motto of democracy in Indonesia. So, what is democracy really like? How is it implemented? In the following, we will … Read more

Computational Thinking: Definition, Characteristics

Computational Thinking – This globalization era will indeed continue to develop, including the technology will also continue to develop. Therefore, we will meet new technologies that are increasingly sophisticated and increasingly we will feel that our lives and activities are becoming faster. This is because we must be able to keep up with the times … Read more

Comprehensive Meaning and Its Use in Science

Getting to Know the Meaning of Comprehensive and Its Use in Science – Hearing the word comprehensive, we will definitely think and wonder about its meaning, because even though it is quite familiar to our ears, we don’t really understand what the word means. Usually, we often hear the word comprehensive when we read good … Read more

Compound Molecules: Definition, Examples and Applications

Compound Molecules – When you were in school, Sinaumed’s must have received explanations about atomic and molecular matter , especially in chemistry subjects? Yep, atoms, molecules, ions, and these compounds are some of the main topics in chemistry learning which are the smallest particles of an object and cannot be seen with the naked eye. … Read more

Complete Types of Communication with Explanations

Types of Communication – As is well known, that humans are social beings who need other humans to live, in establishing relationships, humans need to interact by communicating. Communication has an important role so that humans can establish a good relationship with one another. Communication has become a part of human life, without realizing it … Read more

Complete Explanation of Examples of Attitudes in Accordance with the Fourth Precepts of Pancasila

Examples of Attitudes in Accordance with the Fourth Precept – Pancasila is the foundation of the Indonesian nation. Pancasila principles have become the pillars of national and state life. Pancasila has five commandments. One of them is the fourth precept, which says that “Population is led by wisdom in representative deliberations”. The symbol of the … Read more

Communication Management: Definition, Functions, Purpose and Examples

Communication Management – Hello Sinaumed’s friends , do you know what communication management is? In order to know the definition of communication management properly, we must understand the meaning of each of these words, namely management and communication. Management Management is the process of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling by empowering organizational members and using … Read more

Communication Is: Definition, Types, and Purpose

Communication Is – Humans are social creatures and surely you must have heard that sentence and realized the truth behind that sentence. Why are humans called social creatures? One reason is because humans cannot live alone. Yup, people are predicted to be the most intelligent creatures on Earth, humans are also not perfect beings who … Read more

Collection of Venus Fun Facts You Need to Know

Fun Fact Venus – In order in the solar system of the Milky Way galaxy, the planet Venus is a planet that has the second closest distance to the Sun. Venus only lost to the planet Mercury which has the closest distance from the Sun. The planet Venus itself is also known as the brightest … Read more

Collection of Sample TOEFL Questions, Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, Reading Comprehension

Example of TOEFL questions – The English test is a test that is almost unavoidable while still learning English. The English language test is usually used as one of the graduation requirements for both school and college. Therefore, of course you can’t avoid this English test right? The English language test actually has the aim … Read more

Collection of Hygiene Hadiths that Need to be Practiced

Hygiene hadith – Maintaining cleanliness is one of Allah’s commands for all Muslims, without exception. In addition, Islam also upholds cleanliness. Because it is considered important, the command to always maintain cleanliness is also stated in many hadiths. Apart from being considered a good habit, maintaining cleanliness has also become a ritual for a Muslim. … Read more

Collection of examples of limericks with various themes and very funny

Examples of Limerick Pantun – sinaumedian must have often heard of short poems like this? This short poem is called pantun.What, really, is the poem? Pantun is one of the oldest forms of poetry. According to tradition, this rhyme was originally delivered orally. The origin of the word pantun itself is from the Minangkabau language: “Patuntun” or means guide. Here’s an example: Mr. Markum has … Read more

Collection of Daily Prayers to Facilitate Activities

Daily Prayers – It’s not a life if Sinaumed’s doesn’t find difficulties or obstacles in your activities. Even though you have planned activities for that day, isn’t it impossible for Sinaumed’s to find obstacles or obstacles that hinder activities on that day? If that happened to Sinaumed’s, how would you feel and react? Will you … Read more

Cognitive Ability to Think

Cognitive Ability – Every individual is gifted with the ability to think and learn something new. It is also what makes an individual who initially does not know become more expert and knowledgeable. The ability to think of each individual is different according to their respective cognitive abilities. For every parent who has children, cognitive … Read more

Climate in Indonesia: Types, Events & Impacts

Climate in Indonesia – Climate is the average weather condition over a long period of time in an area or zone. Climate is measured by humidity, rainfall, temperature, atmospheric pressure and wind direction. However, not only that, you need to know that the climate is affected by latitude, altitude, region or area, and the waters … Read more

Climate and Vegetation Distribution

There is a close relationship between climate patterns and the distribution of various types of vegetation. Climate as an important factor that plays a major role in the distribution of flora and fauna. Different climatic factors in an area cause different types of plants and animals. Check out the more detailed explanation below: Climate Definition … Read more

Clauses Are: Definition, Characteristics, Examples, and The Difference With Phrases

Clauses are – Words, phrases, clauses, and sentences are elements in the structure of language. These four elements certainly have different meanings. However, among the four elements, it is phrases and clauses that most people may rarely know about. Words and sentences maybe almost everyone knows what they mean, while phrases and clauses maybe only … Read more