Understanding the meaning of Gomawo and how to use it

Gomawo means – Language is one of the media to unite one person with another. Of course, we know that English is an international language that is often used as an auxiliary medium for communication between one person from a country when meeting other people who do not come from the same country. This is … Read more

Understanding the Mail Merge Feature in Microsoft Word, How to Use It, and Its Functions

Mail merge is a feature that can assist users in making letters, envelope formats, invitations, certificates or other documents more concise. By using the mail merge feature from Microsoft Word, users can work on documents with the same format, a large number of them more quickly, even though their identities are different. That way, Microsoft … Read more

Understanding the History of the Pattimura War and Other Archipelago Wars

The Pattimura War – Sinaumed’s must have known Indonesia’s long history before we finally got independence. Colonization of Indonesia started with the arrival of colonialists from the European Continent such as the Portuguese, Dutch and British, followed by the arrival of Japan several years before our independence. It cannot be denied that the figure of the Proclaimer … Read more

Understanding the History of Islamic Culture in Indonesia and Its Legacy!

History of Islamic Culture – In Indonesia, Islam is the majority religion with an estimated number of adherents of more than half of the population. Moreover, coupled with the many historical relics of Islamic culture in the archipelago. This is what then encourages many interested people to finally research and learn much more deeply about the history of … Read more

Understanding the History, Meaning, and Application of Pancasila Symbol Values

Symbol of Pancasila – Every June 1, the Indonesian nation commemorates the Birthday of Pancasila, the foundation of the Republic of Indonesia. The government also made June 1 a national holiday so that people would not forget the history of Pancasila. In language, the name Pancasila is a combination of two words in Sanskrit, namely “Panca” which … Read more

Understanding the Functions of Mangrove Forests for the Environment

The Function of Mangrove Forests – Of course, most of the Sinaumed’s already know what a mangrove forest is, right? Where this mangrove forest is one of the main subjects for environmental development in Indonesia. But, what exactly are the definitions, characteristics, and functions of mangrove forests? So, for more details, in this article we … Read more

Understanding the formula for the surface area of ​​a pyramid and examples of problems

Who is confused about finding the formula for the surface area of ​​a pyramid to complete homework from school? You need to understand that solving math problems using the pyramid surface area formula is very easy. Limas itself has several types of pedestals with related names. For example, a rectangular pyramid at the bottom has four corners. Then … Read more

Understanding the Final Tahiyat Prayer and its meaning

Salat is an important worship for Muslims. It is the foundation of religion, including the 5 pillars of Islam. Prayer provides peace of mind for those who practice it as well as physical health. However, the 5 daily prayers are often not performed completely. There is some missing time. In surah Al Baqarah verse 43 … Read more

Understanding the Factors Causing Scarcity and Its Impacts

The factors that cause scarcity are – In economics the term scarcity is definitely very common to hear. Scarcity itself is a serious problem whose impact can hamper the smooth running of a country’s economic activities. The term scarcity itself refers to the absence of supplies of the goods sought. This is because any goods … Read more

Understanding the Existence of Charity Recording Angels in Islam

Charity Registrar Angels – Angels are one of God’s creatures created from light. Angels are assigned by God with various tasks. There are those who are in charge of guarding heaven, guarding hell, and delivering sustenance to God’s servants. Among the angels there is also a duty to record charity. Whether a good deed or a bad deed, Allah … Read more

Understanding the Differences in Economic Development and Economic Growth

Understanding the Differences in Economic Development and Economic Growth – Economic growth is an increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), without estimating whether it will have an impact on growth or population growth. Meanwhile, economic development is a multidimensional process of social change. Well, there are several differences between economic growth and development! Check out a more detailed explanation of … Read more

Understanding the Definition, Types, and Structure of Review Text

Review Text Structure – Does Sinaumed’s know about review text? Of course this theme is familiar, but it is very interesting if it is reviewed through a version that is not exactly the same as the previous one. Well, talking about writing certainly cannot be separated from the presence of language in writing sentences. Yes, it’s true, it’s … Read more

Understanding the Definition to Examples of Content Plans

Examples of content plans – In business development, various types of powerful strategies are needed. One of them is in the marketing process carried out by all parties, especially for the marketing team. Currently, the marketing process is also quite diverse. Not only relying on conventional methods, but in the marketing process that has been carried out, they … Read more

Understanding the Definition of Various Kinds of Insurance

Various Kinds of Insurance – Sinaumed’s has certainly heard the term insurance which is said to protect your property. But what exactly is insurance? And what kinds of insurance? However, before discussing the various types of insurance, it is better if we discuss the meaning of insurance first. Definition of Insurance According to Wikipedia, insurance is coverage or an … Read more

Understanding the Definition of Qalqalah and Examples of Qalqalah

In reading the Al-Quran, it is required to comply with the tajwid. Within the tajwid itself there is a qalqalah. Then, what exactly is meant by qalqalah? And what are the examples of qalqalah? Well, on this occasion, we will discuss more about qalqalah. So, read this article to the end, Sinaumed’s. Definition of Qalqalah Studying and practicing the tajwid … Read more

Understanding the Definition of Fiber and its Types

The definition of fiber or in English is fiber is a type of material in the form of pieces of components that form a long and intact network. In general, there are two types of fiber, namely natural fibers and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers are then classified again according to their origin, such as plants, wood fibers … Read more

Understanding the Definition of Compound Sentences, Starting from the Types as well as Examples

Understanding Compound Sentences – In Indonesian grammar, most people certainly know what compound sentences actually mean. A compound sentence itself is basically a sentence consisting of two or more main clauses that can stand alone as free sentences. Knowing the meaning of compound words will be very useful for you when compiling a particular paper. In addition, the … Read more

Understanding the Definition of Complex Sentences to Examples

Complex Sentences – Sentences in Indonesian lessons are divided into two, namely simplex sentences and complex sentences. Simplex sentences and complex sentences are two types of sentences that are often studied in grammar rules. In addition, simplex sentences and complex sentences are often used in everyday life. However, sometimes there are still some people who do not know … Read more

Understanding the Definition of Carbohydrate Structure

Structure of carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are a group of organic compounds that occur in living tissues and food, in the form of cellulose, starch and sugars. In carbohydrates, the ratio of oxygen and hydrogen is the same as in water, namely 2:1. Normally, carbohydrates are “broken down” in the body to release energy. What Are Carbohydrates In Science? … Read more

Understanding the Definition, History, Types, and Duties of the Indonesian Stock Exchange

Indonesia Stock Exchange – Currently, investment has become a very common activity carried out by today’s society. This is due to the turnover of funds that allows an investor to get abundant profits, both in the short, medium and long term. In fact, there are many ways investors can invest their capital. For example, stocks, bonds, crypto, and … Read more

Understanding the Definition and Causes of Earthquakes

An earthquake is a natural disaster that can have an impact on the environment or on the community itself. However, do you already know the causes of earthquakes? So, on this occasion, we will discuss about earthquakes, from the definition to the causes. Definition of Earthquake An earthquake is a vibration that occurs in the earth due … Read more

Understanding Semiotic Theory in Linguistic Studies

Understanding Semiotic Theory in Linguistic Studies-Every day in carrying out their activities, humans always communicate either at home, at the market, at school, or at their workplace. This is done as a matter of course because indeed one of the abilities that humans have had since ancient times is to communicate through language. Language can be divided … Read more