The Virtue of Reading Surah Al-Ghasyiyah

The Virtue of Reading Surah Al-Ghasyiyah – Surah Al-Ghasyiyah is the 88th surah in the Koran. This sura belongs to the Makiyah surah group. As for the verses, there are 26 of them. Surah Al-Ghasyiyah came down after Surah Adz-Dzaariat. This Surah explains the Day of Judgment, the Day of Judgment, and the conditions in the hereafter.

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Verses and Meaning of Surah Al-Ghasyiyah

The following verses surah Al-Ghasyiyah verses 1-26.

1. Hal atāka ḥadīṡul-gāsyiyah

Has news come to you (about) the Day of Judgment?

2. Wujụhuy yauma`iżin khāsyi’ah

Many faces on that day will bow down in contempt,

3. ‘Āmilatun nāṣibah

Work hard again tired ,

4. Taṣlā nāran ḥāmiyah

Entering a very hot fire (hell),

5. Tusqā min ‘ainin āniyah

Was given to drink (with water) from a very hot source.

6. Laisa lahum ṭa’āmun illā min ḍarī’

They find no food except from a thorn tree,

7. Lā yusminu wa lā yugni min jụ’

Which is not fattening and also does not eliminate hunger.

8. Wujụhuy yauma`iżin nā’imah

Many faces that day will be radiant,

9. Lisa’yihā rāḍiyah

Feeling happy because of his efforts,

10. Fī jannatin ‘āliyah

In high heaven

11. Lā tasma’u fīhā lāgiyah

You don’t hear useless words in it.

12. Fīhā ‘ainun jāriyah

In it is a flowing spring .

13. Fīhā sururum marfụ’ah

in it are thrones exalted,

14. Wa akwābum mauḍụ’ah

And the glasses that lie (nearby),

15. Wa namariqu maṣfụfah

And the backrest pillows are arranged

16. Wa zarābiyyu mabṡụṡah

And the carpets that lay .

17. A fa lā yanẓurụna ilal-ibili kaifa khuliqat

Then do they not see how the camel was created,

18. Wa ilas-sama`i kaifa rufi’at

And heavens, how it is raised?

19. Wa ilal-jibāli kaifa nuṣibat

And the mountains how it was erected?

20. Wa ilal-arḍi kaifa suṭiḥat

And the earth how it was spread out?

21. fa żakkir, innamā anta mużakkir

So give a warning, because actually you are only the one who gives the warning.

22. Lasta ‘alaihim bimuṣaiṭir

You are not the one who has power over them ,

23. Illā man tawallā wa kafar

But those who turn away and disbelieve,

24. Fa yu’ażżibuhullāhul-‘ażābal-akbar

Then Allah will punish him with a great punishment.

25. Inna ilainā iyābahum

Verily to us is their return,

26. Ṡumma inna ‘alainā ḥisābahum

Then actually it is our obligation to take them to account.

Asbabun Nuzul Surah Al-Ghasyiyah

Imam Ibnu Jarir and Imam Ibnu Abu Hatim presented a hadith through qatada regarding asbabun nuzul or the reasons for the revelation of Surah Al-Ghasyiyah. Surah Al-Ghasyiyah came down because when Allah described the pleasures that are in heaven. People were momentarily amazed by that.

So Allah sent down His word through QS Al-Ghasyiyah: 17, the following meaning.

” Then do they not pay attention to the camel how it was created, ” (Surah Al-Ghasyiyah: 17)

When the surah was revealed, the disbelievers were amazed and thought it was strange. So, Allah sent down the next verse which gives instructions to pay attention to the things around us. So, can understand the truth about the hereafter.

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At Tabrisyi stated in a hadith from Ubay bin Ka’ab that the Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “Whoever reads Al Ghasyiyah’s letter, Allah will judge him with a light reckoning.

Content of Surah Al-Ghasyiyah

Surah Al-Ghasyiyah came down to explain the doomsday. Including the condition of the disbelievers on the Day of Resurrection. At the same time, the punishment for those who did bad things during their lifetime with their faces down and humiliated.

The doom is also addressed to people who like to chase the world. They will enter into hell which has the hottest fire than any fire in the entire universe. They are still given drinking water taken from hot springs as well.

