What are Anniversary? Steps to Choose Gifts and Gift Ideas

What is an Anniversary – Anniversary is a special moment that is routinely celebrated by every couple, including those who are married. At this moment, the husband and wife will be reminded of the journey of love they have been through. Whether it’s for those who have been for years or for those who are just starting to … Read more

Watch out for the Inferiority Complex! These are the Characteristics and How to Overcome Them!

Definition of Inferiority Complex – Feeling insecure or not as good as others is very natural. However, be careful if these feelings make you feel inferior and hesitate to do many things. It could be, you have experienced an inferiority complex. Inferiority complex , or inferiority complex is a condition where a person thinks that he is lower than the … Read more

Watch Inventor: This History and Biography

Inventor of Watches – Does Sinaumed’s like wearing watches? But does Sinaumed’s know who invented the first watch? Currently, watches are one of the most popular fashion trends with various types of models and advanced technology that complement them. Just like the discovery of other useful items, the invention of watches has also experienced a long journey. To understand it, … Read more

VOC Policy in the Economic Sector

VOC Policy in the Economic Sector – Of course, Sinaumed’s is no stranger to hearing the word VOC. A trading partnership institution from the Netherlands which has a very wide monopoly in the Asian region. VOC itself stands for Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie in Dutch. Even though it was only a trade partnership institution, the VOC … Read more

Vegetable Food Ingredients: Definition, Types, Examples

Vegetable Food Ingredients– Food is a source of food which is the main need for the life of living things, especially humans. Humans need food as a source of nutrition that will help growth and provide energy to carry out various daily activities. In general, human foodstuffs can be grouped into two, namely plant-based foodstuffs … Read more