The food that is given is no less bad and not delicious at all. They eat thorn trees. It cannot fatten and it cannot quench hunger.

The surah also describes the state of heaven as a reward for those who believe and obey Allah. On that day, many faces were beaming. They feel happy to enter into heaven with a high position.

When in heaven, no words are useless. The springs there were flowing. Cots were raised. Glasses are available nearby. Also the backrest pillows that are arranged as well as the rugs that are spread out.

The sura also instructs to pay attention to the wonders of Allah’s creations. For example, consider the camel, how was it created? And the sky, how exalted? And how are the mountains erected? And how is the earth stretched out?

Allah gave orders to the Prophet Muhammad to warn his people about the verses of Allah. This is because the Prophet Muhammad was a warner. He is not a ruler over the faith of mankind.

The content of Surah Al-Ghasyiyah is briefly as follows.

  • Allah’s command to the Prophet Muhammad to warn his people to the verses of Allah. This is because the Prophet Muhammad was only a warner, not a ruler over the faith of his people.
  • Explanation or information about the disbelievers on the Day of Judgment and the punishment they will receive.
  • The command to pay attention to the wonders in God’s creations.
  • Explanation or information about the believers and the reward of heaven that will be received.

The Virtue of Reading Surah Al-Ghasyiyah

When someone reads surah Al-Ghasyiyah will get fadhilah and benefits as follows.

  1. Surah Al-Ghasyiyah is included in Al-Mufashshal which was given to the Prophet Muhammad in addition. Therefore, Rasulullah SAW has privileges and primacy over the previous prophets.
  2. Allah gives all to the readers of Surah Al-Ghasyiyah with His grace both in this world and in the hereafter. This is in accordance with what was said by Abi Abdullah. Abi Abdullah said, ” Whoever consistently reads hadithul-ghasyiyah (Surat Al-Ghasyiyah) in fardu or sunnah prayers, Allah will cover him with His mercy in this world and the hereafter, and on the Day of Judgment, Allah will bring him safely from hell. ” (Tswabul A’mal: 152)
  3. Someone who reads surah Al-Ghasyiyah will get relief from his reckoning. This surah can also be used as a prayer or as a ware for births, people who run away, and people who ask for help.
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The Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “Whoever reads this letter (Sura Al-Ghasyiyah), Allah will give him an easy reckoning, and whoever reads it will be born a human being, or another, people who ask for help, and people who run away. , then it calms him down and makes him quiet.” (Tafsirul Burhan, Juz 8: 267)

Mandate in Surah Al-Ghasyiyah

When reading surah Al-Ghasyiyah you should also read the translation of each verse or you can also read the interpretation. Because by understanding these things will get a lot of wisdom or learning. The following is the message or wisdom that can be learned from surah Al-Ghasyiyah.

  • Mention of various kinds of torment for people who are disobedient and wretched such as fatigue, humiliation, burning in hell fire, pouring hot water, and eating thorn trees. This gives us a warning to always do good and have faith in Allah. Thus, avoid these torments.
  • As a warning about the enormity of the Day of Judgment. At that time, people will be divided into two factions, namely the class of the wretched and the happy. If you don’t want to be included in the wretched group of people, then you have to improve and increase your faith. And must always obey God.
  • Describes how the faces of Muslim people look full of pleasure on the Day of Judgment. Their faces look full of happiness and pleasure.
  • Describes the life of hell which is far different from life in the world. There it is more cruel as a punishment for humans who only pursue the world and do not believe in Allah.
  • Explaining the high position of heaven as in Surah Taha verse 75 which means “And whoever comes to his Lord in a state of faith, and has truly done good deeds, then they are the ones who get high (noble) places.”
  • Explaining about the signs of Allah’s power on the surface of the earth, for example the upright mountains and the calm of the earth because all of them are like pegs.
  • A Muslim who successfully inhabits heaven will get enjoyment and happiness, for example being able to see Allah, get delicious food and drinks, trees. palaces and rivers.
  • Not only that, residents of heaven will gather with other residents of heaven. In it were high and beautiful couches. As well as neatly arranged pillows and spread rugs.
  • Explaining the creation of the camel as a sign of Allah’s power, the camel was created to be ridden and carried goods.